Further Elaborations on the New Unity Field of the PAT

October 29, 2012

Dear George,

The creation of the unity field of the PAT was a magnificent idea from the higher realms, where you are the focal/nexus point of all our energies and the energies directly from the source.

It’s must have been extremely tough for you all weekend and still continues NOW till final ascension. I have noticed that these days, PAT members are less angry or frustrated whenever there is another delay or rather new plan to improve the ascension scenario. This shows that we have matured even more over the last few months since we now fully understand that the ascension process is an extremely complex case which can be altered at any moment to try and further perfect it.

Of course this does not mean that we are too compliant over these changes, but nowadays, especially thanks to our two great channelling ladies Dorie and April, we as the PAT receive more information over our ascension process which eases any possible anxiety we may still have. I can confirm that I was disorientated for the most part of yesterday, especially my solar plexus which was really giving me trouble. I can also confirm that I have recently had flu/colds over the last few days which strangely enough always appear when I am asleep and not while I am awake during the day.

I had a dream some 4-5 days ago where I saw you speaking with April about her ascension and yours individually. Both you and April had long brown hair and I distinctly remember you finding out/realising that if her ascension is going to happen on a specific day/point (which I am not aware of, since I woke up just before you mentioned the ascension periods of yourself and April)… In that dream you had a document/article confirming your ascension, but once again I woke up before I could read much.

By 11.11 I think that we will have ascended, since it is still highly probable/possible that the Orion 3-d matrix will have crumbled by then. Today is a full moon and hopefully you will ascend and everything will fall into place. The higher realms can only add so many different angles to our ascension process because ,as is the case, once an energetic procedure has reached it’s peak/zenith not even the source can stop this energy.

I just have one possible debate when we appear in front of humanity, we will as I would imagine have quite a number of days before mass ascension on the 21st of December. In this time will we introduce new technologies to the masses to make their lives easier and by the popular demand of the masses will we have to teach them about their history and future in the coming days, notwithstanding the fact that their re-education will only occur on Earth 5-d in the lower 5th dimension.

My own created Joke:

There is a ship far off the west coast in Cape Town and the ship-crew and it’s captain have realised that they have no fuel for the ship and are stuck as prisoners of the ocean. Luckily for them their ship is water-afloat so it can’t sink. The captain states and shouts out: ” I am going out” this comes to the absolute shock and amazement of his crew to which they say: ” You can’t leave us alone here!”. The captain replies: ” We are already alone in this damned ocean!”. The crew states that they need to stay together as a group and help one another. The captain again shouts louder: ” I AM GOING OUT!! and all of you can follow me if you want to”. The crew says: ” Why?!!”. The captain shouts louder : ” CAUSE THE DAMN SHIP IS GONNA EXPLODE IN THE NEXT HOURS!!” The crew and the captain immediately prepare lifeboats to leave the ship and one highly unpopular crew member states: ” Don’t you guys want to watch the movie “Mad Buddies”, it suits all of you. The captain replies: ” Why don’t you instead watch the movie “Going nowhere slowly” since I am sure you can relate to that.

Thank you for all of your fantastic work over the years George. I have run out of Superlatives to describe what you have done for all of us. You truly have been of golden service to All-That-Is, the Light. I shall forever remember you fondly, while I am in the Higher Dimensions as well as all other PAT members whom have been my best and only friends throughout the last one year since I joined the PAT in October last year.

Thanks ,George.

Love and Light


Dear Arthur,

I am deeply moved by your loving email and I hugely enjoyed your story/joke about the captain and its crew. Let me address in particular one issue which you have raised in your email. Indeed the PAT members are now less prone to disappointment than in the past when a new delay is announced, as they firmly know that there is nothing that can alter the final outcome of our endeavour –  ascension and immediate appearance as ascended masters in front of humanity. We all know in the meantime that all these changes have only one aim: to optimize the outcome and neutralize most effectively the rest dark ones in this final very severe battle with this pestilence.

This night for instance I worked very hard on eliminating all patterns of disappointment in the unity field of the PAT in the dream state as to alleviate their last days of awaiting. In this sense they will be less vulnerable to eventual remnants of dark patterns, which we may still encounter in the coming days. The fact of the matter is that we must now firmly establish the new 5d-fields of ascended masters in this 3d-reality before our physical ascension can take place, so that our return can be very smooth and effective from the very beginning.

