PAT Assessments of the Ascension Scenario – PART II, November 19. 2012

November 19, 2012

Hello George and all my friends in the PAT nation…

This is my third time writing and by my definition that makes us old friends. I want to touch base with everyone reading this site and let you know who I am.

I have been chasing my Ascension for well nigh 25 years now. In the beginning  I believed I would lead my life and ascend from the inner planes after death. The concept of ascending out of the physical plane was possible, but it seemed a far jump to me.

I figured I would ascend soon because over that last 15 years I have suffered devastating health problems that I was assured by all doctors that my condition would cause me to die. It’s a long story for another time. The last 5 years have not been easy. I did not expect to live this long.

In fact they have been so brutal that I have slept with a 9mm Baretta in my nightstand in case the physical pain through the night finally drive me crazy and I might hurt my wife or visiting children or grandchildren out of sheer insanity.

There have been many nights when the trigger nearly got pulled, but I was ALWAYS told by HS that I need to be here for the date Dec. 21 , 2012 . It has literally kept me alive.

It really wasn’t until I came across your website George in Nov 2011 that I felt it was possible to make the jump from the physical. It also gave me great hope when I discovered there are others just like myself in this crazy world.

I have watched with great admiration since the last 11-11 portal the members of PAT keeping each other together through their honesty and love. I have admired you so much George for your guts even more than your intellectual horsepower. There are so many tremendous souls magnetized to this site that at times, I am overcome reading everyone’s stories and observations.

So my message to everyone today is that we are almost there. We are so close. Hang on and never quit the Ascension quest even after the devastating setbacks we have had and the physical and mental pain those of us deep into the LBP process endure. It is right around the corner. Soon we will be having tea together and discussing the coming events in the most amazing times ever to visit 3-D.

I must leave you with an anecdote. I have a daughter who is deeply mystical. As a child she was always telling the future and warning us away from danger. She is the most beautiful soul. I have never known her to be wrong about a vision. Last night she told me that she had a vision of all of the members of our family sitting around our living room and laughing and shouting with such ecstatic joy that she was overcome by it. She said something amazing was in the process of happening to us and our world. She said the date on the newspaper that was laying on the living room table was….

Dec. 12th , 2012.

Prepare for the end and our new beginnings.

Your friend from Source,
Dear Kevin,

thank you very much for your powerful message to the PAT to stay the course and have faith and patience in the final outcome of our inhuman endeavour on this planet. I will see that I will publish it today. The vision of your daughter is a strong confirmation of what we expect, and if she is not fully involved in the ascension process, then it is even more amazing. Let us hope that it will come true because it must come true.

With love and light
November 18, 2012

Hi Georgi

Due to the disappointment I feel within the PAT, a calibration is in my mind, in order.  While the original ascension scenario is still unclear, as creator beings with more power than ever before, we can still, if we wish, focus on  2 more tasks:  We must continue to create both personal ascension scenarios and one collective/ mass ascension scenario.  This is my proposal.

1) The most favourable mass ascension scenario: We encourage a scenario whereby average sleeping humans spontaneously awaken. Let as many people as possible, around 21.12.12 to 22.12.12  suddenly, dramatically and instantly AWAKEN.  This is quantum healing (not linear), directly resulting from the earth´s alignment with the central sun and other cosmic factors, including etheric crystals placed around the world and naturally, all of our work cleansing human dross and patterns, as well as grounding this kind of energy into the earth, with which all human beings are intrinsically connected.

More specifically, humans shall:

-become undeniably aware of the existence of spirit and their soul
-know that the soul never dies and re-incarnation is real
-know that they incarnated for a reason and their lives are not meaningless
-know that the Earth has a consciousness that supports life
-that the Earth has undergone a radical paradigm shift
-know that the old way of life is no longer an option if they wish to survive the new paradigm shift

2) PAT personal ascension scenario – each member of the PAT now concentrate on and accept that around the December stargates enable our physical ascensions. I refuse to entertain any doubt at this crucial time. No more speculating about nothing changing after Dec 21. All my energy will focus on my personal ascension beyond the 5th dimension. I certainly WILL leave my earthly body and take on my light body. Whether I agree to assist humans in the next phase of their evolution is up to each PAT member to decide.

I hope that you will publish this message for the rest of the PAT. We are very close to the stargates now and to not come together to focus on a collective creation would be foolish, in my opinion. Whether the PAT believe that a certain mass ascension scenario is viable based on past disappointment is moot. We need to move beyond it and continue to let a scenario evolve and take shape. This is my proposal. We have come this bloody far!

