Daniel’s Vision of Ascension Day

by Georgi Stankov, December 8, 2012

This is the testimony of Daniel who claims to have seen the Day of Ascension = ID split through a real bi-location into the future. I checked his vocabulary and the truthfulness of his presentation and found it to be very credible. 

I must add that I knew an elderly German lady in the 90s who had told me that she had gone through similar bi-locations and have been transported into the future to witness what will happen at the Day of Ascension. This had occurred to her in the late 80s, as she was one of the first indigoes to enter the path of ascension. I was in close contact with her for about 10 years and after that I lost track of her as she moved out of Germany. I can confirm that her visions of the Day of Ascension were very similar to that of Daniel, though somewhat different in the details. Please watch the video of Daniel before reading the summary of his vision below:




It was utterly TERRIBLE and beyond awesome. It was terribly awesome, and exceedingly foreboding, and with great power and glory. There is simply no conceivable way to exaggerate this event even if one tried.

Arrive 10 Minutes Before Zero Point

Suddenly, there in the future, I was with a countenance of awe and amazement, standing near the city in which I presently resided while writing this book – Boise Idaho, USA, and it seemed to be mid-day, according to the angle of the sun at time of my placement there, about 10 minutes before “zero point” of this dimensional ascension was to be reached.

Universal Knowledge That This Was It!

The brief but overwhelming vision began while I observed people running in utter chaos, frantically in the streets with great anxiety and seriousness. Everyone KNEW, and it was universally known, in all nations. There was definitely some warning that this was IT.

People Had Quit Their Jobs Days Before This Day Had Arrived

It appeared everyone had already laid down their worldly duties for some days, as it was pointless to tend to them. Obviously the world did not appear to have been destroyed before hand, but it was apparent that everyone – young and old, rich and poor – that this was not simply an emergency, but a collapse of our current dimension into an accelerating spiral in alteration of time itself as we approached this ultimate Reality of “Omega Point.”

There Was A Lead Time – Everyone Knew It Was Coming

We had known this for some time, and we all intuitively “knew” based on the exponential increase in this alteration of global consciousness, and the disturbance in the very fabric of the constitution of the atomic makeup of our bodies and world as we perceive it in the third dimension. The lead-time seemed to be a couple days, a week or two at most, but we were unable to know the exact time the “zero point” would be reached; when we would pass the threshold. (Of course, everyone has since been educated about the Mayan year 2012 phenomenon since writing this vision.)

Sign In The Northern Sky

People were on the streets, scattered around, unified in agreement and knowledge, pointing and exclaiming to the northern sky, above the foothills, screaming with moving seriousness,

“It’s the day of the Lord!”

“Everyone! Pray!”

Everyone Praying And Getting Ready

In fact, people of various levels of faith were praying together in unison, gathered in small circles, individual groups, on their knees in the middle of the streets. The level and intensity in which they did so impressed me; sweat poured down the faces of those taking part. These were normal people, some of whom never prayed in their life.

I remember clearly in particular one woman dressed in her work clothes, in a real estate agent’s uniform, on her knees praying intensely with fist to forehead, eyes closed.

Bright Sign In Sky – You Could Gaze Too Long

Excitement and terror with everyone stricken with apprehension at the glory soon to be witnessed. It was as though we could sense He was going to appear where they were pointing, to the northern sky, but could not yet see with our physical eyes. But He was there, and occupied a quarter of the sky, seemingly in line with the axis of the north pole, almost as a triangle, with the apex near the north star. (Apparently aligned with the southern axis as well.) Yet as we looked, we could not gaze to long; too imposing with cognitive power, like attempting to look at the sun.

A foreboding “pressure” was building in the atmosphere and all around, as gradually had been for some days, slowly at first but was now accelerating exponentially until it seemed to be affecting the very nature of our dimension.

Visual Reality Was Changing In Front Of Everyone’s Eyes – Seeeing New Things.

