The Creative Power of Our Anger

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, September 2, 2012

Dear Georgi!

I am so glad you are back – I missed you!!! Reading your latest article “The Abyss of Ignorance and the Ladder of Knowledge”, which is just BRILLIANT by the way, has me all fired up! I have been missing this kind of energy so much, while you’ve been gone, a much NEEDED energy that I think the PAT needs to focus on now, as we move into detonation sequence!

Since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated by the story of Jesus in the Temple with the money changers. I LOVED the rebel side of Jesus, much better than the man they always painted as the ‘savior’ who taught us to never anger, but instead to turn the other cheek, and to use “unconditional love” to solve all of our problems. What a bunch of CRAP! All that turning the other cheek ever got us, was another slap in the face!

I remember when I first started seeking to understand why I ‘knew’ things that other people didn’t know. I thought that perhaps I would find people who already knew more than I did and they could explain. And while I found some of the answers I was looking for within the Lightworker’s community, and while some of those answers were helpful, there was always a component that was missing. There was something I had that they didn’t seem to have, which was a desire to be an AUTHENTIC Creator God, and what I mean by that is, I had a desire to be ALL the aspects of ME – not what THEY perceived a Creator God to be, the “Creator God in a Box” as I like to call it.

You know, the Creator God, who is always cheerful, always loving, always peaceful, never angry – the Creator God that contained the same exact MINDSET that the religious nuts were programming us with! These New Agers are trying to program the sheeple with the same damn mentality that says you have to SETTLE for what is being shoved down your throat because you must practice unconditional love. That’s why I am so proud of being a part of the PAT.

We have THE MOST insightful, intelligent, out-of-the box discussions! While we certainly resonate to the same beliefs, there is no settling, just a constant desire to discover and unveil layer after layer of truth. Just because we recognize stupidity, and call it out when we see it, doesn’t mean we don’t LOVE. Quite the contrary, we wouldn’t be here putting ourselves through the tortures of the LBP if we didn’t have the deepest love of all for humanity.

While you’ve been gone Georgi, there has been a discussion going on, via email conversations between some of the PAT members, pertaining to our frustrations over yet more delays and having to WAIT even longer. I have been reading their emails over the last couple of days, wanting to contribute to the fabulous discussion of what Daniel, Tom, Vicki, and Joe have said, but felt it necessary to wait until I had thought my response to them through very carefully.

I have always been a ‘soother’ which means I tend to jump into troubled waters in order to smooth away the ripples that are making everyone else uncomfortable. However, being extremely sensitive to energy, like most of our PAT family is, I’ve been finding it a bit of a challenge lately to soothe my own SELF and found I was getting caught up with some of them in this frustration. I had even threatened to turn in my Angel Wings, run away into the mountains, perhaps even JUMP off the mountain, if I was forced to stay on the ground any longer, which then sparked the following conversation with HS. (and by the way, I was assured that my threats to jump were useless, because if I had even attempted anything of that nature, I would have not succeeded – I was told they would have made sure of that!)

So with all that being said, I’d like to share with you my latest message from HS, which I received on August 29th in response to some of those frustrations. I also feel that it resonates with what I have read in your article today, as well, which I just loved, loved, loved!!!

I am so glad you’re back Georgi!

Much love and Light,




The waiting is over. The ‘speculating’ is over. It is time for the wake up call. Don’t trust us? Why would you when you’ve been disappointed time and time again. But the signs are becoming clear are they not? Even with your fear of being WRONG, what do you want to choose to place your focus on? The timing IS out of your hands, but your focus on what it is that you WANT to experience has always been the key which collapses time.

Oh yes, there is that “component” of always trying to look at things from a “practical” point of view, for it’s how you’ve learned to survive in 3D reality – look at things practically, so you can continue with your survival in 3D life. How impractical would it be for you just to try and escape it all and live up in the mountains without the comforts of 3D reality, while waiting for something to happen? Maybe it wouldn’t be impractical at all, unless you are not equipped to survive in that type of environment. And that’s what you are feeling now. That you are no longer equipped to live in any type of 3D environment because you can no longer relate to it. So how do you progress from here? Well, if you can’t move forward, you move upward.

You are saying your last good-byes – this is the reason behind your recent sadness. You will feel the sadness move through you as moments of extreme depression, loneliness and fatigue, even anxiety and frustration. You are saying good-bye to your old way of thinking, living, and being as you prepare to move upward into the higher realms. You are saying good-bye to what you “perceive” you are leaving behind. Each day brings you a sign that this illusion is truly over, but each day you continue to wake up seeing the same illusion – not in your mind, for you know what is truly real, but with your physical eyes. And that is what’s so hard for you…. to be able to see what can only be seen in the mind. What is being told to you now, in this moment, is that within a matter of days you will be able to see all of those wondrous things that you have been seeing with not just your “mind’s eye” but with your “physical eyes“.

Do you hear these things from us because it’s what you want to hear, or because it’s truth? The signs are ever present now, even if not to the majority of the population, but it’s these very signs and EVENTS that will wake them up, and then allow them to see what you have been seeing all along. Keeping you, where you are presently residing, that is, making you WAIT by keeping you within the circumstances and restraints of your current reality, would NOT serve our mission at all. In fact, it would be detrimental to your physical well being, thus dimming your “light” to the extent that it would not be serving it’s intended purpose.

