On Human Intuition, Axiomatic Thinking and Other Related Issues

by Anarchistbanjo (Joe) and Georgi Stankov, November 19, 2012

November Update

People are still reeling from the 11-11-12 energy surge and the solar eclipse/new moon. I’ve waited a bit to make sure that I had a handle on it before posting. The following expresses my experience and understanding. On 11-11-12 not much happened at first, then early in the afternoon I sensed Gaia being energized heavily in the Middle East. At the higher levels I first sensed a burnt and blackened area covering the Middle East just like the time, almost exactly one year ago, when I felt the burnt and blackened area meant that Israel and the middle east were going to be involved in a limited war of mutual destruction.

This weekend I once more sensed this burnt and blackened area there but energy was pouring into it and the blackened area became almost crystal white/snow white due to the incoming energy. A couple hours later the burnt and blackened area had returned. Apparently the energy surge of 11-11-12 was not able to tip the scales in regards to the lunacy that goes on there. But it had to have helped. It was a tremendous energy surge.

On yesterday, the 13th, there was a powerful energy inversion or reverse flow that truly mixed things up on the higher astral planes. I suspect that we can learn more as the week progresses.

What does all this mean? As I have often stated I believe that this ascension/Gaia’s ascension is from the bottom up and the old power source from the galactic center is in conflict with the new zero point energy of the Unity Grid. The Unity Grid operates at both higher and lower frequencies than the energy coming in from the Galactic center. Thus Gaia/earth at the lowest frequency is “locked in” as well as at the highest frequencies. It is the mid range frequencies that are the last to go.

Said another way, the first and eight chakra energies, octaves of each other, have been solidly established at frequencies that are different than old eon frequencies and those coming in from the galactic center. The movement has been from the ground up locking these lower frequencies in. It was only yesterday, the 13th, that the frequencies of the Unity Grid and those coming in from the galactic center finally matched and locked together. The problem is that the overall vibrations are still increasing. This is affecting and increasing the vibrations coming in from the galactic center as well forcing an ascension of the higher planes as well.

The good news is that all star seeds should from this point on truly feel the ascension of the soul and spirit as both try to separate from Gaia/new earth. This will consist of a strong sense of separation and a type of invulnerability to harm as worldly chaos swirls around them. At the same time those wishing the planet A/B experience will find themselves more strongly anchored to Gaia/earth and empowered in the lower levels.

In summary the lower levels have ascended as far as they are going to and from now on only the higher levels/individuals are being further affected. We see this in the unsettled condition of humanity, while Gaia herself remains pretty stable. 3rd Density and below are not going anywhere from this point on. They have gone as far as they can. The trigger level seems to be 4th/5th density and the incoming energy from the galactic center. The two power sources have finally “locked”.

On a side note I continue to have lucid dreams in which I see friendly UFO’s and curiously enough I am often holding my dog Luci. Apparently Luci has a soul body at these same levels. I always knew that she was very special.

Bright blessings,

Dear Anarchistbanjo,

you should start reading our website regularly  to streamline your somewhat erratic intuitive guesses into a more coherent  gnostic weltanschauung. Start with my latest publication as of today.


With love and light
Dr. med Georgi Stankov

Indeed I have read your latest guess and that is what prompted me to share this. I understand a rebuff, even when politely stated. Chuckle. No harm meant or taken. Guess I simply do not sense a magnetic pole reversal and that is fine. Best wishes on your ascension. My “erratic guesses” have for the past two years been right on and not that erratic! My post seems like it comes from out of nowhere because you are not familiar with what I have posted over the years as my own weltanshauung. I’m not asking for this. I just thought there might be some dialogue.

I have been involved in the creation of the new earth Unity Grid for over twenty years. I first anchored those energies back in 1990, while living in Phoenix. Much has changed since then. Yet my weltanshauung is over twenty years old.

bright blessings my friend.

