Between Heaven and Earth

by April Bender, October 14, 2012

Cyber Attacks on Our Website. How to Eliminate Them

Urgent!!! There seems to be cyber attacks on our website today, as some readers have no access to it. Herewith I ask all members of the PAT to make a short Christed meditation and then to expel the dark entities from Internet that block our website and to establish unrestricted access to it again. I have personally all the time access to it, just as most other members of the PAT. I have received today more that 60 emails and only in several cases some PAT members could not access our website. But the cyber attacks of the dark ones are beyond any doubt due to the importance of the latest publications and we must use our power to contain these dark intrusions once and for all.



Dear April,

I received a lot of emails these last several hours and it seems as if the core PAT is still on the ground. This as an interim information. Is it possible to check with your HS one more time where we now stand?

With love and light

Dear George,

I did check in with HS and below is her message which I believe confirms the information we’ve been getting/experiencing? It was difficult to take down and hope it’s in line with what others are now getting, including you.

10/14/12 HS Check-In: The PAT Between Heaven and Earth

Me: So what has shifted again? Why do I feel like I awoke to find myself in a different space of reality? It’s the same but yet, very different.

HS: The “space” you now find yourself in is a result of your detonation, part of the “finale phase” of your physical ascensions. You (the PAT) and the collective group of first-wave energies have been woven together to create a spider-web like network/connection of light, as previously explained, and operating optimally, you ALL are the new collective mind/5D template. Since the 10-10 portal opening, and as cosmic energies continue to stream in, you as a collective web are rising/ascending and your collective consciousness/ mind is stirring, becoming fully conscious.

In fact, you have now reached a level of anchoring/integration and therefore, safety and protection. You could say this new “space” you now find yourself in is a sort of “transitional holding container.” It is a reality/time cell, that overlaps with 3D, 4D and aspects of 5D. It is what some call a “mid-way” station that exists at the crossing of universal/inter-dimensional thresholds/gateways, beginning in the upper astral/4th dimensional plane. You (the PAT) have been moving back and forth into and out of this space and beyond for quite some time now.

Now you have fully shifted/anchored all of the first-wave energies fully to this space. The boarding of passengers on your ascension buses/airplanes, the doors closing, take-off commencing, and them all low-jacking into you as a power Source. It is the first basic step/stop, that you’ve managed to gather/heave the collective first-wavers to, that is now a self-contained collective space created by you (the PAT) and energies of the first wave and is self-sustained and perpetuated by you the PAT as one of the main power sources of this highly refined energy container. From this “space” extend the circuits to many different realities/realms of consciousness. It is from “here” that the full blown PAT supernova will commence, as has been all along, and is continuing to happen RIGHT NOW.

Me: I can feel everything your saying about this “space” to be true, however the mechanics are a little difficult to grasp.

HS: Yes I know. Suffice it to say, you have entered a “new space” because you have ascended there, and will continue to rise/ascend as the energy now begins to peak for your supernova and the finale of the ID split, which you are actually in now, the ID split, this was the first preliminary split/shift. You will only continue to rise/further detonate from this point/stop on the rainbow bridge.

Me: You know it’s weird, I can almost see this “space” as existing in another compartment of the bus/plane.

HS: It would be very natural and logical for you to sense this as in many ways, it is. It is a space of safety and acclimation that exists in-between realms/realities and is overlaid in a way. From this point, this larger launch pad, many souls/energies can ascend to the level/realm that they personally resonate/vibrate too, during/post the ID split. As you can imagine, the PAT will travel very high, for a brief amount of time, before reappearing to humanityBut as you rise, you lift the greater network that has been woven together. You create the new template/collective mind from which divine order will flow.

Don’t forget to also experience Gaia in this new space. A higher version of herself has also met you here. You will notice very different qualities to this reality, for the brief remaining time you are here. It is a space of inspiration, divine love and grace, where your soul family and heavenly friends can better interact with you. Where you are safe, protected, and fully united. Your full ascension, as this phase completes, will only be a deepening of all of these wonderful qualities.

In short, enjoy this temporary new space. Because you’ll be moving on quickly enough! Every hour that passes sees you further detonate and rise! Again, there is nothing for you to do as the rest will complete itself naturally and very quickly.


