The Immortality of the Personality Versus the Transience of the Biological Body

by Georgi Stankov, November 30, 2012

My last article on the imminent retrieval of about four billion human souls from this earth through death experience in the course of the ID split, the magnetic pole reversal and the ascension of Gaia and about 2 billion people to the 5th dimension elicited reluctance and even resistance in some readers to accept this information. The only reason for this attitude is the still not surmounted human fears to lose one’s body and die, considering this to be a great disaster.

This agnostic world view is underlying all human enslavement in the last 13 000 years, first and foremost the incarceration of the spirit of the incarnated personality in the physical body. This was done on purpose by the former PTB as to deprive the incarnated human souls, coming from the source, of their inner potential to create as long as they see themselves as creator gods and not as weak humble biological species that are subjugated to all natural, social and healthy perils.

Current empirical bio-sciences have been created precisely for this purpose – to dumb down the creative abilities of humanity by instigating the wrong scientific dogma that human species is the crowning of a billion-year-long natural evolution through selection of the fittest to survive. This survivalist notion will vastly determine the incarnation experiment on the hell earth B for all the current dark elite and their minions, who are spiritually fully separated from the source and must inevitably identify themselves with their physical body.

This wrong thought pattern is based on existential fears and will be magnified by the single strand of DNA, to which this portion of humanity will be reduced after the ID split as to better cope with the mode of survival designed for this catastrophic planet. They must learn in infinite fights throughout their future incarnations in a painful way that physical survival is the biggest illusion of 3d-life, as humans are immortal entities and thus sparks from the Source. When they reach this level of awareness, they will be given the chance to ascend in 26 000 years, just as we will do this after a painful incarnation cycle going back to the last stages of Lemuria and Atlantis.

It is indeed amazing how difficult it is to eradicate this outdated notion of separation from the source and not identify anymore with the biological body, notwithstanding all the New Age and esoteric literature in the last fifty years and even much earlier. It may indeed happen that some light workers, who were for a long time on the path of enlightenment, may be ensnared into their fears in the very last minute and thus hinder their ascension, while others, who have stubbornly rejected this idea, will embrace it all of a sudden in a whole-hearted manner, thts showing a remarkable courage and will ascend much higher than these old veterans. One should be prepared for all kinds of surprises in the next few days.

I cannot cease underlying how important it is that one should not identify with his physical body. For all true members of the PAT this has never been a “grande chose”, a big issue, as the perennial physical pains and sufferings during the long and extremely intensive  LBP and cleansing of human dross have learnt us to disregard the physical vessels and to long for their transformation into light bodies.

This is exactly what will occur not only during ascension, but also during death experience. The only difference is that until now the physical body was left on the ground and had to be buried as to preserve the human illusion of mortality – the transience of the human body and the incarnated personality.

This time during the deluge caused by the magnetic pole reversal, this will no longer be necessary as most of the bodies of the incarnated entities, who will die next month, will be simply de-materialized and will also disappear. While the ascended entities will come to the earth A on the 5th dimension with an expanded consciousness, the deceased personalities will come to Celestria (upper 5th dimension) also with an expanded consciousness and with the ability to create a light body. It may be that the deceased personality will need some more time and space to adopt to the new multi-dimensional conditions than the ascended personality, but even this trend may be reversed in individual cases.

In early civilisations, the death was not mourned as is the case in our modern materialistic, agnostic society, but was celebrated as the ultimate liberation from the shackles of the dark 3d-density. I have written on several occasions that this was the ritual in ancient Thrace (today’s Bulgaria), which is the oldest, modern society on the Old Continent as archaeologically confirmed so far (developed urban culture since 5000 years b.c. Of course there have been many more civilisations, of which we have no material artifacts at present or, if there are any, they are wrongly interpreted by current narrow-minded archeology with its false carbon-based method of age determination.)

Below I would like to give you a channelled message as of today which discusses the issue of aging and why the human body can be practically immortal as is the case with our astral light bodies, or will be the case with the new crystalline bodies of the ascended masses on the 5d-earth A.

We, the PAT will ascend beyond the 5th dimension directly to the source and will have numerous light bodies for each dimension or may as well exist as pure light, as pure awareness that can create new worlds in all dimensions – from the 3rd to the 10th and for some even to the 12th as aspects of the Source.

As a confirmation of this message below, let me just mention that when I started with the last most intensive phase of the LBP in 1999, I began to experiment consciously with the phenomenon of rejuvenation of scar tissues. The key point was that I believed in the intrinsic propensity of the human organism to fully recover, after I had developed the General Theory of Biological Regulation in all detail. One basic notion of this theory is that the human organism is completely renewed every seven years. The source below speaks of 10 years, but this is an arbitrary mean value, as some cells such as all blood cells are completely renewed within several days and weeks, while the bone tissue may need even longer than 10 years.

During the first two years, 2000 and 2001, I achieved full recovery of all the scars I had (five major scars), three of them since early childhood. I showed the results to my wife, as she knew my scars, but this still did not convince her that there is a LBP. So much about human blindness and why so many human entities must leave their physical vessel through death experience next month.

