Why the PAT Decree was Inevitable

by Gail, August 15, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT,

It seems to me that the two reasons that we are so desperate for our ascension are:

1. We are at the end of our tether regarding our own physical tortures of the LBP, and

2. We want for the physical and mental suffering of all earth-bound souls to end as soon as possible.

We all know that our ascension will alleviate ALL of this. So our urgency is solely about removing suffering for all. (Note – not service-to-self)

I agree that we do not, and cannot, understand the full picture with our limited human brains, even though the PAT are way ahead of the curve in this arena, but also believe that the higher realms cannot understand the full picture either, BECAUSE they are free of the human mind (see latest Message from Dorie’s HS).

As the Higher Selves and Higher Realms cannot get a grip on time, I also believe they cannot get a grip on suffering either. It is just not their priority because it doesn’t mean anything to them. Whereas it is definitely our priority, since we (and humanity) are still stuck here and are experiencing both time and suffering.

Yet, I am sure we and the HS’s and HR’s understood this dichotomy when we undertook the task here on Earth, as I believe we have done this job many times before. Thus I think that the HS’s know that they can nudge us and push us and ‘trick’ us into the most efficient and effective energetic actions indefinitely until we say ‘ENOUGH!’ That must be the trigger, or code, for them to know, without actually understanding, that WE on the ground know and understand that the limit here has been reached.

I can look back on all the nudges, pushes and tricks of my soul and say that they led me in the right direction for my unfolding awareness and the completion of the invisible planetary task impeccably. There is not one example of my HS leading me in a way that has not led to growth in awareness and has all led to here and now, where I feel amongst the most evolved souls on the planet. So my HS has done a damn good job.

Consequent to the above, I feel that ascension is now VERY close (in time – where we still are), as we have alerted the Higher Realms to the proverbial ‘end of the road.’

We have all experienced one form of ascension or another in our dreams, visions or confirmations from our HS’s and this would NOT BE POSSIBLE if it were not already a success in the realms of no-time.

My personal dreams and visions have assured me that it is a done deal and I have told my HS loudly that it is now ‘ENOUGH’, so I believe the ‘codeword’ has been delivered by us all and the Higher Realms will now deliver their end of the deal.

No-one here has any ‘issues’ to deal with or any ‘demons’ to overcome. This phase of deep indignation and anger has merely fuelled our delivering of the CODEWORD to the Higher RealmsThey were waiting for it and it has come.

I hope this perspective is helpful and delivers the clarity to you all which I feel myself.

With so much love to us all,
In the infinity of love and light,


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