Energy Update, September 1, 2012

by Georgi Stankov

I am still not online and fully immersed in my conspicuous Internet silence as imposed on myself by the Orion company “German Telecom”, which used to be a state company and still misuses its monopolistic position to harass its clients in this slumbering country with a population of slave mentality. But I have now provided an USB stick for limited access to Internet as my Internet thriller is still ongoing. However I can only publish my latest publications as well as important information on your part. Although I will do everything possible to read carefully all your emails, I will not be able to answer your emails as extensively as I used to do so far, as long as I still do not have a real Internet connection. 

I would like to present you this case as it is symptomatic for the collapse of the old matrix. After the phone and Internet line was installed by Telecom on August 24 in my new home, we discovered that we do not have the private confidential pin-number, which was given to us 6 years ago with the old Telecom contract. We did not know that we would need this pin-number one more time for the new contract, as we assumed that we will get a new pin-number, but unfortunately this was precisely the case. Without this data we could not install the rooter and get access to Internet. So we immediately asked Telecom to send us the private confidential pin-number per post. Until today I have not received any letter from Telecom, although I am calling everyday and bitterly complaining, after they confirmed to me that they have sent the letter with the pin-number on August 24.

And now the story becomes really bizarre. The small village, where we have moved, has established its own sophisticated Internet connection with glass-fibre cables, which is allegedly the quickest in Germany. The villagers were unhappy, as myself, with the Telecom service and wanted to get rid of this company as a monopolistic end-provider for phone and Internet. This week they installed the last glass-fibre cables in the houses and also came to ours. The village specialist drilled holes for the new glass-fibre cables in the whole house and of course had to manipulate the existing Telecom network. I have no idea what he exactly did, but after that my Internet connection was completely lost.

In fact there is a huge battle now ongoing between this village and the Telecom, similar to that between David and Goliath. Telecom tries to hinder the new “fibre-glass speedway” of this village because it is a pioneer in this respect and many other communities are carefully watching how this revolt (experiment) against the omnipotent German Telecom will end. The old Telecom phone numbers and accesses must be released by Telecom according to a new German law, but this company tries to prevent it with all possible criminal means, as they see a real challenge for their monopolistic position, which is also the cause for their poor service quality. For instance the new village Internet line will be 200 times quicker and more powerful than the current Telecom line. Unfortunately the village has to wait for at least a month before the current phone numbers and endlines are given free by Telecom, so that in the meantime the villagers must still use the old Telecom lines.

I have no idea whether the Internet specialist from the local community deliberately cut off my conventional Internet connection in order that we apply for their new glass-fibre speedway, or whether Telecom is simply boycotting the village and instigated an Internet blockade in this area as the officially start of the new Internet speedway of the village was scheduled for this week. As soon as I realized that our Internet connection was cut on August 30, I immediately called Telecom one more time and they also confirmed that they have information that there is a black-out in this region and that they only know that it is severe and that it will take some time to repair (!?).

Obviously we were caught by surprise between the two fronts and became a victim of the fierce battle between Goliath (Telecom) and David (the village) over communication priorities. And the fight goes on with an uncertain outcome. My feeling is that it will be resolved by a Heavenly Dispensation, but this I cannot tell my neighbors as they will not understand it.

Now this story is typically German, as this country used to exist for centuries as hundreds of small town-states which waged perennial wars for local dominion as was the case during the famous 30-year-war (Dreißigjähriger Krieg), This war devastated Germany (Germanisches Reich) and Central Europe and decimated half of its population during the 17th century, The war began with the “Prague Window Throw” (Prager Fenstersturz) and ended up with the Westphalian peace in Münster, where I studied in the 70s. When I first visited the famous town hall of Münster in 1975, where the peace treaty was officially ratified, I had a powerful vision that I was present at these peace negotiations as an invisible energy authority from the higher realms and influenced decisively the participants who were deadly antagonized to succumb and accept the proposed peace conditions.

It is superfluous to mention that this war was instigated by the PTB who started their genocide program against the human population in anticipation of the End Times on a grand scale as to prevent the coming Epoch of Enlightenment and the beginning of Industrialization, which they feared would emancipate mankind from their enslavement that was much more overt at that time. For this purpose they unleashed after the Westphalian peace treaty an unprecedented pestilence epidemics that ravaged Europa and soon reached England, where it devastated London as it is depicted in many books.