As all individual fields of all PAT members are now fully embedded in the unity field and, through my portal, directly rooted in the source, we can no longer harbour any negative emotional and mental patterns whatsoever. The greatest advantage of the new unity field is that much of this last cleansing can be done through my field and the Source in a combined manner, so that all PAT members are now fully protected.

When we appear on the ground as ascended masters, we will still be confronted with negative human patterns and behaviour, but this time without the invisible support of the dark archons from the astral plane. We will still have to combat these negative human patterns and eliminate them in the course of the collapse of the old matrix, but we shall be fully protected by the Unity Source-Field of the PAT and will be able to do this job with greater sovereignty and efficiency.

One should bear in mind that now all potential ascension candidates are fully connected to the new web of light, where the unity field of the PAT is the main focal point. One should also consider the fact that humanity was until recently fully incarcerated within the Orion magnetic grid of separation. This grid was deliberately created by the dark archons from the Orion/Reptilian empire to enslave and dumb down all incarnated human entities on the earth, so that they could not escape the negative thought patterns that this grid incessantly generated.

Although superficially regarded this is still the case, now all ascension candidates on the earth are fully embedded in the new web of light, which the PAT has built in October after our portals were infiltrated by dark energies due to the negligence of the GF. This profound change of the energetic human reality is still not realized by most humans, but its beneficial effects all already making progress at the subconscious level.

When we will appear as ascended masters, the collective mindset will be switched on to the light within the blink of an eye. This will trigger a real mental explosion throughout the whole planet. Hence the painstaking preparations now from the higher dimensions for this crucial moment, and hence the reason why we are still on the ground, although we could have ascended long time ago. We must  firmly establish and protect this web of light as to eliminate in advance all residual darkness in all parallel timelines of Gaia and humanity.

One should not forget that we are now writing anew the whole history of this planet and its human population throughout eons of times. All past histories such as of Lemuria and Atlantis must be fully integrated in the new ascension timeline of unity. This can only happen if they are fully cleansed from all past karma and darkness. All past timelines which have been created as a result of the ongoing separation of Gaia and humanity from the source are now wrapped up with the active participation of the PAT on the ground and are incorporated into the new unity field of the ascending humanity.

The recently created unity field of the PAT is the precursor of this global field, which will soon encompass the whole mankind and will determine its future evolution as a transgalactic civilisation.

With love and light
October 29, 2012

Lieber Georgi,

vielen Dank für die Beantwortung meiner letzten email. Bewundernswert, wie du trotz deiner zwei Tage “Krankheit” deiner Aufgabe als Captain gerecht wirst. Du bist hoffentlich wieder völlig hergestellt.

Dear George,

Thank you for your answer to my latest email. Awesome how you manage to fulfil your duty as a Captain notwithstanding the last two days of your “illness”.

So, nun zu gestern. Ich möchte dir das unbedingt mitteilen, weil es so schön war. Ich schwebte in meiner Meditation irgendwo zwischen den Welten, da kam eine so schöne , bisher unbekannte Energie in mich, die wiederum aus mir heraus ein – tja wie soll ich das beschreiben – Lichtgitternetz um mich herum entstehen liess. Ich fühlte mich so wunderbar geborgen in dieser Lichthülle. Plötzlich merkte ich, dass jetzt Aufmerksamkeit angebracht ist und wurde ganz klar in meinem Kopf und wie aus dem Nichts stellte ich die Frage:”Georgi, bist du da?” Ganz zügig kam die Antwort:”Ja, und ich freue mich ,dass du da bist.”

And now about yesterday. I have to tell you this, as it was wonderful. I floated in my meditation somewhere between the worlds, while a beautiful and unknown energy came all of a sudden to me, which created – tja, how should I describe it – a kind of a light network/web around my body. I felt wonderfully protected in this envelope of light. All of a sudden I realised that I must  be very attentive now. My mind became very clear and from the void there came a question: “George, are you here?”. The response came promptly: “Yes”, and I was happy that you were there.   

Ich wollte die Gelegenheit, dich so nahe zu haben, nutzen und dich ausfragen über das Datum deines Aufstiegs. Darauf hast du geantwortet, dass du es zwar weisst, aber nicht sagen kannst, da du jetzt zu den höheren Dimensionen gehörst und jetzt weisst, dass aus dieser Warte heraus keine Zeitangaben gemacht werden können.