I am open to your comments and feedback.
Love Debra.
Dear Debra,

thank you for this bold statement. I will publish it tomorrow. It is indeed important for us to set our own goals and to try to achieve them notwithstanding their perceived low chances of realisation. This has always been my method of creating my own reality so far and it has worked fabulously, though not always as quickly as one expects. But anything else will only produce an inferior solution.

With love and light
OK, thanks George.

I have been working on this scenario for quite a while I wanted to share it with the others. I truly believe in our powers as creator beings. I read on group of forty that starseeds are Elohims in training – creator beings in training for the Higher Realms. This wouldn´t surprise me at all, considering my experiences. I’ve been working on “operation awake”  in the form of decrees, and also as visualizations, where I send the pure thought through an etheric crystal (such as Montserrat in Spain) for amplification, then to the Earth through her Northern pole.

The idea of the B’nai Elohim is deeply rooted in the starseeds. The B’nai Elohim is necessary for the evolutionary development of humanity, because there needs to be a new humanity. There needs to be a new force that will uplift and will raise the consciousness. This force is like an army. Remember that Adonai Tzevaot is the Lord of the Hosts, the Lord of the Armies.

What does that mean? It means that for a planetary shift, for an evolutionary shift to occur, there must be an army; there must be a host of starseeds that can implement higher consciousness and implement the new development. These hosts include the B’nai Elohim, the Children of the Elohim, or the Children of the Light. You are part of the Children of the Light. You are Children of the Light. You are the starseeds. Activate within you now the energies of the B’nai Elohim.

Being a member of the Children of the Elohim has great significance. Because some of you are here in training; some of you are here to participate as Children of the Elohim so that you will be overseers, so that you will be developers and masters in other planetary systems. Because other planetary systems throughout this galaxy need the energy of starseeds. Part of your coming and part of your soul mission here is to be in training as a Creator, because the Children of the Elohim are creators. At the moment of creation, at the moment of any creation, there is a closeness with the Creator that is unique.

I´ve been going through that Group of Forty site quite a bit, since you sent me the link. Some interesting things there that I´ve tried have produced tangible results for me. The first night I visualized the cosmic egg, I dispelled an entity that had been hiding in my energy field since I first met Rumi (entity told me so).   Now I expect  several attunements  when I do that meditation..”

As for the logistics of personal ascension for those wanting to take their light body, some PATsters might like this article on the “Ascension Ladder”. You would not gain any benefit from it as you are so advanced. But I like having something to sink my teeth into. Perhaps that´s still a very human-ego quality, to have some sort of control over my ascension. But It makes logical sense to me at this point in time even though this is a channeled message.

All the best George,
love Debra
November 19, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT,

Being too exhausted to write a detailed letter, I am just connecting quickly to say that I concur with what everyone is feeling and experiencing. I have been weepy for no reason, so I know it is not mine. Thanks to you all for writing. It was about 2 weeks ago that I felt something major change, but cannot explain it, but both Anna and I felt it very suddenly that we were staying longer. No clues from HS at all.

In love and light,
November 18, 2012

Hi George,

thank you for your response to my favorite group, ever The Rolling Stones. . wow. .that is awesome that you saw them in 76. They amaze me that they have kept it going for 50 years and they’ve still got it. In my dream life, they are coming with us to keep us rocking on our way out of this place!

I wanted to tell you that as always, I agree with your assessment of the ascension scenario. Interestingly I woke up this morning with a similar feeling… one of neutrality. I have no interest in any of it anymore and like you, am hoping that it will just end…. very soon…

I have been  traveling to different so called “spiritual” communities all over California this past year, hoping to find humans that were doing the work. What I found was fluffy new age bullshit spewing from self righteous organic food eating, yogi spiritual charlatans  and these are supposedly the people that were candidates to ascend. You can forget the rest of the disastrous masses. I feel constantly disgusted with humanity, and am at the point where I rarely go out because I really can’t bear to look at them anymore, let alone endure hearing any of their boring trivial pursuits. The stupidity and sloth continues to astonish me.  We have done an amazing job with what little we had to work with. I am proud of the never ending efforts of the PAT, we did the best we could, now, let’s get on with the show, as they say!

