All Passengers on Board Ready for Ascension

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, October 11, 2012

October 10, 2012

Hi George,

Thank you for posting the last two articles on the site. Reading the messages of you, Dorie, and Jerry along with the comments from the PAT was very helpful to my processing of recent experiences. I just SO love the PAT! Thank you also for your patience and understanding in my delay in getting back to you. I really needed to take a “time-out” for a moment and regain my bearings/center. Now that the proverbial dust has settled, somewhat, I’d like to try and share what came up for me.

While I didn’t doubt the content of Dorie’s message, I was definitely feeling frustrated as hell after reading it and couldn’t even begin to process it. Looking back, I now realize that it was for three main reasons:

1. It seems that, for whatever reason, I’m always the last to know of any delays or complications. I always feel blind-sided by this news. And as you can imagine, that is extremely frustrating/upsetting to me. HS for some reason, likes to skip right over that part. Almost like she thinks, “Oh well, that’s already behind us now. Let me tell you where we are NOW.” Such as the case with her most recent message to me that came post-weekend (will be published later). I didn’t/don’t have the same experiences as many of the PAT members do, for example most recently, the experiences of this last weekend. In fact, I had a great time! It was definitely crazy, but in a good way. Needless to say your article of the “Divine Sexual” comes to mind when recalling the inspiration for the events of the weekend (thank you for that, by the way).

Clearly, I was not dealing with the extreme issues that many of the PAT members reported, and similarly, tend not to when it comes to “delay tactics/issues” in general and this adds to my overall sense of being “blind-sided.” As you know George, most everything else, I experience right along with you. But I just have no idea why I don’t sense “trouble brewing” or “delays.” I suppose I’ll just have to keep on digging into the issue and see what is revealed. Anyhow, on to the next reason for my intense frustration…

2. I’m so tired of being discouraged/let-down by the GF and parts of the light worker community. But ESPECIALLY the GF. Come on, it’s not like it’s a bunch of “newbs” (short for “newbies” or new beginners) running around there. HS did show me an image last night of “infiltration” by the dark. I think she meant to convey that the GF didn’t let us down quite as much as we might first initially think. That many of them were taken by surprise as well, and a fair number of their own ranks were infiltrated. Perhaps that is why they appeared to “do nothing,” as they were taken by surprise as well? Then again, that might be my own way of interpreting events in a more fanciful way so as to be less discouraged with the GF, who knows. Perhaps this is just another reason why I needed the “pause.” Moving on…

3. Everything else in my life has “ended.” These “endings” have been taking place all summer, but now it feels so final, so definite and yet 3D experience chugs on. Where is the new beginning, the next role, the next phase I am to serve in? All other roads/paths have run their course. I feel “suspended” in existence here most of the time, can’t keep track of time and resent the fact that I still have to, and feel that I am literally disappearing in so many different ways.

But as you can see, while this was a rather emotionally uncomfortable exercise, it did at least bear me fruit. And of course, that’s why we do it.

HS did also reassure me that her latest message is “current.” (yet to be published). Maybe then the dark was making an attempt to stop the activation of this first-wave “spiderweb of light?” Then again George, who knows, I don’t trust HS entirely right now. Much more today than yesterday, but we aren’t quite there yet as I’m still mulling things over. I will more than likely attempt to connect with HS tomorrow for an updated message and see what information I get.

Thanks again George for your wonderful reassurance and thoughtful communication. I really appreciate it. And again, the peace/re-centering I find when reading the latest PAT comments/messages has been invaluable to me.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

There is no need for you to create a drama of lack of confidence in your relation with your HS. From what you have told me she simply wanted to spare you some negative news while you have had a good time on the earth. This was a protective measure and ultimately your knowledge would not have changed the course of the events.

I also tend to accept the version that the GF has not fully failed, although I am ranting against them, but that they have not achieved their maximal target that would have prepared the ground for our ascension. Pondering over some statements from Dorie’s message and what I get from my HS, when we announced the beginning of our ascension on September 16/17 it was expected that all darkest entities will crawl out of their rat holes and will begin to make trouble. Nobody knew how much trouble they are able to instigate, but we are still in a full-fledged battle with them. Our ascension announcement was also the wake up call for them and they knew that they will fight their last, mortal battle before they completely succumb. Deadly wounded predators are most dangerous.

