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November 8, 2012

Dear George,

As an honorable PAT member I can confirm that we are ready to ascend during the period 11-14 November.

Although that is the case George, there is something else that I would like us to discuss. Since you recently made a veto and not a decree to the higher realms for obvious reasons. If anybody carefully observes the message from Dorie’s HS it seems that her HS is actually trying to motivate the PAT to create their own ascension plan instead of waiting for the HS ( higher realms) and source to make their own call over our ascension period.

It is almost as if she was being sarcastic in a way by stating that we should act as Jesuses, Mohammeds and Buddhas for humanity and in this way inspiring them to continue their false religious beliefs, something which we will have to abolish completely.

I really hope that this is not just a plan from the Higher realms to fulfill their own plans and complete/finish certain energetic thresholds because after all we have gone through this would be a real meltdown.

Let’s hope we Ascend this time.

Let the Light shine
Dear Nick,

you have correctly noticed that I have used a veto this time and not a decree as in this case – if we were to play Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed or other religious drama gestalts – the energies would have flowed though my field and I had to agree to this first and foremost.

But the actual reason why I vetoed this suggestion comes from the theory of the Universal Law. I have discussed at length all religions in my books and explained why they are false gnostic, categorical systems. I have proved why they must be abolished and substituted by a new coherent scientific-gnostic system of human knowledge. Thus the repercussions of this veto go beyond our physical ascension and touch upon the very nature of the ascended  human society and how it will evolve in the future.

Now these aspects are not a topic on this website as most members of the PAT have only one goal in front of their eyes – how to ascend and leave this dreadful reality. This is normal and very human and I support this endeavour without any reservations. But my veto now affects not only our ascension but the very future of the ascended mankind as we now lay its foundation. And precisely for this reason I had to use a veto and not a decree, which is fully covered by and embedded into the new theory of the Universal Law, which is the biggest and most precious present of Godhead to humanity at this stage. As I am not only the herald, but also the keeper of this theory, it is exclusively my duty to keep it pure and undistorted /untainted by whatever religious ideas.

Unfortunately these aspects are not truly discerned by the other members of the PAT as we seldom, if ever, lead this kind of theoretical discussion on this website, as none of the PAT members has truly comprehended the new theory with all its ramifications. This is not necessary at this point as after the veil is removed everyone of you will have a complete knowledge of this theory and even much more.

But at this point in time it is my sole obligation to take care of the validity and purity of this theory as the only substitute of all religions as a true system of human spiritual and scientific knowledge. This decision goes beyond our physical ascension, as I mentioned at the beginning, and is of a much higher order.

With love and light
November 8, 2012

Hi George

How interesting the latest post by Dorie. I have been rather silent recently precisely because I have sensed that there is something going on behind the scenes and we didn´t have a clear picture of what it was. Since Oct 3, I have been feeling a delay, not just a sense of disappointment, but a clear suspicion that the Higher realms wanted to delay our ascension yet again to help prepare the masses who are lagging behind. This is naturally reinforced by the fact that I am clearing such an intense amount of emotional dross. We are verily being vomited upon – and I wonder to myself how the masses can ever be ready for ascension when they are still so sleepy and ignorant (see: the election)

I even had a rather successful discussion with my HS as a result of my suspicion. I was very adamant in not being given platitudes, which I have no patience for. I, too, like Daniel got the information that we wouldn´t be here past the 15th of the month. The reason being that we are needed to show us as soon as possible to prepare the others for the December stargates. I was also told to be very “still” around the 14th of the month. Now I don´t believe my HS when she uses “ascension” anymore. This word is too often interchanged with an upgrade in energy threshold. Who knows what will occur on the 14th?  The fact that we cannot trust this information is very irritating at best and can leave one feeling faithless if left unchecked. It takes a lot of inner power to continue to work on this project in these conditions, I must say.

Then just yesterday while meditating, my HS out of the blue asked me, “how do you want to ascend?” I was so irritated! Said I had already decided Sept 29 and that had not changed. Was perplexed why I was being asked about this now. It felt like a ruse to build false hope. I was also clear in telling her, “let´s get out of these limiting bodies and then we´ll do what needs to be done”. Then was asked, “what else do you want to do on Earth?” Really! I couldn´t believe these stupid questions. Now I see that HS was pushing the envelope, trying to see just how much they can get us to do here on the ground. I said my only intention was to ascend and bring Gaia with her. I would not give any other answer, I was so pissed.

