The Hard Energetic Work of the PAT Member as Undercover Elohim

by Andrew Jean-Louis, October 3, 2012

Dear Georgi,

It’s been many months since my last correspondence with you and my fellow PAT. Know that I have been not only following closely every move on the website, but I have also been in very close synchronistic and telepathic communication with the group.

Today I feel an overwhelming feeling of completion. A feeling that can’t be compared to any feeling I’ve had in this life, but reminiscent of past lives as PAT on other planets. On October 1st I was also overwhelmed with the most intense anxiety I’ve ever felt, it nearly knocked me unconscious. It came out of nowhere and caught me totally by surprise. After a moment of processing it I realized it wasn’t at all my anxiety, but at the time could only assume it had something to do with the usual cleansing work we’re all accustomed too.

Then, moments later, while trying everything I could to re-ground myself, I lost control of my body, as if I became a spectator for several minutes as my body continued to motor on without my input. At that point I felt my personal portal explode in a flurry of action. I came very close to ascending in that moment, only being stopped by my team in the higher realms for the purpose of keeping me here long enough to hold my portal open for those that need it.

You can imagine my surprise when I awoke the next day to read the website and found that you and many other members had a similar or even identical experience as me. I’ll also note that it was raining for a week straight here in Nova Scotia, Canada, just as Dorie’s HS suggested it would, and as you pointed out in your weather report. The synchronicities have been so intense and plentiful, I’m almost left speechless, and with no way to describe all of it.

Over the last months I have become extremely psychic. I am now in almost constant communication with my HS and my mother’s HS and guardians, as well as a large team of discarnated souls that I have been working very closely with. Roughly a month before the Rainbow Bridge was presented on the website, me and my team of discarnated souls, which I can only guess at their numbers, I’d say close to one thousand, started work on what we called the Rainbow Shield. My initial purpose in this project was to set up a defense and power grid around the planet to add an extra layer of support for us and Gaia, beyond that I knew only that my HS wanted desperately that I complete this project as the higher realms had their own purpose for it.

Shortly after that I had a very vivid meeting with you in dream time. You and I were in a quite comfortable room, both with very intense looks on our faces, as if we were planning a large important project and deciding our next move. Only in the last day have I come to realize my team’s “Rainbow Shield” was a part of the foundation of the “Rainbow Bridge”. A perfect example of the PAT’s incredible synchronicity.

All in all, the last months have been a crazy roller coaster ride from hell. However, it feels finally and totally as if the roller coaster ride is coming to an end once and for all. Everything has very rapidly come into alignment to allow for our ascensions, and this time, even as I force any doubts to the surface, I feel only completion and bliss. Feelings of a job well done. After everything we’ve sacrificed, we’ve finally done it. Now we need only wait our turn as we hold the door open for those that will step through the portals prior to our ascension and the inter-dimensional split. Then, once we have all acquired our true multi-dimensional forms once again, the real work begins.

In closing I want to tell you and my fellow PAT how much I love each and every one of you. You are my true soul family. We are the wanderers, those that stayed behind, leaving our original soul groups as they ended their cycles and rejoined the source, to form a brotherhood and sisterhood of masters. Together, we have moved through this universe and the All-that-is leaving our mark, the spearhead of the higher realms, leading the way for others to follow. We have pioneered the next great adventure the All-that-is will take, and all those after. We have accomplished impossible things in the face of certain defeat. We are the great warriors, scholars, philosophers, leaders, masters, and creators of this universe and we all should be very proud of our selves in these last hours. Congratulations to all of us.

With the utmost Love & Light,
Andrew JL

Dear Andrew,

thank you very much for this vivid and very lucid description of your (our) duty as hard workers in the background to change profoundly the grid and energetic structure of this planet by recreating all its past dark patterns into light and new higher dimensional forms. I know that this is your favourite theme and you are absolutely right – the PAT are the Elohim that come from the source and create numerous worlds in the lower dimensions in resonance with the source. In this specific function they are able to appear in any form and dimension even in the most densest as earth humans and explode/implode the old matrix very effectively from within.

The synchronicities you describe are the most convincing proof that the PAT is a collective higher dimensional consciousness  working with an incredibly precision and coordination behind the veil and increasingly so at the human conscious level, and thus transforms silently, but highly effectively, the old matrix.

In fact we have finished with this mission and have been extremely successful and now we can leave our working place and enjoy for a while our deserved holiday in the higher dimensions before the next adventure calls us. I will publish your report today as an article titled “The Hard Energetic Work of the PAT Member”

With love and light

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