The Strength of My Soul is My Strength

By Dorie Bowlin, September 25, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I have connected with HS and feel much better now! I had to detach this last bit of fear, this last bit of the illusion so that I could move onward and upward!

Much love to you!


Some of the most profound insights come from fear. What if all your dreams and all your visions were just wishful thinking? What if all the things you thought you could make happen don’t happen. What would you do then? What are your options?

Well, your only option would be to go back to the life you lived before. Did that life fulfill you? Certain aspects of it did, until you found out that even those were an illusion, that those aspects did not allow you to “be” in your fullest potential.

What has always been your biggest fear child? Has it not always been that you were WRONG in believing and seeing and imagining all the wonderful possibilities of what could be? And who made you believe that you were wrong? Was it a voice within you, or a voice of another? Perhaps it was a voice of another that then became of voice within you?

Since you were a young child you were fascinated by the “concept” of God. You were driven to discover and then uncover the truth of this loving energy, the energy you felt from the moment you connected the warmth of the sun to All That Is and it’s loving embrace. But then you discovered that the world that you lived in was not a loving place, that it did not hold the same energy of the sun, so you desperately tried to change what you saw around you by creating that energy from a place within your own mind.

You have moved into that space within now. You have been there for quite some time. And what you have found is that each time you venture into the outside world you are only convinced more and more that only the world within is real. But how to get there is the question now, is it not? Well, that has always been the question, but the answers were not always so obvious. But dear child we ask, what is the answer that you always come back to? Despite what anyone else has ever said, despite anything else that you have ever read or learned, what has always been the answer from within your own space, from YOUR own voice? Was it not that YOU had the ability to create your OWN reality? If you are here to finally free your own SELF, to experience FREEDOM, then why would you not choose to do so from listening to your OWN voice–the voice that has always told you that you were a Magnificent, Angelic, Creator of Light? And do you not have people who have showed up in your life who are showing you, even TELLING you that you are? Besides your own voice, those are the only other voices you should be willing to listen to.

Trust in THAT. Trust only in that. And know that while your truth is YOUR truth, and what others believe in and say is THEIR truth, you will only make real what it is you believe in, for what you believe in is supported by those beings who show up in your life to make what you believe in SO. If you look for doubt, you will find doubt, and you will attract people who will support you in that doubt. If you look for worthiness in who you are and what you believe you will attract people into your life who will show you, you are not only worthy of all the things you believe in, but that you are worthy of believing in your SELF.

So, let’s get this show on the road and move upward out of this madness and into the LIGHT of all things possible, leave behind the perceptions of what others think you are or who you should be, and ascend into all the things YOU believe to be real, into your worthiness, into the magnificence of who you have always known you were meant to be, to become, and who you have always been. WE are giving you permission to finally let go and be FREE.

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