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September 14, 2012

Dear Georgi,

last e-mail to say hello and thank you for being our captain. I just finished reading the answer to Carla, your explanations are always clear and comprehensive. I have carefully followed all the discussions about our upcoming Ascension and the messages of April and Dorie, and I always felt my heart vibrate in connection with this that makes me feel to be almost there “at home”.

I’m not here to tell you my recurrent visions, since in many respects they coincide with the views of the others.
For sure I’ll be with you in Rome, after a life lived to study this false and hypocritical religion and this occasion moves me and makes me feel strong in what I have, consciously and subconsciously, always felt about it.

I could write more, but I prefer to connect telepathically to all of you and meet you in your dreams waiting to meet you in the Light. I’m ready, any time is excellent, I stated that I want to ascend in the quiet of my home, alone or in front of my family, I am flexible to any changes, and I’m sure it will be a wonderful ecstatic moment, where I finally will feel the unconditional love and peace to which we all aspire.

As ascended master and Keeper of the New Earth I will be immortal multi-dimensional being. I am here to help this New Earth and humanity to make the evolutionary leap.

As ascended master I see you all and I honor you all, waiting for the signal “GO”.

With Love and Light
Daniela Lupo, Italy
September 14, 2012

Dear George,

I can’t wait to get the show started in the Vatican. I know that’s one of the main reasons why I’m still in Italy. I started reading the PAT’s visions. I love it when we engage in this kind of creative process. I still have to catch up with the latest posts. Internet is very limited here. I can feel how our energy is rising up everyday more and more.

I dreamed again about seeing our planet very big on the horizon. In the dream I knew that was the beginning of the show. So this is how I envision the beginning of our ascension.

Everything takes place during the day. Our planet (A/B) starts raising on the horizon. This can be seen from all over the world. The sky is a pallet of colors combined with moving clouds and lights. Everybody is going to see the same spectacle. Our friends and family will recognize us.

I do feel we are going to literally start levitating, no matter if we are alone at the moment or in company. Humanity is going to hear a short, but straight message stating that everything they have been taught is a lie.

I also see a blinding bright light. Humanity, the part that are meant to go to earth A/B is going to be knocked down for those 3 days after this blinding light.

I’m already in contact with sweet April. She has my number in case she needs to reach me.

September 14, 2012

Namaste, Georgi and fellow PAT members!

I’m really excited as I’m writing this, as I’ve never felt I had enough to say to have an excuse to write this in, but after reading the message from April’s HS, I thought I’d share my excitement for these wonderful times we’re so fortunate to experience.

I was always an incredibly intuitive (at times psychic) child – I have always operated not by the rules of this matrix, but by the whispers of my soul, which has brought me to feel, for the first two decades of my life, like something is incredibly wrong with the way this planet is run. I’ve always had this vague feeling that I was meant to save the world somehow, to lift the spirits of my fellow human beings from the gallows they’ve been forced into, but superheros are not real and one little girl can’t right countless eras of wrongs so I settled with going to college to study all sorts of art and eventually psychology.

The beginning of 2012 heralded in a time of complete transformation for me. A series of events led to the true awakening of my half-slumbering consciousness, the realization of my true origin and potential and the fact that I’ve been chest-deep in LBP for years now (explaining why I’ve always suffered from oddly specific health issues that no one could correctly diagnose). I have learned an unfathomable amount about the true nature of our universe in only the past few months – it feels like my brain has been blown apart to make room for my true Self.

I was excited to read about the crystalline children who have come far enough to be actual PAT members – I got much more pronounced chills than when I usually read this website – for I had been hoping that I would make it in time to join you and it has been made incredibly clear that this is what has happened.

I was always worried about my generation, having been born at the beginning of the crystalline age…but this year alone it’s become increasingly clear how ready we all are to take on this change. Irresponsibility has taken a 180-degree shift into awareness amongst us – I cannot stress how amazing it is that I notice so many people seem to ‘get it’ subconsciously, and I have no doubt that when our supernova ignites they will be right there to help us usher in this era of peace, love, unity, and respect. (Forgive my reference to rave culture – I’ve found that this particular faction of society has demonstrated the greatest and most inspiring understanding of consciousness and the fact that we are all One, and in fact my participation has almost everything to do with what led me to all of this.)