Dear Joe,

I highly appreciate your intuitive guesses and I have followed them closely over the last two years on the Internet, This is what I always do as a diligent scientist and researcher when I engage with a certain field of knowledge. I can only hope that you are doing the same diligent reading with my publications, so that we can  enter in a meaningful, reciprocal, enlightened dialogue.

By the way, I warmly welcome this idea. In fact this is what I am doing all the time on this website – engaging in inspiring dialogues with stars seeds and members of the PAT on all kinds of topics and issues – from gnosis, politics, economy to philosophy and daily affairs. In this sense I will be happy if you decide to participate in our ongoing discussions.

Now let me be frank with you as I always am with anybody with whom I  enter in an intellectual conversation. What I am missing in your writings, and in this you are in a good company with 99.99% of all other LW and New Agers, is the lack of logical axiomatic thinking that will help you select the appropriate intuitive ideas and information you get from your HS, as we all do, and then put it into a consistent categorical system of knowledge that is void of any contradictions and systemic blunders.

If you are willing, I can go over your previous publications and list you the many contradictions and logical inconsistencies in your statements. This will be a good exercise both for me and for you, as I will then publish this analysis which will elucidate what major systemic failures all LW are committing in their current esoteric thinking. In other words I will show where the most grievous deficiencies of the current New Age movement lie and how they can be easily eliminated by applying the strict logical principles of human axiomatic thinking. I suppose that you yourself have not yet made such a retrospective thorough analysis of your past writings, so that you will also profit a lot from such an endeavour.

In fact, if you have read this website thoroughly you would have found out that its most important asset is to follow a strict logical pathway which one cannot find in any other esoteric website or in mainstream media.

I have already discussed the most common thought blunders of the Anglo-Saxon New Age community on many occasions in my articles in the past. I will quote here the last one, which you should read as not to repeat my previous arguments:


Now allow me please to delve into an area of human cognition you may not be well acquainted with.

It does not matter what you are thinking, even when most of your ideas come directly from your HS and are inspired by spirit, if you are not able to organize your thinking at the level of human mind in a logical and consistent manner. Such thoughts will inevitably be wrong as a world view, even if they may contain some true elements. Let me illustrate this conclusion of a tantamount scope and validity with one key example.

In the last two thousand years millions, if not billions, of scientists have been thinking and brooding over the essence of Nature and how it operates as an organized Whole. They have forwarded numerous explanations, ideas and hypotheses that now constitute the edifice of modern empirical science. But they have never bothered to think even for a moment about how to organize their ideas and thoughts in an apriori manner, probably because they never believed that their mind is also part of this nature, precisely that awareness is the original source of creating this reality, which they perceive as an external entity and define as “Nature”. Hence the term “natural sciences” which are arranged as explorative systems of human knowledge based on pure empiricism and experimental validation of all theoretical, abstract human ideas.

In other words, the arrow of knowledge was set from Nature to the human mind and not the other way round as it should be. But the major default we observe is that they never bother to contemplate on the essence and organisation of their thinking in the first place.

The ultimate result of this false ontological approach to human cognition is that all these scientists up to the present day have wasted their lives and carriers to preach a completely false system of human knowledge, as this is beginning to perspire in the current End Times. The whole empiric science is one huge blunder and should be entirely eliminated as a prerequisite for ascension. Its failures are even worse and more grievous than that of all religions so far.

If you have happened to read my scientific books on this website, you would have learnt that I was the first scientist in the history of this mankind who has proved in an irrevocable manner that all human knowledge can be axiomatically derived from the primary term of our consciousness – you can also call it HS, soul, spirit or God. But in order to achieve this synthesis of all human science and gnosis one needs to learn first how to structure his thoughts and ideas in an immaculate logical manner that precludes the occurrence of any contradictions and blunders that are so inherent to the current compartmentalized human thinking, no matter if scientific or esoteric.

