The Revelations Have Commenced

by Gail, October 21, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT,

I’m writing to inform all the PAT of a major revelation manifestation in UK. A deceased and very famous BBC presenter and charity front-man has been revealed as a paedophile and sexual predator:

Many people have testified to the police. Now the police have opened the investigation fully wide and are receiving complaints about further still-living paedophiles and predators and have extended the investigation beyond the BBC. This is the beginning of the end for the whole entertainment industry, which is, as we know, based entirely on this low vibration.

It makes sense that as the masses tune/jack into the light-web, their authority figures in all aspects of life, such as celebrities, priests/popes, gurus, politicians, gang leaders, pimps, drug barons, media moguls, royalties, bankers….in fact, all tyrants……will be exposed for their real motivations and former actions/crimes… a political revolution, but in all arenas at the same time. These formerly influential people will find that they are no longer respected and they carry no power. New Age gurus/posturing-leaders take note….this includes you!!!

Already, our politicians, bankers, etc. really have had very little respect from the people for some time now and it is clear that the public have been just watching while the various nonsenses go on. This is the collective consciousness’s phase of awareness awakening, like it was individually for us, when we first realised a trait in ourselves and then we, as observer, watched what went on with ourselves before we started to act on it to create change. Once we recognised the trait, we transcended it and this is the stage I feel humanity is at right now. We can literally watch the process of the enlightenment of humanity en masse. Now that this is clearly stipulating, we MUST NOW ascend so as to return in our multi-dimensional forms to assist humanity in its processing of this revelation stage, as April’s HS stated….

However, you will be needed (as fully ascended masters/new earth keepers) to provide support and guidance during this time on the ground. Especially as confusion, anger/angst, fear, discouragement, shame, etc… rise up for release.’

Thank you for the most recent updates. I think April has done a marvellous job of interpreting her HS in a most clear and unbiased manner. I am happy that the potentially destructive comments from CA have not had their intended effect of demoralising her and introducing fear of getting-it-wrong and of being used by the dark. Just before a crucial and change-of-scenario message, too. Thank you April, for carrying on and TRUSTING YOURSELF AND HS. Of course you did….you are of the PAT. The dark really does not have a chance against such clarity of purpose as we PAT hold. Huge respect.

I feel inexplicably happy today and I hope all the PAT are too.

In love and light, Gail


The Brits are slowly beginning to awaken:


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