In the case of a major scar on my right knee, this recovery was associated with a temporary inflammation, which is the actual process of regeneration, as inflammation attracts the cells of the immune system, which are responsible for the recovery /rejuvenation of the old tissue. During this time the circumference of my right knee was 3 centimeters bigger than the left one due to this inflammation, which is defined in medicine by the following triad: rubor, calor and tumor.


The Aging Process is not Necessary
Channeler: Taryn Crimi, November 30, 2012


Today we would like to focus your attention on the aging process. There are many ingrained beliefs related to the aging process and we would like to help shed some light on the subject at hand. There are many on your world who believe that to age is inevitable; that it is a guaranteed certainty. However we would like to inform you that this is actually not the case.

You see the human body was meant to regenerate constantly and therefore never actually ever experience the process of deterioration. However this belief and understanding has been long since lost with the destruction of both the Lemurian and Atlantian civilizations. The human body still repairs and regenerates itself from illnesses however your beliefs will always determine what your experience will be. There are many who are searching for the antidote for the aging process, all the while never really realizing that it cannot be found in a bottle or a pill, it can only be found within. This is what we would like to help you to better understand.

Did you know that you actually generate a brand new physical body every 10 years? The cells which made up your bones, muscles, organs, and tissues 10 years ago have all been replaced. So why then does the human body still age? Because your beliefs say that you will. Let’s take a simple example of a scar that you may have had for as long as you can remember. The cells continue to regenerate and eventually they are all replaced, so why then do people still have scars? It’s because you continue to create one! Your beliefs say that you have a scar from this particular incident when you were a child. The new cells will be created to form the scar. Know that it is well within your power to create cells that do not have this make up, the decision is always entirely up to you.

The civilizations of both Atlantis and Lemuria were well aware that the body was meant to last for a very long time. Life spans were around 500 years of age before a body began to deteriorate. Their bodies were built just like your own, however they did not have the belief that their body was to age. We would say that as of right now the average life span of a healthy human is approximately 75 years of age. This is considerably longer than even just a few hundred years ago on your world, however it is a far stretch from several hundred years of age. Your collective beliefs about how long a human “should” live are also changing, you now are finding it acceptable to live double the lifespan that a human lived just several hundred years ago; and your life spans are lengthening with each new generation. Many will claim that it is the technology and healthcare that now allows a human to live a longer life, however we will tell you that it is your changed perception and beliefs that has allowed for such technology and healthcare to be created.

There will come a time on your world when you no longer age. For now we would say that more and more of you will live to be much older than any others in your “recorded” history. Living to be 150 will simply be the norm in a not so distant future. For now, technology and science will continue to work together to slow the aging process down, however know that it is the collective belief system that propels these scientific advancements, not the other way around. Know that there will surely come a time when you yourselves will be able to prevent the aging process simply with your own beliefs.

You may wonder why a human would have to die at all if the body continues to regenerate. This is a wonderful question and we would say it is to allow you to “reset”, to allow you to exit this reality and reincarnate into another experience with a different “set up”; which allows for new challenges, new experiences, and new relationships. Know that in the higher dimensions not only do we not age but we do not experience the death process as you do here in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Rather instead of the “death” of the physical body, we simply remove our focus or our “energy” from that reality when we are through with all that we want to experience. We simply shift our focus to one of the many other realities that we are a part of. We do not see the “death” process as being a sad occasion in the higher dimension; rather it is customary to have a celebration. This may sound odd to those of you here in the lower dimensions because you experience such great sadness from the perceived loss, however when you are in the higher dimensions you know that you are never disconnected from any being. You are free to connect with them anytime you like. We would say that it is similar to how you view a college graduation. The student has learned all that they had set out to in that field of study and is now ready to take on another experience. You celebrate the achievements of the student, you do not morn for the loss because you know that the student has accomplished a great task and they are ready for the next “chapter” in their lives. Just because they will no longer attend college does not mean they cease to exist. This in a way is very similar to how we view the “death” process.

So how exactly can you change your beliefs about the aging process? Well quite simply put, expect not to age. There is no reason why you should. We smile because humans have a tendency to make many things much more complicated that are really quite simple from our perspective; however we realize what a tremendous leap in consciousness it would require to simply stop the aging process on your world “overnight”. However we would suggest that you begin to look at your beliefs about the aging process. Look around you and you will see many humans of the same “age” and yet there are some who look much younger and others who look much older. Why is that? It is their beliefs which determine how they will experience the aging process. Some age quite gracefully, never experiencing diminished cognitive abilities; while others experience signs of aging long before you would consider them old. Science will eventually learn that the aging process has nothing to do with your genetic lineage, or inevitable deterioration of the cells, but rather the minds expectations.

What are your beliefs about aging? Do you wish to change any of them? How old will you be when you expect to experience the symptoms of aging? Do you expect to have wrinkles when you get old? Do you expect to have gray hair, and walk with a cane? Or do you expect to continue to feel vivacious, filled with energy from your “youth”. Know that your beliefs can never be kept secret; they will always show on your face for all to see. Just how long do you expect to be young?

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light we are your Angelic Guides

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