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On the Imminent Ascension of the PAT

September 8, 2012

Our energy cannot now be contained by the GF and others who would hold us back


I just read April’s latest message, which resonated with me especially about being energetically finished. I am getting a message from my HS, which I have tried to hinder because I don’t completely trust it any longer, but it keeps coming through anyway and it is this. “Your vibrations individually and as the PAT group are so high and in line with the higher realms that nothing can now contain you.

I wasn’t sure what that meant but, after reading April’s message, I have concluded that we have now downloaded and distributed the last of required light codes. There were members in the GF and perhaps even others in the higher realms who wanted to keep us on the ground until the last possible minute, maybe even 12-21, but this is now not possible. Our energy level is so high that our detonation cannot be stopped.

The GF has members who were seeded here as all LW were to awaken during this time. Some of them did not and will not before our detonation. But this is not the original plan and some members of the GF are not happy and still wanted to follow the original script because when their members wake up it causes the whole group to ascend in a sense. They have even petitioned our HS to this purpose and they have delayed us as well. This happens in the dream and many members of PAT remember portions of these meetings from their dreams. I don’t quite understand how it all work.

Delays are no longer possible however. In fact delays so far have not helped awaken many if any, but it has increased the energy level, which will help in the awakening after the ID split. It will now take a dramatic event and even the most insistent GF members, as well as our HS, have now agreed that this must now take place. After the fuse has been lit, dynamite has to explode and that is what has happened to us as a group. The reason I keep hearing “ascension go” is  that it is the sound of my motor, all of our motors really revving.

“This coming week, really the first part will be celebrated in the higher realms forever”. This is the last part of the message. Forgive me HS and PAT for not completely believing. I want to believe. Anyway Anita and I have been sleeping very soundly the last two nights and generally better physically, but a bit sad. I have noticed that my pets are much better lately almost perky. I am not sure what that means. Maybe they will be the first to ascend and us follow.

Dear Jerry,

thank you very much for your latest validation. I fully concur with you that the GF wanted us to stay longer on the ground as to support their slumbering ground crew of souls. This has been actually my recurrent complaint for some time. This was the reason why I explicitly wrote in the last decree that we cancel the cooperation with the GF and will ascend without their people.

This accelerated dramatically the ascension process, as I was indeed afraid that we might stay until December on the ground and suffer one nasty wave after the other, only to save these lost souls. But I also firmly believe that our HS urged us actively to change the initial plan with our third and last decree and they cheated us so obviously and clumsily that we could not do anything else, but respond in this indignant manner and issue this pivotal decree, which has already sealed the destiny of this planet and its population in a most dramatic way. One cannot underestimate its impact on future generations of incarnated souls.

Our HSs also wanted us to ascend as early as possible and not being sacrificed in vain for other souls, who have not lived up to their soul contracts. In fact the desolate situation of the New Age movement as explicitly discussed by myself in the last several publications perspires this truth and explains why we had to detach from the destiny of these souls in such a resolute manner.

But it is not only about the fence straddles, many of whom will now perish in the coming dramatic catastrophes. Many star seeds and LW who were supposed to ascend with us will not do it and will have to wait until December. Some of them were supposed to achieve a cosmic ascension beyond the 5th dimension, but they failed and now will only participate in the mass ascension to the lower second level of the 5th dimension, where the blueprint of the new earth A already exists. This is a huge failure from the point of view of these soul families. This is what I get from my HS.

One lats aspect: April’s HS confirmed that we will be needed immediately after ascension on the ground to lead the people in the chaotic times in the aftermath of the ID split. This is what I sense for some time. This urgency is also the result of the smaller numbers that will ascend in the first wave during the ID split than initially planned, so that we will need to fix the situation, although we will be by then Elohims and will not need to appear so massively on the new balanced earth A/B. Now we must also take over this part of the post ID split scenario.

Anyway, we will know the details soon and then we can discuss them with more factual background. But there is no doubt that we are now on the cusp of ascension and only have to determine how we wish to ascend and appear officially in front of humanity as Ascended Masters and the new Earth Keepers.

With love and light
September 9, 2012

Update from the Bahamas!

Dear George:

So glad to see you are back in the saddle with regards to communication.  Lots of sudden deaths occurring around here. General stress all around. NO ONE here even really knows what ascension is, so I don’t really talk about it with others. However, everyone agrees that “something is up” in general regarding energy.