I wanted to use this occasion that you are so near and ask you about the date of our ascension. Then you answered that you know the date, but you cannot tell it, as you now belong to the higher dimensions and that you now know that from this vantage point one cannot give any precise dates.

In diesem Moment spürte ich einen Sog und du warst weg und wie aus dem Nichts kam folgende Erklärung in meinen Kopf: Auf dem Weg nach oben hast du alle deine Mannschaftsmitglieder kurz besucht um ihnen klar zu machen, dass es jetzt bald soweit ist.

In that particular moment I felt a strong suction and you disappeared. Out of nowhere an explanation came to my mind: On the way upwards you have quickly visited all members of the PAT to inform them, that it is soon time to ascend.

Ich war so aufgeregt, dass ich die Meditation unterbrochen habe, um auf die Uhr zu sehen. Es war 20.45 Uhr.

I was so excited that I stopped the meditation to check the time – It was 20.45 a.m. CET.

Lieber Georgi,

vielleicht kannst du ja etwas damit anfangen. Ich jedenfalls freue mich, dass ich dieses Erlebnis hatte und bin sehr gespannt auf den Aufstieg und die Zeit danach.

In Liebe, Renate

Dear George, probably you can add something to this event. I, on my part, am very glad that I had this experience and now I am very excited about our ascension and the time thereafter.

With love, Renate

October 29, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I now have some lucidness and energy to write to you. October 24. I thought all was well with a state of peace and rest that day. However, Oct 25 (10.00 am ) Western Australia Time I went to my acupuncture man for second treatment. The next hours and days up until last night (28 Oct).I had persistent extreme headaches like never before, together with vertigo and nausea. and dizziness. I was taking neurofen and mersyndol like lollies.

Oct 27. I had very dark dream of large construction site underground, with hundreds of thousands of workers and scaffolding leading deep underground. There was a very large ( non-human) dark ghostly like figure overseeing the project. This figure was leading the large concrete pipes to below. I (?) appeared as small ball of light ducking and weaving between the etheric like black extensions of this huge dark project supervisor. I escaped just in time, then awoke.

Thank you I send you and PAT Kind Regards

Love Aaron
Dear Aaron,

your headache and complaints, as well as your dream about dark entities underground are symptomatic for the last, very fierce battle we have just fought and won with the dark ones. Since yesterday they have been fully contained/ neutralized and now the situation will improve substantially.

We were warned by the HS of our channelling ladies that we will come in contact with these negative energies on Oct 18, but they did not tell us the scope and importance of this last battle as not to scare us. It was the most epic battle we have ever fought on the ground and it was the last decisive one in human bodies. The full ramifications will be made known to us only after ascension.

I was also a major target of their attacks but, contrary to earlier cases, they could not attack me directly, energetically, but only through human minions who sent me a plethora of emails full of unmotivated hatred, and very naive of course. The effect was less than null. But the negative patterns were very palpable. Now all PAT members are fully integrated into the unity field and through my portal directly anchored in the Source. This will have tremendous implications very soon on the history of humanity and this planet.

When the big changes will commence with full power, we will be the major driving force behind the collapse of the old matrix and the erection of a new evolved spiritual society. We have entered now the most exciting times in the history of mankind.

With love and light
October 29, 2012

Dear Georgi:

I wanted to write on several occasions, but it is very difficult for me, as I read your site everyday and this has made me understand English, but  I do not write English, then I have to use a translator which takes me a long time. Every time I read your post I say, yes, yes, that has also happened to me, yes, that same thing, but events happen so fast that when I want to write  the moment goes away.

This time I write to you because I want to share my dream. These last days have been very difficult for me with a lot of pain and all the symptoms, with feelings of despair and even at times reactions of anger. The night of October 27 I was exhausted by an illness, I was very disappointed, I slept and dreamed that I was in a place like a laboratory with another person with some wires connected to our heads, a kind of EEC. The feeling was that I was trapped and the beings who were doing that to us felt dark as communists, I knew that they were taking away our mental capabilities through the wiring. When I knew we were about to lose consciousness, there came a person and I knew that he was you. You  unplugged the wires and took us out of this place, while eliminating these dark beings. Then I woke up sweating and in pain, but I felt very calm and in this moment my thoughts was that it has all started.

Georgi OK, watching the news today I can realize that we are getting closer. Thanks for being here with us, and  keep us sane and  together because every time that I decide to quit, you publish something that convinces me to continue.