The synchronicity is mind-boggling, to say the least. This happened to me yesterday at around 12pm. I fully concur with your veto to not sacrifice ourselves any more for the benefit of laggards who are not doing their work. I do have a certain amount of compassion for them, but still, we cannot do an adequate job here on the ground in these limiting bodies. We are NOT doing anyone a favor by remaining. I know that the Higher Realms, out of their perfectionism must be going around and asking each of us now personally how much longer we are willing to stay on the ground. My only fear is that even when we refuse to participate in this tedious project, our demands will be ignored. They must think, oh they are incarnate and have come so far, why pull them out now when a little longer won´t hurt them.

My question to you, how is your energetic state?  Do you feel that you are close enough to ascension to be able to lift off given the right stargate/ energetic window even if the higher realms do not give you the green light?

Thanks for this post, Georgi, and a big thanks to Dorie, too, who I realize must have felt a bit stung. But really it was an important message and I can concur that there is something fishy going on behind the scenes. I´d rather have it fleshed out now. It was so frustrating feeling like I was being left in the dark when all my instincts told me there were delays and a desire to keep us on the ground.  It was important to publish as soon as possible.

Love Debra
Dear Debra,

I partly share your suspicions, but the reality is that they, our HS, have always mired us and squeezed us to the very last drop of blood/energy.

This was definitely another test/attempt on their part to see if we may agree to stay for a little bit longer, but we declined. Now this may not be coming directly from our HS and it may be that our HS want us back as soon as possible, but have made commitments and/or have been pushed by the other souls to stay and try one more time to make them vomit over us, after we were so successful in instigating the masses to vomit  such a stenching goo at the beginning of November. They might have hoped to use us one more time and thus save some more souls. It is the usual bargaining as if we are on an Oriental market.

I have no idea. On the other hand, as you say, if they want to keep us on the ground, they will not care about what we say, decree or think. This is obvious.

Now to your question. I was very depleted and depressed after the last purging of dark entities last week as I was in the centre of this battle. The last two days have been much better and the energy is more harmonious. My dreams are optimistic again and if this is a sign for an imminent ascension, yes, the signs are good.

But I still do not have the certainty that it is a done deal. And I never will as I have lived through so many empty promises and false expectations that I have become a cynic, though a benign one, as I know that this story must have an end at some point in time, and this is Dec 21. But my goal stays unaltered that we must ascend before that and I do not see any reason why change this goal.

With love and light
November 8, 2012

Hi Dorie,

I just wanted to say thank you for your message from your HS and don’t feel criticized please. It was so helpful and insightful for all of us and yes, I believe George is right in saying enough is enough.

It just seems like there will continue to be setbacks and stalls until we all choose the potential that leads to our ascension, ONLY. I can speak for myself and say, that I’m not going to be abused any longer. I have been keeping myself away from everyone that uses my energy for their own weird purposes…done with that! They’re on their own. I don’t owe a single soul another damn thing. I know that. I’ve paid all my karma, etc., and earned the right to ascend out of this toxic, life depleting dimension once and for all.

So many people are still seriously disillusioned and it’s painful to listen to their opinions and beliefs any longer. blah, blah, blah. Wish they’d hush it. I can already feel the energy building up to the 11/11….today the atmosphere felt particularly light and I am personally, feeling more freedom in my life. There are only two people that I hope make it through the next portal with me. Everyone else I know just simply isn’t ready. Take heart Dorie and thank you for your message,

Love, Kari
November 8, 2012

Hello George

This is just to let you know that I totally agree with your analysis of the latest message from Dorie’s HS, and to tell you how much I enjoyed reading it.

It goes without saying my respect, and admiration to you, Dorie, April, Garret and all the PAT. So that’s it, I resonate 100% with you, and support with out doubt your assessment of the message. I just felt that I needed to let you know. And I wish Dorie wouldn’t worry so much, we are growing together in our awareness of these matters, I can only feel humble and grateful for yours and our channeling ladies insights.

Tomas T.
November 8, 2012


Please pass this on to Dorie. Thank her for sharing her gift with us. She does a awesome job and even when we (PAT) read something we do not always agree with – it  in no way reflects on her ability or her personally. I know, I sometimes feel as if I am stumbling in the dark. She has the gift of shining a light back on the path for the rest of us to follow.
Thank you – Dorie!

