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August 6, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I woke up this morning full of excitement and joy and I just wanted to share it with you and the rest of the PAT members because I think they could use a little enthusiasm right about now. I love you all and my heart is soaring as I think about ascension and humanity’s awakening. We are almost there! Here is a message from myself to you all:

In the last stretch of a race, it is instinctual for most people to slow down, as they feel tired and they start to wonder if they will ever cross the finish line. They have been running for a while now, so they KNOW the end should be near and yet because they can’t physically SEE the end, they become discouraged. They start thinking about the pain and exhaustion they are feeling. They start to contemplate walking, or worse…quitting. When in reality, if they just continue around the corner, the end will come into view.

In my years spent as a runner, I have always excelled at this part of the race and have always seen it as one of the most crucial parts. Why do most people line up near the end of a race to cheer others on? It’s because the end is the most mental part of the race. It’s where a lot of people break down and it is the place, where the runners need the most encouragement. My friends, we ARE in this part of the race. I could read it in the latest comments of the PAT members. And I am here to cheer us all on! Now is not the time to quit, it isn’t even a time to slow down! This is the part where we do the unimaginable for most people despite the fatigue and pain, we run FASTER at the end of the race than we did when we first began! If you do this, the pain and fatigue fade as your mind becomes focused on one thing, finishing. And the faster you go, the faster you will finish!

It is up to us now on how quickly we approach the finish. We need to stop thinking, oh I was told that I would probably finish this race in 12 minutes, but it has been 13 minutes and I still don’t see the end! This focus on time actually slows us down. We need to focus on the goal and we will be carried to our destination.

Lots of light and love,
August 6, 2012

Dear Georgi,

You have stated time and again how our emotions fuel our intentions, and with that in mind I’d like to share some of MY emotions as we FUEL UP for our Ascension.

What I love about the PAT and the forum we share, is that it is a place where we feel safe in expressing our “selves”–the good, the bad, or even the ugly “selves”. What we are leaving behind for humanity is a record of our courageous experiences as we move through the emotional ups and downs of transmuting the nastiest and darkest energies ever known to mankind. We are not afraid of expressing our emotions, and that’s what makes us stand out as the most highly evolved beings on this planet.

That being said, I truly hope that the PAT understands that it is these very emotions that will catapult us into our final ascension. It is truly okay to FEEL disappointment, frustration, depression, even fear about being wrong, IF we use those feelings to PUSH us into reminding us of what we truly know to be RIGHT.

The most challenging thing about “seeing” things since I was a young child, is living in a world where I have been unable to connect with people like me who could also “see” things. I KNOW that there is a Universe filled with other life forms, beautiful Light Beings, other dimensions and realities, and to not be able to SHARE that with those who can’t “see” has been close to torture. To say to someone, “this is what I “see” and this is what I “hear” and you may not see or hear the same thing, but I’d like to share”, well, that takes every ounce of courage I have within me in order to do that, because I don’t have a date to circle on the calendar to make what I’m seeing APPEAR.

Do I get discouraged, angry, depressed? Do I get overwhelmed with pain and sorrow in having to live in a reality on a toxic planet that does not let me express the Goddess that I truly am? Do I ever rant and rave and want to give up??? HELL YES!!!!! But I NEVER GIVE UP, because I’ve SEEN what is truly real and I use those emotions to get me so fired up that I won’t settle for anything less than that. I won’t settle for being wrong, when I absolutely know what is right. And I will continue to put myself in a position of being wrong because I truly KNOW what’s REAL, and it IS NOT this fucked up reality.

Georgi, I love that you allow anyone to express whatever they are feeling on our forum, because you know that creating a high morale amongst our team members is not only to point out all the wonderful things that are waiting for us, but to remind us from time-to-time of what we need to let go of in order to experience all of those wonderful things. And to my team members I say, “Let’s not turn on each other NOW, when we are ALREADY THERE! If you are angry and want to kick someone’s butt, GREAT, just kick your OWN butt into 5th dimension!! Let your anger, your frustration, and your disappointment, FUEL your energies into the HIGHER energies!”