And this method of immaculate human thinking is called Axiomatics, precisely it is the new Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law as extensively discussed in 15 books on more than 5000 pages published for free on my website.

When you have comprehended this method of axiomatic thinking and learnt how to apply it to any area of human knowledge, you will automatically begin to think correctly all the time. This is what I try to explain to the uneducated New Agers in the last two years, but I must admit that, with some notable exceptions among the PAT, I have fully failed. They simply don’t get it and remain stuck in their illogical compartmentalized thinking. Hence they are unable to progress spiritually and either stagnate or fall back into old dark Orionic habits without even noticing this regression.

Why do you think there must be Ascension and LBP and the transformation of the carbon based body into a crystalline light body? Only because current human mind and thinking have a very narrow limit of perception and are constructed in such a way that they must inevitably produce wrong categorical systems of knowledge. The whole dumbing down of the human race by the former PTB from the Orion empire has been based on the excessive exploitation of this mental deficiency of the human mind as to enslave all humans.

Our current efforts to enlighten humanity have thus the only goal to return human thinking to the pristine logical and consistent awareness of the Logos of the higher dimensions. This thinking will be enlightened and capable of comprehending love as another word for unlimited, all encompassing “constructive interference”, or harmony of all systems and levels of All-That-Is.

This is what humanity and earth are now still missing, but are on the way of acquiring it soon through the ascension process. But this tedious work must begin first with the harmonization of one’s own ideas and concepts, before one can reach for the stars. This is what no lightworker has fully grasped so far. This is the ultimate solution  to unify the two seemingly irreconcilable systems of knowledge – empirical science and transcendental gnosis (esotericism) – into one all-encompassing true wetlanschauung of All-That-Is, call it Nature, Energy or Geist (spirit).

Now a few word to your latest publication. It is a naive repetition of what we have extensively discussed and published on this website for the last year and especially in the last four month since we, the PAT, built this new grid, the rainbow bridge that connects Gaia and humanity with the Source and the new web of light that now encompasses the part of humanity that will ascend to the 5th dimension in December. And please do not forget that all portals that have been opened on this planet are the sole achievement of the collective efforts of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) since August last year and for many of them much earlier.

You can find all the details that your presentation contains, but also those missing in your energy report, explained in a logical and comprehensive manner on our website. In addition your explanation of the few energetic interactions behind the veil which you discuss will hugely profit if you first learn the basic energetic principles of the new physical theory of the Universal Law in order to explain them in a more consistent and scientific manner. You can start with my first gnostic book from 2000 “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”, where I have predicted the End Time scenario 12 years earlier. Much of my prophecies were also inspired by my HS, as is the case with you, but then they were presented in an axiomatic manner beyond my subjective human perception. They will occur in the next days and weeks and then will fully unfold after ascension on the 5d-earth A. This will be the most powerful prospective validation of the new axiomatics of human thinking based on the Universal Law of energy interactions.

I will welcome a comprehensive response on your part and will immediately publish our dialogue on our website as to fulfil your wish for a constructive and beneficial dialogue between us.

With love and light


Thank you for a much warmer response. It still remains to be seen whether we can engage in any meaningful dialogue. While your offer seems well intended it also reflects (not surprisingly) little to no knowledge of my own weltanshauung or world view. I say not surprisingly because no one else does either. I am a no body and have not sought followers or believers. But a meaningful dialogue does require a starting place, so I will share a bit of a personal nature. Then we can see how things progress.

In 1975 when I turned 18 I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC and remained a member in good standing for over twenty two years studying weekly monographs. I completed the degree work and entered their spiritual hierarchy. In this accomplishment I must say that I remain deeply imprinted with Rosicrucian concepts and ideas and the Rosicrucian Weltanshauung if you will. This was accompanied by fervent prayer and meditation as my soul tried merging with the light. In 1990 I crossed the great abyss in permanent awareness and merged with the photon state/godhead. Then to my horror I slowly and gently began to come back down to the earth permanently activating astral/soul bodies from the top down, at least eight of them. I do not channel my higher self, I directly function on the higher and lower levels. I have direct perception and functioning at these levels.

