Ascension Signal Given !

by Georgi Stankov, September 29, 2012, 8.00 a.m. CET

For more than a week I am hearing every night the refrain from Janis Joplin’s song ” Me and Bobby McGee” as already reported. This was also the case during the first half of this night. Then something important happened in the dream state that also changed profoundly the quality of the energetic vibrations in my body. It felt all of a sudden much more lighter and the incoming energies became very harmonious and discrete, independently of their high intensity and frequencies. Then all of a sudden I started hearing the song which Tom has presented as his personal ascension song:

The Birds of Paradise:

Precisely I heard the following refrain:

Flying home, flying home 
to the land that you once have known

To the peace that once was true for a little girl like you.
Flying home, flying home 
from a world that is made of stone
Till your heart is light and free like it once was meant to be.

For further information see Lyrics:

Parallel to this new song I received the information that all energetic processes in preparation for our ascension have been completed. My HS, being the key holder for these processes, has given green light in close cooperation with the Source for the detonation of the Supernova. This decision is also confirmed by Eva (see below). It is now up to the source, in coordination with our HS, to decide when we will ascend.  Today I am in a hilarious mood coming from very high.

This announcement was first published in the last PAT Comments early this morning. Then I wrote to Dorie:

Dear Dorie,

I hope you are well under the current circumstances. How about one last update from your HS after we are over time and the month of September is coming to an end? Read also my latest information from HS in the last report.

With love and light


I hope you have all read Dorie’s answer. 


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