I am so grateful to have all of you as my soul family and to finally be able to connect to and share with those who say “This is what I see, and this is what I hear, and it’s THE SAME as what you are seeing and hearing.” We may not be able to pinpoint and circle a date on the calendar, but we are RIGHT about what is real and what is taking place.

Thank you, Georgi, as always for letting me express what I am feeling. But most importantly, thank you ALL of you for being who you are, so that I may be as well.

Much Love and Light!
Dear Dorie,

thank you for your beautiful and convincing plea on behalf of unrestricted expression of all genuine human feelings. I would only add that the suppression of this divine ability of humankind to have emotions and to be able to express them is in the core of all darkness that has been created on this planet. The PTB has systematically suppressed any expression of human emotions as to feed on these powerful human energies themselves, as they do not have the privilege to enjoy them, because they are separated from the source. Instead, they have established a number of social norms that rigidly suppress the free expression of human emotions.

In this way humans have been degraded to bio-robots without any personal inner emotional life that guides them and carries them through the numerous calamities and negative experiences in daily life. Children are still able to express their feelings in an unrestricted manner, as they are protected by angels and enveloped in loving energies and need not succumb to the sterile norms of social behaviour imposed on humans in this very primitive society.

The greatest crime for instance that many parents commit is to suppress the free expression of emotions of their children. This is castration of the soul in installments, the most terrible art to suffocate the human soul and to dumb down the individual character. It is very depressing to see how many parents do precisely this when they condition their children and consider this rotten behaviour an ideal education paradigm to follow.

Finally let me say this – when one has no fear to express the whole spectrum of his feelings, he has actually eliminated all his fears from his energy fields and has practically ascended.

With love and light
August 6, 2012

Hi Georgi –

It was good to get your reply. The 4th came and went without any big Ascension-related events or big alien disclosures, and I felt a little let down by that. I read the rants you posted from Amy and others. They described EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling a lot of the time during the last 2 1/2 months. I felt I could have written any of those rants myself because they mirrored my own experiences and feeling so closely.

After I reflected on them my HS told me that this sort of thing will be happening more frequently in the near future.  Part of me totally agrees with what was in those rants and what they did, and part of me feels I need to stay with the Ascension process and keep being patient. My biggest challenge now is that I haven’t  been able to find any validation “out there” recently outside of the articles and posts on your website. I’ve been flip flopping between feeling like I’ve been foolish for believing in something that isn’t true, and feeling like I’m way ahead of the curve and that most other people can’t understand that.

Dear Tom,

you are now also processing many patterns of doubt that circulate among many light workers groups, who are not as evolved as the PAT. I also sense these patterns when they enter my field and I know that they are of foreign origin. As we are the rainbow bridge between the two timelines A and A/B, we must allow for all kinds of collective thought gestalts to enter our fields and be experienced and processed by ourselves.

The only real proof is your LBP and the fact that all we have discussed last year with respect to the LBP which had at that time affected only a few of the New agers, precisely only the PAT members, is now enveloping the whole light workers community at a various level of density as can be read ubiquitously on the Internet.

Then come all the synchronicities in the experience of the PAT members. You do not have any other measure to gauge the validity of your perceptions but to rely on your inner voice. I developed the whole theory of physics of the Universal Law contrary to all established opinions of the scientists in the last 300-400 years from my inner voice, and my theory is absolutely correct, while all the theories of the masses of conventionally thinking scientists are bluntly wrong.

Quantity is not quality and what the masses believe has never been the truth. The real truth is only accessible to a few enlightened human beings. It has always been so on this planet, and as long as one knows and considers this fact there is no need to doubt.

With love and light
August 6, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I have gone over my notes of all of the dispensations from yesterday and realize that there was another message from the Elohim, for the PAT, buried in an earlier personal message. I don’t recall writing it but I have been really exhausted this past week and anything is possible at this point. I include it here.

“You are powerful beings who have trusted in the Divine process and teachings of duality and separation from All-That-Is. Hold the course. Do not doubt. Do not falter. This (Ascension) is real as real can be. Generate loving thoughts for all around you, for those of the PAT family and for all of Humanity. Do not diminish yourself by engaging in comparisons for this engages the duality of the Third Dimension.

