The Beginning of the Revelations

by Georgi Stankov, December 14, 2012

As you all must have noticed, I have opened the season of revelations with series of critical articles about the ongoing crimes on humanity of the US government and its bellicose policy worldwide, written by prominent writers and experts in politics. As long as I am constraint to stay on this planet in a physical vessel, I must find a meaningful activity on behalf of humanity to fill in my sojourn here.

My decision to start with the revelations at the political level is not new and goes back to my professional career as a program editor for Radio Free Europe in the 80s, which I left after I discovered the insidious clandestine censorship of the CIA that run this sender. Since then nothing has changed – the US mainstream mass media are subjected to the most effective and restrictive censorship humanity has ever experienced and only comparable to the censorship of the red nomenclature in the former communist block during the Cold War. I have combated both since I remember with vehemence and from the higher vantage point of view of a sovereign creator being.

When one reads and scrutinizes the contributions in the esoteric scene – on the Internet and elsewhere – one must inevitably come to the conclusion that none of the light workers who writes has any political competence whatsoever and is able to work out the true criminal character of the last crumbling empire of modern times – the USA – in all its facets and interdependences and put it in the context of world history. Besides, most of these mired beings are proclaimed “pro-Obama”, whatever that means, and thus have disqualified themselves from the very beginning, by actively supporting one of the greatest political criminals of all time.

The reason for this is that they have no faint idea of true human history and thus no understanding of how power corrupts the people. This political ignorance among the so called “light” workers is so staggering that it disqualifies the whole New Age movement as a force of spiritual growth and this deficiency has been a leitmotif in all my critical essays on this topic in the past.

On the other hand, we have been waiting for so long for the elite or somebody else to begin with the revelations and nothing tangible has come out so far. It is more than obvious that if we ourselves do not begin with these revelations, nobody will really do it. I have always considered myself to be an agent of change and revelations, and it is absolutely logical that at some point in time I have started to pay more attention to this topic.

If the last political articles may have been met with some irrational resistance by a few  readers with a faint heart, as is the case with Allen today (see correspondence below), please consider the ample fact that most of these articles are written by true American citizens, who are not only specialists in their field, but also morally impeccable beings, even when they may not share our transcendental views. I see my duty in these days in establishing a synthesis between their thorough and profound analysis of the criminal deeds of Obama and its corrupt administration under the auspices of the dark clandestine US-cabal that actually govern this rapidly crumbling, most despicable world power.

This kind of synthesis between true political analysis and transcendental gnosis has not been practised in the New Age movement so far due to the incompetence of the light workers, and it may as well overwhelm some more simple minds. But this website has never been meant for simple minds (this was by the way the crux of all Internet trolls who were paid to contradict me, but only exposed their ignorance and stupidity to comprehend anything and that is why they gave up). If somebody feels alienated by the truth and its dreadful facts in all their complexity, then this is the natural process of the separation of the wheat from the chaff and how things evolve in All-That-Is.

After we have cleansed the 4th astral planes and Gaia from its most dark dross this summer and autumn, now is the time for us to cleanse the minds of the humans after their souls have been severed from the insidious astral influence of the archons. This does not include the portion of humanity, consisting of the dark elite, their minions in secret services, the numerous clones and unripe souls, and the shape-shifters, who will die this month or stay on a catastrophic earth B, as they are not connected to the new crystalline 144-grid that is now fully operational and encompasses all humans who are potential candidates for ascension.

Before that these human masses were enveloped with the web of light, which the PAT built around them to protect them from the dark astral forces before the grid could be fully activated at 12.12.12.  Even after that heaven obviously still needs the unity field of the PAT as the most evolved incarnated beings in this universe in order to stabilize and support the 144-grid and all other energetic structures of light, most of them installed by the PAT, that are now fully activated in preparation for mass ascension  at 12.21.

My current humble effort to promote some major areas of revelations and to encourage other light workers to follow my example is guided by the deep conviction that if we do not begin with these revelations, nobody will do it. Please remember that I was the first one to openly begin writing about personal ascension and now the whole light worker community is talking exclusively about this one topic. This is the only way how one can change this reality for the better – by a personal example.

One must strive beyond the modest aspirations of the failed New Age movement, entrapped in its fluffy cocoon, and build a bridge between honest combative journalism and true transcendental gnosis. My intellectual strength has always been to accomplish a full synthesis between the most convergent areas of human thinking and to find the common denominator of their spiritual origin.

I have so far united all disparate scientific disciplines into a unified General Theory of Science of the Universal Law. Further on, I established a new scientific gnosis which incorporates all major esoteric ideas of the past and unites them with science. Now is the time to link the social fruits of critical journalism with the spiritual aspirations of the awakening humanity shortly before mass ascension.

This will be the new foundation of all revelations which will actually begin after ascension in the 5th dimension. Without this painful elaboration of the past, there will be no soul progress in the 5th dimension, and it is not at all excluded that some reticent entities may fall back into the 4th astral plane and even lower on the catastrophic earth B. This warning has been issued by many sources in the past and I wonder why it has been so grossly neglected.