While your frustration is understood, it has also served a purpose in getting you to demand what has rightfully been your inheritance all along – your Divine Power as Creator Gods. Constructive anger holds tremendous power and cuts through the programs that have been instilled within your minds that have been keeping you from your connection to HS. You can choose to believe what others have told you, you can choose to believe what your fear tells you, or you can choose to believe in your Higher Self.

It is understood that seeing the big picture is not something that is easily done from a human point of view. But there are tremendous rewards for what you feel you are sacrificing in these moments, and not just for yourselves, but for all, even if the ALL doesn’t know what it is that you have truly sacrificed FOR them. The time IS at hand when all will be revealed, and the sleeping will know just how far you have come in discovering who YOU really are, so that they may be that as well.


Dear Dorie,

I am also very happy to hear from your again and I thank you very much for your appreciative comments on my latest article, which was actually written on August 27, when our frustration must have been the deepest. I can therefore very well understand when the people are at the tail end with their patience and physical and emotional exhaustion makes them depressive.

In fact, I had to laugh reading your email because I have had the same discussions with my HS over and over again in the last five years  that I am so fed up with this waiting that I will go to the Alps and simply jump off the cliffs in the abyss. And I always hear the comment from my HS that I may try this, but I will not be successful to leave earth as they will know how to hinder me. As long as I am needed on the ground, I have no chance to leave this planet, which means: “Do your job and ascend the earth to liberate yourself. You are the Atlas and the globe is on your shoulder and you has to carry it to the bitter end.”

I have always made the experience that a holly wrath is the most effective and transformative energy we have at our disposal. As long as God has given us the gift of emotions, we must make use of all of them as they come. When we are in breach with the deplorable situation on the ground, the first and strongest emotion we feel is anger. How could this feeling be wrong, if this is the driving force of any change?

Just before I received your email, I read the latest message of Suzanne Ward from Matthew and Hathorn that we should pray for Obama to be elected one more time as he will save humanity. This is the most insidious channeled message I have recently read. More than a year ago I wrote to this woman that she is a prey of dark Orion sources and used as an instrument to disseminate dark propaganda among the small LW community.

She was of course infuriated with me. At that time I was also very angry with this source, but the anger came directly from my soul. In a dialogue with the higher realms I  achieved  that this dark source  stopped glorifying Obama as a highly evolved soul for more than an year, as everyone can check by reading all the past Matthew’s messages. Now it has started again, which I consider to be the last futile ditch effort of the dark ones to survive  and turn around the course of the events.

This afternoon I had a very angry conversation again with the higher realms and told them that  enough is enough and that they should no longer allow that such messages are still channeled by the dark Orion ones and that they should immediately stop this channel. After all, we have prolonged our stay here on the earth many times to cleanse this human dross, while the dark archons from the lower astral plane still continue with their despicable information pestilence.

I am sure that this will be the last message this stupid woman will be able to channel, as our PAT supernova will explode before she channels her next monthly Matthew’s message. Not that it matters much, but this case is paradigmatic for the whole New Age circus. Wherever one looks, one only finds stupidity and lack of discernment, be it intellectual or emotional, that only mire the minds of the New Age sheeple. It is more than understandable that our people are fed up with this situation and are about to lose even hope in their own souls, which is the worst of all possible cases. When this happens, we must leave this planet for ever – it is always the darkest before the dawn.

In this sense your latest dialogue with your HS has very well depicted the psychological dilemma, in which we are all stuck in these last days.

However, today I experienced the whole day such an all-pervading stillness as if I was suspended in a vacuum hole between the dimensions. Could this be the proverbial lull before the storm. I very much feel that it may indeed be so. While I am writing to you, I am hit by another powerful wave that makes my body burn again like a torch. I was told several days ago that September 4 will be an auspicious date. Let us hope that this will be day when we will detonate our Supernova. We don’t need to wait for another 9/11, do we?

With love and light




Letter to Suzanne Ward channeling Matthew:

Matthew Message of 9-1-12…”It’s Essential that the Obama Presidency Continues”


Dear Mrs. Suzanne Ward,

the latest Matthew/Hathorn’s message is a disgrace. The way Obama has been glorified proves that you are channeling dark Orion sources from the 4th astral level. I am fully aware of the possibility that you will not admit this obvious fact and that you will be indignant at my conclusion. But I will tell you something: I will go in a very serious discussion in the higher realms and take care that you no longer channel this insidious channel, glorifying  one of the most criminal politicians at present.

You should really read my latest article, where I clearly explain why Obama should be immediately sentenced to a life-long imprisonment by the International criminal court at the Hague. You should really start learning something about international politics.

I am disgusted with your intransigence and stupidity not to be able to realize what a disgrace your channeling is to the whole LW community. I used my power in the higher realms more than a year ago and stopped your source praising Obama if you can read back your past messages. Now it has started again its last abominable action of darkness by using you as a vehicle for this insidious propaganda. This source has nothing to do with your son and the light. I can assure you about this stark fact, as I have a fully open channel to the Source  and get all the necessary information from there.

I will consider publishing this letter on my website, which is read by the most highly evolved souls on the earth – the PAT.

Dr. Georgi Stankov


The Guardian:

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