April’s latest Message From Her HS

by April Bender, August 25, 2012 

Dear Georgi,

Below is an update from HS. I sought her out this morning when I noticed the quality of energy/perception had shifted once again in regards to our portals. I hope this update resonates with information you’ve been receiving as well. No worries about when you might have a chance to share this with the PAT, if it makes sense to.

I hope your getting settled in to your new home and that they get your internet up soon. You know when HS mentioned the possibility of us being cut off temporarily in online communication, I thought she meant directly related to the wake-up call, haha. 

Thank you so much for getting a message up on the site explaining that all was well. I very much look forward to hearing about your own reflections over the last days as well as those of the PAT. But I also feel that times grows increasingly very short, and we may not have a chance to connect again before ascension, which works for me!

Wishing you and your family many blessings in your new home,
Much love and light,

Ascension Fires & Perceived Doorways 08-25-12

HS: I already know what is you wish to discuss today. You are sensing a change in your personal field/portal?

Me: Yes, actually I am. Almost like a door within me has been flung wide open, and yet, I AM the door. My shoulders, are like the upper doorframe. It’s kind of weird. At first I worked with the portal image internally, and now for so long the image I’ve been working with was of my portal outdoors, even though I knew it was “me,” I still was thinking of it more in a geographical sense. Now I sense/see it very strongly as being internal again.

HS: Yes, you are rising very high now on your way to detonation. The “ascension fires” I spoke of in your portals are burning brightly and the warm glow that they cast are welcoming/inviting other energies/entities to pass through them. This is different than what you have experienced in the past as “transmutation.” 

Sure, you could still say a transmutation is happening, but the mechanics of it, due to your ascension fires, is much more potent and refined now. This is transmutation/purification at the highest level. Meaning, your bodies should not be overly affected by this, because as these energies/entities pass through these ascension fires, they are purified and catapulted beyond, into the Higher/Inner realms. And the energies/entities seeking to pass through, have already been refined themselves, this is what makes them able to pass through your  portal ascension fires. You also have energies/entities coming in through the fires, in order to assist in the Divine Plan for this realm.

Me: OK, this is making some sense. I feel like my physical body is now just a giant doorway, and I feel vast amounts of energies passing through me, through this giant, shimmering fire that is located right in the center of my body/doorway. I realize that energies/entities have been passing through our portals, but this feels even more pronounced, more vast, almost like I  myself am a black hole, or a nexus point to different frequency level entrances into the Higher/Inner realms. I see myself in my minds eye, as this open and vast doorway/entrance into the beyond.

HS: Yes, because you ARE. You’ve known all along that as your portals opened, widened, and overlapped that more beings/entities would be passing through them, and many of you experienced this in recent days, but this process has deepened and expanded considerably over recent days. Your physical body will soon begin to dematerialize as you, the doorway, widen even further. Pretty soon you won’t even be able to sense a “door frame.” The “ascension fire” will continue to grow until that too, is as large as your entire portal.

And I’m sure you’re already thinking about what happens once that fire has grown to its full size: You will detonate/dematerialize, walking through that doorway yourself. In fact, you probably already feel yourself being drawn toward/into it, and this draw or magnetism will continue to build
until the time you must pass through it. You ARE literally the “doorway in between worlds,” or the “rainbow bridge.”

Your lower chakras are being dedicated to Gaia now as we speak, and this process will continue along with the expansion of your portal ascension fires, until both processes meet in culmination/ detonation. By dedicating your lower chakras, the doorway is held open, even after you have passed through.

Me: And all of this deepening and expansion of our portals and ascension fires was in direct relation to the “celestial waters?”

HS: Correct. These fluid like energies from the 5th dimensional field/membrane have seeped in everywhere on your 3D world. They have purified and refined much of your realms energy as well as your portals, allowing much energy and many entities to pass through your portal ascension fires.

Me: So have others actually ascended through our portals?

HS: Yes and no. The masses have performed “test runs” in preparation, but no one has actually ascended yet. But other forms of life on your world are passing through your ascension fires, like elements/beings of the devic kingdom. You have to remember that there are many forms of life on your planet besides humans and they are now currently using your portals/doorways in which to pass/ascend through.

Me: How much longer before the “wake-up” call?

HS: The timing of the wake-up call is running concurrently with your portal/ascension fire expansion process. These events will culminate together, as one grand symphony. If you consider where you are in your portal/ascension fire process, you will know that the wake-up call is scheduled to arrive very, very soon.

Me: OK, I can see that. My ascension fire is already rather large, not filling my entire doorway yet, but it will be shortly/soon.

HS: Exactly! Time grows very short as worlds have already begun to merge. Explore your portals/doorways, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you begin to find/sense. You are coming home! Enjoy the last of your days by immersing yourself in the magic of this moment, after all this is your favorite part!




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