In crossing the great abyss I learned many things which I also placed into two books that I wrote as my own Weltanshauung, “Magister Templi” and “Modern Survivalism”. “Magister Templi” gives my thoughts on advanced metaphysical research based solidly on Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal Theory, modern Chaos theory, the western mystery tradition and my own research. “Modern Survivalism” continues this into the realm of personal empowerment and includes a synthesis with the objectivist movement of Neo-tech and other cutting edge empowerment methods including Neuro Linguistics Programing or NLP.

This past twenty years has seen many astral battles and over twenty adversarial encounters with reptilians. I have won every battle thus far. Recent dreams/visions have shown dead reptilians and others now serve the human race to correct the past karma they have been responsible for. Cosmic Awareness has been the greatest enemy to date and I consider it the greatest anti life force. I have had several astral showdowns with this entity as well and they have been a bit uncomfortable. Cosmic Awareness is not compatible with the new Unity Grid due to its inability to integrate the personal shadow. You already know what it thinks of me.

In recent days I have encountered you in a couple of dreams and I will share this for what it is worth. I sense you and your group as mercenaries/adventurers of a good type that are almost like special ops. You all have at least seven or eight previous ascensions under your belts. You are participating in this one mostly just for the hell of it and I can highly respect that! Chuckle. What I also sense is that your group is calibrated to the energy coming in from the center of the galaxy and that is why your ascension is encountering problems. Those energies at the higher levels have not yet stabilized. They are ascending as well. When you and your group calibrate to the Unity Grid frequencies at the top level (you are already calibrated at the bottom levels), your ascension will progress exactly like all the others have in the past and this will be happening soon, around the new moon in December to be more precise.

So in summary I don’t have any real interest in “mine is bigger than yours” type of dialogue. We both have done a lot of work it seems although you are more established. I am one of the ones staying behind to act as guardian for Gaia and the new Unity Grid. I’m not going anywhere. I just thought I might be able to offer some insight from another perspective. The nature of any possible dialogue is entirely up to you. I wish you and your group the best.

bright blessings,

Dear Joe,

Thank you very much for sharing your personal background with me. I would highly appreciate if you give me any information as to how I can obtain access to your two books, which are indeed unknown to me. I would love to read them.

I have no personal experience with the Rosicrucian society but we have some PAT members who were also members of this order and they shared their experience with me. Ultimately they left the Rosicrucian society because they came to the conclusion that its teachings only hinder their evolution, their LBP and their process of Ascension. I am only reporting what I have been told as I have no personal experience with this society. I am now talking only about the European branch of the Rosicrucian society in Germany and Holland as I have no idea as to how its American branch behaves.

As I personally do not belong to any society or school of teaching, I am naturally very sceptical about any kind of collective thinking and behaviour. My experience so far has taught me that my scepticism is well founded. This is the reason why the PAT is a loose group of individuals with their very personal opinions, who only share a common goal and vision for this incarnation.

I checked Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal Theory and found it to be not a consistent theory that should be taken seriously from a scientific point of view. I can check this very quickly as I have the comprehensive theory of the Universal Law in my mind which incorporates the whole conventional physics as a stuff. The NLP has been discredited since the 70s and therefore there is no need to discuss this weird theory any further. This is my contribution as a scientist to these two theories which you have mentioned. I know I am a hard nut to crack.

Your visions on the PAT are remarkable and I must accept them prima vista. I do not think though that the problem of our delayed physical ascension lies in our insufficient harmonious connection to the grid, whereas there are several grids on this planet and two of them have been established exclusively by the PAT – the rainbow bridge to the Source and the web of light for the ascending masses. The crystalline 144-grid has been slowly built since 2000 and we have also decisively contributed to its expansion and connection to the source. These stages of our light work have been documented on our website and extensively discussed.

