Ascension in the Perspective

by Georgi Stankov, November 2, 2012

These last days we saw the first manifestation of long expected and predicted events for the End Times. Sandy was the most severe hurricane the East coast has ever experienced since it was colonized several centuries ago. As the NY Governor Cuomo commented: “The one-hundred-year-storms are coming every two years now.” Yes, they do and this is not the result of climate warming but of the energetic heating of the earth prior to her ascension to higher dimensions.

My dear friends – American politicians – we do not live in a random world, as wrongly explained by your failed empirical science, but by inviolable laws of All-That-Is. I know that you have not heard yet that all science, including your failed meteorology, is subjected to one single Universal Law, which comes from human mind and assesses the primary term of higher consciousness of any sentient being throughout this universe.

But this ignorance will not protect you from enduring the dire consequences of this law in your personal lives much sooner than you can imagine. Then it regulates your personal  lives, just as it regulates Mother Nature and all other energetic interactions in All-That-Is. If this is too much abstraction for your compartmentalized thinking and weak minds, you may as well disregard all my subsequent thoughts. But as you have seen it with Sandy – denial is a no longer a substitute for false security. The time to build Potemkin’s villages around your human illusion is over now and the Fall of your Babylon has commenced.

The End Times have always been about human thinking, even when intelligence was sacrificed by the New Age movement on the altar of their emotionally deficient hearts and degenerated feelings. It is not enough to substitute an old age psyche with a new age psychopathy as to solve the infinite problems of human evolution. A true spiritual evolution needs both – an immaculate honesty in the expression of all human emotions and an immaculate logic in the formulation of all abstract ideas that are accessible to limited human minds.

Ascension is in the first place an expansion of human spirit/mind and the harmonization of polarized emotions. The physical transformation of the current carbon-based body to a crystalline light body is in this respect the substitution of the old carbon-based hardware of human existence with a much more sophisticated crystalline hardware of multi-dimensional existence.

Both. human spirit /mind and psyche, have never been part of this hardware, even though  they use it to manifest themselves in the current 3d-reality, precisely to co-create this reality. In fact, this 3d-reality has always been created from the fulcrum of our higher selves, which are part of the world spirit in terms of organized, intelligent energy.

The outer world we live in has always been an expression of the inner reality of the soul. Only to the limited senses and weltanschauung of the incarnated human personality may this reality seem to display the characteristics of an objective, external world, predominantly as a highly hostile world, to which the humble human biological species has been exposed in a random and very cruel manner

Now this point of view can no longer be sustained – all humans must realize that they are the creators of their destiny, including all victims of Sandy’s devastation. Unfortunately most humans have forgotten this stark fact. When they open their eyes to this fact in the course of this month, their first reaction will be outrage and shame. Both feelings will result from the knowledge how stupid and blind they have been in the past.

But do not blame or castigate yourselves for such “negative” feelings – they are simply part of your process of awakening, they are the fuel of your spiritual evolution. Any effort to suppress them in the old New Age manner as to what is appropriate to feel, will only hamper your progress. Live your disappointment to the full extent and then analyse its causes. You will ultimately come to the irrevocable conclusion that it is your stupidity, your blindness, and your clinging to old irrational beliefs that have led you into this undesirable situation.

It should be cogent to everybody that this article is not meant for the members of the PAT, who will soon leave this planet, but for those who must soon open their eyes and begin to read this website in the search for proper answers to all their impending calamities, whom the crumbling Orion mass media and politicians will no longer be able to appease with rogue solutions.

When the current End Times are stripped off of their esoteric camouflage, there are few basic facts that one should know: Human species is a very primitive species due to his very limited energetic structure. The key limitations are:

a) his extremely poor brain and mind as systems of processing information/energy;

b) the numerous blockages of the seven body chakras, in particular of the heart chakra and the 6th, and 7th upper chakra, which link with the oversoul. Hence the lack of spirituality in most human beings.

c) his insufficient genetic make-up that makes use of only 8% of the DNA potential, etc.

