How to Fight Prison “America” Prior to Ascension

by Corey Sturmer, December 14, 2012


I’m writing you now the 4th time to report my 12/12/12 experience along with some other recent developments I have noticed.

Having little idea what to expect, I took 12/12 off from work in order to properly integrate the energies and allow my soul the freedom to do whatever it needed.  I held three meditations; one in the morning, one in the afternoon and another in the evening.

In the morning I had a very similar experience to Boyd Kraigher whereby I was nearly out of my physical body and I began a review of my life events.  It was actually quite nice to slip outside the perceptions of 3 dimensional living and review what this ego has accomplished since incarnation.

I could feel the heart of my physical vessel beating separate my consciousness, and had determined I would ascend but not yet leave the flesh just yet.  It seems I have a bit more to do here on the earth.

What preceded that day offered confirmation of this fact, as I entered into one of the darkest of places I am ever forced to go – the Department of Motor Vehicles.  What ensued was a horrific altercation with the Archons, of which I am accustomed due to the frequency with which I travel by air.  TSA, Border Agents and Customs are just a smattering of the mind controlled darkness I am forced to endure during  this incarnation via my place of employment.

The event would not have ever happened had I not been erroneously assigned a court date for an erroneously transferred set of license plate tags which should legally never have been issued in the first place.  Indeed I am charged guilty before proven innocent despite my acquiescence with their sick control/tracking system.

The altercation began when I peaceably attempted to sign my driver’s license with the statement“Reservation of Rights” above my signature.  Nevermind that I should never have to answer any Orion Court System.  Afterall, it is my within my legal bounds to reserve that which is inalienable to me, no?

Apparently not.

I was promptly informed by the DMV clerk I could not sign with “that stuff” above my name.  I promptly disagreed.  She contended that this was not my signature and again, I disagreed.

If I am signing a contract, do I not have the right to sign with a reservation of rights? It’s MY name I’m signing after all!

She sought higher authority – another DMV clerk who reiterated that it was against the “law” for me to sign with “reservation of rights” above my name and that others had caused this “problem” before.

I kindly informed them that this WAS my signature, no matter how they decided to frame it and that I was well within my legal bounds to sign a voluntary contract any way I identified with.

The clerk protested,

“No! It has to be like on your birth certificate,”

…Which as we all know is a certificate of ownership provided courtesy the Orion empire.  Using basic logic I countered:

“My birth certificate has my middle name and I NEVER sign with my middle name, so this is just not true.”

Frustrated with my obvious sovereignty, they quickly looked to another controlled mind to affirm that which they inherently knew to be wrong and called a “manager” on the phone.  After a few minutes of chatter they hung up and returned, informing me again that I was in violation of the law.

“What Law?” I inquired.

This simple question caused such confusion to the internal programming of these mind controlled slaves that it prompted them to summon the on-duty police officer who told me if I did not sign the way they wanted me to I had two choices. Anyone who has Mafia experience will know these are hardly choices at all:

1)      Leave without a license

2)      Leave without a license by force

The officer then said “Do you want a license?” To which I responded:

“This is a trick question! The answer is NO I don’t want one, I am only FORCED to have one by the arduous and redundant employment scheme generated by the government under the guise that you are keeping us all safe.  It’s not a choice we’re given – to have a license or not – else nobody would pay the exorbitant licensing fees imposed by the government! “

“I know what you’re saying sir but it sounds like you have a problem with the way things are set up. ”

I explained that the question asked regarding licensing is contradictory! How can I be considered a customer when I am forced to pay for a license I don’t want? Does a customer not have the right to deny service without penalty?

The answer clearly is no, as it was explained to me that if I drove without a license I could be thrown in prison for the balance of my lifetime.  This was actually said to me.  SIGN OUR PAPERWORK OR DIE IN A JAIL CELL! Those are the choices we Americans are given!

We have gone so far as to threaten imprisonment to anyone who does not acquiesce to their illegal tracking operation.

The authorities were so distraught at this point with having their entire existence delegitimized with words, a nebulous claim was made that I was slowing down “business” for the “customers” which proved to be a higher priority than my declaration of inalienable rights.

The officer explained he would be willing to talk to me “professionally” but not to make a scene where everyone could see.  The usurpation of my inalienable rights was an afterthought, of course.

I ended up “complying” with their codes (since it never was a free choice) after having made them aware of the total farce prior to doing so, but made it known that I indeed wanted to speak to head Archon at the DMV privately.

After compulsory signature, I followed ‘officer’ David Troxler into a private room where I informed him that everything being done was HARDLY legal.  The following summation of our conversation is nearly word for word:

“The issue I have here is that I am having to pay 110 dollars for permission to do something I have been doing since I was 16 without incident. I am not committing a crime and have not hurt anyone, yet I am guilty.  YOUR court system and YOUR DMV screwed up my records and now I, the very person funding your pension and payroll, is having to come in on his day off and is forced to sign in a specific way in order to be screwed even further!  You guys sit around and act like we are customers, yet how can I be when you force me at gunpoint to sign your license?.  Am I not allowed to travel freely in this country?”

“Yes I see your point sir but that does not apply to cars.  You are free to travel on foot, but having a drivers license is a privilege.”

“Ok so what about a bicycles?  You don’t license walking but you license cars.  Why are bicycles left out?”

“We don’t govern bicycles.”

“So you govern cars but not bicycles, why the difference?”

“Cars are technology.”
“Are bicycles not technology?”

“They are but we don’t govern them.”

“Ok so then you see my point?  I am NOT free to travel as you say I am, and I am not choosing to be here for a license, I am FORCED here.”

“yes I agree but this is beyond our scope.  We are just doing our job, if you have a problem with the way things are set up you must go higher than right here.”

So it goes with everything else in this rotten, regulated, soulless country which relegates everyday human activity to the delight of our 4th density controllers.

After forcing this poor Dudley do-right to admit that his job was not protect and serve but to oppress, I left confident in knowing that for 12/12/12 the energies of manifestation were working in my favor and that what was said cannot be unheard.

The reformation of human consciousness moves forward.

On the bright side of consciousness reformation I made best use of the new energies to help shift the perspectives of my city’s “public health board” which I have been arduously working towards since December 2011.  The issue at hand is public water fluoridation which I have been fighting since I became aware of the issue last November.  This is a part of my soul mission which aims to liberate every soul possible in my area by removing fluoride from the drinking water and allowing the new waves to permeate and affect the pineal gland of everyone.  My soul told me late 2011 that this was my best chance at helping humanity awaken, since Fluoride is intentionally distributed to block access to the higher realms.

Here I felt the new energies were benefiting my cause and the ascension of Gaia as I have actually garnered an audience and been able to use the light to help others in my area expose corruption.  The most notable sensation between 12/12 and 12/13 is an unmistakable glowing, spinning energy field emanating from my heartspace which connects me to the consciousness of every other human I come in contact with.  When I speak to groups like this, I am able to use 4thdimensional consciousness to imprint and project energetically my understandings onto their soul such that no matter what controlling influences are present, they must at least consider the words I speak.  It cannot be UNheard.

This aligns strongly with the Debra Erasmus channel we connected over, which states that the Wayshowers will be the guiding light for many in the next couple weeks.  I am honored to consider myself one of that group.

Since this unwavering confidence in the path chosen  I have found my efforts to be successful and effective in clearing the dross and darkness within my sphere of reality.  Here’s to the ascension of humanity and Gaia!

Corey Sturmer

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