I have been imagining all sorts of scenarios for my personal ascension, but I am flexible in that as I know it is a complex plan and am willing, really, to go about it however the universe and remaining PAT see fit. I felt it was more important to envision and charge with intent my return. I wanted to appear first in my hometown, in Florida, as this is a very orthodox Christian town with incredibly closed-minded values and I know that the impact this will have will turn that all around in a positive way because those who know me around here see me as incredibly peaceful, wise, and trustworthy – I believe that they will follow, and I believe that there are many around here who will help spread the vital awareness.

I then plan to go to New York City, where I lived last year, and address the people there as I have always had a feeling that my presence there would be of incredible impact not only to the United States but the entire world. After things there are taken care of, honestly, I am all too glad to do what I’ve been meant to do all along – help people reach full consciousness and peace – not on a small scale as a psychologist, but on a global scale as a true lightworker.

I really hope our ascension brings my family, particularly my mother, to a positive awareness. My mother was one of the original New-Agers from the hippie days. She believes she is a goddess, and she believes in cosmic consciousness and all that cool stuff, but she is farther from enlightenment than anyone I know. I feel as if she began her spiritual journey long ago and, like far too many of her time, felt that after spending her teens and twenties exploring the universe in a psychonautic fashion, she knew it all and needed to learn no more. If she chooses to remain on Earth B I would not blame her – her soul is incredibly young and has so much to learn – but I would love to help her and her friends open themselves up to the real truth. I can only pray that when the time comes, they will listen.

I am glad that no one has listened taken me seriously throughout my life, because it taught me not to take life seriously and that’s the only way I could have opened up to the Truths that I’ve acquired up until now, and that I continue to acquire as the hours tick on. I am even more glad that, after this transformation, they will finally begin to listen, and even understand.

My main reason for writing in was just to connect with you, Georgi, and everyone in the PAT – for as of late, what with all these dates being announced and then passing with little more results, and with so many others reporting portal test-runs and things that I haven’t experienced, I’ve been getting a bit antsy and worried that maybe I fell short just before the deadline – but I know this isn’t true, I’m just a bit disconnected at the moment, which I’ve been brought to understand is for mine and everyone’s well-being until the event.

In any case, I’m incredibly pleased to finally reach out and say hello to you all – we are already working together but will so soon be able to meet, and this is really exciting!

Love and Light, everyone!!
— Noelle


Dear Noelle,

thank you very much for your first comprehensive email to me and the PAT. I am happy to hear that you have finally found the way to connect us, most probably in the very last moment. I am also happy to learn that you also see the tremendous progress which all crystalline children have made in the last months and that they fully deserve to be the new teachers of humanity. and to take responsibility for the other people who still need full awakening as is the case with your mother. She will also ascend with earth A, no doubt about it, but you will eventually be her teacher for a while. This reversal of family roles will be very much online with the dramatic changes and the old generation must first get used to it. This will be your pedagogic duty in the first place – to make them accept this new situation to their best.

With love and light



September 14, 2012

Dear Captain,

PAT, Mara Burger reporting for duty. On 24/7 standby alert awaiting further instructions from you. This is how I envisage telepathic conversation between you, our Captain, and PAT when the call comes through.

Captain Georgi Stankov to PAT:

Portals open? Check!
Ascension fires ignite? Check!
PAT ready? Check!
Save journey and may God’s love be with you!
Detonator key?  Check!
Turn detonator key? Check!
Commencing countdown:

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One
Detonate Supernova?  Check!

Lift off!

Captain Georgi Stankov to PAT:

Congratulations PAT, you have made the grade, see you shortly!

Love and Light always
Dear Mara,

very dramatic – worth of an Orion Oscar for best script.