Ascension is not a done deal and staying on the 5d-earth A without any personal contribution to spiritual evolution is not guaranteed by heaven. It must be deserved by each and every individual soul, through her desire for knowledge of past human history and how humanity could have been dumbed down to such an extent by the former PTB.


December 14, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I agree that Obama and some of his group (including some military) may very well be headed to what you refer to as planet B. However, there are a lot of incredible loving and giving Americans who are not headed to B, but will ascend to A and A/B. I think it is unfair to say that the USA as a whole is headed to planet B.


Dear Allen,

when I talk about America or publish articles from other authors on this topic, I explicitly mean the US government and its establishment and never the normal people. I think that this is so obvious from the articles that it should not be explicitly stated. Besides the loving people in this country should be anti-american or even better, they should not even feel Americans at all, but cosmic beings. However their actual number should be less than 1%. Hence it is appropriate to use the term “America” for the overwhelming majority of this country.

You may be a good person, whatever that means, and still go to catastrophic earth B if you follow and accept the criminal policies of the US government and do not evolve spiritually. And that is what the overwhelming majority of Americans do. Besides, all the authors I publish are American citizens and this should also be obvious to the reader. These critical entities do not belong to the majority of rotten American minds.


December 14, 2012

Hi George,

I see that you have published some new articles on the “American Situation” which I am currently reading. Although, there is an individual, whether man, woman, child, whoever it may be, who fully seems to disagree with your publications of these articles. Here is the link:

I trust you will have a much greater and more accurate response than this website has.

Love and Light

Dear Arthur,

I read this anonymous blog and I found it myself not so negative altogether. The person did not object my analysis on the criminal policy of the USA, but only complains that I do not expose other dictators also. This is my personal choice and these dictators are well known, while the USA still bask in their faked democracy. He has been completely wrong with the emails we traced, as we came in our research as far as the vicinity of Frankfurt, where secret US bases are stationed. but this was just a server.

I think that this blog, most probably created by some of the trolls themselves or their secret service agents, is actually a very good advertisement for my ideas and I do not see any need to respond to it, in addition to the fact that one cannot respond to anonymous writers. If they do not have the courage to write under their own name, then there is no need for a response on my part.

With love and light

Dear George,

Even if this person tries to defend his country for whatever reason, the USA is one of, if not, the biggest cornerstone(s) of the dark cabal on this planet and the USA with it’s current government have been the main perpetrator of crimes against humanity over the last 15 years, more or less. From this it is easy to see why you would publish these articles and not merely because you do not recognize that our nations’ governments do the same.

This is exactly the kind of denial of the truth that sets one further behind in their spiritual path and goal which we see with the new agers and the lightworkers who have a very rudimentary epistemological understanding, which has many negative elements such as that of denying the total and ultimate truth, while replacing it with their irrational biases towards more “pleasing sounding words” and of course their regular criticism of Georgi Stankov.

What one sees is that they are very quick to question any of your knowledge that does not relate to their presumptions and assumptions and yet are totally unwilling to investigate into their own mind and human selves. They do not follow the true fundamentals, which derive from All-That-Is and instead choose to agree with their misguided, not necessarily totally incorrect, principles with absolutely no scientific or quantum physics basis. Their unconscious mind does not allow them to penetrate into more advanced thought and they instead stagnate in their false beliefs.

I tend to believe that the reason some of them criticize you unfairly on so many occasions is just a conscious reaction to their unconscious knowledge that you are indeed correct and that they lack the intelligence, will, and courage to become more conscious minded, so as to really understand the Universal-Law-of-All-That-Is in even it’s most basic from.

This is the kind of spiritual cowardice that many previous readers of your website have shown and this man who comments on your publications about USA is clearly one of them, if he is not an Internet troll. There are those who remain merely only readers/ observers of your website, with disrespect to the Internet trolls, and those who advance to a higher level, so as to be fully involved in the ascension process, such as the PAT members.

Love and Light

Dear Arthur,

I absolutely concur with your comments and as you have presented them in an excellent manner, there is no need for me to reiterate them one more time.

I would only like to point out the single, most important fact that most dictators and criminal politicians worldwide are either directly installed as puppet regimes by the US government, as is the case in the Arabic world and many African countries nowadays, before that in Latin America, or are a direct response to the US-policy of perennial wars, confrontation and naked blackmailing of hostile governments as is the case with Iran, Syria and North Korea, and even with the other superpower Russia.

To every educated person in politics and history it should be cogent that when this evil empire will crumble, no dictator will survive the next 24 hours.

Of course this discussion is of pure theoretical character as after mass ascension this month, none of these political constructions, such as USA, NATO, EU etc. will exist, as they cannot survive the shift to the 5th dimension. But the collective human mindset will still continue to exist on the new earth A and it will take some time to eradicate these faulty ideas from the new crystalline minds of the ascended masses.

Therefore it is prudent to start with the revelations now and discuss all the intellectual and emotional problems that are associated with them, when the once blinded people are confronted with the naked truth for the first time to the full extent and cannot avoid it anymore as is the case now on this toxic and dumbed down planet. This is in fact the main reason for heaven to promote ascension of Gaia and part of its population in the current End Times.

With love and light

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