Personally, I could not see a portal for myself or anything but a week or so ago, there it was. It is like a giant jellyfish tissue type thingy – not these diamond light crystal things.  It was permeable and had a huge opening at the top with tendrils. It was pinkish tinted with blue/purple edges.  Did I see a portal?  I am not so sure but then I know I saw something.

I have a question. What if we already ascended and the dross is getting ready to get wiped off of the new platform?  I guess what I am asking is, perhaps we don’t disappear, but the Earth B stuff does around us? It just falls away.

I have a dog with severe alleged allergies but he is actually very in tune with the Universe. He finally started looking healthy again about a week or so ago. Like a puppy. And I have seen no moon at all for a week. Very weird.

Ascension as far as I am concerned is happening now. Right now. We are in the throws of big movement moving towards rest. I could be dead wrong but that is how I am seeing this whole experience. The end of Ascension is what we are perhaps looking to witness. The final flip over? A resting period before new, massive movement?   Everything continually moves…..

Who knows. This apparently is a grand experiment. I am glad you like facts and evidence and have documented this whole process quite well through your website. Thank you for doing this.

Have a great evening and day tomorrow. I truly feel I don’t know where I am even located anymore!

In love and light ….
Dear Liz,

thank you for your energy update from the Bahamas. Only today I dreamt that I walk on the streets of Munich and the people simply dropped on the ground and died. I had to explain to the other people that passed by and were scared that this kind of sudden death is planned for the End Times and now you report a similar trend from the Bahamas.

Well, according to the theory of relativity it does not matter if you stay still in a train and the other train next to you starts moving – you  have the impression as if you are moving, especially if it is a noiseless TGV train in France. It all depends on the reference system. Therefore, it is principally irrelevant if the people will have the impression that they stay on the same planet when some other parts of it disappear.

However, the new 4d-balanced earth A/B that will emerge after the ID split will contain many new technologies and will be also geographically different, so that after the initial perception of sameness the people will notice the difference. Besides, their brains and bodies will be also recalibrated and they will enjoy a new awareness that will make a different species out of the present homo sapiens.

The higher vibrations of the 5d-cities of light are now descending on this earth and change the astral atmosphere dramatically. I only wonder why this fact is not perceived by the masses. This is the reason why we need a real wake up call for the masses to also begin noticing the arrival of these dramatic energetic changes.

With love and light
September 9, 2012

Hi Georgi –

Thanks for continuing to share posts and articles. Reading them and sending my messages to you have become the high point of my day most days during the last few weeks.

I mentioned in a recent post that I’ve only gotten brief glimpses of my portal a few times, and most of those were just before 11-11-11.  My HS has given me very little additional information about my portal, and I’ve felt frustrated by this at times. At times I’ve felt envious of the PAT members who see their portals vividly, and have been working with them for a while.

Tonight I took my usual long walk near my home, and didn’t feel too good. I was having some doubts about Ascension and whether or not I will Ascend in the near future. After I started my walk I started experiencing  what felt like an Ascension test run. I’ve experienced these before, while I’ve taken my walks, so I didn’t think much of it at first.

After a while the left side of my body started feeling kind of strange, like it was getting much lighter and starting to dematerialize. I could see my portal clearly on the left side of my body, and felt the left side of my body enter it. I continued my walk, and felt like the left side of my body was still in my portal. After a while my spatial sense become somewhat distorted. I don’t know how to accurately describe this because I’ve never experienced anything like it before. The best way I can describe it is to say that I felt I couldn’t tell if the things in front of me were close or far away. I had this feeling even though I could still see everything clearly, and my mind knew from visual cues and previous experience how far away they were. I felt like things were moving towards me or away from me even though I could see they weren’t doing that. Later I had the feeling that the ground in front of me was wavy, and was undulating.

I still had this feeling even though my eyes told me that the ground was solid and everything looked exactly the same as it always does. After a while I felt that the ground in front of me was rising up 5 or 10 feet (approx. 2 to 4 meters).   After that I could see (in my mind’s eye) and sense waves of intense, bright energy coming towards me on the left side of my body.  I could feel them pass through me. I continued my walk, and these various sensations continued.  At times I felt like my whole body was inside my portal, and the right side of it drifted in and out of it, while the left side of my body stayed inside it.