Love & Light,
November 8, 2012

Dearest Georgi and Dorie,

Thank you !  Thank you!  Thank you!
These messages, updates and reports today are magnificent !! It all makes so much sense and the swift responses certainly have shown us all why you are indeed our Captain!  Dorie, words cannot convey the deep gratitude I have for all that you have done and given of yourself for humanity, so I am telepathically conveying my heartfelt appreciation.  So soon now.

Sending you both and all of the PAT love and light eternally,
November 8, 2012


There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.
— Henry D. Thoreau


You are still here, and wtf for? I appreciate the perspectives communicated on SOAR Wednesday Nov 7 shared between you and Dorie.

I too say NO.  While I am incarnate I will be of service as best I can, as long as I can as it is who I AM and why I am here at this time to serve Gaia and humanity. However I will not engage in co-dependent behavior with un-awakened ones for it will be of no benefit to me or them.

I Am here to serve humanity and not to benefit the individual soul incarnate in its resistance to the Living Light. It is not my soul responsibility to clear the darkness and emotional dross, for it is the responsibility of the Light to do so.

To delay the ascension of PAT in hopes we clear more people’s dross is ridiculous after all we have already accomplished on behalf of humanity.

If there is a negative reaction to the first ascension wave, then so be it. Every action always has unintended consequences, even those most inspired creations // actions of the collective Creator Gods.

And besides any negative reaction to the reappearance of PAT will be nothing to the reactions of the populous to other coming events Beyond 2012.

In the oneness of ALL, others are a reflection of Self, yet at this level of Reality we are not all the same, sharing the same destiny. Some of the dark are awake and have chosen to experience their un-creation as soul dissolution. Some have chosen to awake at a much later date.

Thus it is time we as PAT drew the proverbial line in the sand and collectively say once again…NO MORE delays. After all we are the Creators, and we are the initiators of Ascension. Are we not HEROES?? Remember the children of this world are waiting and depending on PAT…Let Us Do IT.

Even Gandhi was beaten and abused for his leadership…so what, such comes with the territory and the job description.

At this point in time if someone wants to keep their head up their ass, bless them for doing so, it is their choice of denial / reaction in face of all overwhelming evidence of earth changes and Ascension.

Parasites will be parasites, just as some people will loot and rob others during times of crisis. So let’s accept the reality of the situation we are in and move on beyond it to the greatest benefit of the whole.

The idea of staying physical any longer to be energy modulators for the un-awakened masses reminds me of a song from long ago. Are you familiar with it?

Country Joe And The Fish
I Feel Like I’m Fixin To Die

Dear Tim,

everything you say is true, but we have a problem – we are still on the ground. And our problem is becoming increasingly a “credibility problem”. The only solution would be our ascension. But our HS tell us, credibility problems do not exist in the higher dimensions. it is your personal problem. What would you answer to this argument? I have no answer.

With love and light
Brother, thanks for quick reply.

You offered something to think about. I have always had a credibility problem, esp. among those known as Elohim, come with Territory as being on of the first born.

Still carries over into this incarnation, brings self esteem issues to deal with otherwise my energy dissipates. I like privacy and to hide out unknown. I don’t want to be in public eye, and furthermore it seems I have credibility problems with most people I know and in the larger community of daily interactions.

All that in eye of beholder, it is the astigmatism in my own eye. My shadows opinion of self for a life on ascension path.

Yea I am still maintaining physical garment, but even too it is light, so where is my credibility or even need of it to justify to anyone else in their eyes.

Even the creator of this local son universe, Michael has credibility issue in my eye. I volunteered to participate in his Creation, and look where we are, ever and evermore on the cusp of becoming.

It is the potential of Earth, and of humanity and indeed this life why I am here. Yet it seems I am nailed to the grass on the hillside having to drag all earth with me before this flesh gets transfigured.

It is all our personal problem at this time, election is over…time to move on. Since I like my privacy, thus I won’t go first, but if you start I will certainly finish. Mean while for some reason I am listening today to Country Joe and the Fish.

The ultimate question… ‘Who Am I?’

Dear Tim,

this is what I wanted to hear from you – ultimately there is no such thing as a credibility problem. But we have another real energetic problem – the incompatibility between the ongoing dissolution of our physical vessels and 3d-existence and the growing awareness of our creative potential as ascended masters on the one hand and the inability to express this potential, while still dwelling in a physical body on the other.

This is a real dilemma and it cannot be eliminated as it grows by the hour. And this is the driving force behind our irresistible desire to leave this place.