Bring a fresh face to the Day/Now and live happy and carefree knowing that you are truly FREE, Now.

The separation was never meant to create the pain.

It shall come in the blink of an eye. It shall be complete in all ways. No one shall be left behind. Each to his own place, reflecting eons of Soul growth. Neither good nor bad, slow nor fast, it just is, in its declaration of
non-duality. There will be an instant clarity.”

This message will perhaps address the frustration felt by some of us. All I can say is, they really wish us to let go of the “when” that we are clinging to, so that the resistance lifts and we enter the Divine flow. I cannot reiterate enough their primary message that has been repeatedly given: to Just Let Go and Trust.

Dear Carla,

This is normal for these levels to reiterate the same slogans similar to a coach on the sideline as we watch currently in the Olympic games, while his athlete is running and “gasping out of all holes” in the final meters prior to the finish. The fact of the matter is that it does not depend on us and how we feel about it. When it comes, it will come, and we will neither accelerate it nor slow it down with our attitude anymore.

August 6, 2012


This morning I awoke from an informative dream:

Standing by a creek, observing a peculiar type of bird that, by my innate understanding in the dream, lays its eggs about a mile up the stream and comes down stream to greet their hatch-lings…

(Akin to watching a documentary, an unseen narrator stated that these birds, this year, laid their eggs way up in the mountains at the very start of the creek. This was never observed before and was very odd.)

Then my HS chimed in with: “Observe nature, the nature of those who have read the signs, those who have prepared…”

I looked down at my watch (i don’t own one for I vehemently detest them) as I did, the clasp broke and it fell away from my wrist. At the same exact time the little timid flowing brook became a raging river! ( I’m talking moving! For Real!!!)

I noticed people around me but they were more like silhouettes, vague images, not clear. They were expressing different outlets of panic of the current event. I was not concerned about this in the least, they hadn’t seen the signs; studied for the final; made the proper preparations…

(This lines up with the general consensus here as of late, that we are to no longer placate the masses and do their work for them. They are sovereign beings just as we are and they are responsible for their perceptions of reality. That job is done… on to bigger and better experiences!)

My gaze however, stayed fixed on the birds who appeared just as serene as they always were except for a childlike excitement. As I recall it everything that was in balance with nature’s flow became more defined; detailed; beautiful myself included.

…I’ve let go linear time for what seemed like ages ago and started to allow my personal schedule unfold into whatever unfolds. I tend to stay away from dates, they seem to me to be an illusion, another concept that needs to be relinquished. Aren’t calendars just a macroscopic image of the same concept that envisioned a watch?

Long story short… The event is starting; has started; will start… (whatever is the appropriate tense).
Our concept of time, linear or otherwise is now redundant. Those here, “the PAT” are in harmonic accord with nature. It’s our time now…

Catch you cats on the flip flop,
Dear Mike,

“Pantarei”, as the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus used to say. Thank you for your vivid dream about the abolition of linear time. This is exactly what will happen immediately after the ID split and it is already reality, but only few clairvoyant people really see it. Am I correct in the assumption that this is the first time that you contact me?

With love and light
Doc Georgi,

This is actually only my second time contacting you, I did once probably last year sometime… I commented on the LBP as I was experiencing such at the time. I was the kid who mentioned receiving the message to,’prepare for it’ upon waking one morning.

I guess I’m one of the silent members of the PAT, since this site is the only one I frequent regularly when it comes to ‘giving a sh*t’ about another’s view on what we (whatever we are) are here for.

Like so many others who have stated it before me, of times when some universal truth concerning reality would reveal itself to this vessel, I come to this site and find its frequenters ‘in line and on time’. It’s really refreshing to know you are not insane and what seems obvious to you and oblivious to those surrounding you is not a ‘bunch of hooey’.

Aw hell why I’m here…

I totally agree with the whole ‘put your foot down on all this “trial run” nonsense’! It was a relief for me to intuit that from the posts of one I’ve come to respect. This concept was one my HS led me to do awhile back. (I say awhile back like it was a long time ago. It just feels like it, in actuality its only been since around March…?) I was one of those cats who served as a filter in a area populated by some really dense folks. It was the right thing to do at the time but, overnight my perspective shifted to ‘Enough of this garbage! If ascension or the split or whatever is going to happen… MAKE IT HAPPEN!’

