The Naked Facts About Ascension – From Juliano (The Group of Forty)

by Ashley Sumner and Georgi Stankov, December 14, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I first became aware of your writings May or June of last year through Alfred Webre’s site, who I found through Camelot, which specialised in whistle blowers, which came after various political (Global Research) & Monetary sites and all of which came after watching a documentary called “Zeitgeist” the Movie by Peter Joseph, at the time of the currency crash in 2007. I simply could not understand how the media eventually painted a picture of business as usual and equally, zero effect on those around me.

One element missing from this docu was the ET connection to us & our history on this planet. Anyway, once the first domino collapsed, in my case the twin towers, nothing remains left standing. My brother, who is military intelligence, confided that he considered the Pearl harbour attack of WW2 as an insider job to go with all the other false flag incidents through out history. (Perhaps starting with Nero, burning down Rome). Sadly, my brother has cut off all communications with me since  the beginning of November…. sorry I digress!

I’m constantly telling my American friends not to go back. It must be seen for what it is. A disunited state of tyranny. Initially, I did not want to read your postings by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (a former financial advisor to the Reagan administration) as I was reluctant to revisit the political arena, as I generate such an emotional response that I feel sick in my stomach & very angry. Incidentally, I’ve not engaged with any news from any media, watched TV or even a movie. I think I’m more aware than ever before. What I really wanted to alert to was the “group of 40” lecture, which confirms your statements on the continuous ascension delays:

“..This leads me to the idea of how much you are needed on this planet. One of the contradictions of the Ascension is that as you are accelerating your consciousness and as you are preparing yourself for the Ascension, you become a more valuable person on the third dimension. As you accelerate your consciousness, then you begin to participate in the group consciousness that can potentially change the evolution of the Earth. You can also participate in the evolution of humanity, and also you become able to participate in the consciousness that practices biorelativity by telepathically communicating with the Earth to sustain a shift in the Earth.

When you ascend, then who is to replace you? Who is to continue your service? This is an interesting balance because it was hoped that at this point on the Earth that there would be more people ready for the Ascension. You may find that surprising because you are so ready for the Ascension. You are so into the ascension energies. You are so committed to the energies! You would think that there would be more people into the Ascension, especially as the chaos on the planet increases…”

This frustration is immense. We know the bus is coming. We look up only to read, 3more mins on the electronic sign in a very cold bus shelter at the end of a very long road… but every day, I learn something new with regard to ascension.  We must stay centered and be the conduits we agreed to be.

Lotsa love to all the PAT



Dear Ashley,

thank you very much for giving me glimpses into your spiritual odyssey through the Internet and the mass media in your quest for knowledge and further enlightenment. We have all gone through these stages and associated emotions.

I actually wanted to visit today the site of the group of forty and you have already anticipated my intent and have made me aware of their new message, which excellently covers our current situation and also renders a lot of basic information on the process of ascension.

However let me please observe that this article was written mainly for newcomers  – in this case for the masses of star seeds who are still not fully awaken and will only ascend to the 5th dimension and does apply to the several thousand members of the PAT who have actually ascended to the source (12th dimension) and are now only keeping the light quotient on this planet as explained by Juliano and quoted by yourself.

While the decision to ascend at a fixed date may indeed be derived from spiritual high esteem, in the case of the PAT this is definitely not the case. We are simply “bone tired” to quote Dorie’s HS and completely depleted as you also informed me in one of your previous emails. We are simply fully exhausted to keep the energy high on this paradoxical planet with slumbering population and it is more than natural that we long for our final liberation from the shackles of our physical vessels.

On the other hand, no other star seed group knows so precisely, almost poignantly, how huge and critical our mission is and that without our active and key contribution to the ascension process neither Gaia, nor humanity would have reached this far as of today and would have been be as further away from ascension as most entities currently are, who will stay on the catastrophic earth B as they are not susceptible to these cosmic energies.

I know this probably more poignantly than many others as I am directly connected to the source and my body field is the nexus through which all these energies of ascension flow first in the unity field of the PAT and from there to the rest of the ascending humanity. There is not a single wave that I will not feel.