This is human, this is normal, and this is impossible to explain to anybody else who is not in the same situation (those who are, do not need any explanation as they know).

This is where the credibility problem occurs as secondary epiphenomenon. One can as well speak of the lack of faith among the masses in the existence of higher creative realms or of the dichotomy between spirit and matter. It all comes up to the same at the end.

November 8, 2012

Hi Georgi!

I hope you’re still hanging in there. I’m just writing so that you can possibly post this email for Dorie or forward it to her.

Dorie is trying so hard to help everyone I think she missed the HUGE HUGE gift she gave us all againby having the last dialectic interchange with you.

We’re all literally getting fried at every level and she may not have understood the purpose of your response due to the enormous stresses we are all experiencing.

Please tell Dorie how much we all love her and appreciate what she and April have done acting as the dialectic counterparts to you Georgi…and of course we all love you too!

Also, if you need some help managing the pyschos that assault you on the Internet, I’ll be happy to fix some of that for you. The only possible trade off is that you might miss some genuine emails that could possibly get filtered out. Anyway, just let me know.

My best always,
Dear Marco,

thank you for this email of support for Dorie and April. She has now fully realized the purpose and importance of her message and she is on board again, channeling a new message. I had some lengthy email conversations with her yesterday, but it is perfect now. I will of course send your email to her immediately as she needs and loves this kind of support.

Thank you for your offer for help, but the number of nasty emails from Internet trolls has subsided and they are so naive in the meantime  not even grasping the simplest discussions we are leading that they all need my/our pity. I think that very soon they will fully stop as paid provocateurs without any conviction to bother me as they have no endurance. Let us now see what will happen around 11.11.

With love and light

Yes to this (veto)! This is so awesome. We are playing at such a high level now, and you better than all of us. I love the way you read between the lines of Dories message. And I love Dories HS and the way she puts the suggestions between the lines. And I love Dorie, I understand she reacted the way she did. It looked harsh at first, but as it started to sink in, I am in awe and excitement and joy.

Yesterday felt creepy silent and I was restless and kept asking what is going on? I tried to answer my own questions and always came back to that we have done what we came for and more. It´s up to the choice of the individuals now. We can not evolve them, I WILL not evolve them, they have to do it them selves. So hey ho, let´s go!

I feel I have grown up and can stand on my own two legs, but I also need my Team and my sharp Captain and our friends who hear Our Higher Selves´ messages. Let´s use this 11.11.12 portal and go home!

With love and light
November 8, 2012

Dear Dorie and George,

I voice my gratitude for your complete transparency and the speed with which a decision was made today.  We are operating beyond our past limited polarities in a collective manner. And after reading your HS message two times, I also had a visceral reaction knowing once again that our limits were being tested and that we must act decisively.

So Dorie, thank you, for being the collective PAT vehicle for this veto and George said it succinctly…

Take it easy, it  has never been personal and it is not even about your HS, but about our collective destiny and you have contributed immensely to this outcome with this message, for which I am very thankful to you and I believe all PAT members will see likewise. 

Deepest Gratitude,
November 7, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I wanted to share my note to Dorie with you regarding her latest message. While I completely agree with vetoing that particular line item, as you so rightly picked up on, I still feel that there is more to unpack from her message. Especially around the use of our ascended master abilities, creativity, and our ascension tones. In fact some of this was also coming through for me. And it all ties into this most powerful portal opening. I have a sense that other PAT members can also contribute important clues regarding this based on their recent experiences.

I don’t want to make this sound as one more job or mystery to solve in order to ascend, but instead would say it is helpful information trying to make its way into our awareness. Any action that was crucial for us, I feel is being properly addressed by your veto.

I hope this makes sense and know I am intensively trying to glean more information as you are correct, the portal is now fully open. I can confirm based upon the wave that entered my field last night and/or this morning.

Keep up all the wonderful synthesizing work you’re doing Georgi! I do feel that it is all coming together again.

Much love and light,
Dear Dorie,

Thank you so much sis! But to be honest, I’m still very much thinking on your message. First, let me say that I personally did not hone in or focus on the same part of the message that Georgi did. I understand his reasoning and subsequent veto action in regards to that line item, but I personally strongly resonated with the urging of creativity and to get over the worry of the masses being prepared to see us.

You see I’ve had some pretty interesting experiences in recent days in regards to my own personal ascension tone. In fact I heard it, rather strongly again last night. I’m still attempting to put all the pieces together, but feel that your message provided some important clues in this regard. There was so much more to your message than first meets the eye, and it just feels incredibly important.