Now observe that all these energetic deficiencies of the human species were radically improved in the course of the last year with the paramount help of the PAT. We opened the stargate 11.11.11 and flooded earth and humanity with the 11.11.energies that opened the heart chakra in the majority of the human population and thus enabled them to establish contact with the sacred hearts of their oversouls.

This energetic process liberated for instance many LW from their narrow-minded interpretations of human psyche with regard to the spectrum of emotions one should be allowed to express as to be considered a spiritual personality. Thus much esoteric hypocrisy was spilled down the New Age toilet and the perception of their own reality became all of a sudden much more honest, much to their own surprise and often dismay as to what they saw in their mirror-images.

We then transmitted to humanity the new high-frequency energies from the source which opened the human genetic code. The new twelve strands, about which many channeling messages speak, was nothing else but the activation of the dormant genetic library of the human species for higher frequency energies. It has never been about multiplying the two bio-chemical strands of the DNA-helix to twelve strands as many LW still believe in their scientific naivety.

The augmentation of the frequencies on this planet led at the same time to a modest activation of the intellectual and emotional abilities of the incarnated human masses, precisely in that portion of humanity that has the soul age and potential to ascend by the end of this year.

In the last several months the PAT fully opened all higher-dimensional portals on this planet and thus enabled the descent of the 5d-cities of light into the astral atmosphere of Gaia. Then we transmitted the light codes of Adam Kadmon to all ascending human beings as to update their deficient energetic structure as a dumbed down human species. All these energetic processes built the foundation of the current ascension of Gaia and humanity.

After that we built the rainbow bridge between Gaia and the Source throughout all dimensions and initiated finally our ascension process on September 17. When our portals were infiltrated by massive dark energies due to the negligence of the GF, we decided to change the ascension scenario one more time and built the new web of light that encompasses the whole ascending humanity and separates it from the old magnetic Orion grid. The latter has been responsible for the programming of this human species exclusively in terms of separation from the source and each other, so that most humans are still driven entirely by greed, aggression, hatred, cowardice and mistrust.

I have studied these despicable human traits in their whole spectrum with great amusement one last time in the emails, which Internet trolls, paid by dark secret services, used to send me anonymously with false addresses in the last two weeks when we completely defeated the dark forces at the astral level. In other words, we still observe a human population that is in full denial of the creative potential of the soul. None of these people believe in the immortality of the human personality as they fully identify thmeselves with the transiency of the biological body.

For this reason, two weeks ago it was decided that this new web of light should be further upgraded and directly connected to the Source of this universe through my personal field as a nexus point. This allowed for the full separation of the new web of light from the old Orion matrix of darkness. In order to complete this task, we had to clean all dark energies in all timelines at the astral planes as all these timelines now converge into one timeline of ascension.

This led to the last fiercest battle with the dark forces, which all of you felt as very debilitating. This battle was accompanied by direct cyber attacks on this website and by sending numerous nasty emails full of unmotivated hatred against myself and the PAT.

This pestilence has now ceased as we have won a full victory. These facts only illustrate the key role of the PAT in implementing all these dramatic, epic changes in the energetic tissue of Gaia and humanity.

Initially, it was planned that the ID split will divide the forces of light from the forces of darkness with one stroke. When it was found that most of humanity was not yet ready for the shift, the above discussed alternative was implemented. This led one more time to more cleansing and dirty work for the PAT.

Now the new energetic web of light, which the PAT has established on the earth, resembles very much a pyramid which is the basic energetic form on this planet. This pyramid is not of physical character, but consists of levels with growing frequency from the bottom to the top. At the top you can find my personal energy field that is now fully rooted in the Source. This nexus builds a unity field with all the members of the PAT who are now also fully integrated in the energies of the Source.

Below the unity field of the PAT, you will find many layers of LW and other entities with a decreasing rate of vibrations and levels of awakening. Nonetheless, they all are now firmly connected to the PAT unity field and receive their energies exclusively from this field after they were definitely separated from the Orion grid several days ago.