I immediately felt guilty for not caring about those who were playing the role of weak, but that sensation quickly subsided. There’s only so much we can do as we are now. These thick headed humans will only wake from their slumber by seeing with their own eyes, the truth we speak. The film will fall from their eyes and they will truly see what a ‘human’ is capable of. And since it’s basically all about awareness of our multidimensional existence and the harmonic balance of One entity with many different aspects, those who can’t perceive such a thing will default to a reality set up for them (Earth B).

Oh man, I’m rambling… Words are a poor medium for accurately expressing anything symbolizing depth. I apologize for the inserts of ‘common talk’… Not really though. Y’all (PAT) are my people!

Mike T

PS: …Oh and for some reason I intrinsically understand you. I mean really understand. Even your subtext, the things that are not confined to letters, the undertone. It’s weird… It just makes sense to me, like I’ve written it myself.
August 6, 2012

Dear George,

I really do thank you for forwarding Tiqvah’s email to me:

“Hey Amy, Just wanted to say, ” You be a drama queen all you want! This stuff is pretty, damn dramatic! Sheesh. I hear ya, Sister! Love and peace, Tiqvah “

If it were not for the PAT sisters that I now know, I wouldn’t be able to get through these storms. The peaks are higher, and staying longer, but the crashes are insurmountable to which has occurred previously, leaving one so turned inside out, questioning if sanity is still present, and still dealing with road blocks…. and not able to even discuss or share what is happening inwardly…. like I said, I am so grateful that now I have another sister who I can talk to.

I say it like it is, George, having lost a long while back, my stoic outlook. Now, when it hurts, I cry and I scream refusing to stuff down anything any longer. I’ve done that all my life. Like you, I don’t sugarcoat, but in a different manner.

Yesterday nearly brought me to the point of no return. I lost it, big time, just wanting to leap out of this body once and for all and move forward! I took encouragement from what Tiqvah said to me, and I also took encouragement from the Google homepage today of the synchronized swimmers formed in a circle/star. I was myself a synchronized swimmer as I teenager, so I took this as a personal encouragement from the All.

We had a huge thunderstorm here today in which I actually ran outside and danced while it poured. It has been so dry here and we needed the rain desperately. With the rain, I feel much heaviness has been washed away and there is now a freshness about the energy. I hope it stays! We don’t know from one moment to the next what will be.

Love and Light,
Dear Amy,

our emotional energies are the fuel that feeds the supernova of ascension. Hence one should stay to his emotional ups and downs: I also had another huge thunderstorm yesterday only within the confines of my portal and then the weather cleared again.

August 6, 2012

Dear George and PAT,

On Sat the 4th I awoke feeling as though I would cry. Depression was heavy and doubts about who I am and what I am doing here were a constant battle. My body was fatigued although I had a long night’s sleep with many naps the day before.(Normally I am not depressed nor a napper) I felt so despondent it was nearly unbearable. If my HS had been speaking, I heard nothing. I checked the website regularly to hear a word from anyone. I called a couple of friends who were energetically sensitive to see how they were feeling. Same heaviness. I felt as though I had the whole world on my shoulders! When I was finally able to hear my HS ,after some demanding on my part, I heard:

 “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” And “you are not depressed. You are taking this on to transmute for others”.  

Oh,wonderful news… more stuff. Why can’t they do some of their own work?” I asked.

BUT THEN I READ YOUR POST and saw the picture of ATLAS! I began laughing and jumping for joy on the inside!  You, April, Dorie and Jerry each reflected thoughts and experiences similar! What a huge encouragement to me! We truly are ONE, even the humanity we are serving these days.

I was even wondering about this? What I am I doing here… just existing, waiting for release? How can that not be service-to-self? NOW I GET IT! Thank you George and Dorie for sharing the reason we are still here. Deep within I knew my contract was not complete or I wouldn’t be here….glad to be reminded it is for a higher purpose! Billions saved sounds like a very noble reason to still be here. But I am DONE! Time to pass the torch…….

