PAT’s Official Appearance as Ascended Masters in Front of Humanity Will Be “The Much Discussed and Anticipated “Disclosure” Event”

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, September 12, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Wow, talk about a flurry of activity on the PAT site! It is indeed wonderful to behold (and read)! From Dorie’s amazing HS messages, which I absolutely resonate with, your wonderful insights and articles, the PATs recent messages, and the beautiful ascension scenarios as outlined by Henry, Eugene, Marek, and yourself so far, are incredibly moving and inspirational! Let’s do this thing!!

I’ve felt pretty good these last days with the exception of today. I’m feeling pretty tired and somewhat emotional…sad, I guess. But I also feel like this is normal, especially being so energetically FULL right now, to have days like this. Or perhaps it’s the lingering energies associated with the 9/11 date and their psychic/energetic imprints. Anyhow, it’s still much more manageable and comfortable than what we were dealing with previously. I have to say that I felt your presence very strongly yesterday Georgi. Almost like we were standing side-by-side, ready to take on “the establishment.” It felt REALLY good! I will be assisting you and the PAT with overturning many of these systems once we return and I have to say, I’m VERY excited about that!

I did take some time to check in with HS today. I found her message very helpful to me personally, though there isn’t much new. She does however, confirm/reconfirm a few things. I plan to check-in with her at least one more time before departing.

As always, I’m eager to hear your initial thoughts/reactions.

Much love and light,

HS Update 9-11-12

Me: I guess I’m looking for some additional clarity regarding my cosmic ascension. Earlier you mentioned a couple of different scenarios for me; 1) I could ascend prior to arriving in Italy (September 16) – either at home or on the plane even, and then reappear on the ground in Assisi/Italy and with Georgi /others;  2) I could both ascend and return, while on the ground in Italy. Are these still viable scenarios?

HS: Yes, absolutely!

Me: Excellent. I’ve been mulling my own scenario over in my mind and weighing it within my heart and have come to the conclusion that I am flexible when it comes to where I will be when I ascend. I would like to be witnessed if possible as to fully utilize this event, but don’t care where and by how many. I care much MORE about where I will return/reappear post-ascension.  For me it is a MUST to address the Church with Georgi and other PAT members, and also the participants of the Gathering in Assisi, and of course my family. My question about this to you is: Will it harm our ascension process if I am this flexible? Should I be more intentional/detailed?

HS: No, this is not harming your or the collective PATs ascension process. In fact, because of your situation and various timing factors, this is actually the best gift you could give to the process, as long as you are sure in your heart that this is the best scenario for you, and I sense from you that it is.

You see, we (the PATs collective HSs) asked you to dream and/or remember your “perfect dream ascension scenario.” And as the PAT engages with this activity, the higher/inner realms use this information to begin coordinating the actual ascension event and subsequent return. As was told to this group awhile back, “you (the PAT) will have the choice of first action.” You are choosing this now.

By you genuinely being open to and flexible with the details of your own ascension, it actually makes it easier for the higher/inner realms to coordinate the event along with the preferences of the other PAT members. Now don’t misunderstand me, we don’t want all of the PAT to be too flexible in their scenarios, we need enough of you to get specific with your intentions, so as to charge them, but having a few who are flexible here and there is always helpful to the collective, if it truly resonates with them.

Me: Oh good! I am relieved then. No, I have no attachment at all to where I ascend, only that I do and that I return to confront the Church, other structures that must be dismantled, and address the Gathering in Assisi. That would adequately fulfill all my wildest ascension dreams!!

HS: Excellent! Do know we are in the process right now of analyzing the last minute dream scenarios of ALL PAT members in order to coordinate and project the final scenario. You will be given clues or insights into this, but we ask you not to get too specific when discussing this on the PAT site. We don’t want to tip our hand just yet. What has been discussed so far is just fine, as anyone who attempts to read your posts (the PATs) will only be confused as to the different scenarios/timing you are presenting, but as you get closer to intuiting the actual “plan,” and Georgi is already so very close, please keep those details somewhat cloaked.