The GF can act most of the time effectively only with the help of their ground crew and most of them are no-good as we have discussed many times. Let us say that the fronts of light were not ideally prepared to fully resist the final desperate dark attacks and had to be mended by ourselves. This prolonged the first ascension wave.

Yesterday was another huge energy surge leading to the opening of the portal 10.10 today. I was heavily hit in the afternoon and had to sleep for three hours with a severe headache and nausea due to the massive involvement of my 3rd chakra. The rotational frequency of the waves was incredible – a real roller coaster. This night the quality of the energy has changed one more time – extremely high-frequent coming directly from the source and mostly affecting the upper three chakras with pain in the left eye ball. My mouth is still very dry and I had drowning sensations which are very unpleasant. This kind of energy is pure and has nothing to do with the cleansing energies from the last week. This points to a new phase in our ascension process.

The last information you have received from your HS is correct as I told you already, but it did not answer/explain the delay from last week due to the infiltration of our portals with dark entities. I must say that I was right to publish this information as it was overwhelmingly confirmed by the other PAT members which would have otherwise kept these experiences for themselves not knowing exactly what is going on and thus might have begun to doubt the whole ascension process.

If you can get a precise message from your HS today, simply where we stand now without any grudges against her, this will be very helpful for you and all of us. Let us not forget that with each passing day we are coming nearer to our ascension and final liberation, so that every past challenge makes us stronger and more confident. There is absolutely no need for any despair or even hesitation. Just discuss calmly with your HS the final steps and she will be open, honest and informative with you, now that this last hurdle has been overcome.

I am eager to hear what she will have to tell us.

With love and light

Dear George,

Thank you so much again, for your thoughtful and comforting words. You were absolutely correct in that I needed to not let myself get overly hung-up on the issue with HS and my overall sense of frustration. And of course, you were also very much correct in sharing all the information about the latest delay. It had to be so.

I awoke this 10-10 morning feeling that once again, something significant had “shifted.” I recalled some dream fragments in which I was very hurried and yet orderly, in preparing our passengers for “departure.” This is the first time I’ve had this dream that so many of the PAT members have described. I was checking the rows of passengers to make sure their seat-belts were on, and that their luggage (mostly bags) was on-board. Bags were still being thrown on the bus/plane up to the last minute. Weird thing was that it was an older or well-used bus/plane. Completely functional but like the seat-belts and the seats were well worn and the seating area/compartment only consisted of two really long rows and one center aisle (if there’s any significance to that). I sensed that I was part of the “transportation crew” and was very quickly attempting to check the “passenger manifest” to be sure we had everyone as the doors were closing. I had the sense that I had only just recently arrived at the bus/plane myself, having been working on other things until the final moment I had to get my butt there.

All day I have made attempts on and off to connect with HS. Nothing. Pristine, white, and completely blank space. By this afternoon I was starting to feel frustrated all over again. Physically I was also feeling crummy again (on/off since Monday) with the typical symptoms of discomfort that so many have been experiencing with these waves.

Just this evening it dawned on me as my husband asked, “Did HS cut you off or something?” and I laughed and answered, “No, it’s not like that. I actually can’t get anything. It’s blank.” Then wham! It hits me. Perhaps she’s (HS) showing me pristine white blank pages (like blank pages in a book) because there is nothing more to report, at least process-wise. That maybe it’s time to physically cross the threshold as part of the 10/10 portal. Then of course, I think, “noooo, that’s just what you want to interpret,” and then I think, “What if you’re wrong, and HS isn’t catching a larger problem or issue with ascension, and worse, what if you don’t ascend within 48 hours and the PAT is just let down again?” Finally I thought, “Oh to hell with this little-self dialogue, I need to just try one more time to connect with HS.” Below is the message I finally got.

10-10-12 HS Update

HS: So, you finally understand?!

Me: Yes, I think so. Is it true then, it’s really manifesting now? We are crossing the threshold now?

