The Only Role of Every PAT Ascended Master Is To Be Truly Himself

by Dorie Bowling, November 8,. 2012

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for helping me with one of the biggest lessons I’ve ever had to learn in my life!! That’s one of the things I’ve always loved about you, you know, is that stern, focused, task master, CAPTAIN energy! Man, I was really worried today though when it was directed towards me! I thought I was getting fired!! But instead, like always, your words only served to help me go within, once again, and connect to the strength of my soul, my true source of strength, and along with the loving energies that I felt from my PAT family (and thank you ALL for your loving emails, thoughts, and energies!!) I connected to what I needed to hear. I connected to MY truth. Thank you so much!

I love you and the PAT from the bottom of my heart!


The Message

Me: Well, HS, this has been some day!! Can you please help me understand the dynamics of what just happened here? I really took the response from Georgi to your last message very personally this time, I was actually very hurt, which is so unlike me, and I’d like to know why that was. Maybe I’m not as strong as I thought I was!

HS: And so you see, therein lies the problem AND the solution. You “thought” incorrectly. So think again. You are allowed to think again, just as you are allowed to have this discussion with me right now and wonder if what you are hearing is even truth. That’s the wonderful thing about being an Ascended Master – you have the ability to formulate questions and discern whether the answers you derive are truth FOR YOU.

Right now, IN THIS MOMENT, you have a CHOICE. You can learn to stand in your power, or you can succumb to your fears. And while we are at it, let’s list those fears shall we, for they are also the fears that are deeply embedded within the minds of humanity–it is these very fears that the masses will have to overcome when you stand in front of them in all in your shining glory. So why don’t we list them now hmmm, so we can be done with them once and for all!

Wow, let’s see…it’s quite a list! There’s your fear of disappointing other people, rejection from that disappointment, humiliation, abandonment. Oh, and there’s your fear of not being heard or seen, “being invisible”, that fear was certainly brought out today, was it not, by Georgi himself in his dream? BUT, here’s the big one…being WRONG. Yes, my dear, you have said that many times, haven’t you! Now that we have listed all of your fears, can you see that you are only mirroring the fears of what humanity is spewing out at you in this very moment? Can you see that these fears HAD to go? In order for you to see that, a true lesson was formulated to SHOW YOU that you are not those fears. It was to bring AWARENESS TO your OWN incorrect thoughts. It was to REMIND you how truly powerful you are…otherwise, how will humanity ever see that within themselves?

Not let’s get down to business. What is needed for you to stand in your shining glory in front of all humanity? You already know that it’s the recognition of the POWER that resides within YOU. This has been your motto, has it not? And didn’t a dear friend remind you of that today by saying “Become more of who you are and less of who you have become.” You are no longer a “mere mortal” let’s get that straight!! You, and the PAT, have all risen to the level of Ascended Masters–the time for demonstrating that power does not start AFTER your physical ascension, but NOW.

So, let’s go back to that vision you had before, of yourself as an ascended master standing on the stage in a church. What did you omit from the last message that we gave you. Oh yes, the fact that while you were standing on the stage, using your voice to clear the energies, you were saying something very specific. You were repeating, over and over again, “Oh my goodness”. It was not just the “tone” that you used, BUT YOU in your GOODNESS, that cleared the Dark from every nook and cranny within that “religious institution” and replaced it with LIGHT. There was no need for you to pretend to be someone else. There was no need for you to be a savior or an angel or anyone else other than the GOODNESS of YOU. Do you see? And if you can see THAT, then you can stand in front of humanity, and you can mirror back to them, not their own fears, but their own magnificence. And in the very moment that you do, they will not only see you, but they will also see themselves.

Declare that now, dear one, YOUR MAGNIFICENCE, for this is the final step that needs to be taken in your Ascended Master 101 Crash Course before your physical ascension!!Declare your power in being recognized as the Light that you came to this toxic planet to be, so that you not only fulfill your own destiny, but the destiny of those who are willing to come along with you for the most glorious ride of their lives! Declare that you will be SEEN, HEARD, FELT, and RECOGNIZED, WITHOUT FEAR, for the GOODNESS AND LIGHT that you ARE…and it shall be!

Become more of who you are and less of who you have become. The only thing you’ve EVER been wrong about is believing that you were anything less than who you already were.

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