The Difference Between Ascended Masters in 3d-Bodies and New Agers in “Fluffy-Wuffy” 5d-Illusions

by Gail, November 8, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT,

I hope you are all feeling better since the recent battle. I am still very tired, but more peaceful. Thank you all for your messages. Keeps me sane…honestly!! I love Jerry’s article, Ascension as a Personal Endeavour.

Other than PAT members and a few others, no one thinks, there is a physical price to be paid for personal ascending.’

I agree that there is indeed a price to be paid for ascension….everything 3-d!!! The deterioration (leading to total disintegration) of the 3-d human body is inevitable if one is to ascend to higher dimensions, where the 3-d human body cannot exist. Also true for the 3-d mind and the 3-d emotions. All must disintegrate and be restructured to create the new human structure which will flourish in higher dimensions. I have been aware of this for years, as most of PAT have, and have deliberately reduced my connections and dependencies upon the 3-d matrix to an utter minimum over the years. How the new agers cannot see that living ‘comfortable’ lives is a dependent engagement with 3-d, I don’t know. These fluffy-wuffy types are the same as the family of Henry (described recently) who are fully complacent that they live a comfortable and satisfying life simply because they have made the right decisions in life, and other people are where they are at because of their own decisions, good or bad. The fluffy-wuffies believe that their level of comfort and satisfaction is due to their spiritual decisions, when it actually comes from their material decisions.

But in new age circles it’s worse than that too, because the fluffy-wuffies actually believe that if you have things ‘wrong’ with your body and circumstances, it is your own fault, as it is a direct reflection of your mental and emotional unsolved issues and therefore your insufficiency. Those starseeds who are making the ‘right’ spiritual decisions and therefore suffering physically and otherwise, are generally too embarrassed to admit it, as they know they will be judged by other lightshirkers as ‘getting it wrong’ as proven by their non-perfect lives. Hence, from the fluffy-wuffy point of view, we PAT and some other similar humans are lumped in with those who are fully asleep.

I would put it that it is the direct reflection of the processing of the fears and issues of the whole of humanity (which they have not themselves been able to address and overcome) that people with no fears and no issues (PAT and some others) are riddled with pain. It reminds me of a quote I made previously of Raymond Chandler….“Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid.”

They argue that they are applying 5-d techniques to their 3-d environment, but they do not realise that this is not the purpose of 5th dimensional energies. Their purpose is to raise the overall frequency quotient in order to ascend Gaia and Humanity, not to be wasted in creating comfortable material lives, in which they can complacently sit thinking that this is evidence that they are doing their bit towards the greatest project ever undertaken. They are intuiting their future existence and trying to apply it to their 3-d lives. I quote myself from an earlier letter regarding the lightshirkers and the CA fiasco…‘They (the lightshirkers) are quite right in believing that they are leaders and teachers, it’s just that they are trying to fulfil their roles too soon, erroneously seeing it as a 3-d purpose in this toxic environment, rather than realising it as their imminent 5-d purpose. Their 3-d purpose is to connect with, understand and overcome the 3-d illusion to support the planetary rescue and they have taken their eyes off that ball.’

Again they argue that the universe gives them the opportunities to do well (as a result, they believe, of their spiritual opening/techniques) but never consider that these very opportunities are mired in 3rd dimensional obsolete patterns and operate from various 3-d premises. They also fail to realise that they also have the opportunity to dare to reject the tempting material success and comfort. It is just a matter of seeing through the illusion and then one will not even want to engage in these aspects of 3-d and will see the risks of entrapment and also the pointlessness of engaging with and thereby empowering the continuation of these structures and patterns.

They are consistently veering away from their evolution. It is as though they have an inbuilt aversion to facing the truth of our world and how it works and desperately kid themselves that they exist in the higher dimensional way of living, which is NOT EVEN HERE YET.

It is this disintegration and abandonment of everything 3-d that unconsciously terrifies the masses and that fear can only be relieved by seeing the living proof that the restructured human is immortal and powerful and loving (Us after reappearance) and worth giving up the 3-d existence for. This is why I believe we have to ascend soon, from a logical point of view. From a physical point of view also, my body is at breaking point and soon is the only option.

As did Daniel recently, my HS and I, in a waking and conscious state, attacked and diminished that fear of loss of 3-d greatly for the masses. I actually physically felt it and was aware of the gooeyness afterwards, the same as April spoke of. We also annihilated other archons, most notably, in my case, disappointment. I also displayed my pure-white core energy that emitted ‘DON’T fuck with me.’ I am sure other PATs know what they have been involved with. As Daniel said, the HS is now so much a part of our everyday-ness, it is no longer separate and it becomes clearer.

I resonate with Daniel’s model of the awakening of humanity. Whether the numbers are accurate is irrelevant, but the concept resonates. ‘With their removal (the archons) the dark thought patterns of humanity are no longer constantly refilled, so it is absolutely certain that they will disappear.’ I fully agree.

The on-the-ground reality of this will be that it now takes far fewer exposures to revelations to make an impact on peoples’ belief patterns. When people reject something, fact or concept, it is because their worldview cannot accept it. Now that the foundation stones of their worldview have gone, new ideas and facts that are introduced will be more acceptable because the strength/power of the rejection will be habit only, and therefore less and less impacting with each new exposure to revelations (both of the old matrix and of the new one.)

I suppose this will be the advantageous environment on Earth A/B for those in transition to Earth A.

It seems that now we have achieved this environment, the next logical step is the ID split. Anna said today that she also feels, from both bodily and conscious experiences of living in this 3-d environment, that the ID split is the next obvious event.

Hang on in there, everyone.


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