Strategic Considerations Behind the Ascension Scenario

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, September 6, 2012

Dear Dorie,

I had the impulse today to formulate several questions to your HS, which she could please answer, so that we all get a better understating of the final energetic processes prior to Ascension:

1. Yesterday, September 4  was marked by another peak wave, which was announced by my HS last week and felt by many PAT members. Given the latest information from April’s HS, I have the following question:

Did this energy peak completed the transmission of the Adamic light codes for humanity and/or was this the completion of the ascension fire work/cleansing in our portals?

2. CA confirmed in its latest alert that since Mid September Nibiru will be visible to the masses with the help of telescopes and even with a naked eye, so that the establishment will no longer be able to hide its existence and must respond. Soon thereafter the beginning of the catastrophic events is due to come. According to CA, the elite, who still controls government and the mass media, will try to instigate some fearful actions – e.g. wars, financial collapse, big terror attacks, etc. –  to divert the attention of the masses from this cosmic event. These events will be in line with the catastrophic version of earth B and will not necessarily be experienced by those who have qualified to ascend during the ID split. My question is:

Will the visible appearance of Nibiru be associated with the detonation of the PAT supernova as to augment its magnetic pull effect on the earth and thus trigger the magnetic pole reversal, as announced in the last message of your HS, or are these two events loosely correlated and thus not timely dependent?

3. Could it be that the detonation of the PAT Supernova may be triggered first as to prevent all or part of the planned dark options of the elite when Nibiru will become visible around Mid September, by unleashing the planned natural catastrophes – earthquakes, volcanoes, deluge, tsunami etc. –  during the ID split and the magnetic pole reversal?

I hope that the answers of these three questions may shed some light on the remaining few days as I have the impression that most PAT members are beginning to lose hope and are very tired and depressed by the ongoing waves and the interminable waiting.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

It is no coincidence that you are asking me these very questions today. After reading April’s latest message from HS, I have been contemplating an email to you both saying that I have had very strong impressions, for over a week now, that there could be a possibility that PAT detonation could occur BEFORE the Magnetic Pole Shift.

The reasoning behind this came from a tarot card reading that I was doing for a dear friend of mine one evening, who is also a member of the PAT. My friend was focusing on a personal question, however, I knew immediately that what showed up in her cards was meant for the entire PAT. My interpretation of the cards was that the ‘perfect union’ or the PAT Detonation, could take place before the cataclysmic events occurred. I kept looking at the cards and thinking to myself “How is that possible?” What I’ve concluded NOW was that I was being shown an alternate possibility, but didn’t realize it’s potential at that time, that is, until I read April’s HS message which SO resonated with me!

I received confirmation from HS that the Adamic Light code transmission has been completed. I was told I received this information in my dream state last night. In this dream I kept repeating the words “The Colonel says everything is a go!” (I sensed that the “Colonel” was a member of the Galactic Federation.) I was excitedly saying this to the members of the PAT over and over again– we were dressed in space suits preparing for lift-off. There was much celebration over this fact!

Now to your next question Georgi. Is detonation interconnected with the unveiling of Nibiru and it’s destructive powers, or can our detonation be independent of THE major event, once again opening up the possibility of igniting the timeline shift before cataclysmic events occur. Here is the message I received. I really took my time with it and hope it resonates with the information you are receiving as well.

Much love and light!


There has been much discussion about the “waiting”. While you feel your “time” is running out, understand that there has been, indeed there still IS, much work going on behind the scenes to incorporate, one last time, a new scenario. We have been working feverishly to transmit the final codes, light the fires “within”, so that you can see the results in the world without. It is similar to a rocket that is being fueled for take-off. You have seen this vision many times within your mind’s eye. You know of the intensity of energy that is required and then generated in order for the rocket to leave the ground–and that is where you find yourselves at in this moment.