Please know how proud I am that you put it out there! And Georgi is very right too in that it’s a very important catalyst and or test for us, but in a few different ways I think. So thank you so much for your integrity and courage. We NEED you and your HS, just know how loved and appreciated you are! Please do not worry about credibility, as you have long ago proven yourself credible. We are now at the point where if we are wrong, than many of us have been wrong since birth because that’s how far back The Promise goes for many of us. So it becomes a personal issue between Self and the Divine, but never you. (Now remember everything I just said in case I need you to remind me of it someday when I’m down, lol!)

I love you so much and look forward to further unravelling these latest clues. Especially the whole tone thing.

Love you sister!
Dear April,

there is nothing to say against our abilities as ascended masters and their creative use. But in this case you do not make any concrete propositions as a HS in which direction this creativity should go. This message had a completely different purpose. It did address the key question as to whether our appearance as ascended masters will be religiously tainted or not.

In the first case this would have had huge repercussions, which we cannot envision now. But it would have also opened the proverbial Pandora box for us. The other alternative that we could choose, and we did it with my veto this time, as I was primarily approached as the first one to ascend, is that our ascension scenario will not follow any religious timelines.

If the people decide to interpret our appearance this way, they are free to do so, but we will not support them in their projections. This decision makes our ascension process much leaner and easier to accomplish as it now puts the whole responsibility and burden onto the shoulders of the billions of believers worldwide to cope alone with their religious problems.

I have spent a lot of time pondering over this issue, mainly with respect to Christian religion and I can tell you – this is a deep hole full of snakes that we should strictly avoid. If some members of the PAT decide to do more in this respect, they are free to do so on their own, but this must be independent from our decision to ascend and appear as a group without any religious mission, except abolishing all religions as categorical systems of knowledge.

I think that this decision is a key one, and it had to be made now, as it dissolves infinite past timelines by simply putting them to an end and thus establishing a new beginning. And this decision had to be made by us and not by our higher selves. Purely for this reason this proposal had to be rejected and this is what Dorie’s HS wanted us to do as to show that we are sovereign masters and not receivers of proposals or orders from a higher source. We are now the highest possible source, even though we are still in physical vessels.

With love and light
November 7, 2012

Dearest Georgi,

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you, April, Dorie, Henry, Joe and ALL of the PAT for this latest information.  I pray that this note finds you more comfortable. I have also had very rough days of horrible crap and darkness. I was beginning to fear that my energy was really being depleted to the point that I was too weak to ascend.  I am quite relieved to know that this is similar to everyone else and that I am still on course. Whew!!
It makes perfect sense given all of the crap in the US and elsewhere. Filthy! Too dark for words!

I recently accompanied my daughter in law to a “medium” as she wished to speak with her. During the dinner event, this medium went table to table speaking with everyone.  When she came to our table, she was totally taken off guard.  She had a “deer in the headlights” look on her face and became very flustered.  She said that our table was a vortex. She had no information and left the table. Later in the evening during the gallery session, she referred to our vortex table and avoided me and my section of the audience the entire evening.  Even when another audience member gave the microphone to my daughter in law, the medium could not answer her question and dismissed her and moved away from our area.  I had felt her false energy immediately. My daughter in law was shaken. She said that the medium was intimidated by my energy. This false medium had several radio shows and travels. This was being filmed. She seems to have faded. She is no longer scamming folks in my area.  Our energy is indeed very powerful!  Thank you for your guidance.

We will ascend when it is divine time. I know that no matter how dire it seems for us, we will succeed!  We already have!! We are united and we can achieve ALL!
Sending you and the PAT much love and light eternally,

Dear Ellen,

you are absolutely right – we were so overwhelmed by this dense, human dross that the wings of our ascension became very heavy. Instead of drinking elixir in the higher dimensions, we had to digest the heaviest goo of humanity on the ground that caused us a lot of gastrointestinal pains in the 3rd chakra. Now this last massive cleansing belongs to the past and it is much easier to breathe, although the energies are still very demanding and debilitating.

Our fields/vortexes are the new temples of truth – everyone with false intentions and rogue ideas who only comes in their vicinity is immediately exposed and can no longer lie or continue with his old way of doing esoteric charlatanism. The human beasts behave as beasts and no longer as the old elite of “political correctness” and the invisible ones – the PAT  – are entering the scene as the new heroes in this cosmic drama of transgalactic proportions.

With love and light

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