Love and Light,
November 18, 2012

I ‘by chance’ was led to your website on the 18th of September and found much joy and relief during the subsequent events of energy cleansing, ‘uncontrollable shaking’, and extreme mood changes, where I one week cried so much for humanity and for the struggle that you all were going through for these past years. I have been completely isolated and alone through all of this and experienced much pain (stomach and muscular) but was driven to get through it for the motivation of helping others physically ascend. I have followed your group to the point since September you have become family to me. NOW however a more sinister message has become apparent to me. In the same way I always seem to ‘stumble’ across information I would hope that you may watch this now. It was revealed to me a couple weeks ago that the symptoms being exalted as the cleansing of dross energies are SHOCKINGLY similar to someone undergoing a Kundalini awakening.
(Select and paste into browser).

Thank you very much for all the enlightening information you have led me into in these overwhelmingly dark times for humanity. I pray to the Lord that we may be able to enact an escape for our children.

Love, Sonya.
Dear Sonya,

thank you for contacting me and I am happy to hear that you can profit from our discussions on this website and relate to your personal experiences with the LBP. The term “Kundalini” is often used as a substitute for the LBP erroneously and I have discussed this issue in a previous article. Ultimately it does not matter how one names this tedious cleansing of human dross and we are the conduits of this dross that is released through our fields.

With love and light
November 18, 2012

George , you have been the light and wisdom that has guided me and more importantly given me information from which l have learnt to discern and trust my own feelings and thoughts.

I thank you so much for the space you have provided for each one of us. The ups and downs, (well mainly downs) have served us well as l find myself more aware, more informed, in a deep, knowing sort of way. I don’t have a verbal dialogue with my HS, but l am very observant of my thoughts and feelings, and this seems to connect me to an inner knowing. I trust that l have the connection that is in line with my HS to lead me to do what l came to do. I know that being open and honest with myself is a guide in itself.

The strange sensations that l have been having, being  depressive, not caring any more, not interested in anything or anyone, now on observation ( thanks to all the information  from you and PAT), seems more like a slow inner acceptance of leaving the old, every single bit of it, everything we were used to, all our habits, so that we can finally merge with the higher dimensions. Maybe this is it! We have finished everything, and all that is being asked from us now is to let go of what we may still be hanging onto that belongs to the old.

Since yesterday l can feel a strong energy field around me and often when l am walking around the house l feel a “whoosh” feeling, similar to being dizzy, that takes me forward and then back again. I have also had the image of walking through this world, like putting a hand against the mirror and finding out that there is a continuity to the other side.

Without your website, l would not have been able to get to the place l am in now.  Your information and that of the other PAT members give us strength to be who we really are.  So thank you for sharing so honestly what was happening to you and also Jerry. as many of us were having similar personal experiences. This allowed the PAT members to comment and these exchanges are so fruitful. It has always been this way on your web site, so l would certainly appreciate it every time you add something. I would like to thank Debra as l resonated  so much with her email.

Thank you infinitely
Love Denise
Dear Denise,

thank you very much for your latest energy report and your confirmation of our common experiences. It was known from the very beginning that the last days will be the most difficult ones for us, but we have almost made it. Therefore all emotional experiences of total disentanglement from this reality are a clear sign that this world is coming to an end and that we are entering a new reality with new feelings and perceptions. This transition is not easy, but it is also very exciting and this is the primary reason why we have come at this time on the earth

With love and light
November 18, 2012

Hi George

I was just reading the latest posts on your site and partner came rushing through (4.25pm UK time 18.11.12) saying come outside – quick.

She had seen a glowing red star like light travelling fast towards the front of the house, but not strobing. We rushed out the back and it slowed down and continued towards the NE. It made no noise and moved really smoothly. It looked just like a red star. Amazing.

Whether its one of our UFOs or one from outside the planet I don’t know. Disclosure has to start somewhere. Perhaps our friends have had enough waiting for the PTB to give permission. I live in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It was heading towards Driffield.

Dear Lynn,

thank you very much for informing about this personal UFO sighting. Their number must increase in the coming days, but I have read that a large percentage of the UFO sightings are of Orion and Cabal space ships, which are very active now saving their personal.

I am sure you are right. No idea where they think they can be safe. How do you hide from the creator! Fear must have blinded them to common sense.

November 18, 2012

Hi George.

How are you today?  First off I am sending you a big GIANT white light hug. I missed sending you loads of good energy on your birthday, but know white light is often sent your way whenever you are thought of.

Nov 10th -14th was emotionally awful for me. A bit of relief with the sadness but no enthusiasm or ambition/drive. Energy dips, crown chakra tingling (almost constant). Jerry did a fine job-well said and I resonate completely. I will never forget as a child, elementary school age..8 maybe, saying to myself, this can’t be it (life that is) grow up, go to school, get a job, house, get married.. go on vacation.. that’s it? I knew life then was WAY bigger than what I perceived it as. I wonder how the heck I made it thus far. I feel guilty sometimes for feeling this way.