Love, Tiqvah

August 6, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT,

Thank you to all brothers and sisters for all the wonderful messages. I notice most the diversity of experiences some of which I have had and some not. If I have not had a similar experience, I am excited for the information as it expands me. If I have had, it comforts me. The point being that it does not have to happen to me to be real to me. It is all part of me and All-That-Is.

The last time I contacted you I had just experienced three days of intense headaches, July 27-29, then I was fine and full of energy. On August 2-4, I was hit with depression (which I never have) and extreme fatigue. It was the worst Saturday evening. I could barely get ready for bed at 9pm as the wave was so strong that I could barely keep my eyes open. Feel somewhat better this morning except for back, leg, and feet pain and fatigue.

I want to tell you of a couple of experiences in the last three days. I had a discussion with one of my daughters that had to do with something we disagreed on. She wanted me to choose sides in a battle and I refused. She said,”You have to stand up for others’ who need your help, you cannot just let them fight their own battles.” Again, I refused to be part of the drama. Then she stood up to leave the room in a “huff”. She turned to me and said,”I guess we will just have to Agree to Disagree”. I said, “I will never do that.” Then it hit me. That is the whole thought pattern in 3-D. They have all agreed to disagree. Not remove their filters and allow or respect other options of response, or let in new possibilities.

Another experience was with a 45yr old male neighbor who was telling me of his new trainer and how his body building was going. He said, “You will not recognize me in six months.” I said: “You will not recognize me either.” He made no response but changed topics. At first I was surprised he did not comment. Then I realized I was talking to his soul who knows what I meant. I would have liked the conversation to continue but perhaps it did not need to….

Thank you all, the other parts of me.


August 6, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Yesterday after reading the latest posts I received this from my HS. “The event of disclosure and the ID split shall be one in the same event.”  When the ID split occurs, all shall receive the knowledge of the real truth in a moment of pure clarity, our “aha” moment. This will be the moment of full disclosure. Also when the ID split occurs most of humanity shall enter the 4th dimension, where our perceptions will change and we will see energies that we have never before seen. This may come as contact with other worldly spirits/beings. To me this could explain why the other light workers are so focused on disclosure, this is actually the same event we are all waiting for, they just interpret it differently.

Also I wanted to share my mother’s message she received yesterday. Again she does not have access to any websites so she was not tainted by any outside sources:

 “There is going to be restoration of the flames. This planet has to be purged for the shift.”

All in my family (my husband and children too) have been feeling the same symptoms everyone else has been feeling. It’s comforting to know we are not alone.

As always thanks to you and the PAT for all you have done. We can’t wait to meet you all at the after party!

Love and Light,


Dear Christy,

thank you for stressing one more time the expansion of consciousness of all those human beings who will ascend with Gaia to the 4th dimension when the ID split will come and will open their perception immensely for new realities. This quantum leap in human mind could indeed be defined as “disclosure” as after that they will for the first time begin to perceive  the true reality behind the current holographic illusion and will be able to comprehend new multi-dimensional aspects, to which they have no access at present. This has been also discussed in Marco’s message from the White Brotherhood and in my latest articles. For instance, they will learn for the first time what we, the PAT, have accomplished for them.

The latest energy surges are so powerful that they affect most people, even though they may still reject the existence of these waves, but not any longer now. Your mother is correct – the current cleansing of humanity’s dross is burning par excellence.

With love and light
August 6, 2012

Dear Georgi,

In common with so many other PAT members, the energy waves of the last few days have been making me feel what I call ‘back to square one’ with the depth of the inner cleansing. However, my HS guided the creation of this attached collage image on Friday, 3rd August to support the process.

Today, Sunday 5th, I experienced another huge wave of weakness/nausea/fever but, with a reminder from my HS, as soon as I placed the image in front of me and imagined myself in the position of Isis sitting on her throne, my physical body started to settle down and I felt a lot better.

So, I thought to share the image with everyone with the hope that it may be of some support in this ongoing process of grounding/embodying the power of these recent waves of Light.

Lots of Love to Everyone,


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