The Premature Dross Vomiting of the Masses Hinders PAT Ascension

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, November 7, 2012

Dear April,

many PAT members are disappointed by the last delay of my/our ascension. I must admit that I am also a little bit perplexed, to say the least, and have no explanation as to why the forecasts of our HS do not come true. Please observe that I also include my HS as the last information for my ascension came from him. 

Two nights ago I dreamt that I discussed our ascension schedule with your two HS, of you and Dorie. It was exactly the night after the three-day battle with the dark forces on October 31-Nov 2 when I was very hardly hit by a heavy cc-wave. Your HS appeared interestingly to be males. One of them said: “Now that we have won this decisive battle we deserve some rest.” I was immediately struck in an unpleasant manner by this statement and asked promptly: “What do you mean by rest? Do you want to tell me that our ascension is postponed one more time?” Just as I asked this, both your HS disappeared/vanished or ascended, if you will, and left me alone without any answer. I woke up in the night and stayed awake till morning with a very disappointed feeling. Later came the message from Garrett and my subsequent comments that our ascension is delayed one more time because this was what I felt to be case.

I think that we deserve an explanation in this respect. I am also a human being and I am really depleted by the last cleansing and also to receive every day a bunch of nasty, full of hatred and menaces emails from Internet trolls paid by the dark secret US-services. Not that I care much about them, even when they write that they will come and kill me and my family – I delete them immediately, but still this is another burden to bear.

I have no information from my HS at present, but his conspicuous silence tells me that the plan has changed one more time. If you still have contact to your HS and she has not disappeared as in my dream, then we must get some information / explanation, although I must admit the credibility of our HS has been vastly damaged in the last several months.

With love and light

Dear George,

Yes I absolutely agree on all counts. Luckily HS has been back in touch with me since yesterday, showing me a plethora of images, including guiding me to sort of a higher realm first aid station where the thickest, nastiest black dross was blown off of me. After that healing experience, several more images were given. I think I have a sense now of the overall narrative, and will work with HS to get it all down in a message. About freaking time too!

I will get this to you as fast as I am able today.

One thing of interest already is that the 11:11 portal has already begun opening. We thought September and October’s portal openings were intense, this one will be even more so. Although I think we’ve already just completed the adjustments and cleansing needed energetically, clearing the old Orion grid from the masses subconscious, they finally revolted at least on that level against it. More explanation to come.

Much Love and light,

Dear April,

I am eagerly waiting for your message.


Dear George,

Below is the latest message from HS. It was a lot to get down and I apologize as I am sorely out of practice. While her images and meanings are coming through clear enough, the pathway from inner screen to handwriting isn’t as strong.

Her message explains to me much more clearly why after a solid week and a half of being fully out of commission, she guided me to experience the healing chamber where literally large amounts of goo/dross where lifted/vacuumed off of me. I literally looked like I’d been through a war, covered in thick, cracked mud, couldn’t move very well, so tired, etc… I have not been taken down like that in a very long time, if ever.

I just really hope her message resonates with you and the PAT. I’ve given up getting mad at HS over the delays in the scenario, because in the end, this is the absolute best I can do/give. All I can do is continue to ask my highest source of information and to be stern and question when things go amiss. I feel that in this circumstance, she would have communicated to me much sooner, in fact I know she tried, I was just too completely overwhelmed to tune into any of those frequencies.

Anyhow, like Dorie I do still feel a personal responsibility for the information that HS gives me. I just hope that this information, along with that which is coming through from others, can carry us up and onward. We have to keep moving, we have to keep the faith. Dorie’s note really said it all perfectly, thank you for sharing it!

As always I look forward to your initial thoughts. I will try and sit with HS again tomorrow as I am very much feeling this was a 2 part message, but let’s see how this one resonates with you first. If you have follow up questions, please let me know.

I hope you’re feeling better today George, and thanks again for keeping me up, for keeping all of us up during this most difficult time. I felt you and the support of the PAT everyday!

Much love and light,

HS Update 11-06-12

HS:  I’m so glad that you’ve rested and are feeling better! I know that this last round was the most difficult/depleting for you and the PAT so far, and I am sorry for not cautioning you that this was a potential outcome. Let me explain. Even though you had been successful in the lifting/separation of the “web of light” from the Orion matrix, and clearing some dross related to that, there was still another matter for us to monitor/gauge before physical ascension could commence for you (the PAT). We knew it would take some time, but how much we could not fully estimate until the masses were first “triggered.” We wanted to see what came up for them in terms of deep “energetic imprints/dark conditioning/thought-forms” once the first/beginning of the major catalysts/events manifested.

Source sent a very powerful spark/surge through the web of light that should have resulted in two outcomes:

1) your physical ascensions within a few days at most and

2) a final heavy purging/clearing of the subconscious of the masses.