Since 4 weeks I have for instance huge pains in the back in the night which are actually created only by these ascension energies and subside somewhat in the course of the day. These energies are not 5th dimensional  but 12th dimensional and the let my body vibrate with such an inhuman intensity that I have surpassed long time ago the 5000 “heart rate” per minute as mentioned by Juliano. I do not complain I only depict the situation as it is.

Then I have each morning for at least several hours a dry cough due to the damage of my mucosa in the lungs and bronchi by these infinite powerful energies. Only three day ago my HS affected my right hand around the joint of the middle finger for no apparent reason. The hand was swollen and painful for 48 hours. I know this effect from the past and waited patiently until the inflammation subsided. My wife for instance thought that it was a blood intoxication due to inflammation, but I knew better. And so on and on, I do not want to specify on all abnormal events that are associated with our LBP.

Were I not a medical doctor and an ascended master, and were I not in the position to interpret correctly these medical symptoms and effects from the novel position of the General Theory of Biological regulation of the Universal Law, I would have been long time ago lost to the futile, mortal therapies of the Orion health care system and would not have survived, which after all, would have been the better outcome as I would have been spared much suffering.

Of course, I will publish this last lecture from Juliano in full as it contains extremely valuable information on the ascension process and the current energetic state – especially why we had to stay for a couple of more days on the ground. There is a remarkable unanimity between my interpretation of this latest delay of our ascension and what Juliano now gives us as an explanation.

With love and light

PS. On final remark. When I  started with my LBP and knew that I will ascend, my HS made me aware of the fact that my soul is associated with the prophet Elijah, who was the first one to ascend in this human civilisation.


On the Ascension – The Group of Forty
by David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Congratulations for being on the planet Earth at this exciting time of the beautiful transitions. Congratulations for your being present on the planet in fulfillment of your soul mission. That mission has to do with developing the planetary healing skills that will enable the Earth to grow and expand into a fifth-dimensional planet.

You each are establishing a great foundation of spiritual light. We are on the eve of a major planetary transition. Some of the starseeds are convinced that the Ascension is very close. I want to speak directly about the Ascension in this lecture, and I also want to talk about the new spiritual technologies that you have been learning and practicing.

Let us look at the Earth from the perspective of the Ascension. There are a limited few starseeds like yourself. Believe it or not, there is not a large majority of starseeds on the Earth. More interestingly, not all of the starseeds are activated. There are still many starseeds who are asleep. They want to be awakened. They want to remember who they really are.

If we look at the number of starseeds on the planet, it is less than one millionYet, that one million includes the starseeds who are still asleepRealistically, there are not a lot of starseeds, and there are not a lot of planetary healers, and there are not many people who are working towards the Ascension.

This means that you, who are planetary healers, and also you who are working for your personal ascension, are special people. You are carrying a special energy. You are carrying a special energy for your soul family, and you are carrying a special energy for the planet.

There are many paradoxes. There are many contradictions when you look at the third dimension. The third dimension is supposed to be a linear-thinking, logical dimension that is separated by duality. The third dimension is supposed to be clearly differentiated between good and bad, between light and darkness. You would think that with such divisions, everything would be clear and everything would be simple.

Yet you and I both know that this planet is not simple. You and I both know that what is occurring on this planet is not logical. It is not logical that humanity would be destroying the oceans and destroying the biosphere. It is not logical that mankind would be using energy sources like nuclear energy which has the potential for destroying and permanently damaging the biosphere.

There are so many things that are illogical. When you look at the Ascension, you must also put aside your logic, because logically, the Ascension is not even possible. How could it be possible that you, in the third dimension, can accelerate your aura and accelerate your energy field and by this acceleration, disappear from the third dimension and then reappear in another dimension?

There is little physical evidence of the existence of another dimension anyway. All that exists as evidence are reports from people who have gone into altered states of consciousness. These people have experienced these altered states of consciousness sometimes when they were severely ill or when they have had near death experiences. They report that they have seen the light, have seen other divine entities and have been in beautiful places that look like heaven. There have been reports of people who have met Jesus/Sananda and other higher beings.