Why this historical excursion? Because all events are closely linked and interdependent – the past, present and future. Of course I could resort to my shamanistic way of thinking as an old soul and try to discover behind this chain of awkward events that hindered me to have access to Internet the divine intervention of my and the PAT’s souls. There are several important reasons why this enforced silence on our website was necessary:

  1. We have already said everything that could be said on the ID split and PAT’s ascension as a Supernova and now we were urged to detach from our verbal communication on this website and turn inward with greater attention to the silent voice of our HS. At least this is what I did and I had some important revelations and insights which essentially confirmed the correctness of all our experiences, decisions and elaborations we have made during the last one year. It is a notable fact that I was cut off from Internet exactly one year after I officially opened this website on August 26, 2011. Since then I have not had a single day, on which I have not worked diligently on this website, either answering your numerous emails or publishing articles and state-of-ascension reports (SOARs).

  1. My HS also told me that this enforced silence was necessary for all PAT members to go undercover in this highly vulnerable period prior to our Ascension and not to publish their latest information from their HS and personal experiences with their portals and energies from the higher realms on this website as it is very carefully read by the dark secret services worldwide and used in their attacks on our portals. It is a fact that I and many of you experienced the most fierce chemtrail attacks on our massively expanding portals during the last two weeks After I moved 12 miles away from my last domicile, but still within the confines of my portal, I noticed that the airplanes with the chemtrails had difficulties to localize me and left their deadly traces further away, while they exactly crossed above my head in the old house many times daily to produce a real carpet of chemtrails which were of course quickly dissolved by the forces of light dwelling in my portal. But still this was a huge disturbance and I felt these attacks physically in a very unpleasant way.

  1. I personally profited from this enforced silence in several ways.

The whole last week, since I moved to the new home and was cut off from Internet, was one of the worst I have ever experienced throughout my long carrier as a “vacuum cleanser of human dross”. The energies during the night shifts were incredibly strong and debilitating and knocked down my already tired body from the daily physical stress carrying furniture to the new house to the point of full physical exhaustion, when I did not even felt to be a human being anymore, but more like a raped virgin and a martyr on the Crucifix at the same time (in case you can imagine this combination). As if the whole darkest dross of humanity came though my personal body field and I felt such a disgust for this species and his toxic planet that I must admit, I was happy not to have had the daily communication with you, as part of this frustration would have inevitably leaked into my correspondence. And this would not have served the cause.

On several occasions since August 20 my HS told me that August 27 will be an important day. Given our past experience with announced dates by our higher selves, I knew that it will only be the next energetic threshold before the PAT supernova will be detonated. On the night to August 27, at 02.00 am, I had a very powerful test run for ascension. The intensity of my body vibrations was augmented many times, so that I was expecting that my physical vessel would disintegrate into billions of atoms and that I would finally leave this earth. This energy peak lasted for at least ten minutes, which is very long for this kind of a test run, but stopped short before reaching the ascension threshold. During the test run I heard repeatedly: “Ascension go, ascension go!” I was made aware that this test run is not about my personal ascension, but about the group ascension through my portal, when many people will leave this planet.

When the test run stopped, my body was suffering tremendously from the overdose with these inhuman high-frequency energies. It affected in the first place my third chakra and caused severe gastric and liver pain with vertigo, dizziness and nausea. I sat for almost an hour in my bed and had to breathe deeply before I was able to stand up.

The next morning I was still very exhausted but in a good mood. In the afternoon I felt very tired again and had to go to bed. Exactly 12 hours after the first test run, at 14.00 pm I had a second test run of ascension, which fortunately did not reach the intensity of the nightly one. I was told that this is the dress rehearsal before the final detonation of the PAT supernova. I assume that some of you have also participated in this test run.

During this test run I had Alfred, my friend, neighbour and a star seed, on my side who helped me organize the group ascension though my portal. Although I know Alfred for many years as our car mechanic, he only recently revealed to me that he is fully involved in the ascension process. However I knew that he is a special person from our first encounter. My soul had told long time ago that I would need somebody who would help me keep my huge portal open and would serve as a guide for the souls to go through my portal and ascend during the ID split, but I was unsure as to who this person would be. This fact only confirms how precise and far-sighted the planning of our souls for the End Time is.

After these two test runs, the energy quality in my physical vessel improved markedly and there came a rare relaxation of the perennial energetic tension that lies upon me for many years. In other words, I felt for the first time as a normal human being, which unfortunately did not last for very long as the ascension rehearsals continued unabatedly in the dream state during the next days. Today I dreamed for instance that I was with my whole family in the 5d-cities of light. I performed a simple energetic procedure on them and all of sudden they opened their eyes and exclaimed in a total surprise how magnificent and blissful this new world were.