There are entities that scan the PAT site regularly, especially since the Lion’s Gate and your unveiling as the new Earthkeepers. Of course there is no way the dark can stop you now, however, they can still prove a nuisance until your ascension and the ID split. But confronting these entities and structures post-ascension is part of your function for those choosing to return post-ascension, such as yourself. You are looking forward to this, are you not?

Me: Yes, absolutely!! I guess it’s just hard to visualize what I’ll look like and how I’ll think and communicate post-ascension.

HS: You will be MARVELLOUS, WONDERFUL! COMPLETELY PREPARED to deal with the task at hand. Please don’t worry at all about that. Your transformation will be COMPLETE, so as to be fully equipped to deal with what comes next, post-ascension.

Me: One last question. A bit ago, when you explained the change to the upcoming ascension scenario, you alluded to the possibility of the PAT’s ascension/detonation as being the potential “wake-up call” to the masses, instead of say Nibiru or other events.  Did I read/intuit that accurately? Is this a possibility? Other PAT members are intuiting this as well or are being told this by their HSs.

HS: You BET it is! And yes, I did allude to that previously. We would like your “appearance” post-ascension to be the much needed wake-up call, but there might be other events/influences running concurrently to your ascension/return, which we hope will further push the masses in your direction, for those that need additional “nudging” to embrace you as newly descending Creator Gods. In this sense you could also make the connection that YOU – the PAT – are also the much discussed and anticipated “disclosure” event.

Me: So is our timetable still looking the same?

HS: Very much so. By September 23/24, all will be finished, to the point of your post-ascension returns (for those who choose to return.) I don’t want to give more detail than this for reasons already explained. But you the PAT, are putting the pieces together remarkably well and already KNOW that the time is near. Keep dreaming and holding those intentions! We are READY and EAGER to welcome you on the “other-side!”


Dear April,

the last message from your HS deals one more time with the simple fact that we create our destinies with our ideas, wishes and imagination. This happens on a daily basis and not only now with respect to our ascension and official appearance as Creator Gods in front of humanity. Of course the scope of this event is of cosmic proportions and will change the course of this planet for ever.

But still we need not do much more than we always do when we envision our future. Only this time we are well advised to charge our post-ascension scenario in a conscious manner as this will create a better alternative for our appearance in front of humanity during the most vulnerable and crucial first phase of total change, when the ID split and the magnetic pole reversal will come. What we will do in the first hours will impact the history of the new planet and humanity for eons of time. Hence the uniqueness of our current decisions how each one of us would like to appear for the first time as ascended master in front of humanity.

I do agree with your HS that too much publications on the topic on this website may create some unnecessary chaos as words (language) are a poor substitute for the multi-dimensional reality we will then represent, and that it is much better for each member of the PAT to gestalt his vision for himself in privacy. These individual wishes will be then moulded in the higher realms to a perfect plan for the collective appearance of  the PAT. Therefore continue imagining the best and most exciting version of your ascension and appearance, but keep it somewhat cloaked as April’s HS recommends. There are good reasons for that.

Each time when we make a vital decision on this website, the number of anonymous emails with false Internet addresses grows exponentially. They all want to intrude in our decisions in a most malignant and subversive manner. This last decision makes no exception. I received only yesterday more than 7 anonymous emails with a false address with a very subversive, dark character.

It is no secret that our website is closely observed by the dark secret services since it appeared one year when the notorious CIA group with the name of “Satina” tried to hijack this website. Nothing essential has changed since then with regard to the malignant intends of the dark forces. However, these dark forces have realized (or maybe still not) that they have no lever to influence this website as it does not operate as a normal blog, where agent provocateurs can infiltrate the discussions and derail them.