These reports are beautiful reports, but they are not based on scientific evidence. You would say that this is a logical planet, this is a logical world. Why is there not scientific evidence and how can it be scientifically that a person can disappear and ascend into another realm?

Since this Earth is not logical, then illogical things can occur. Things can occur which are extradimensional, which are higher dimensionalEvents can occur which can be called miraculous. Events can occur that have what is called quantum energy and also that have Omega Light energy. Omega energy does not obey the laws of the third dimension. Yet, at the same time, paradoxically, this energy can affect the third dimension.

One of the contradictions is that you are still third dimensional. You are rooted in the third dimension, but you are preparing yourself, and you are using the exercises and the new spiritual technology in order to become affected by the fifth-dimensional energy. That is to say, you have to be in a certain mindset; you have to have a certain belief system; you have to have a certain energy field; you have to have a certain emotional body development. You need a physical energy that will allow the fifth-dimensional energy of the Ascension to affect you.

It is interesting and have you thought about this? The Ascension is an energy that is coming to the Earth from the fifth dimension. But, this fifth-dimensional energy will not affect everyone. The energy from the fifth dimension is going to be all over the planet. The energy from the fifth dimension is going to be like a wave of light, a wave of sound and a wave of beautiful light frequencies. Yet there will be people who will not even be affected by this. There will be people who will not even know that the ascension energy has been downloaded into this planet.

What does that tell you? It tells you that in order to experience the Ascension directly, you have to tune yourself to the frequencies of energy of the Ascension. You have to be able to process and receive and transmute the energies of ascension so that you can continue with the ascension process.

What does the word transmute mean? Transmute means to take something that is in one state and change it into the other. We would like to refer to the science of alchemy. Alchemy, as you know, has been studied since the Middle Ages in Europe. In the study of alchemy, they were looking for a way to change or transmute lead or other materials into gold. The basic ingredients that they would put into this experiment would somehow become greater than each of the individual elements, and suddenly there would be a transmutation of the lead and other materials into gold.

This is the key word, “transmutation.”Transmutation in the ascension terminology is the ability to take third-dimensional denser energy and shift and change it into a higher frequency so that the physical body is actually transmuted. That means that your physical body is going to go into another state. That state is comparable to gold and is as valuable as gold. Gold is considered perhaps as the most valuable metal or one of the most valuable metals on this planet. Incidentally, gold is a metal that some of the extraterrestrial visitors have also come to look for. Gold is certainly a galactic metal that is desirable on other planets.

But, the standard of highest transmutation is in the Ascension. The ability of ascension allows you to transmute or change your physical, dense body into a higher frequency that allows you to disappear from the third dimension. It is not really a disappearing. It is a transmutation.

I said that the third dimension is a dimension of contradictions and paradoxes. There are only a few who are into and understand that I am speaking about the Ascension. As you are working towards your ascension, you are already changing your energy field. You have already shifted your electromagnetic vibration. You are in this moment in a higher vibrational state of consciousness. This vibrational state of consciousness is a participatory energy state with the fifth dimension. You are already experiencing a multi-presence, a multidimensional consciousness. That multidimensional consciousness is so rare; it is so special. Multidimensional consciousness is the gold standard in the galaxy. The multidimensional presence and the multidimensional consciousness is so desirable that the higher dimensional beings, the extradimensional beings, the UFOs are interested in coming to this planet to experience and watch how people can transmute themselves.

Indeed, when you have spoken about the Grays, they also wanted to transmute themselves. They were going at ascension from the position of DNA manipulation. It is true that the DNA is of a particular genre in the human form that is well known in the galaxy. The DNA in the Adam species, in the human species, is coded and programmed for the Ascension (as transmitted to humanity by the PAT this summer)You have within you the knowledge and the abilities and the codes to ascend. You have within you the ability to transmute yourself.

For example, I have talked recently about how people die. You may know, if you have had any experience as a nurse or as a caregiver, that at the end of life, the human body goes through a certain process or program before it dies. This program has to do with how oxygen is distributed through the body and how consciousness is changed. You might call this process going into a semi-coma or a deep sleep state. There is a pre-programmed process that the human body knows how to go through.