So in a sense it was a LIVE ascension test run for you and the overall web of light, but also a releasing of that which would come up as a result of the manifestation of catalytic events, and also the intensity of Source’s surge itself.

Now you might say: “Well, how could you not know how they would react? You’re in touch with their souls as well so how could the higher/inner realms not know how much there would be to clear?”

The easiest way for me to explain this is to say that more than one potential usually exists, meaning the individual human personality might have unconscious, ancestral/deeply embedded or imprinted energies/ programs/ thought-systems that might predispose them to certain behaviors or reactions, but really we don’t know for sure until stimulated, how they will respond and to what degree. Remember that heart energies, especially, are shifting daily.

So sure we know there will be, say, fear to clear, but how much can only be estimated until the entity is triggered. For in that instance they may create even more fear or perhaps less, depending upon various circumstances, including how the PTB still residing in 3D attempt to twist/distort things. Needless to say sometimes you can’t see or begin to assess the full picture until you stimulate or create that condition/response, which is exactly what we did.

So what happened, was that the surge came (along with the manifestation of events)… which together, triggered an enormous amount of fear, disgust, anxiety, etc… to be released by the masses. For example, simply think of just Superstorm Sandy and all the emotions that have risen for release in regards to just that one catalyst. Or the pedophile scandal in the UK, or the energy around the US election, or the big earthquake in Canada, on and on…

Now as most of the PAT probably felt, the initial feelings of fear, disgust, anxiety, etc…only opened the doors/floodgates for other “revelations” and old energies to be processed. So by tugging on or stimulating one, they all came up. It was almost as if the masses vomited up a large portion of all that they had been hanging on to that no longer serves them and unfortunately because you are the clearers, it was vomited up all over you in a sense.

Now remember, for now, this is still mostly at a subconscious level for the masses, but definitely growing more conscious of itself daily. Along with this deeply embedded energy, were also deeply embedded entities in some cases. This is difficult to explain, but suffice to say that the human body/vessel and its corresponding consciousness can harbor a fair range of “alien,” or not originally meant to be there, entities/ energies/ implants, many of which link back to the dark archons.

We were however, not fully prepared for the amount of dark/dross that surfaced for cleansing, as we saw this as happening in more of a progression over the next two major portals and not necessarily this much at the first/beginning of the major triggering. However, the masses were ready to release much of it, again on a subconscious level.

This unfortunately created an overwhelming wave for the PAT to process, and already being so full of their own ascension energies, fast became crippling. And we must admit, this endeavor also became very challenging for us as well, as we did our best to support you and send emergency healing energies your way.

We didn’t anticipate this level of release until after your ascensions, where you would be much better situated to support this process. In fact, previous test-runs indicated the masses were further behind, if you recall. But this is why it is so crucial to assess, reassess, and then assess yet again. For where there is the WILL there is a way.

What was so beautiful to watch, was that the masses, though mostly not conscious of it now, fought admirably alongside you (the PAT), larger light-worker community, and Gaia to help dispel and release all these base energies. It was a full-on collective effort as they were not strong enough to do all this on their own, and yet knew that much of it needed to go. Granted, there is still much work to be done and the masses will need to continue clearing, but the worst of it, is now over. A fact that is even now, surprising and exciting to us.

Now that the masses have confronted and/or purged these deep seated imprints/ programs/ thought-forms on a subconscious level, next they will begin to experience much of this confrontation, pain, and release as it manifests in their external lives/reality. And this is where it will look much uglier on the outside than it really is, but as you know, all energetics eventually play themselves fully out and into reality, until there is a healing/reconciling at all levels.

Source also allowed the opening of the 11:11 portal to begin sooner than scheduled. This was a decisive move made by Source and recommended by the higher realms, once we realized how much was coming up for release and the PAT was going to need some additional help. As you know portals can act as giant vortices/black holes/etc… that help to neutralize and vacuum that dross up, they also add much needed boosts of light.

The portal was only cracked open a bit to help this overall process out, but it is very important to remember that this portal is the most POWERFUL and POTENT one so far. So you’ve been feeling that energy in the mix of everything else as well, and it will only continue to strengthen in the coming days.

We anticipate your ascension now for this next 11:11 portal openingThe opening has already begun and will finish/finalize with the total solar eclipse on November 13/14. This eclipse will be yet another “rebooting” opportunity, but expect much to flood the world scene between now and mid-month.

As George is the first tone of the PAT/first-wave symphony, you will be the last, the 13th tone as Dorie’s HS has tried to reveal to you before. Of course ascensions will continue to happen after the bulk of the first-wave has transitioned, but you’ll be at the end of the first-wave. This is something that has been in your soul contract, as evidenced to you by the import of your birthday. There was a reason for instance you turned 13 on a Friday the 13th with a full moon, and on and on throughout your life with that number or the sequence of numbers 11/13 appearing for you. This is the clue and the form it was given to you for the completion of your contract.