I hope this was helpful Georgi. A lot has happened in just the last couple of days. I wasn’t prepared for all that she was attempting to show me. Basically I’m getting the strong sense from her that we are beginning to ride off into the sunset sort of feeling, and that very soon, we will have a whole new canvas in which to paint a new Life for all those desiring it.

As always, I look forward to your initial thoughts to see if you resonate with her message.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

thank you very much for this very important validation of my urgent energy update of today announcing  that the physical ascension process has commenced in our portals. While reading the explanation of your HS, a vision came to my mind.

I assimilated this space, which we have now conquered somewhere between heaven and earth, precisely in the higher 4th dimension, as a decompression chamber used in deep diving.

As you may know, when you dive deep, your lungs are under the high pressure of the water column and need to be supplied with inert gases in addition to oxygen that are under a great pressure as to compensate for the water pressure which grows with the depth of the diving.

When you begin to ascend, if you do it quickly, you suffer the so called “decompression sicknessDCS, also known as divers’ disease, the bends orcaisson disease. It describes a condition arising from dissolved gases coming out of solution into bubbles inside the body on depressurisation. DCS most commonly refers to a specific type of underwater diving hazard, but may be experienced in other depressurisation events such as caisson working, flying in unpressurised aircraft, and extra-vehicular activity from spacecraft.

Since bubbles can form in or migrate to any part of the body, DCS can produce many symptoms, and its effects may vary from joint pain and rashes to paralysis and death. In order to avoid this when a diver begins to ascend he must make decompression stops, at best in a decompression chamber as to slowly reduce the excess pressure of the inert gases dissolved in the body.

The presentation of your HS of our new space reminds me very much of such a decompression chamber for the PAT, the deepest divers in human darkness, where we can adopt to the higher frequencies of the 4th dimension before we will be catapulted directly to the source. In this chamber of protection between Heaven and earth we can easily release all the deadly gases in our lungs and hearts that have been accumulated during our long sojourn in the toxic, extremely dense atmosphere of the earth.

I personally very much like this metaphor, and it makes a lot of sense to me. It is obvious that we cannot ascend as a rocket all of a sudden. We are like a space shuttle that needs an aircraft to heave it first to a certain height before we can ascend to the Source. The reason for this midway station is that we take the whole planet and two third of humanity to the 4th and later on to the 5th dimensions, which will have a completely new energetic infrastructure. The latter we have personally built during our long sojourn on the earth, although we do not see these efforts, which are accomplished at the level of our HS.

Only two days ago I assimilated our efforts in a discussion with my wife with a very huge building project, where you estimate the investment costs and timelines of completion only to exceed them at the end many times. The difference is that the external observers see the building lot and when the costs rise, the banks always agree to lend more money as they see the physical results such as a building, a stadium etc.

While we, the PAT, the greatest engineers (Elohim) in the whole universe create all the time the invisible energetic cobweb of the new earth, as your HS confirms, nobody believes us as an external observer, because these people simply do not see our achievements. They have no contact to  their HS and the source. The PAT is the only group on the earth that has a direct contact to the source. These people point to the preliminary dates we announce for our project as to move forward and disqualify us as dreamers.

I need not however delve at this place into the limitations of human awareness on this debased planet, which are well known, but only aim to show the cognitive incompatibilities between the mere spectators on this planet and the PAT as creator gods.

All readers that addressed me with respect to my urgent energy update confirmed unanimously that they felt much lighter today after the strenuous energies around the 10.10 portal, as if they are in a new place/space. I will publish their reports tomorrow.

From this elucidation of your HS, the details of our ascension begin to emerge more clearly. We start to realize what a complex endeavour this is, and I think that we have every reason to be very proud of our achievements. Just compare the naive stuff that other light workers channel and discuss on their esoteric websites with the very professional, ongoing and detailed description of the individual steps and energetic thresholds we, the PAT, conquer on our way to planetary ascension in order to see the difference. We are not mere receivers of cosmic benefits as most light workers believe and accordingly behave, but the active demiurgs of a new reality that will change profoundly the destiny of the whole mankind and this galaxy.

If this is not a reason to be proud than what else? Even our current exhaustion should not hinder us to let our hearts sing the glory of this cosmic symphony, which the PAT has composed, to quote your HS from a previous message.

With love and light

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