In this sense, humanity is now ready for the true beginning of all revelations and tribulations. Sandy was just a prelude to this turbulent time. Humanity has undergone in this last month a huge transformation below the radar of limited daily consciousness. But the collective mindset of the still existing Orion society is increasingly becoming new and bigger cracks on its facade.

At the same time the underlying mode of perception of this reality is changing dramatically, although very few individuals are aware of this process. As all reality stems from the inner realms of the soul, humanity is already pregnant with the new changes and only needs an initial stimulus to give birth to its new enlightened society. This initial wake up call will be my and your ascension and appearance as ascended masters in front of the whole world.

But this event must be prepared very carefully. We have seen how many stages the processes of ascension had to undergo behind the veil before all prerequisites were met. I guess that a few more quick pulls on the chessboard are still needed to prepare the scene in a perfect manner for our ascension.

The last two days I did a massive processing of dark thought patterns on behalf of the ascending humanity. In this way my field was firmly rooted in the collective mindset, so that when I appear as ascended master, this event will be immediately recognized by the masses.

All ascending humans are now intensively preparing themselves in the dream state for this imminent event. If there is one absolute certainty, it is that all ascending human beings know subconsciously about my and your ascension and have rehearsed this dramatic event, leading to massive transformation of the whole human society, since many nights in the dream state. This is the main reason why they have incarnated at this time. Just as all alleged victims of Sandy knew subconsciously about their dire destiny in the End Times many years in advance, when they made their decision to live on the East Coast. There are no coincidences and random events in this world, but only long-term plans of the souls.

After the massive energy surge in the last two days, I am having another powerful cc-wave today, which is a follow-up of the previous one. According to my estimation many of you must also feel the ripples of these waves as we all must be calibrated before our physical ascension can begin. None of these efforts are isolated from the rest of humanity as we are like a hot balloon that will heave Noah’s Ark with the rest of humanity to the higher dimensions. Our energy fields are like tentacles that now reach the deepest and most darkest corners of this planet and cleanse it in preparation for this final act.

The ascending portion of humanity is now fully separated from the Orion grid, so that the energetic foundation for any dark behaviour is fully eradicated. When the roots are cut the Orion weeds can no longer flourish in the psyche and minds of the people. But as long as the physical facade still exists, the inertia of the masses will sustain the old way of life.

This inertia can be interrupted in a twofold manner. Our appearance as ascended masters will offset all current basic human ideas about life and the nature of human existence, upon which the current human reality is erected. The current official denial of the soul as the creator of all reality will be substituted by the full acceptance of the higher realms and their preeminent role in the shaping of all human destiny.

We will embody this creative potential of the soul in crystalline human vessels on the ground and as pure energy in the higher dimensions. We will immediately substitute the current dark elite which is not part of our web of light. This tiny portion of humanity, including their clones and some very unripe souls who have decided to stay on the planet B and live through another incarnation cycle of 26 000 years, will remain outside these huge social, economic and spiritual transformations and will be fully occupied with their naked survival.

Then parallel to this dramatic shift in social and political power, the factual destruction of the whole material structure of the old Orion society must take place within the blink of an eye. This can only be done with the help of some bigger natural catastrophes than the Sandy storm. Some of them will most probably occur very soon after our ascension and immediate appearance or even prior to this.

But the most devastating catastrophe will be the magnetic pole reversal during the ID split. During this cosmic event the ascending part of humanity will move to the new balanced earth A/B and will be at a safe place, while the dark elite and their entourage of clones and unripe souls will struggle to survive on the remaining catastrophic earth B.

The ID shift will happen most probably by the end of November or the beginning of December, before the opening of the last stargate 12.12.12. After that the mass ascension from the balanced earth A/B to earth A will commence. The actual education of the masses will begin after Dec 21 and will take as much simultaneous time and space as necessary, because linear time will be abolished for ever as an illusion of the limited human mind and senses. It may only be used as an artificial magnitude to better evaluate all experiences and events in past incarnation cycles, which must be processed at a very deep level by all ascended entities before they can progress and ascend to much higher dimensions in eons of time.

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