HS: Yep! The crew and passengers are all aboard and ready for departure. The door has been closed, and now the engines are revving/filling up, so to speak. You as the stewardess or crew member, are also strapped into your “jump-seat” in take-off position. Also, if you’ve noticed, the events on the world stage are “heating up” along with your ascension engines. There is evidence of this is as you know, it’s inter-connected and everywhere: the earth, the sun, cosmic energies, magnetics/pull, geophysical activity and its effects, human behavior/dramas.

You’ve been feeling/sensing this within your bodies, especially within the last 7-10 days. Unfortunately, as you now know, there was a slight delay that set you back a few days. This “boarding/preparation” process needed to have not lasted this long, as you could have still utilized the energies of the 10-10 portal even three days prior to it, but the “dark” sought to delay, as they are so very desperate in these final days. And truthfully, they might still try and meddle, but we are confident with recent “adjustments,” all is now properly prepped and in order. Let’s just say some forces of light were a little over-confident in some respects and did not realize when they themselves had been “infiltrated” by lower thought forms/entities.

Me: To me, after seeing the blank pages of the book, I feel like we are talking physical cosmic ascension sometime within the next 48 hours. I really don’t feel comfortable with dates or tight time-frames, but this is sticking out in my mind for some reason.

HS: Your intuition would be correct in that events are being aligned/additionally catalyzed by this 10-10 portal/opportunity. It is very, very soon time for the ID split to commence, therefore your ascension is at hand.

Me: I just wish it felt like it more to me.

HS: Just remember – you’re transmuting, transmitting, dematerializing, detonating, guiding/drawing souls and energies, merging into one larger first-wave/5D collective mind/template – ALL AT THE SAME TIME WITHIN YOUR PORTAL/YOU AT UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS (1). You’re going to feel a little “off,” you know? The great news is that your sweet release is at hand. Have faith and help hold the line. See you VERY soon.
(1) See next published message from April’s HS which precisely describes the numerous energetic processes and duties of the PAT that are building the intricate texture for the detonation of the PAT.

OK, George, like I said, it does resonate strongly but I’m just not quite as sure right now. I look forward to your reply.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

after being wrong in the past with their assessment and forecasts, our HS are now cautious not to promise us too much. This is quite normal. I can confirm that the last two days were filled with an incredible surge of pure energy from the Source. I was heavily hit with ongoing cc-waves also involving the 3rd chakra  and causing acute digestive problems. I suffered especially very much under a very strong nausea due to the extremely high rotational frequency/ kinetics  of my field.

All in all, it felt as if the last preparation before our detonation was taking place. I was not on the earth most of the time and could hardly think and answer the emails. This was all due to the opening of the 10.10 portal which caused a very powerful energy surge with the purest energy from the source,  contrary to the heavy cleansing dark energies of the previous week when our portals were infiltrated by dark entities and we had to combat them. Considering all this, there must be a manifestation of events very soon as it is unimaginable that all these energies will not lead to tangible results.

There are also external events that point to this outcome. I was contacted for instance by the wife of a very good friend of mine who died 15 years ago. She married another man and moved to Hamburg and I lost contact to her during this time. Now she called me from Berlin, by finding first the address of my wife at the Waldorf school and the first thing she wanted to know from me was about ascension, although I have never talked to her about these issues in the 90s. Her HS has urged her to contact me. She has recently come to Berlin from Austria and has had a terrible time with her LBP and angst attacks for many years. Now she has connected to a larger group of LW in Berlin, who are also very excited and waiting for something to happen. Another young woman from UK, a friend of my daughter and her boyfriend, is coming to visit us today. Last time she visited us, I introduced her into the ascension topic and now she comes one more time urgently and wants to know more.

I am telling you about these cases as they are representative of the rapid connection of the dots between the awakening people in these last days. I also register an increasing email correspondence with German readers, who are happy to have found our website, while during the whole last year there was an absolute stillness on this front. Yesterday I also received one very elaborate, subversive attack from the dark ones (CIA; FBI?) on the PAT. But it was as usual so transparent that I immediately cancelled it.

This night was calmer than the previous ones and my feeling is that the energies of the 10.10 portal have already reached Gaia and humanity and now must only materialize. I think that all this points to an imminent countdown. Let us hope that this week we will leave the earth as physical human beings. It is the utmost time!

With love and light

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