Even in a traumatic death, there is a certain process that the body will experience that will allow for the proper transition. The body knows how to die.

The body also knows how to ascend. Well, if you can compare ascension to dying, that is. In the dying process, the body shuts down oxygen in certain parts of the body, goes into a certain type of breathing. In the Ascension, at the time of ascension, the body switches into an altered state of consciousness. The body becomes aware of the aura and the vibration and the pulse of the aura. The body begins to experience an acceleration of the aura. Then you become aware that as you are pulsing at a higher speed, you are able to send or thought project your consciousness outside of your body. Then you take your consciousness and your astral body and go outside of the body, and then you continue to vibrate and pulse. At a certain pulsation speed, the body transitions, the body transmutes itself.

That pulsing speed is so fast. Let us say that you are doing the pulsing, and let’s compare it to the human pulse. Let’s say that the human pulse is 90 beats per minute. Let’s say that we can talk about the pulsing of the aura in preparation for the Ascension. I have tried to work with the toning sounds so that we could give you a possible demonstration of a sample rate of pulsing that you would use for your ascension. I have given the rate in terms of “tatatatatatata.” When you hear this now, I am sure that you can easily increase the pulse rate of your aura. Tatatatatatatatata. (Channel increases the rapidness of the sounds.) Become aware of your aura; become aware of the line around your aura. Become aware that your aura is now pulsing at this higher speed, yet this higher speed does not affect the pulsing of your heart, and it does not affect your circulatory system. Tatatatatat…tatatat…tatatat.

Allow your aura to pulse at this very high rate. Tatatatatatatat…tatata. (The toning goes to an even faster rate.) Imagine a corridor above your Crown Chakra. This corridor is like a tunnel or like a funnel that is allowing your spirit to go up this tunnel, up this funnel, up this corridor. Tatatatatatata…tat..a..tat..atat.

The speed that I gave you right now, let’s say is around 300 pulses per minute. That is perhaps 4 or 5 pulses per second. If you multiply 4 times 60 seconds, then you get 240 seconds, or 240 beats per minute. That is the beginning of the acceleration of your aura.

The Ascension is around 5,000 pulses per second. How many people would be able to experience 5,000 pulses per second? Who would even be able to say the tatatatat at the rate of 5,000 tones per second? I don’t want you to even try to make those tones at that rate, but I am trying to explain to you that the Ascension is going to accelerate your rate of vibration to a speed that is unimaginable to you now. It is unimaginable, yet, because you have been practicing at 200 pulses per second, because some of you have been able to even go to 300 pulses per second, then you have the foundation to go through this transmutation and experience the rate of 5,000 pulses per minute for your ascension.

The Ascension is also an experience which includes the trait of Grace. To go from 240 pulses per minute to 5,000 would require a tremendous increase in your energetic abilities.

One of the contradictions on the third dimension is that as you increase the pulsing, you do not experience an increase in your heart rate. You do not experience anxiety. You do not experience rapidness, but rather, paradoxically, the third dimension slows down. It slows down. We often say that the third dimension is a dense dimension. What you think on the third dimension does not happen immediately. What you think on the third dimension takes a long time often to materialize.

On the fifth dimension, what you think happens instantaneously. So, as you are going into this higher, more rapid state, then you see the slowness and the denseness of the third dimension. Some of you already are experiencing the denseness of the third dimension. At the same time, the paradox is that things are happening more quickly on the third dimension even though it is so dense. Have you not wondered about that contradiction? Have you not wondered, if the third dimension is so dense, why are things happening so quickly? Why is there such an acceleration of Earth changes? I will address this in this lecture.

The simple answer is that there is now on the third dimension an influx of higher dimensional energy. There is an influx of accelerated fifth-dimensional energy already onto this planet which is affecting many people on this planet. This fifth-dimensional influx of energy is not being used properly. This fifth-dimensional influx of energy is not being directed properly, and as a result confusion, chaos and polarization are increasing.

