The Importance of Today’s Lunar Eclipse for the Ascension Scenario

by Georgi Stankov, November 28, 2012

The lunar eclipse today is the first one during winter solstice since the 17th century ,although we have had three more solar eclipses in the last 10 years. The actual importance of today is that it marks the final deadline for all fence straddlers to make their ultimate choice – ascend or die, respectively stay on a catastrophic earth B and experience hell.

After the threshold for mass ascension was reached on November 24, this is the next pivotal date before the ascension process can begin with full force around the stargate 12.12.12. The uniqueness of today’s decision is that it will trigger the awakening in all humans worldwide in a consistent manner, no matter what their reaction will be.

In fact, the condition for this awakening was laid during the last two days when we all were hit one more time by a powerful bout of energies coming from the source and had to process a lot of dross in preparation for this global activation. The PAT is the major conduit of such activations which are initiated 2-3 days in advance as to exert their effects at the announced pivotal dates.

We should therefore expect in the coming days some surprising revelations and human dramas at the political and societal level, as many of the fence straddlers belong to the political and cultural elite. While they have followed as slaves the orders of their dark, sinister masters, now they may begin to “dance out of the rhythm” and create a lot of havoc in the dark corridors of power. As soon as these people realize that if they continue to follow their dark masters, they will lose their lives very soon, while a sudden U-turn towards truth and light may save their asses, they will quickly change the fronts as all cowards with a modicum of rational thinking would do in such a situation. Some very interesting events are bound to happen in the coming few days prior to our ascension and appearance as ascended masters in front of humanity.

For instance the darkest servant of the US elite Zbignev Brzezinski, the puddle  of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and one of the most insidious characters in the Council of Foreign Relations, the citadel of the US elite, who also prepared Obama for his criminal job as an American President and advised him to agree his father to be killed in a car crash as not to announce the truth that he is not an American citizen, has recently  admitted officially that the NWO has been buried by the US-elite as the rapid awakening of the masses worldwide has posed an insurmountable resistance  to their sinister plans.

This is the prelude to the full elimination of this scum of humanity when it will be wiped out in the next two weeks from the surface of this planet by a physical death or a severe incurable disease due to energetic incompatibility with the new high vibrations that envelop Gaia,  just as their masterminds, the archons, were purged by the PAT from the astral planes of this planet this autumn in preparation for mass ascension at 12,12,12.

The latest missive part 229 of the Manuscript of Survival addresses the importance of today’s lunar eclipse as the final episode in the preparation for mass ascension – the so called  “Galgenfrist” in German (the gallows deadline, last reprieve) for the dark Elite to save their asses, but only for those who have been mired by the true dark cabal and have the soul potential to make an U-turn towards the light.

Obama could have been one of them, if he had chosen not become a president, but now he has sold his soul to the devil. To this despicable population, who has freely chosen the road to perdition, I also count all Internet trolls who are the pitiful pawns in this tug-a-war, which their masters have already lost and are now sacrificing in a cold-blooded manner their last troops recruited among the greatest idiots of the US society.

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