The very essence of what we call reality — of the sky, the ground, the buildings, the trees, the very atmosphere itself was altering before our eyes. Elements previously beyond the range of our five senses were now becoming visible and pervasive. Living beings of exotic and visually beautiful nature, who had always been present, became visible to our eyes.

The dimensions: space, time, matter itself seemed to be dissolving and metamorphing into a different, higher state, minute by minute. The atoms in our bodies were actually changing form.

Grass And Trees Changing Colors

The grass and trees and everything else around us was changing into unfamiliar composites of beautiful pastel-like forms, with exotic colors never before seen, and as bright as neon. The leaves on the trees seemed to lose their stems.

The air was altering into a form of translucent, plasmatic liquid ether; the sky was changing into a putrid darkness, with ominous depth of texture.

Our Bodies Were Changing

Our bodies and the atoms and molecules of which it is composed were being crushed by this ever-increasing force; the matter in our very bodies, our eyes, and our way of perceiving it were rapidly transfiguring, all over the world.

Heaven And Earth Merging Into One

Heaven and earth were merging into one; matter and spirit were merging together. The “Veil” was lifting, but we, in our dense physical bodies, as they too underwent this mutation, were unable to withstand this growing “force.”

Heavy Pressure Like Being Underwater

It felt analogous to being lowered rapidly, deeper and deeper under the ocean; the ever-building pressure was squashing our very being and bodies, yet with a simultaneous, explosive release as one would feel when rapidly ascending. The science behind this seemed to be an actual alteration in quantum physics, gravity and the relation thereof. The atoms seemed to be expanding; the orbits of the electrons. This was what can only be described as matter and spirit transmuting or merging as One as everything was “ascending” very rapidly.

Difficult To Breathe Or Move

It became difficult to breath and perceive sensations as we currently understand, then it became difficult to even move and think as we watched our mortal selves and entire world as we know it dissolving all around us, under the inexplicable power of God.

People Dropping To The Ground Unconscious

In the last two minutes before we reached the threshold of critical mass of “zero point,” one fellow walking in front of me, the one alerting everyone in a panic, whose arm was outstretched pointing to the northern sky, and everyone else nearby, began dropping to their knees one by one like flies, then flopping down to the ground, unconscious, as though dead.

Unlike those around, I was able to withstand the exponential but orderly increase in the alteration of space, time and matter and glory and state of being a few moments longer, being determined to witness this as long as possible, alone, with eyes raised toward the heavens.

Within a few more moments I also succumbed to this terrible pressure, and dropped to my knees, then to hands and knees, with body no longer able to function or move, unable to even lift my head, although still aware of surroundings.

At this point the exponential, ever-increasing, spiraling and rapidly accelerating increase in this effect was so rapid, the breaking point was reached. With all my remaining energy and consciousness, I prayed with extraordinary might to God,

“My God, please…stop…!”

Profound Light Engulfs Everyone And Everything

In that very last second, the essence of the body and spirit became transformed into a combined, higher body. In these last seconds, little remained of the surroundings so familiar to us mortals, except a profound light which engulfed everything and exposed our inner beings to nakedness. It was as though all my life’s “sins” were visible to everyone and everything! No longer was there anything hidden! This was the ultimate judgment day!

Brilliant Light – Changed In Twinkling Of An Eye

Then it happened; like a flash of brilliant light, we all changed in the “twinkling of an eye.” We had crossed over beyond the divide; of zero point. It is also called the Omega Point. The entire world and everything on it was thrust into a higher dimension beyond our (and my) current comprehension.

Return Back To August 2000

As a result of this last-second, desperate prayer, however, I found myself gradually coming out of this uncomfortable, multi-dimensional shift, immediately before the Shift into “zero point” and began coming back within the present body (August 3, 2000), in bed, which was fully conscious of this and the other reality occurring simultaneously.

After coming into full control within my bedroom, the whole experience of the past 10 minutes utterly blew me away, and my face turned pale. Laying there for a few moments in shock, when a fierce gust of wind came out of nowhere and smashed against the room, blowing the curtains around.

Taken from Final Book of Daniel – http://finalbookofdaniel.com/book/section4.html#chapter6


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