Un beso y abrazo para ti
With  extremely love and l light.
Claudia, Mexico
Dear Claudia,

thank you very much for your email and for sharing your dream with me. It is true that until October 27 we fought one last, very fierce battle with the dark ones, but they have been fully contained and neutralized since then. I was also a major target of their despicable emails full of hatred during the whole last week. Now this situation has fully changed as all PAT members are now fully connected through my field into the unity field of the group that is on its turn firmly rooted in the source.

Disappointment is a common feeling among us, but just consider for a moment that this pattern has accompanied us for many incarnations and now we are about to eliminate it for ever from our genetic heritage. As ascended masters we will never experience this negative feeling anymore. For this purpose it must surge high before being deleted for ever.

I also see the first cracks in the facade of the Orion matrix and when it starts once, it can no longer be stopped. There will be an avalanche of collapses and revelations very soon

With love and light
October 29, 2012


I wondered if you are following the murder of the CNBC executive’s children following the release of a negative article on the banksters? This sounds like a Manchurian assassination to me. It says that CNBC removed the article after the murder.



Finally, I have moved into a more comfortable space as I wait for the final collapse of the matrix. It cannot happen soon enough! Upward and onward!

Love and Light,
Dear Gwen,

this is the only proper tactics – to move to a safe and protected space and to wait for the final collapse.

I am following this story from afar, but I must say that it does not sound true to me and I have a very bad feeling why it appears now. It is definitely not what it looks like. This is the reason why I do not pay much attention to it. My HS tells me not to bother about this story.

With love and light
Maybe that’s what I’m sensing… it just doesn’t ring true as reported via MSM! I feel emotionally insulated from everything I hear and read now.


Dear Gwen,

This feeling is correct and one should rely upon his inner voice and do not follow external news. There will be a real mess of information very soon to confuse the masses one last time. I see this confusion already among the LW community, where virtually nobody outside the PAT has a clear idea of what will happen next, notwithstanding, or precisely because of a rapidly growing number of channelling texts.




The whole last week we have personally experienced at a very deep level the dramatic shift of the ascension energies of the PAT and the whole web of light which we have built around the ascending part of humanity. This shift was accompanied by the fiercest battle we have ever waged with the most insidious dark forces on this planet. We have widely discussed these paramount events in the light of our impending ascension. Even this report is imbued with our debilitating experiences associated with the total elimination of the last resistance of the dark archons at the astral level.

The latest missive of the Manuscript of Survival No. 215 confirms this historic shift prospectively in a very convincing way. It is not that we need any external proofs from for the correctness and timeliness of our own multi-dimensional experiences and information as generated by the PAT members, but it is still a very good feeling to read that other sources also address and confirm these issues.

“As many of you have already ascertained, there has indeed been a major shift during these last few days. To many, it will feel like a release, and that is exactly what has happened. We talk not about just a personal effect from this major upshifting of energies, but we refer to the one that concerns the collective. You see, you have just been through such a major reshifting of levels it has had some far reaching consequences not many have been able to reassess just yet. What we talk about, is an event on such a major scale, it will literally go into the history books as the days (that) when the PAT (my comment) changed the world forever. You will search in vain in the mass media (and in most channellings, my comment) for any hints of this unprecedented event, but if you search deep inside yourselves, we think you will all feel some reverberation from this. For the thing is, you have just successfully managed to free yourselves from some of the entities responsible for your loss of freedom, and we do mean that in a very literal way. For now, the time for the exodus has already started, and the first of your captors have already left your atmosphere….”


Currently the attention of most LW is so profoundly diverted from the real thing of ascension by all kinds of second-hand, manipulated news pouring out from the numerous centres of dark propaganda of the still reigning human cabal, that it is really refreshing to find and read some clear messages. This observation holds particularly true for Elizabeth Escher, who is editing her own website. According to my opinion Elizabeth is an active member of the PAT and I am in close contact with her. I would strongly recommend you to read her excellent last two publications:

The Great Divine Director – A Period of Transition – 28 October 2012

Revelations of the Heart – 27 October 2012

These publications not only confirm and compliment our recent experiences and assessments of the current energetic situation on the earth on the verge of our ascension, but also show that one does not need the usual rosy, fluffy style of channelling to convey in a succinct manner an important message from the higher realms. This has always been the trademark of our website – mental clarity instead of esoteric insanity. This should be the motto of the coming era of revelations.

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