I saw a raccoon ahead of me, which surprised me a lot. It was in a place where one would never expect to see a raccoon, and my HS told me that it was a sign of some sort. Incidentally, I live in the downtown area of a big city, and have never seen a raccoon in the 23 years I’ve lived here. I wanted to keep walking, but my HS told me to return home immediately and send you a message about this experience immediately, while the details of it were still fresh in my mind. I did that. The left side of my head and parts of the left side of the rest of my body still feel light and like they are about to dematerialize.

At times during my walk I felt as if the things I was looking at could morph or move around at any moment. I felt like the cars I looked at could start flying rather than driving down the road. I also felt myself lifting up off the ground several times during my walk, even though I could see that I wasn’t physically doing so. I’ve never experienced anything like this even during my previous Ascension test runs.

Dear Tom,

this is a very vivid description of the actual experience during an ascension test run. I have the same sensations for some time, though not in this dramatic way, as they stay with me most of the time and I can balance them in daily life. By the way, the first time I felt as a drunken sailor and the ground under my feet and all objects  began to move and undulate in unpredictable vibrational patterns around me was in 1999. At that time I was not able to drive a car or do anything meaningful, e.g. a deliberate physical exercise or any work for several months, before the old 3d-sensations slowly recovered.

This always happens when you are transported in the multidimensional reality and have to adopt to it first. The old 3d-senses are inhibited and the new multi-dimensional operating system is still not fully developed.

The energies of ascension come from the left brain portal as you have experienced, and it is still a conundrum to me why this simple truth has not gained a broader acceptance in the LW community, who still chat about their right emotional brain. Obviously their left brain is amputated and their energetic connection to the higher self fully blocked. No wonder why they produce such a trash on a daily basis. If you have an open left brain portal, as all PAT members do, you can never believe this kind of crap as you feel all the time the higher frequency energies flowing through your physical body and fields.

Thank you for this description, which will be of help to the other readers.

With love and light
September 9, 2012

Thank You.

It seems that although I found your site and am carefully reading to get clarification and understanding re: Laws of the Universe and where we are in the overall plan from the top down….and by choice already known in destiny, there’s more for me in this changing realm to do. I was told yesterday, when my radio would not/could not pick up, any signals at all, that I had changed frequencies. Profound connections took place last evening and today on many levels from my short trip last evening and arriving home an hour or so ago. And, the radio was back on frequencies again.

I have often just ‘known’ many things during my life. Now, it seems I know beforehand what the upcoming galactic events will be and in some way will now be working in the multi-dimensional elements as this physical life continues until the total light body change takes place. I, for one, am not going to get caught up in date setting and the frustration, depression, disappointment that goes with it. I did not know what ‘tomorrow was actually going to bring and/or be in my life before; just allowed for the flow that gave much more than anticipated when in high gear, or needed help with days of no changes in between.

There is a change and connection for me now on levels that have a seed element planted, so I am again, at peace with All That Is = the Energy that creates ‘this life for me.’

Peace and Light,
Dear Leanita,

such events as the lack of radio transmissions are always indicative of what will come on a larger scale. It is good to hear that you are in synchronicity with All-That-Is. We need this equilibrium shortly before our ascension.

With love and light
September 9, 2012

Phew! I’m glad this is over… the last week has seen the LBP at maximum warp for this vessel.  Love all the posts from the PAT and, even though I have not been visible, have followed all of it.  Your release of the Optimization article was so very appreciated.  I have longed for more info on the Elohim as I am identified with that creative source.

I wait patiently now for our Supernova and the adventure that lies in the stars.

In love and light,
September 9, 2012

Dear Dr. Stankov,

I just felt the need to tell you that by strange coincidence, I am in Turkey visiting my husband’s family for a couple weeks, which is the same place I was during 11-11-11 last year. I don’t really know the significance of this, but I strongly feel that this is a sign that ascension is very near. Love and light,

Erin (USA)
Dear Erin,

It is good that you write from Turkey. As there are no coincidences in this world, you are surely on the right place at the right time. See that you mesmerize the Turks with your light pillar when you ascend. How long will  you stay there?

With love and light
Dr. Stankov,

I am here for another two weeks. I hope my pıllar of light will awaken as many Turks as possible. Most of them seem to be deeply sleeping.