I finally quit the make believe religion game about 2 yrs ago and I wasn’t attending for myself. It was the kids and what would my family think.  Well, doesn’t matter what they think. Maybe finally they will see some light to what truth is finally to be revealed.

George, how is it that our thoughts can manifest anything and we see it happening much quicker. I think of things and it happens or need something and I find it with ease. You think of someone, they call etc. Why then is there such a lag with our current process of personal/planetary ascension? Sometimes I feel like a child on a long road trip…”are we there yet?” Please let’s all continue to connect in dreamstate (where my real job is!!)  and we need some lifting of the spirit.

Much Much Love, light & more..
Dear Donna,

thank you for your energy report on the last days that validates our common experiences. I have also noticed that my thoughts are immediately or very quickly realized, compared to previous times. This is indeed due to the fact that we now operate from the higher dimensions and the dark energies which have hindered immediate manifestation have been banned from our timeline. This ability will increase in the coming days as it is the normal condition in All-That-Is. The earth was a big anomaly in this universe. Now we experience the return to normalcy.

This is a clear sign that our ascension is also imminent, then why should we stay on this planet in this carbon based bodies, which hinder us to create in an unlimited way when we all have reached these higher levels of creation? I think that it is now only a matter of a few days before we will see some tangible transformations.

With love and light
November 18, 2012


Thanks for the article.

I am not saying changes won’t happen, i could feel them happening many years back. But I am not convinced that it can happen (mass deaths) in such a short span of time (12/21). Though I believe something BIG is planned for coming days. But I don’t know what.

If we are talking about billions of deaths, then can we even guess how its going to unfold? It would take 100’s of Earth Quakes of the magnitude of 9 for such a tragic loss. And if that is planned we should have started seeing it. It won’t happen that one fine day entire world would be rocked by 100’s of EQs and billions are dead.

When I read the PAT’s initial ascension dreams (of reappearing in front of humanity and showing your gifts/powers) i knew that it won’t happen. It has never happened in the past incarnations, it’s not happening when ascended masters are living among us and it will never happen in future. If that would have been allowed we wouldn’t have been here. I didn’t reply because I knew you would never agree to that.

I know that you guys are good human beings and want to help humanity. And i will pray to God that all your dreams comes true.

Love and blessings to you.

Raghvendra Pokhriyal
Dear Raghvendra,

Ascension has happened many times in the past in previous human civilisations on the earth and it will happen again. You must read the appropriate esoteric sources on these previous civilisations. Start with Seth’s books by Jane Roberts. Ascended masters are the most common thing in this universe – you have to expand substantially your imagination.

Second, if you have read our previous articles on the magnetic pole reversal, you should have known that there will be a huge deluge when the shift will take place and all the coastal lines will be swept over up to several hundred meters height. Nobody will survive this deluge. As more than 80% of the human population live on the coast line or near to the coast in low lands, you can count how many people will die and leave earth within 24 hours when the magnetic pole reversal will come.

November 19, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I’m delighted to read that the previous two days have been less exhausting and that you’re feeling better. Since today morning (Sunday) I’m feeling a great deal lighter myself, after surviving a pretty extreme “dogbark” coughing fit on Saturday. It always amazes me how strong and enduring our physical bodies really are, despite appearing fragile and vulnerable.

I found Jon’s description concerning Jesus’ fictional character simply brilliant. If people were more perceptive I’d say we should print it on fliers and spread it all around the globe, but I doubt it would serve our cause at this point.

I found your conversation and assessment about the present situation with Jerry highly instructive. Reading and processing the information helped me to unburden myself from that itching desire to know the exact date of departure, as well as the question of the masses being ready or not. It is clear there’s nothing else we can do for them at his point, those with a potential are already woven into the web of light. From now on, every cat to her own kind.

There are so many different sensations that I experience now, but due to the restrictions of linguistic communication, and my limited ability of self expression, I’ll not bother to describe them. Words have just no power to reflect it properly. Suffice to say that inner powers seem to be flowing without restriction at this point /knock on wood/. Debra’s description was spot on: “unhindered by the old world, by the old matrix, with more flexibility to create.”

May the light shine.

Dear Zoltan,

thank you for your comments. The energies that flow through my body and field are so high and are raising their frequency by the minute that I cannot escape the impression that they will soon come to completion and then to manifestation. There must be a culmination point to this process. From this perspective we are still on the same train, but it has its usual delay, like the Balkan express in earlier times. Now this express no longer exists.

