Channelled Message No. 295 on Ascension 12.21

by Joe Boehe, 13.12. 2012

Translation from German language: Georgi Stankov

Preparations for the 5th Dimension are Completed

With the 12th December of this year and its special energies, it was possible to complete the preparations for the 5th Dimension, so that now only the transfer of the human beings there is due to follow.

It is and was the special energy and gradient field during the merger of the two Suns and the synchronization beams which made it possible. Now all the remaining work in the 5th Dimension can be completed in order to enable a smooth transition.

You really have to imagine this like the shell of a house that is ready, but without light, water, heat, and unpainted rooms, so that it is no fun to move in.

The overarching structure of the 5th dimensional Earth has always been ready, but the masons for you, humans were still not perfect. This completion was accomplished in the last days, so that there are no longer any obstacles on the way to your move there.

As soon as the cosmic transport field is built up, the transfer can commence and each ascendee will be immediately assigned to his new area in the 5th dimension  and will feel at home right away.

Put your doubts and fears aside, whether it will happen this way or not, and whether you will participate in it or not, just relax. Enjoy this beautiful festive season and bring finally peace in your minds. Think about the parents of Jesus Christ when they received their child under deplorable conditions and ask yourself how much love there must be to be gifted in such a lavish way. And the one who gives you the gifts also knows the path to the future.

So let you be blessed with peace, love, joyful hope and a firm expectation that the promise will come true and those who have earned it, will be forwarded into a new and beautiful future.

The love of the Divine Father is with you always and forever. Therefore be in good hope for a new path to the light and the love, without suffering death, and having to begin with a new incarnation on the 4th dimensional earth..

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