How I Envision my Personal Ascension and Official Appearance as Ascended Master

by Henry Clymer and Georgi Stankov, September 10, 2012

Dear Georgi,

After spending several days in thought, I have decided how I would like to ascend. My personal portal is around the house and parking lot (one portal). It is encircled by flames to keep out the unwanted. It is sometimes hard for me to believe that I am the only person from Rochester, New York in the PAT.

My body will be perfect, with perfect teeth, and I intend to preside over whatever the Higher Beings want me to do.  BUT, I want to be with your group when you go to the Pope to bring down the church. So, I will have to go to Freising, to your portal, to be with the group. Anna can pick me up there, in her new car. Then I want to go to the Alps to be at Martina’s PAT shrine. And then its back to work, at wherever the Higher Beings want to place me.  Language will be no problem. So that is what I intend to do.

In Love and Light,

Dear Henry,

I am very happy that you have mentioned your desire to go with me to the Vatican and demise the pope as you must have read my thoughts in the last days. While I have no special desires where I should ascend – most probably within the family as to give them my final proverbial astral kick in the asses – I do have special ideas where to appear first.

In fact since two days I am working on my appearance scenario – the Second Coming of Christ – with the PAT. As I have mentioned previously on this website, I was supposed to ascend on October 13, 2010 and appear in Fatima in front of the regular gathering of one million pilgrims at this date in order to fulfil the third Fatima prophecy about the demise of the Pope and the abolition of the Catholic Church. Then this scenario was postponed as usual.

But I hate to lose a good trump and as we still have it in our sleeves, I has just brooded this morning, while going outside with the dog, that it will still be a good idea to show up shortly in Fatima on September 13 (the six-month-cycle of apparition in Fatima on the 13th of each month between May and October when many pilgrims gather at this place) and then to announce my official appearance on Sunday, September 16 at the Peter’s square during the Sunday’s sermon of the Pope as to replace him and to demise all cardinals and clerics in this rotten place with name of Vatican. This will be the takeover of the Vatican and the Catholic Church by the PAT as the true ancestor souls of Apollonius of Tyana, the anointed Jesus Christ, and his followers.

There, I envisioned to meet with some other members of the PAT, such as April who will be in Assisi at this time and Monica, who is already in Italy, but also with some of our Italian PAT members.

I am now happy that you have made up your mind  to participate in this heavenly delegation that will take over the Vatican and the Catholic church, and later on the whole Christianity and all other organized religions.

However, in order for this scenario to succeed, we must ascend and appear before the “shit will hit the fan”. If we trigger with our PAT supernova simultaneously the magnetic pole reversal and the collapse of the Orion economic and financial systems, then there is no point for us to appear at these places, as they will be probably destroyed and the masses will be already in a total shock.

Therefore, I had an inkling from my HS this morning that we may be the actual wake up call for humanity through our collective Ascension and immediate official appearance in front of the masses. Probably this is what April’s HS wanted to give us as a hint when she told us that we are needed immediately on the ground after ascension and that we may ascend before the calamities will begin, as these may unfold several days later.

Our ascension and appearance will be the visual cosmic event that will serve as a wake up call for the masses and will announce the coming of the other more catastrophic events as Dorie’s HS hinted. The higher realms may help additionally with some spectacular visual effects in the skies to underscore the importance of our ascension and make it visible to the whole humanity. It is a good psychological strategy to begin with a hilarious event before the “bad movie” with the catastrophic events will engulf the people.

In this case, this week September 10-16 should be the week of our ascension and official appearance and the catastrophes may begin in the week Sept 16-23, when we will stay as ascended masters with humanity and will help them go through these difficult times. We will show them in the first place what every human being is able to achieve if he/she proceeds with the LBP and the evolution of the soul as indomitably and diligently as all PAT members have done in the past. The miracles we will able to demonstrate to the masses will be the necessary consolation that will mitigate their huge fears, which will inevitably surge during this time of huge destruction and massive death toll. This scenario makes a lot of sense to me.

Therefore I am very happy that you have addressed this issue as it triggered my thought flow in this direction, which is not a coincidence but a remarkable synchronicity. I have noticed that you can read my thoughts telepathically in the past and this is an excellent confirmation for me that we are on the right track with our appearance scenario as ascended masters and that this version is also favoured by our HS.

It is getting more and more exciting by the hour.

With love and light


Further contributions on this topic are welcome.


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