With love and light
Ha, ha! Thanks!
September 14, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I have spent some time thinking about how my ascension will go and I do agree that it is wise to drop the finer details. Here are some general ideas:

First of all my ascension must be in front of family, since unobserved disappearances are too easily blamed on intransigent behaviour or mental illness.

What better way to teach about the divinity of humanity?  In one fell swoop we will demonstrate that a good part of current teachings are manipulative and replete with misinformation. With a good part of humanity believing that it is unworthy and that it just does not hold the Christ consciousness within, humanity really needs to SEE ascension, in order to believe the ascension consciousness lessons that will follow. I embrace the role as teacher to help humanity contemplate and overcome this paralyzing state of consciousness.

I have also been planning to accompany you and the PAT directly to Italy to address the Church.

I am open to go anywhere where I am needed, especially with regard to Health Care. This is sacred service and I am really looking forward to it!

With love and light,
September 14, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I’ve been reading your breaking news for a number of months. It is very interesting. I appreciate what you are doing.  I’ve really felt no need to give my input, until now. You and then later Marek said a phrase that really caught my eye.  As you and others have said many times, we seem to all be linked telepathically and synchronicities abound. And that uncanniness has struck again for me lately.


You said this:

“My Dear PAT Fellows,we have it in our hands – we are the only ones to determine how and when our ascension will take place. It has always been so – with all our decrees in the past and with our steadfastness to go our way and fulfil our mission. No higher council can make this decision for us. ”

And from:

Marek said this:

“I don’t think that cosmic visual effects alone are enough for a wake-up call. I tried to imagine (if I were in a place of a Higher Council ) how would I ensure that all the world will see at one moment our official appearance.”

The reason that this all caught my attention is that I have received messages from my HS, just recently, concerning “the high council”.  I’ve never had this term / phrase come up before. Could you please tell me what you know about the high council and perhaps you could ask April, Dorie and others to inquire of their own higher selves who the high council is.

With love and light and appreciation.
Dear Gemma,

the high council is just a word for higher energetic authorities that coordinate all activities regarding the ascension of the earth and the human population. They are not even councils, but huge energetic layers and huge conglomerates of soul families beyond the 5th dimension (causal worlds etc.), which now operate as one entity. Human perceptions cannot be adequate means to encompass these complex energetic dimensions. They are placed just below the source of this universe, from where the ultimate decision for ascension will come.

I will publish today the latest and probably last message from April, which addresses the “chain of command” and decision making for the PAT ascension.

With love and light
September 14, 2012

Hey Doc:

Good morning!  I hope all is good and going as expected! I have been reading the PAT posts and the associated links that have been included in the correspondence. Some of the ‘messages’ have advised us to pay attention to the weather (rain, the color of the skies at dawn and dusk, etc.).  As a photographer for the past year, I have intuitively been doing just that.

On Tuesday, 9/4 – I noticed a cloud formation late in the evening. For the next hour, I took pix of this amazing thunder head as it morphed into many shapes and colors. Attached are some of these images that I would like to share with you and the others (see below). More can be found on my web page: (gallery “Thunder’s Heads”)

My $.02: since I am a visual kind of person, this cloud is a physical representation of my ‘portal’ and has opened B-I-G and W-I-D-E.  My 3D work here is nearing completion, as I move into my full time role as a facilitator.

Thnx and have a spin-up day!

September 14, 2012

A link to the latest essay from divsy:

Why Ascension Frequencies/Energies are not perceived, validated by the general public
September 14, 2012

Hi Georgi.

Thought I  would bring your attention to a bright white light explosion of sorts in Arizona. Saw it this morning, but the description is interesting to say the least. Apparently it turned into a rainbow etc. He describes further asking could this be something divine of sorts. Never seen anything like it. Can’t give link on my phone. But be something or nothing

Dear Eugene,

I assume that this explosion that turned into a white spiral with a rainbow tail is the kind of pyrotechnical effects which the GF will provide when we will ascend as to trigger the wake up call of the masses. This was already announced by the HSs of April and Dorie.

I have added below two links, which I have found on the Internet on these two related events.

With love and light
Explosion in Arizona:

Spiral after the explosion in Arizona:

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