Examining the Profile of a Mass Murderer

By Gwen Olsen, December 18, 2012


“If you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” –Former Minister of Propaganda of the German Nazi Empire.

As the nation reels in grief and disbelief this holiday season over the latest senseless act of violence in Connecticut, I think it is important to approach our healing from another angle. Rather than rallying for a ban on psych drugs or handguns or mandating forced mental health “treatments”, I think it is time to put our respective agendas aside and look at some hard facts about our society as a whole and where it is headed at break neck speed. 

Our hearts are openly wounded…our minds and bodies are numb from shock. This is what is wanted. We have played our part admirably and just as planned. Because we are defeated emotionally the powers-that-be will now run roughshod over the few remaining rights that our constitution once provided. Just like they did following 9/11. After all, the 2nd amendment to bear arms is considered the last bastion of American freedom that is preventing the military-industrial complex from destroying our country.

We not only grieve for the loss of innocent lives, but we also grieve for the loss of our own innocence. The violence is escalating and this time the carnage is predominantly small children. Our government’s blatant agenda of problem/reaction/solution socio-politics is now glaring us in the face once again. They create a problem. WE REACT. Then, they offer us a solution, or in cases such as these, we demand one! The result is that the news about the shooting had barely hit the wire before politicians and media personalities started beating the “ban on guns” drum again.

I’m not saying that I am an advocate for any sort of violence. I own a hand gun that my husband gave me when he left for the Gulf War in 1991 but have never shot it. However, in my role as an investigative journalist and activist, I discovered that a recent government black ops mission had armed Mexican criminals with automatic weapons and assault rifles that police confiscated in crimes. (Google up the “Fast and Furious” scandal.)

It deeply concerns me that the same government that armed the violent, border drug gangs to the teeth would subsequently campaign to remove their own citizens’ ability for self-defense. Many of us live close to the Mexican border where this cash of weapons was distributed and are once again being used in crimes against US citizens.

The deal is, Americans are a pretty spunky culture of people. We have deeply seated beliefs in religious freedom, legal justice, racial equality and moral righteousness. We are historically a band of rebels in search of our individual sovereignty from financial slavery to elite rulers. We have recently returned full circle to meet with our past once again. Will the tyranny and control of our elite rulers win the day? Or, will we rise up as a nation to meet the occasion head on as before by saying, enough is enough.

You will not slaughter our children, traumatize our psyches and then shove your fascist police state down our throats as a humanitarian solution! I’m not advocating violence here. I’m advocating passive resistance to the lies and insidious role playing we’ve been participating in. STOP BELIEVING THEIR PROPAGANDA! Stop watching their “Wag-the-Dog” news reports! Turn OFF the boob tube period! Look beyond their deceit and staged distractions to see the truth of their real goals and agenda. It is the TRUTH that shall set us free and help us heal–nothing less.

As long as we are content to continue blindly playing this manipulated, illusory game we are destined to be the LOSERS. Don’t you see that? It’s comparable to playing the TV game Survivor but never knowing you are in a game. Obviously, it is the strategists who are actually playing and willing to do whatever it takes to win, that will have a tremendous upper hand in the game—and, of course, they will take home the million dollar prize!

While grasping for straws to make sense of this tragedy, ask yourself these questions:

*What was the motive behind the shootings…? Simply saying this is a “mad man’s” doing will no longer suffice for me. They tell us it is an “incomprehensible” crime because that programs us not to look for subtle clues—or reasons. Our subconscious is highly programmable when we are in shock. They use our media to program our thoughts in favor of their agendas. Those who dare to ask the critically intelligent questions are labeled conspiracy theorists and mocked and ridiculed to discourage them. Regardless, there is a motive behind these murders…whether or not it was the gunman’s motive remains to be seen, but there IS a motive. We just need to ask the difficult questions to find it!

*Why would a 20 year old characterized by family and acquaintances as a “computer Geek” and “video-gamer” not have any online footprint what-so-ever?

*Why were there drill exercises for this shooter scenario only weeks earlier at the school campus?

*Why wasn’t there a history of violence or criminal behavior reported with the shooter?

*Does extremely high intellect predispose child killers, or have CIA mind control programmers historically sought out highly intelligent loners such as Lanza for black ops missions?

*What role might the nearby naval intelligence base in Groton have played in this tragedy? How does video gaming fit into military training? What is DARPA? Did Nancy Lanza have any affiliation with this naval base or the DARPA program?

Be aware that the technology does exist within our military to implant ideas—and voices—directly into someone’s consciousness. People on psych drugs consistently report hearing voices (not just schizophrenics either) and possessing disturbing ruminating thought patterns. It is highly plausible that people on psychiatric drugs may be particularly open and vulnerable to these mind-control technologies which can be administered through surgical implants, cell phone towers, computers and various other electronic devices. Also, video gaming data is monitored for military recruiting purposes (http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2011-04/darpa-wants-you-teach-it-how-hunt-enemy-submarines).

*Why wasn’t a photo of Nancy Lanza and her biography released with the other victims? We know many more details about the lives of the 6 year old victims than we do the shooter’s mother. Media reported she worked at the school but later redacted. Did she work? Was she a teacher? If so, where and what did she teach? Why are there so few details available and/or published about this victim?

*Why do the Aurora and Newtown shooters’ profiles have so much in common?

*Why is investigative journalism obviously absent in this case? Why is pertinent evidence being obfuscated?

Until we, as a collective, are brave and bold enough to ask the seemingly outrageous questions of our controllers, we will continue to experience these “incomprehensible” events of violence in our nation. The powerful country once known as the “land of the free and home of the brave” has recently been re-named the United States of Barbaria by the rest of the “free” world looking on in horror and disbelief.

