Ascension Euphoria

By Travis Brown, December 18, 2012


Boy am I having a time here! The rollercoaster is starting to get really good, and rich and clear. All those good words. It’s still a 5d-3d polar frenzy, but the energetic calm and relaxation is simply buzzing with good feeling.

Last night was a personal superlative. Not a test-run, but a 3d-conscious high-freq Saw a blue orb in a dream, yes of heavenly color, etc. had to laugh at the specifics and synchronicity, while 3d consciousness became exponentially deleted for ‘apocalypse’ now. Sky vibrating, sound accelerating – this mad, mad woman in the facing backyard, ripping down her house and herself. my fields in catastrophic resonance of “YES!” …. I took out my contact lenses with the last muscle left, and awoke in 3d, ecstatically paralyzed, ‘exponentiating’ as unified energy, as vibratory experience.

Woah, coming gently back down after many minutes, had total clarity how to bow out from all 3d with ease, but it is irrelevant.

Blue orb answered some forgotten questions, named an ascending LW, bracketing the vibration for me to completely relax, and disappear in ecstatic ‘slow’-motion.

Also: there was a dynamic flower-of-life symbol of light vibrating in the center of this orb. this being said “it’s all about love”. that reminded me to the first wonder and trust of awakening, eager with excitement, trusting, vulnerable, in cosmic love as eager virgin. brought me full circle, diving into light.

I am remembering more of how good it’s going to be!

Wrote this for the PAT, while on the more-fun rollercoaster (+/- before the snap >O<!):



“My Ode I Wrote to Me”

Ridicule & ‘being wrong’ are illusory fears, and they are the exact opposite (get it?) of what is known, truth, love, infinity, eternity, god, the absolute, what is, oneness, veracity, ecstasy, euphoria, now.

All superlative dualistic positives implode the seeming paradox, for the indescribable cliff after a question’s pause – the question being only the action/embodiment of a call & response with the universe, that has beckoned us all unto IS, despite all the increasing dissonance created in our lives. we were compelled for the unimaginable, absolute of pure consciousness, in limitless, creative potentiality as source.

Get it? Got it? good.

What humor and delight – to watch the final thread holding together two planets, twist and turn in decaying anguish, while the company of heaven rings in ecstasy.

Great love to all,

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