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December 19, 2012

Dear George,

There is something that struck me the most when I read the article on Michael Jackson. Before I say what I want to mention that when I was a kid due to my limited access to music, but based on what I saw all around, I did not listen to music at all as I thought it was all shitty and people are stupid to be bothered by it – apart from MJ who I thought was the only one who knew what he was doing… even though I did not even understand English at that time. A bright light in a sea of crap saving my musical innocence. Now I play and sing.

What struck me is that it seems as if he has kind of.. purposefully thrown rocks under his own legs to trip over them and be a misunderstood punching bag and a martyr of sorts. It looks like a “rehearsed” drama for the benefit of the stupid masses. They obviously could not understand sleeping with children is OK because of all of the insidious separation programming, blindly guiding their filled with garbage minds that immediately causes fear suspicions of malicious sexual abuse and control intent. It is like petting a rabid dog with a smile on your face.

Most people would obviously be too “stupid” to look above their fears when listening to him. He on the other hand had a peculiar personality that allowed the drama to occur. If he suddenly started to create a coherent system for his beliefs with varied, valid, logically derived arguments to support his antics, wrote a comprehensive book about it instead of his controversial biography of child abuse or something, changed his image from a genius, but a freak, to a philosopher suddenly, it would be a different kind of situation. One could speculate much.

His soul probably had numerous complicated reasons for this. He chose his way of doing things. Chose his martyrdom. In a way not unlike the one of the PAT? With different style I suppose and impact. But we all have our dramas as is the way of things here. PAT seems to be far less flashy indeed and its popularity extends to a bunch of social outcasts and weirdos, secret services and powers that be groupies. I am also willing to bet Georgi, you doing a Moonwalk would not look all that good. So we can feel sorry for him, but we also can congratulate him on a job well done and an impressive legacy. To a brother in arms? What do you think?


Dear Piotr,

I fully concur with your assessment of the social role and legacy of Michael Jackson. One very common life pattern of the souls that incarnate on the earth is to play the role of the martyr. It is not only in the Jesus saga, but everywhere. Actually Christianity is nothing else, but a religion of martyrs. The same holds true for Islam. Buddhism as a religion is a great exception in this regard.

I have always admired Michael Jackson for his ability to evoke pity for himself and for all underdogs in the society, notwithstanding his exceptional success as a music star. Thus he put into a focus all the prejudices and sincere feelings of the masses and mixed them together in a gorgeous “moon walk” on the mine fields of  this debased Western US society, which no one else could ever imitate in this perfection.

He died as dramatically as he lived, but one forgets all too often that he was really martyred by his father and family as a child, when he was misused and treated in a heartless manner – often brutally beaten by his father – as the golden donkey and the slave of his greedy family because of his incredible talent. This traumatic experience imbued his later life as a star when he broke away from the shackles of his petty family that still tried to sponge on his success and began to dominate the world music scene for almost three decades.

Even his failed experiments to change his outer appearance were evoking pity and compassion in those who have a heart and repulsion in those, whose hearts were amputated before their incarnation on this planet. He was the litmus test for those who were able to love and those who could only feel hate for themselves and the rest of humanity, as is the case with all paid Internet trolls.

In this sense Michael Jackson fulfilled a great mission from a multi-dimensional point of view as Corey correctly observes, just as princess Diana did with her life and death. Both were tragic figures that captured and transcended the longing of the masses for a better, just and more loving world.

With love and light



Thank You for posting the article that Corey wrote about Michael Jackson! I was overjoyed because, I too, have always felt a deep connection with this entity. It began when I was in 6th grade and we had to sing “Heal the World” at my graduation. I listened to that song over and over, and over and I knew that this person knew the truth and was complete love.

When the accusations were made against him, I grieved very deeply and I wasn’t sure why I felt so deeply about this. My whole family would make jokes about him and say horrible things, and I would cry and defend him and they would act like I was weird for taking it so personally. But it was personal because he was one of US and his message is our message and I felt that. And I knew he was taking on a huge burden…you could see what the trials were doing to his energy… it was making him sick and depleted and breaking his heart. I know because I feel that way even when I’ve had to go to court for a traffic ticket!

It’s really disgusting how he was treated. I don’t have kids in this lifetime, but I have always naturally cuddled with my nieces and nephews and friends’ kids. And anytime they ever stayed the night, they almost always ask, “can I sleep with you”? And of course, I let them! Because that’s normal and they want to bond and humans need physical contact because we are all ONE. They need to feel that comfort. It would be disturbing to feel weird about sleeping with a child, in my opinion. I’ve wrestled kids on the floor and had them crawling all over me. It is so fun and normal!