As always, plans will depend upon the masses, as that is what we are all here to attend to, but as of right now and the incredibly stellar job you’ve just accomplished, ascension is aligned to happen during this 11:11 portal opening.

I sense that you are tired now even though I do have a little more to share. Please check in tomorrow if possible as I have a bit more to share with you, unless you sense it has been received/covered by other PAT members.


Dear April,

when I read your messages, I think very intensively about the most appropriate title under which I will publish them. While reading this latest message, the following working tittle is compelling occupying my mind:

“The Premature Dross Vomiting of the Masses Hinders PAT Ascension”

It does not sound very appetite-stimulating, but our appetite to play the role of the doormats for humanity has fully vanished. And this should be known to our souls and they should make it the primary objective of their future endeavours.

Otherwise this message essentially confirms what we have known and discussed so far. It deals with the main topic regarding the unpredictability of the emotional and mental reactions of the masses at the conscious and subconscious level when they are powered with energies coming from the source. I have already discussed this aspect in my interlocutions with Henry Bizon and Joe Hein. Daniel’s message also addresses these imponderables in human behaviour, when the old, deep-seated dark imprints and goo of the humans begin to surge on the surface. We know that it will be hell, but we do not know the exact temperature in which we will be boiled. Precisely, our HSs knew this very well, but preferred not to inform us in advance as we surely have quited the job.

Even the surprisingly positive outcome of this last ascension test run was widely discussed, after I published the last missive of the Manuscript of Survival No. 218.

It is a leitmotif on this website that energy = All-That-Is is of dialectical nature. Every event has two dialectical aspects that built its unity – a positive and a negative side that seemingly exclude themselves, although they are intrinsically linked. This is part of human duality in the current 3d-reality. The negative and positive poles merge in the middle to create a unity. Most of the time the middle “third”, as it is called in German dialectics, is hidden to the human eye and must be intellectually elaborated. This is the essence of most human philosophy.

Since I have become the nexus between the source and the unity field of the PAT, which on its part encompasses the ascending portion of humanity with the web of light, I am experiencing both, the harmonious Oneness of the source energies and their division into two opposite poles – light and darkness – in an extreme form.

In fact, this process is twofold as it is running in both directions. My personal energy field is like a huge portal, which your HS defined without explicitly saying this as an energetic opening that operates simultaneously as a black and white hole. This is the term I have introduced in my recent discussions.

On the one end the unity field of the PAT sucks up all the dross /goo of humanity and  transforms it into higher frequency, harmonious energies of light. On the other, in order for the low frequency dark imprints and programming of humanity to surge on the surface and be processed, the masses must be beamed by us with a powerful stream of high frequency energies from the Source.

Every interaction goes in two directions at the same time and builds a closed circle of energy transformation. This is what the first law of conservation of  energy assesses. It is an application/aspect of the Universal Law. Thus extinction of old human dross and its transformation into higher frequencies/light goes always hand in hand and cannot be separated.

I feel this process in its extreme form as my body field is the nexus between the collective human dross coming through the unity field of the PAT and the Source, where this goo is sent for final processing. At the same time, the energies of transformation coming from the Source must first come through my personal field, after that they are augmented in the collective unity field of the PAT and finally transmitted to the web of light. From there, these energy ripples reach each individual that is on the way to ascension and transform him according to his soul capacity for evolution.

When this highly dynamic process is fully activated, as was the case between October 30- Nov 2/3 as reported by myself and many other members of the PAT, one can never know a priori what demons will come high. Obviously our preparatory work cleansing as much dross as possible in the previous months has had an enormous intrinsic effect at the subconscious level of the masses. When we gave them one more push last week, they began to literally vomit their stenching “goo” over us as the Internet trolls, the most despicable and primitive part of the American and human society, being engaged/paid by dark secret US-services, have exemplified with their nasty emails to me.

I have never seen in my life written human documents that were so full of animalistic hatred and contempt for the light we shine. These extremely dark and fearful entities must have such a fear that they must shit all the time in their pants  and I honestly wonder how their souls still bear the stench of their rotten bodies and have not left them long time ago as fodder for the worms. This is actually what is planned to happen by the end of this year with us being the catalyst for these massive cleansing operations by Heaven /Godhead.

This whole complex of most primitive human reactions  is so very much predictable, and at the same time one is always unpleasantly surprised to find out how much darkness and nastiness this unenlightened human species can harbour in its genes and deep emotional compartments. This is the dark heritage of mankind that has been collected throughout eons of time under perennial enslavement and Orionic abrogation of all basic human rights.

While the PAT has finished with this cleansing process at the individual level long time ago, the masses have barely started with it at the conscious level. When they will, it will become very ugly indeed, and I hope by then that we, the heroes and the major cleansers of this human dross will have left this toxic planet in its compulsive transition to light.

With love and light

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