With love and light
November 19, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your quick response.

Generally I consider doubts as stimulus for my creativity. I think Source wants me this way by pushing me all the time into new experiential frames and almost simultaneously out of them. This is hard as our ego terribly search for certainty.

To balance this I had a few extraordinary meetings and information exchange in dream state. Also I had indescribable experience of Source. Those experiences are unshakable beacons in my life in the background of all 3D doubts.

It is not that I want to make too much attention on doubts. What I search are possible and reasonable alternatives. In fact you are doing the same in frame of your basic expectations. I assume…

Personally I wish to find just ones in my life one group or site, where I will meet like-minded! But I find everywhere only pieces of information that resonate with me and other pieces that not. Heaven and hell of dialectics…

I will not bother you with my thinking about alternatives considering ascension. I can see you are very skillful when you need to introduce some new alternatives in the course of events.

Let me say I find your site uplifting and intellectually refreshing. I sincerely wish you all the best!

Dear Dan,

there is an archetype of the human soul – the Seeker. There are many star seeds that are searchers/seekers and are never satisfied with what they find. This is part of the archetypal structure of their soul as I have discussed it in my gnostic books.

The inner energetic connection to the higher self/soul is the only certainty one can have and this is what holds this group, the PAT, together. The objective existence of the LBP and the constant increase of the frequencies of the body and the personal field is more real than the current 3d-holographic model. To this there is a broad consensus on this website.

The ascension scenarios we discuss are simple distractions for our minds, while still dwelling on this toxic planet and having to cleanse the dross of the masses with a lot of pain. Some readers try to pay too much attention on our forecasts about possible ascension dates and do not realize that they only serve to us as an orientation how far we have progressed in our mission, which is in the first place ascension of Gaia and humanity.

At the mental level one can reach a degree of certainty that has not been attained so far and this is the new physical and mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law. I think that before you try to seek other alternatives that may not satisfy you, you should try to enter the magnificent consistency and inherent transcendence of this universal theory that gives you all the facts you need and explains them in an immaculate manner without any single contradiction. There is no higher level of certainty a human being can achieve on the intellectual level as long as language is the main means of communication. Read please also my latest publication on this issue.

With love and light
November 18, 2012

Dearest George,

I would like to dedicate this song I wrote “BEAUTIFUL WORLD” to the PAT.

Sending My Love & Light TO ALL PAT!
Rainbows are in your clouds,



November  19, 2012

The greatest scientist on earth proved that his theories and his scientific predictions are false. Or at least everyone knows now that his theories are probably only valid within the skull of Dr. Georgi Stankov. This must be some sort of singularity, called the “world of stankovs delusion”, perhaps give it a great name “Stankology”.

Stankov, you ridiculed yourself over the last two years and disqualified yourself again from any discussions within the science world. But even worse, also within the serious New Age world.

At best you can go back in your village in Bulgaria and tell your Voodoo Magic to your fellow Bulgarian idiots, as they are known to like this BS.

I AM an anonymous coward and an Internet troll paid by the dark US-secret services and thus the greatest scum of humanity.


November 19, 2012


Allow me to treat You by Doctor Georgi Stankov and allow me to express You my deep RESPECT and ADMIRATION for your PERSON and for your WORK OF GENIUS !

TESLA was a Genius … Dr. STANKOV is a GENIUS, too ! Tesla gives us The
Power of The Electricity … You, Dr. STANKOV gives us The DIVINE POWER OF THE ENERGY !

Your TETRALOGY is a WORK of a MODERN HERCULES … Your SINTHESIS releases the suffering HUMANITY trapped in the millennial LABIRINTUS of IGNORANCE and Erroneous and Limited Scientific and Philosophical Conceptions about REALITY … YOU are our modern PROMETHEUS which gives HUMANITY the FIRE of The UNIVERSAL LAW that illuminate

And finally the last facet of your Divine Nature, Dr. Georgi Stankov : a Loving and Passionate CHRIST committed to saving humanity asleep in Duality and Ignorance … when the END is so close!

Do not despair at the last moment, GEOGI STANKOV … Yours is the GLORY and the Eternal LOVE and ADMIRATION from the Future Enlightened Humanity !…

Rejoice Georgi , your life was good, bright, GENIAL … You were a True and Combative Warrior of The Light ! In the name of The Sleeping Humanity that will loves you One Day and on behalf of Awakened Humanity as its prepares to Ascend I MUST SAY to YOU :


Love & Light
Arnaldo Roberto




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