The final question then becomes: “Will there be enough energy behind the “blast” to awaken the codes within the slumbering and create the Inter-dimensional timeline split and “wake up” call that is needed?” The answer is: “There still has to be a spark to ignite the blast.” This is where all the final waiting has come into play – the strategic sequencing of events, and you must understand that the sequencing of events is extremely important in order to create a spark.

Time and time again, even most recently, you have been given “visions” of the unawakened seeing Nibiru in the sky. This has been previously discussed, and what we were trying to impress upon you was that there needs to be a “visual” to spark the Light codes that have been instilled within humanity. At the time of our last discussion on this topic, it was not determined yet (from our side) whether this visual sign, along with some major geophysical events would be enough to “wake them up”, thus it was surmised that the scenario of Magnetic Pole Shift/Detonation of PAT would commence simultaneously to create the wake up call that was needed.

Now that the PAT has transmitted the Adamic Light Code successfully into the slumbering masses, who are prepared to awaken, a new, very probable scenario is now taking place. Nibiru can still be used as the “visual” wake up call, but it does not have to come from actually observing it in the sky – it can come from the KNOWLEDGE of it’s existence.

We want this knowledge to go viral. We are determining the best means which will make that possible. Just as a crop circle is used as a visual to stir the memories within, so too will the knowledge of Nibiru be used to “wake up” humanity, set off the PAT Detonation, thus giving it the energy it needs to detonate and generate the Inter-dimensional/ timeline shift BEFORE the proverbial “shit hits the fan”. The detonation sequence does not have to occur as a result of an “actual” event, but rather can occur from a “perceived” event.

You might notice that we use the word “probable”. Understand that as diligently as we are working, so also are the PTW. They will use every tactic in their weak, feeble, dark infested minds to draw attention away from the skies and into THEIR agenda of inducing fear. We are LITERALLY down to the wire now and the PAT is ready to go. You HAVE to go.

While the opposing forces have their own insidious plans, we also have plans in order to circumvent any move that they try to make. Nibiru is not the only “visual” we have in our pocket… and as hard as you may try at this time, the other “visuals” will not be revealed in order to keep dark forces at bay. As much as we would like to be conclusive in our end time scenario, the only thing we can provide at this time ARE scenarios.

It is not a matter of whether or not ascension will occur, for you have been assured repeatedly that it has already happened, but the question has always been HOW it will occur “energetically” with the most amount of effectiveness and least amount of destructive energy. We are not only considering this for humanity, but most importantly in these last moments, for PAT members, as well.

Know that very soon you will indeed be off the ground!

Dear Dorie,

very, very strategic! I felt it will come up to this last strategic considerations, where we the PAT are the pawns and the queen at the same time on the big cosmic chess bread and will play the gambit to the very last minute before the forces of light declare victory.

I always had the intuition that the visual effect of Nibiru need not be of that great importance for the final scenario as it can be substituted with any other visual effect in the sky. When Nibiru will come, it will cause the expected havoc and this all will be seen in a causal relationship.

After all it all depends on how to reach the threshold of the wake-up call for the masses, so that they can be placed in a state of total helplessness and perplexity, where their past blockages, beliefs and fears can be deleted in a most effective way in preparation for ascension. When this visual cosmic show appears in the skies, we can detonate our Supernova and disappear in heaven.

However the PAT Supernova is the key energetic event in the whole ID split and End Time scenario and it cannot be used at the same time as a cosmic show for the amusement of the masses. Other pyrotechnic effects must come in play, and I am sure that the forces of light have a huge arsenal of such visual tricks in their magic box.

This information further confirms the fact (and my intuitive knowing) that we are independent of the actual course of Nibiru, and that the only unknown variable is now the state of awakening of the masses and how it can be triggered in the most effective way. These strategic considerations have nothing to do with the preparedness of the PAT as we have actually ascended from a higher vantage point of view, bu still wait for the final appearance on the global stage.

Dear Dorie, thank you very much for your effort.

With love and light

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