The only people who feel uncomfortable are those that do have dysfunctional thoughts. They take body parts and make them sexual and yes, sex is a part of creation and everything has sex, even flowers, I think. But they use it in a controlling and perverted way.  Instead of just a normal acceptance that everyone has body parts that can be used for making love, but that doesn’t mean that you exploit anyone or take advantage of anyone and that you can’t cuddle or be in close contact with someone without respecting their body!!

This planet is fucked up. And it feels good to say all that. Anyhow, back to the point, I even sent a mass email to my family one day, defending Michael Jackson because my grandmother had sent a viral email, degrading him from a “Christian perspective” and I had had it with their filth. I usually deleted all of their Christian mass emails, but when I saw them using Michael Jackson to prove their “pious” points, I lost it.

It was a real point of contention between me and my whole family and, of course, they thought I was crazy because I took it so personally. And I remember now, what the chain email was about. It was talking about how Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, and Michael Jackson died around the same time, but Michael Jackson was getting the most publicity and about him being black and the other two white and how the other two gave to charity but Michael Jackson promoted sexual music!! Hahah. How convoluted. So this was my reply to my family back in 2009, when I was 27 years old.

The subject was “KNOW WHAT??”

“Whatever Farrah Fawcett was a sex icon (if you are keeping with a religious theme).  Michael Jackson gave millions of dollars to charities, let sick kids find joy at his amusement park home, and made many songs that brought people together and had very positive, loving, and humanitarian messages. Hands down, Michael Jackson was one of the biggest stars of the last century. So I wonder if we can grasp that reality instead of the fact that he happened to be black and the other two happened to be white.

Also, there is not one person on this planet who knows for certain that Michael Jackson ever molested one child (except for the children who were involved and still living). Just because someone is quirky or eccentric and they get accused of something doesn’t make it true! Just because a chimpanzee makes him happy or he wanted to live in an amusement park, does not make him a pedophile. And, if people used some common sense and kept an open mind, they might see why Michael Jackson would be the PERFECT person to pin for child molestation, especially because he is very loving to children and quirky and eccentric. And hmmmmmm, let’s not forget that he had billions of dollars that greedy parents just might be trying to get their hands on… HELLO????!!!

Geez Louise, I don’t know who sent this email but …YIKES!  And….SERIOUSLY?”

And that was an email to my whole family and their friends! Hahah. All the “elders” in my family. Needless to say, from that day forward, I was the black sheep, Michael Jackson lover! Oh well, I am proud to be so.

Love to all of you,

Dearest Georgi,

Back in Croatia…. I just read your latest about Michael Jackson. I am so touched and grateful to you and Corey for publishing this at the last minute. I have long thought Michael Jackson is a light being, and some of my favorite most cherished childhood memories were our “Sunday night disco parties” with flashlights in the basement dancing to Michael’s “Thriller” album with my two older brothers, the oldest being the instigator and director of our little MJ soiree.

I had to write you right away b/c it triggered in me to tell you about one of the most powerful dreams/spiritual experiences I’ve ever had, shortly after Michael died.

It must have been a few weeks after his death. I was asleep in bed here in Croatia. I dreamt that he came to me in his spirit form, a powerful presence, I could feel viscerally. He held my hand and all I could feel was love and benevolence. It was a kind of beautiful blessing. When I woke up I could still deeply feel his presence holding me, so much so that I was not sure, whether I was awake or asleep. The feeling lasted for hours.

I also think the lyrics to his last song “This is It” is actually about being an ascended master and our appearance, although it is cloaked as a kind of love song. “This is It, I am the light of the world, I feel grand”…there is more, you can see the lyrics with google.

I am so deeply moved by all the links you are publishing in our last days. You are so prolific Georgi, seriously it is so obvious you are moved by the heavens.

I want to comment on much more, but just to get this off quickly about MJ.

Here’s a less inspiring link that just popped up on “yahoo” which confirms all your death statistic about the USA


Love you very much Georgi, we’re the light of the world, we feel grand, THIS IS IT!!!

much love, Sarah….

P.S. Are you still planning on visiting us each during/ after ascension on the 21st as stated before? I really feel that you are truly now a part of us and we a part of you, interwoven together in this oneness web.


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