Comparing the Profiles of Two Recent U.S. Mass Shooters/Shootings

 James Holmes                                                     Adam Lanza

*Age 24                                                                       * Age 20

*upper socioeconomic strata               *upper socio-economic strata

*highly intelligent                                             *highly intelligent

*socially awkward                                            *socially awkward

*potentially rec’d psych treatment      *potentially rec’d psych treatment

*gunman was dressed in all black        *gunman was dressed in all black

*shooter wearing bullet-proof vest      *shooter wearing bullet-proof vest

*calmly, randomly selected his victims   *calmly, randomly selected his victims

*did not say anything during attacks       *did not say anything during attacks

*father was FICO software                    *father important Vice Pres/Tax Director

scheduled to testify in LIBOR of          GE Financial Services scheduled to

Congressional hearings                               Testify in LIBOR hearings

*3 weapons: AR15-assault rifle, 40 caliber    *3 weapons: .223 caliber assault

handgun, shot gun (found in car)              rifle (found in car) and 2 semi-

automatic handguns

*eye witnesses reported second shooter   *early media reports of second shooter

*no apparent motive                                                  *no apparent motive

*evidence sequestered from public             *evidence sequestered from public

(package intercepted at school mail ctr)     (police alluded to evidence found at


*computer Geek                                                             *computer Geek

*”obsessive” video gamer                                        *obsessive video gamer

*loved child, nurturing parent                           *loved child, nurturing parents











Dear Georgi,

My computer has been hacked again and I am unable to post on Facebook or to respond to any social networking communications. Yesterday I was completely knocked off line around 6 p.m. and my husband had to restore my computer this morning!

As a precautionary measure, so that I don’t lose it entirely, I am sending you the draft that I am working on and would welcome any constructive criticism or editorial help you might offer as I can’t seem to connect with my editor either.

I am so DONE with these cretins and there dark deeds!!!

Love and Light,

Dear Gwen,

this is an excellent essay on the mass shooting in Connecticut and I am ready to publish it as it is. I just want to highlight four further facts that have been swept with a huge broom by the mainstream media under the rug of total forgetfulness. I also got an inkling from my HS this morning when I woke up that nothing is true in this story and that the mother Nancy Lanza and her son are still alive.

1) Why nobody talks about the second shooter, another young man, who carried the same clothes as the murderer Adam Lanza and was transported by the police in handcuffs from the nearby forest. There are many witnesses who have seen him and have reported this to journalists. One can make a Google search under “the second shooter in the Connecticut shooting” and will find a number of sources that confirm this fact. Was this person released later and what has happened to him? Why the mass media do not follow this story.

Every time there is a mass shooting in the USA, there are always initial reports of a second shooter involved in the crime, who later disappear from the mainstream mass media.

2) According to official reports Adam shot his mother many times in her face and the forensic specialists had difficulties to identify her at first. Will she be ever identified and is the victim the physical mother of Adam Lanza? How easy it is to put another corpse instead of Nancy Lanza and then say that she has been killed. Why not consider the possibility that she is still alive and that even her son is also alive and that they have been hidden by the criminal US secret services  and will be given a new identity.

Please observe that none of the relatives of this family have seen Adam and his mother for years and they may not even recognize them. The aunt-in-law was the only one that was interviewed by the press and she was definitely lying and showed a remarkable neutrality and complacency during this short interview, which stunned me from the first glance. This interview was definitely a hoax. There is no interview with the uncle or any other close relative of the family and there will not be any in the future for good reasons. The mainstream mass media are simply not doing their job as they do not care about the truth.

3) The father of the murderer Peter Lanza has been interviewed by a local journalist, who actually informed him about the mass shooting of his son. This is the only information we have about him so far, that confirms that he did not know about the crime before. But this meeting and article could have been staged very easily. One only needs a fake journalist to play this role and make a false report. Nobody can prove it.

After that Peter Lanza has packed his luggage and has disappeared with his new wife. Since then, nobody has seen them. Where is he hiding now? And if he is really a financial director of the biggest corporation of the USA, doesn’t he have the responsibility to be present for the mass media for further questions? Where is his social responsibility in this case?

Hence we have a family that has fully disappeared from the scene and no journalist a or mass media make any effort to scrutinize this family closer.

4) The only person from the family that came openly in the mass media was the elderly brother Ryan, who was arrested first because one police chief erroneously announced his name as the murderer. How can a local police officer make such a fatal mistake when Ryan has never lived in Newtown, but in New York with his father after the divorce in 2008. I think that this was a deliberate mistake, made on purpose, to create confusion among the mass media at the beginning in order for the police and the secret services to clear the place of crime from other evidence and to send the stupid journalists in the wrong direction.

In this same vein should be also seen the first false information that Nancy Lanza has worked as a teacher in this school. Everybody in Newtown knew her and knew that she had nothing to do with the school and that she had litigated with the school authorities about her son. How comes that this false information was disseminated at the beginning by the police and then the press?

This is only done when you want to hide the truth. And the truth always emerges in the first minutes after the crime has been committed when the camouflage is not ready yet. After that the evidence can be twisted ad libidum by the actual organizers of this crime and nobody can trace the facts.

My HS tells me that Nancy Lanza is not dead, but that another corpse has been put on her place. This assumption is also reaffirmed by initial reports saying that there was another person also killed in the house. Later on nobody mentions this fact anymore. Why? And it goes like this on and on.

Nothing seems to be true in the official story about the mass shooting in Connecticut, just as nothing fits into the fairy tale that the British nurse has committed a suicide. These stories are so obvious that I am really surprised why the masses do not revolt and finally demand the naked truth from these sinister gangsters in secret services, police, mass media and politics that arrange such shootings only to manipulate the minds of the masses through instigating fears shortly before mass ascension.

With love and light



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