It is not necessary to add at this place how weakened my family position currently is, after I officially declared that I would ascend before the move and hence would not participate in it. Now my wife has prepared a calender up to the final date of mass ascension, December 21, 2012, when according to my predictions this world would definitely come to an end. Each day corresponds to a 0,85% loss of my credibility. I am supposed to deduct each day this portion from my personal credibility quotient. Needless to say that when it falls below 50%, my position as a prophet in the family (and elsewhere) will be unsustainable. This will be case by the end of October. This information is just as a matter of fact.

There is no doubt that our portals are now fully opened and have merged with each other, so that the whole planet is enveloped in a kind of a higher dimensional membrane that is opened to all forces of light, but seals the earth at the same time from any dark influence from the lower astral planes. However it cannot prevent the atrocities of the remaining human minions on the ground who still spray their chemtrails, especially above our portals, and try to stop the inevitable.

My information is that the PAT is more than ready to ascend. Now it is all about the final adjustments that must be made by the GF as to optimize their rescue operation for about 4 billion slumbering human souls, who are scheduled to ascend with Gaia to the higher 4th dimension, where the new balanced earth A/B will reside. We have also established all the energetic prerequisites for the partial merging of the 5d-cities of light with the new blueprint of the balanced earth A/B. When the PAT supernova will be detonated by us, this superposition will be completed, so that the new 4d-technologies will be in place and fully operational on the ascended earth from the very beginning.

It is very important that the whole ascended population will be immediately embedded in the new paradise conditions as to appease their fears, which will inevitably surge high when they will wake up from the three days of darkness and will find themselves on a completely new planet with a radically different environment. In other words, the positive aspects of the new way of life must wipe out any potential fears that will impede the accelerated evolution and education of the masses in preparation for their ascension to the 5th dimension by the end of this year.

My intuitive guess is that the higher realms would rather postpone the ID split for several more days in their perfectionism than to detonate the Supernova now and do repair work afterwords on the balanced earth A/B. This all happens, of course, one more time at the expense of the PAT members.

Cosmic Laws

First Cosmic Law: Creation happens simultaneously in All-That-Is and it takes as long as it takes to manifest in the 3d-space-time as linear time is an illusion.

Second Cosmic Law: Once started in the higher dimensions, a process always manifests in the space-time because energy flow is always bound to a purpose.

Third Cosmic Law: The soul does not have any human ethics: She can cheat, indulge, seduce, stimulate, hinder, etc. her incarnated personality as much as she wishes and calls this “spiritual evolution”.

Third Cosmic Law as Incarnation Law:

1. Human Free Will does not exist. It is the original source of all human illusion. Everything an incarnated personality decides, does and experiences is the desire of the soul according to third cosmic law. This holds true in particular for all disasters and misfortunes which the personality does not plan, but has to endure during her incarnation. These calamities begin with the selection of the family/parents and the date of birth and ends up with the time of death experience, eventually ascension.

2. The incarnation experience is one possible way of soul evolution. There are many souls in the higher realms who never incarnate. Hence human incarnation experience has no relevance in All-That-Is, but only within the overarching energetic structure of the soul. The same holds true for human personality which dissolves in the multi-dimensional soul structure.

3. The PAT is not the executor of the Ascension Supernova, but a hostage/instrument of the higher dimensions in the holographic 3d-model of the earth that allows them to change effectively its energy structure from within.

4. Each PAT member is a servant of All-That-Is. A human servant of All-That-Is is a sentient being whose free will to participate in the dark Orion matrix is completely offset by the soul. In this sense a PAT member is like a fallen angel on the earth without any free will. In other words, a PAT member is not allowed to participate in the human illusion based on the faulty notion of free will. This is the demarcation line between the PAT and the rest of humanity and the cause of all frictions between the two human fractions.

5. As an instrument of a higher divine will, the PAT acts as an executor of mankind’s destiny, which is the expressed will of all participating souls. This will is not consciously known to all incarnated personalities and has the same function as any “unexpected” personal disaster or benediction. The detonation of the Supernova in connection with the magnetic pole reversal will be such an unpredictable event that will overtly offset the illusion of human free will at the collective level.

6. The simultaneous occurrence of a huge geophysical and cosmic disaster (the magnetic pole reversal caused by Nibiru) and the establishment of a new paradise (ascension of Gaia and two third of humanity to the higher 4th dimension during the ID split, and later on to the 5th dimension) is paradigmatic for the dialectical nature of All-That-Is. Thus dialectics is the energetic ethics of All-That-Is that offsets all human ethics.

I hope that these cosmic laws will help you evaluate the current situation from a more neutral point of view. I have written three essays during my enforced, conspicuous Internet silence, which additionally highlight this topic. I will publish them in the next days, unless we ascend before that.

Unwavering optimism is the mother of all human drudgery.!

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