The problem with our delayed ascension is very simple – the masses are not ready yet for their ascension and need dearly our energetic support on the ground. As there are very few of us who can do this job, while most of the LW have failed with their mission, being deeply mired by the Orion matrix, we are doomed to stay to the very last minute, as this is what we vowed when we incarnated on this planet. I always prefer the simple explanations.

I know what CA thinks about you and I know what it thinks about me and it is trash. The problem is that many CAC members believe what CA says about us instead of making up their own mind by reading our publications and entering in a personal dialogue with us. They are however too stupid for this. I have also contributed decisively to the silence of CA in the last year with a large number of very critical articles against this source, which can be found on our website. Our recent purging of the astral planes has almost eliminated the energetic basis for such dark sources of disinformation.

However let me make a basic distinction: The source which Paul Shockley channeled was a clear source from the higher realms and its messages are of a very high quality .One must make a difference between Berlinghof and Paul Shockley. The early theoretical works of CA are excellent and have nothing in common with the trash Berlinghof is channeling in the last years.

Finally I assume that you will not have any objection to publish our conversation as a separate article as this is the tradition on this website. This is the usual way as to how we communicate with each other.

I thank you for your valuable contribution to this discussion which I am sure will be highly appreciated by all members of the PAT.

With love and light

Hi George,

Here are a few links. These are also available as ebooks.



This brings up an important point. There is absolutely no need for each individual to believe in the same things. My weltanshauung does not need to be compatible with yours or with anyone else. It only needs to be hermetically valid for myself, that goes for every one else as well. Each person sees things from a different position in space and time, has had different life experiences and believes in different things.

The importance is to have a “leak proof” belief system, not that everyone should have the same! Actuality vs reality…  That which actually exists may never be truly known to us. It is our “reality” that determines our actions and the progress of our lives. It is what we believe to be true that we act upon, not what is actually true. A subtle but important point. A solid belief contains the energies, so they can be used. The narrow minded person gets more accomplished than the open minded person simply because there is no room for doubt or indecision. These books work for me. I don’t expect them to work for anyone else. For me they are mythically correct.

A room full of believers will allow “miracles” to take place. A room full of skeptics will cause miracles to fail. Belief is a powerful thing.

Having said that, my personal belief system states that each element (118 plus rotational magnetic field energy and photon/electrical energy as per Dewey Larson) have physical aspects in space/time and non-physical aspects in time/space. The astral worlds are a reciprocal of the physical world. Thus our personal awareness can exist or perceive reality through each of 120 filters or astral senses. No more, no less.

These elements cluster in the non-physical as abstract spiritual (photon/unity);concrete spiritual (archetypal black/white, hydrogen/helium, first electron ring; second electron ring abstract mental, philosophical; third electron ring concrete mental-simple environmental awareness; fourth electron ring upper emotional; fifth electron ring lower emotional; sixth electron ring etheric energies; seventh electron ring elemental energies.

In other words, I believe in an exact correspondence that exists between each physical element and an astral reality or sensory perception.

Don’t be too hasty disregarding Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal field theory. It was taught in a couple universities for awhile. It is beautiful, simple, elegant and 100% compatible with Newtonian  physics. More importantly it lends itself to many other disciplines including metaphysical research and modern psychology. Not all theories are capable of this. It is mythically useful in that anyone that believes in Newtonian physics, cell phones, the Internet and so on indirectly supports a metaphysical system that is compatible with Newtonian physics.

Simply the entire universe is created out of motion, vibratory motion. The simplest motion being the scalar outward motion of the photon and its reciprocal the inward collapsing motion of electricity. The next possible motion is rotational magnetic field energy, north and south poles. Thus the entire universe is created out of light and magnetism in two universes, the physical universe and the astral universe. Quite useful as I said for a collective mythical structure. In a nut shell this is what Larson’s theory gives us.