In the Tree of Life a paradigm is offered in how to process the light and energy from higher dimensions. In the Planetary Tree of Life, it is shown that you must take into account all the balances, the balance of wisdom and knowledge, the balance of judgment and compassion, the balance of sacred places and the balance of the shimmering and the balance of the Messianic energies. These are just a few. In other words, you have to run through a balance. If there is no way to process and no way to work with a balance/energy, then an acceleration that is unfocused will occur. An unfocused acceleration of energy is another word for chaos.

The Earth changes are, in this definition, chaos. More chaos is possible as we are moving into the high point of the acceleration, the point of maximum interface, which is December 21st, 2012. December 21st, 2012 is the point of maximum interface that is occurring. This interface is actually going to continue. It is an interface in which there will be maximum contact. However, after the interface the contact will continue. This point on December 21st, 2012 is a point of interface with the fifth dimension. If the energy coming from the interface is not directed, then the energy can become unfocused and can lead to chaos.

That is perhaps where much of the misconception is about December 21st, 2012. Perhaps that is why some people have mistakenly interpreted December 21st, 2012 as the point of the End Times, or the point when the planet is going to terminate. That is not true; the planet is not going to terminate, but rather the chaos on the Earth potentially can accelerate. That’s only if there is no focus. That is only if there is no one to direct the fifth-dimensional energies that are interfacing.

This leads me to the idea of how much you are needed on this planet. One of the contradictions of the Ascension is that as you are accelerating your consciousness and as you are preparing yourself for the Ascension, you become a more valuable person on the third dimension. As you accelerate your consciousness, then you begin to participate in the group consciousness that can potentially change the evolution of the Earth. You can also participate in the evolution of humanity, and also you become able to participate in the consciousness that practices biorelativity by telepathically communicating with the Earth to sustain a shift in the Earth.

When you ascend, then who is to replace you? Who is to continue your service? This is an interesting balance because it was hoped that at this point on the Earth that there would be more people ready for the Ascension. You may find that surprising because you are so ready for the Ascension. You are so into the ascension energies. You are so committed to the energies! You would think that there would be more people into the Ascension, especially as the chaos on the planet increases.

This was why the Ascension was presented to you in three waves. In the first wave there are only going to be a few people, a small number who would understand and be able to use the spiritual technologies such as thought projection and pulsing and shimmering to participate in the Ascension. After the first wave, there will be 8 to 10 times more people who would be affected.

This is something I think should be clarified because many people would ask, “If I ascended, my family would be lost. If I ascended, there would be nobody to take care of the rest of my family. Or, there would be some possible other catastrophe.” Actually, the Ascension is activation energy for those who did not ascend. In other words, the Ascension creates a positive energetic bubble that those who are around you will experience. Those around you will receive a positive energy from your ascension, and therefore, they will be positively affected by your ascension.

Please understand that you are in service now. You are in service because of your higher state of consciousness. You are in service. When you do ascend, your energy will positively be affecting those that are still here on the planet. Also understand that since you are providing this level of service, then you have committed yourself to this planetary work. You understand that you are needed here, and therefore, this is the contradiction. The contradiction is that you want to ascend and go into the fifth dimension. On the other hand, you are needed here. How do you approach this? The answer is that you follow the Divine Will. The answer is that you remove or suspend your ego.

Sometimes there is a danger at the point of ascension because people become ego committed. “I am going to ascend. I don’t have to do this work anymore. I am a special person.” There are many different ways of interpreting in an ego way, the Ascension. One of the ways of interpreting the ego is to say, “I have to ascend on December 21st.” Or, “I am going to ascend this year or this date.” Then you are giving the ego interpretation rather than saying without ego: “I am here in divine service. I am here with all this fifth-dimensional light, and I am serving a divine purpose, and I am committed to the ascension process, and it will happen at the right time for me and the planet.” Those are two different views of how to approach the Ascension.

Now, at this point, I want to turn the lecture over to Archangel Michael because he has some special instructions for you about the Ascension and the right attitude to have when you are approaching the Ascension. Also, I am with you. I am with you on 12-12-12. I am with you on December 21st, and I am with you in your service. We are here to be of service, and we are impressed with the level of advancement that you have already made in your ascension work.

