Michael Jackson’s Interdimensional War Against the Power-That-Be

by Corey Sturmer, December 19, 2012


Our PAT member Corey Sturmer has just written an excellent essay on the dramatic life and struggles of the ingenious singer Michael Jackson against the inability of his family and most Americans to truly appreciate his unconditional love for all humans, and in particular for the most common victims of this heartless American society – the children. 

In the light of the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, I think that this article establishes a beneficial balance towards the forces of light that are highly active on this earth – and not only the dark US satanists – and have actually won the battle over the dark human cabal and former Powers-That-Be.

Needless to say that the major protagonist of the light on this planet, is the PAT, who actually cleared the 4d astral planes from the dark archons and is now ready to heave Gaia and humanity to new blissful, higher dimensions this week.

Enjoy this excellent essay by Corey Sturmer on the love & music legend “Michael Jackson” who did not have the privilege of a happy childhood, being exploited by his greedy family and the Orion music industry since the age of 6:




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