Love and light,
September 9, 2012

Dear George,

It warms my heart to know you are moved in at this time and have the grace to be alone at home taking the dogs for extended walks. I too am alone this week walking the dog along the old railroad tracks and past the water reservoir.  It’s better this way.

I reach out to have another opportunity to express my endless gratitude and love for holding us together this past year. You brightened us immeasurably with your knowledge, vision, and love. I also wish again to express my deep gratitude and love to every PAT member for sharing their unfolding processes with me. It kept me going through the motions of being here in this reality. I hold a loving focus upon our Supernova liftoff, the immediate joy of being released from this 3rddimensional existence, and the joy of being together as we recognize our true selves and our fully revealed mission with 4th and higher dimensions.

September 7th I was depressed.  For a reason I cannot yet understand the entire day had a theme of nothing going well and needing to take many meaningless step by step actions in order to solve old paradigm issues I cared little to nothing about. By the end of the day, I found myself unable even to cope with my husband’s perceptions.  You can imagine this morning I did a joy dance with the dog after reading April’s last conversation with her higher self about visualizing our chosen whereabouts furor cosmic event. Oddly I may be in a Mormon church for a baptism this coming week with the usual characters! Wouldn’t that be a hilarious liftoff opportunity?

Your review article on The Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization was welcome. It helped me recognize the extent to which I have absorbed this understanding over the past year without bumping into words. Yes, we have lost PAT members along the way this past year. But I sense there are still thousands who, like myself, live/eat/breath/anguish over/laugh hilariously/do joy dances around/envision the knowledge and sharing that you have provided.

Much Love,

September 9, 2012

Dear George,

I was so honored to receive your email reply so promptly, the very next day, thank you! But, what I did not expect,and what really blew my mind, was that you would post it on your website!!  Yesterday, my boyfriend Llewellyn (see below) was reading “a” post (aloud) on your site, I jumped up and yelled “hey, that’s MY email to Mr Stankov! Holy cow!”…Needless to say, that made me feel super special, just an email reply from you meant so much to me.

What I would like to add here, is that yesterday I came across this website I scrolled down and almost fell of the couch, as the “cross” in my dream, looked EXACTLY like the drawing of equilateral cross with circles at each cardinal point. According to the above article, it is a Sirian Stargate!! How exciting to me personally.

I also would like to add, that my dream began with a milli-second long fleeting thought “oh shit! what just happened?!”, when I quickly turned my head to left, towards the bright light, that felt like an explosion, why not just call it, supernova. But then,immediately after, I “exhaled and felt the ultimate peace” while looking at the beauty of the Universe at awe. The spiral galaxy, sun-like yellow ball of fire, and what I now know, was the symbol of a Stargate.

Dear Freia,

It is known that I publish many emails from our readers and I try to publish most of the first emails when the people first establish contact with me.

In fact your boyfriend just sent me his two poems, which I very much liked and I have promised him to publish them in the next report (see below).

It is known that the new ascended 5d-earth A will evolve in close energetic connection to Sirius as it will follow the pattern of this civilisation. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that you have seen a Syrian Stargate in the dream  state. In fact much of the current evolution has also been stimulated by energetically linking the earth to this star system, however at a much lower level. But the new earth A will follow more or less the energetic patterns of the Sirians as they were the first genetic engineers of the indigenous (yellow) population of Gaia, which will be revitalized after Ascension. We discussed the books from the Great Central Sun by Karin Danrich some time ago on our website, where this information is given. You have to use the search function on my website to find the corresponding posts with the links.

With love and light
September 8, 2012



Dear Georgi,

I have greatly enjoyed the truly diverse candor & banter that is expressed so eloquently in the numerous posts that I have consumed on your site. I wrote that poem above 20+ years ago (around 14) and found it, just the other day. My HS was quite astute even then. I thought in its simplicity, it speaks the PAT. It did to me.

This one is not bad either.



Soon my friends.
Love & Light for all the PAT.

Dear Dirk,

thank you very much for contacting me for the first time in the proverbial “last minute” before our ascension. But It is always better “to be late than never”, as the Germans use to say. I am happy that you have enjoyed our publications, just as I like very much your poetry and will definitely publish it in the next report.

With dove and light

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