All information must come first through myself as a filter of truthfulness. And although I am extremely liberal and forge consciously the diversity of opinions, and never apply any censorship, other than the criterion of truthfulness, I must block such dark attempts to poison our discussion and I never publish them. This is the reason why our discussions on this website have preserved their purity and have increased their spiritual and intellectual quality over time, as the PAT progressed to an impermeable alloy of dedicated, unwavering souls.

The post-ascension scenario has always been in the centre of my predictions and I have discussed it extensively in my five books on Gnosis. Of course I related most of it to my personal ascension and to the subsequent ascension of other entities. At that time I was not completely sure that we will ascend as collective at the same time, although this alternative was my favourite outcome.

However until I opened this website last August, I was not sure how many of the PAT members exist and are willing, and planning to connect the dots in the End Time. This part of the plan could only be revealed to me when I was urged by my HS to open this website contrary to my previous decision to boycott Internet. Let us not forget that there are some dispersed members of the PAT who do not actively participate in our discussions on this website – one of them is Anthony Kane – as they have chosen a more solitary path during this last incarnation.

I know these are “old camels”, but I think it is worth summing up one last time the history of the PAT as to better envisage the future activities and the global role that this group of Earth Keepers is chosen to play in the shaping of the history of the new mankind.

It has always been a recurrent motif in my writings and discussions that the widely discussed and expected “Disclosure” and “First Contact” can never be with other galactic civilisations, but with us, humans, as multi-dimensional beings. I have discussed this issue with Alfred Webre before I opened this website. He namely believed that the term “exopolitics” is a sufficient ground that humanity will establish contact with extra-terrestrials. He vehemently rejected my proposal to rename his website to “endopolitics” and try to establish contact with his HS as the real extra-terrestrial entity disguised in the human body of Alfred Webre.

Recently he accused me on this website of being a false prophet only because I am talking about personal ascension, which is, by the way, at present the only topic of all channeled messages. It was not so only several months ago and I remember very well when I first opened this website how many of these light workers accused me of megalomania only because I wrote on my homepage that I will be the first ascended master. Those who knew, came to me because they also knew that they will be the first ascended human masters and this is how the PAT connected.

This basic motif was in the centre of my polemics with Steve Beckow and the like, who still have not grasped the reality of the End Times – the evolution of the incarnated personality in the inner space of the soul, which manifests as LBP in the outer physical space, as to grow to a multi-dimensional personality or even an ascended master.

This is the line of division between the members of the PAT, who know that they are Creator Gods, temporally disguised in human bodies, and the rest of the LW community, who still believe that progress can only be imported from benevolent extra-terrestrials as humans, themselves, are so dumbed down that they cannot have a true evolution on their own. In this way they only perpetuate their disempowerment in their still omni-present Orion enslavement, to which humanity was dumbed down by malevolent extra-terrestrial beings from the Orion/Reptilian empire, who have failed to ascend numerous times – only this time with an opposite sign.

In other words, such misguided light workers as Alfred Webre, Steven Beckow, Wilcock, etc. still remain stuck in the eternal duality on this planet, which must be surmounted now in the course of the ascension process, leading to unity with All-That-Is.

Finally, I liked most the statement of your HS that when we appear in front of humanity as ascended masters, we will be the most magnificent creatures this planet has ever seen since the Elohim dwelt on the pristine earth when they first created it. The impact, which we will make on humanity and their petty minds in this form, will be so overwhelming and profound that it will not only be the wake up call for many of them, but it will also be a real cultural and mental shock for the rest. Many will never recover from this state of total emotional, mental and physical anaesthesia and must leave earth through a physical death.

Let us not forget that the wake up call will be carried out by extremely powerful energies from the Source  which will be unleashed by the PAT supernova and the ID split, and will knock down the physical vessels of many human beings who are not prepared to incorporate these extremely powerful energies due to their numerous blockages and current low frequency vibrations.

Since the beginning of this week the season of ascension is opened. It will be a short period full of dramatic events and the PAT will be in the centre of all of them. “Let it be, let it be…”, as the Beatles sang once!

With love and light


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