I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians.

Greetings, this is Archangel Michael. Blessings to you. I stand ready to cut the cords of attachment for you at your request. You know at the time of ascension that the cords of attachment to this planet can be cut. I am here to assist you in that process.

Each of you has come to this point which is amazing. Know that you have advanced quite nicely. In many of the other lifetimes you have not had this opportunity to come to this level. I want to give you a special instruction, a special idea of how to be ready for your ascension. I also want you to look at this as a way for you to be fully into yourself.

This way is the concept of the I Am Presence. You have heard us work with you on the I Am Presence, and you have heard the sacred name of God which is I Am That I Am. It is also correctly translated that I Will Be That I Will Be. Now the I Will Be That I Will Be is an Ascension Code because when you talk about the I Am Presence, you are also referring to your future self when you would be an ascended person. I will be an ascended person. I am that I am now here on the Earth, but I will be that I will be. That is also a coded name for God who uses His dimensional transcendent state to interact. God has revealed Himself to Moses as a transcendent being, I Will Be That I Will Be. Listen to these tones. Ehiyeh Asher Ehiyeh.

The Code of Ascension is on several levels. The first level is “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of Hosts.” Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai Tzevaoth. That is the first level. The second level, the second code, is that you are acknowledging the transcendent nature of the divinity, but also that you will participate; you will be going into that transcendent state. That transcendent state is what the Ascension is about. Believe me, with only the normal powers of the third dimension, you cannot transcend. You need a transcendent power. You need access to a higher dimensional energy to transcend and go into the fifth dimension.

Now, truly, the Ascension is a time when the fifth dimension intersects with the third dimension. That means that there will be more light and power available. For ascension, you have to know how to use that pulsation. For ascension, you have to practice using transcendent energy. That is what the word transcendent means – it is above. You have to be able to download and use transcendent energy.

The second aspect of the Code of Ascension is “I Will Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee That I Will Beeeeeeeee. I will be ascended that I will be.” Meditate together now with me on this future experience of your ascension and on the codes, I Will Be That I Will Be, Ehiyeh Asher Ehiyeh. We will go into silence.

Ehiyeh Asher Ehiyeh. Go into your transcendent state. Feel the power of this transcendent state, I Will Be That I Will Be. I will be in the fifth dimension. I will be in the Ascension. I will be transcending. I will be transmuting myself. I Will BE That I Will BE.

Now this leads me to the next level of instructions which in the Hebrew has to do with this beautiful exclamation called HiNeyNi. HiNeyNi, God called Abraham. Now, try to imagine what it would sound like to hear the sound of the Ascension. Try to imagine a higher spiritual vibrational sound that you have never heard before. Try to imagine a vibration that is so beautiful. The Ascension and the sound of it is not a piercing sound; it is not a harmful sound; it is not an annoying sound. It is a sound that goes right to your core. It is a sound that goes to your soul. It is the sound of unity that has never been heard, but when you do hear it, you will know what it is.

In the Bible, God calls to Abraham and Abraham says, “Here I am.” HiNeyNi. Let us remember, let us meditate on this “Here I am.” It’s not a simple statement. It means that we are talking about being totally present at a moment, a moment when the Creator calls you by your name. You say HiNeyNi, or “Here I am.” At the moment of ascension, at the sound of ascension, when you are hearing it, when you know what it is, say these words, “Here I am,” HiNeyNi. This means that: I am presenting myself in total awareness. I am presenting my past, present and future self. I am presenting all of me. You have my full attention!

You need your full attention for the Ascension because the Ascension is similar to the call that Abraham heard. Avraham, HiNeyNi. Listen to the words. (Sings HiNeyyyyNiiiii. HeeeeeaaarIAmmmmm – Hear I am.) Go into that state of consciousness where you can say “Here I am.” That state is the perfect preparation for the Ascension. That state of consciousness, the Here I Am consciousness, allows you to ascend immediately.

That means you are giving your full attention, your full spiritual attention, your full mental attention, your full emotional attention, your full physical body is in the single moment, Here I Am.