As for Rosicrucianism, the Rosicrucian Society, the Rosicrucian Fellowship and the Rosicrucian Order AMORC are completely separate animals having little in common. What I was involved in was essentially a solid background and training in objectivism philosophy in a Christian Mystical setting. Explaining metaphysics through science and philosophy if you will. Their goal was the attainment of cosmic consciousness, a very specific type of awareness that exists beyond mental awareness or unity consciousness.

I agree with you about Paul Shockley, I quit CAC back when Paul Shockley quit channeling and only recently rediscovered the current incarnation. Back in the 70’s and early 80’s I was an avid supporter.

I have no objections of your publishing our conversations. For the past twenty years my personal growth and development has been coming back to earth, working through emotional toxins and anchoring the light that I am still in contact with. My soul has experienced several polarity switches, movement to the light; movement from the light to the dark earth energies; movement back to the light; movement back to the dark earth energies and currently movement back to the light. I am a Light/Dark worker or what I term a Life worker. I anchor both the light and the dark in the Unity Grid within my own awareness and function at these levels at will. I believe the Unity Grid requires the integration of both light and dark energies in perfect balance. Planet A/B if you will. I am one of those that guards this balance. I believe in the balance of male/female within each of us.

CA sensed my dark energy but was not able to sense my light energy. CA is not allowed part in Gaia’s ascension because of the bloody karma that the Christian Church perpetrated through the long centuries in its name. It does not accept its own role in this mass murder and destruction of human life and will never advance until it does so.

bright blessings,

Dear Joe,

thank you very much for the links to your books. I fully concur with you that we all create our subjective reality through our personal ideas and emotions and the aggregate of this creation makes for All-That-Is  as a bigger and more objective reality.

I did not say that the object of exploration of Dewey Larson theory is wrong, but that it is inconsistent as linguistic categorical system. This is a completely different thing. As long as a theory deals with real energetic systems, such magnetism, electricity or electromagnetism, there is always a lot of truth in such a theory. Current physics deals with these phenomena and the laws it has derived, e.g. the four equations of Maxwell are thus correct and true. But the current understanding of energy as electromagnetism is completely wrong and this has precluded  the use of this force as free source of energy until now.

There was an ingenious Bulgarian scientist Peter Beron who lived in the 19th century and developed in Paris, France a similar theory to that of Dewey Larson. Many of the elements coalesce very well. Probably Dewey Larson has been inspired by his theory, but has never mentioned him as a source, who knows? Plagiarism is widely spread on this planet. Unfortunately Beron’s theory is not applicable in the broader sense as it is not a consistent categorical system. This is what I am trying to convey to you all the time.

If you please check the following table, which is an integration of all known fundamental natural constants in physics


you will understand what I mean. True science means integration in the first place and not atomisation. Integration means simplicity. You have on this table the integration of the whole current physics on a sheet of paper.

Of course the Whole consists of superimposed wave systems and motion is the universal manifestation of energy. This is all covered in volume II on physics on my website. You can check the chapters on electromagnetism and wave theory, where I discuss this issue in detail.

In this sense all you say about this theory may be correct, but is not consistent in terms of logical human language as long as we use this medium of communication. When we will have a direct access to the higher frequency energies, we will discover probably that none of our limited human perceptions are true but only distortions of a much bigger, coherent reality.

But I have already anticipated this result and this is the main reason why I never use numbers. I have understood the illusory nature of numbers as used by humans and this is also the reason why I do not care about numerology except as artificial symbols for limited human minds. The same holds true for all metaphysical theories that deal with the higher frequency energies beyond the electromagnetic limit of the Planck’s constant, within which we can only make measurements with material devices.

But altogether I think that this has been an excellent discussion with you, Joe, and I must say that I have hugely enjoyed it. I will see that I will publish it today.

With love and light

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