April’s Last Message Prior To Ascension

April Bender, December 11, 2012

Dear Georgi,

How wonderful to hear from you! How are you my friend? I’ve been closely following all the PAT articles and messages shared and can’t tell you how grateful I am to you and the PAT for keeping spirits up and information flowing. I was overjoyed to see the new message from Dorie this morning! So very true, on so many levels and I know it took a great deal of courage to share what she’s been so intimately going through lately. 

Thank you also for your kind explanation of the “radio silence” between us these last few weeks, as I can attest to the fact that I very much did need some time on my own, to examine and integrate things on a very personal level. I never left or unplugged from the group, but simply moved myself quietly to the back of the room, if that makes sense.

I experienced much of the same personal upheaval as Dorie described over this last month along with the monumental task of processing/clearing of dross and the anchoring of energies for the masses. While the actual dramas experienced by Dorie and I may have differed, the result was the same. We were forced into the stillness of the “Now” moment, forced once again to surrender and let go (let go of the past, the future, identities, notions, and even at times, the mission in order for it all to be reintegrated at an even deeper level), and at first, I went kicking and screaming into this process.

Let’s just say that the eclipse/reset on November 13 had far reaching consequences that I never would have predicted. This reset included me tossing everything up into the air and just watching to see where it all fell, as it felt like so many things were being stripped away from me or were showing themselves to be something other than what I expected and/or believed. Lots of disappointment, resentment, and humility to process eventually giving way to a stronger reaffirmation of faith, commitment, service, and a much deeper clarity and integration of body, mind and spirit. In a way, that eclipse created a proverbial shuffling of the “April deck,” and it took a bit for me to collect and reorder the cards again. Literally I feel like I’ve processed 2 years worth of experience in a matter of weeks.

I guess I knew the masses would experience this, but erroneously thought myself somewhat excluded, having cleared so much personally already over the years. There’s nothing like a good bitch-slap from Universe to remind us of when we’re becoming too attached again, giving our power away, or simply need to realign/reintegrate in order to let go of something or see a situation with more clarity.

Whereas in mid-November I felt all the energetics/dramas whipping and whirling about me and was having difficulty staying in my center with the howling wind at my back so to speak. Now I find that I can still sense the energy whipping and whirling around me, but my center now stands FIRM, CALM, in my full I AM presence. There is no fear, no rush of expectancy, no worry, no second guessing anymore. I simply AM, with no other definitions or affiliations, and that is all I ever needed to be in the first place.

I have been stripped uncomfortably bare, and within this nakedness and vulnerability has emerged a STRENGTH, a FAITH, a CLARITY OF PURPOSE, that is so powerful, so foundational to our very cores, that I now “see” as I have never seen before. I KNOW as I have never known before. And I BELIEVE with the complete faith of a child again standing in awe of its CREATOR. It IS happening, and it is all happening RIGHT NOW.

Another advantage to this new perspective is being able to see so clearly now, how we the PAT, have contributed so much, given so much of ourselves for this most crucial of missions, and how we have truly made the difference. Through it all, we did exactly what we came here to do (and then some), and we are so very loved and cherished for having seen it through. And now it’s time for the reward of all our toils and sacrifices. I speak of not only the reward of our personal ascension, but also the reward of watching the masses ascend into this new beautiful world of freedom, love, and unity. We FREAKING did it!

Tomorrow is THE day for us. HS has been telling me this firmly for two weeks now. What that means, we shall see, but so many of the channelings you’ve been sharing on the site lately confirm the same information/visuals that I too have been receiving in bits and pieces. Mainly that tomorrow is for us, and portal energies intensify until 12:21, which should trigger the masses and final planetary/dimensional seals/alignments/timelines.

I wish that I could have addressed this entire note through conversation with my HS as Dorie did, as she so eloquently captured what she’s been struggling with, but time constraints did not allow me to update you in this fashion and I wanted to be sure to get back to you before tomorrow.

I did also quickly want to confirm being knocked down by some pretty heavy cc:waves last Thursday and Friday, but something shifted or released for me over the weekend. I checked in with HS and HS did confirm that the portal opening has already begun, similar to the early opening of the 11:11. Are you getting the same information?

Thanks again so much for writing to me today Georgi, and know that I stand firmly with you all in love and light.

To my fellow PATsters – Grab your bags and let’s go HOME!!! It’s time to blow this pop-stand!

Much love and light,

Dear April,

this is a very powerful letter/message and I congratulate you for your ability to still be able to write in such a way notwithstanding your exhaustion. You must have gone through hell in the last several weeks and I did sense this difficult state in which you were and that is why I did not want to interfere. As I said to Dorie, my HS held me back each time I had the impulse to write you an email. Besides I was also knocked down most of the time and was physically barely surviving. There must have been purpose in all this culmination of our sufferings and I can only hope that they are now coming to an end.

Yes I can confirm that the portal was opened on December 8-9, as usually several days in advance when we are worst hit. Today is a better day and full of calm anticipation what will happen tomorrow. I have also let go of all my expectations, except one – I expect to be surprised beyond my earthly expectations and thus cherish the void in my future perspective deliberately.

Indeed everything points to our ascension at this portal, as it does not make any sense to wait till 12.21. We are either in the End Times or we must cancel the whole ascension scenario. However everything speaks that we will have ascension and it can only happen with us ascending first and heaving Gaia. Our obligations towards the awakening  or sleeping masses are finished and we have only the responsibility to bring mother earth  to the 5th dimension. My dreams also point to this outcome. Therefore we must now wait patiently what will happen tomorrow and have full faith in Heaven /Source that this time  everything will be perfect, at least for us – the PAT.

I do no even need to send any words of moral support to you as we have already done it and there is nothing we can do anymore, but just wait and enjoy our last minutes on this rapidly changing planet.

With love and light

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