This state of Here I Am consciousness is exactly the state of consciousness that the Zen Buddhists are looking for. It is exactly the state of consciousness that Buddha attained. It is the state of enlightenment. It is the state of Here I Am.

Now it shouldn’t be any big surprise that this is a desired state. I think that the big surprise to you might be that you can experience this state immediately. You, with the tools of ascension, with the tools of spirituality that you have been practicing, are ready to enter the state of Here I Am consciousness. In that state, it is natural for you to ascend. It is without effort. You don’t even have to try because you are in that state.

You can be in that state and not ascend, too. It doesn’t mean that when you go into that state, you immediately ascend. I am only saying that being in this state is again a preparation. So what are you to do when you hear the sound of ascension? Go into the state of consciousness of Here I Am. Then I and the other ascended masters and teachers will be with you.

I want to speak about Eliyahu (his Hebrew name), or Elijah. Elijah was a great prophet. He was a great teacher, and he is forthcoming in announcing the Ascension, and he is also forthcoming in the announcing of the Messiah and the Messianic Energy and the Messianic Light that is coming. Elijah, or Eliyahu, ascended. His student, Elisha, was left behind after Elijah ascended. As Eliyahu ascended, Eliyahu left his divine gifts and his prophetic vision. He left them to Elisha, his student. Elisha received the blessing of Eliyahu, and then Elisha became a great prophet and a great teacher. Elisha perhaps even surpassed Eliyahu in his divine gifts.

I tell you this story because I want you to understand that in your ascension, you will be leaving behind you many gifts. You will be leaving behind you a great deal of light and energy. You will be blessing many people. The Ascension is not a selfish act. Here I Am consciousness is in unity with the Light of I Am That I Am, or the Light of the Creator.

It is not like it is shown in the movies where those who are left behind are suffering and are in terrible states and are confused. Actually, those who are left behind from your ascension will be receiving a great blessing. They will be receiving an acceleration of light. You will no longer need your physical body. You will no longer need this coat that is your third-dimensional body. You will be inhabiting a new energy field that you have been developing all these years. You have an energy field that you have been accelerating. You can bless those who are “left behind.”

Think now about your ascension and think about those people who you are close to. Think about people you know who may not be ascending. Think about how you would like to bless them. Think about how you would like to ascend and bless them in the light with fifth-dimensional energy. You can accelerate their energy as you leave, as you ascend, as you transmute yourself.

Ehiyeh Asher Ehiyeh. Here I Am. HiNeyNi.

It really is a matter of focus, and it is a matter of learning how to focus fifth-dimensional energy and this light. Your knowledge of the fifth dimension is used for both personal and planetary work. How is this going to work for the Earth? How is HiNeyNi going to work to ascend the Earth? Part of the answer to that lies in the concept of Gaia as a conscious planet. Part of that lies in the concept that mankind is helping the Earth become conscious of itself.

Everything that could be said about God is diminishing the Creator because God is infinite. You cannot really describe God. However, we still try to describe God. We always try to speak about God anyway, knowing that what we say may be inadequate. The one truth is that our existence, your existence, is in part helping God to become conscious of Himself/Herself. God is perfect, so remember, you cannot say that God has a need. If God is perfect, how could God need to become conscious of Himself/Herself? I cannot answer that because that is another contradiction. It is a thought that I want to share with you. You can become conscious of yourself. So it is with the Earth. Part of the Earth’s ascension becomes possible when Gaia becomes conscious of herself. The only way that Gaia can develop her consciousness is to interact with a higher spiritual presence on the planet. That higher spiritual presence is Man. The process of the Earth’s ascension occurs when the Earth can say, “Here I Am,” when the Earth can say, “I Am Gaia.” Earth through mankind can develop her consciousness of herself as a planet, as The Blue Jewel. “Here I Am.” Can you imagine The Blue Jewel saying that? Can you feel the great spiritual vibration as you, planetary healers, awaken one morning and receive that message from Gaia, when she says, “Here I am.” You have helped Gaia become a conscious spirit when she can say, “Here I am.” At that moment you will receive that powerful planetary message from The Blue Jewel.

I am Archangel Michael. Good Day!

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