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July 31, 2012

On PAT’s last Decree of Mastership and Sovereignty

Hello Georgi,

… and the magic continues …

Only few hours after I re-read the latest PAT messages and my email sent to you I realized that my perception of the world has shifted. I’m walking now around the people and I’m feeling like unrecognized king responsible for the way how his fellow friends “vassals” live and have all the possibilities to fully realize themselves and be happy with what they like do without any liabilities, except for their own responsibility.

It’s like, after I did the decree, I was nominated into position similar to a premier or a president of this piece of Gaia (today still called Slovakia and limited with borders, but tomorrow possibly without them). But unlike those powerless “head-nodders” allowed only to do what is prescribed to them I have the full power and abilities to know what is right and in harmony with THE LIFE and act accordingly.

Automatically, I started to have similar thoughts like when you get new job or function that you never did or only heard about it ( for example Minister of Agriculture ). In such cases it is logical to first get to know all your responsibilities, the processes running in this resort and current situation in this resort ( “bad/improper” things that need to be corrected and the “good/functioning” ones that can be further enhanced ).

When I was driving home (totally on auto-pilot) I was offered a beautiful scenery. The sky was celestially blue with gorgeous snow-white clouds. If I would turned it upside down I would have thought that I’m looking at sea with curly waves. The sun was partially hiding behind the clouds but visible enough to send out radiant yellow-pink rays.

This all was amplified by the music coming out of my CD player ( it was melodic piano played by Richard Clayderman accompanied by orchestra – mostly violins). I was totally speechless because it looked to me like Gaia is telling me: “I am with you. I will help you with your new job.” It’s strange what one decree can change human being and his way of thinking. How changed I will be after the veil is taken off?

August 1, 2012

Hey George,

I cracked up when I saw these latest posts just now.

On the same date, 31st, I changed my profile picture on Facebook to a picture of me sitting on a peak, while climbing over the shoulder of Mt. Cook at the very start of 2012. It has weird, cool cloud formations above my head.

The comments on this picture came as:

Benjamin: haha, looks like your a giant sitting in a valley on that mountain side.
Frank:  hah cheers, maybe that’s what I’m evolving into, a mountain giant.
Pariri : you are a giant bro

Also I decided to experience some 3D for the last times the other night and while at a Bar, my friend suddenly burst out with a revelation and said “Oh my god I think you are actually a God” this came from nowhere and I just laughed, agreed and brushed it off.

These have been big indications to me that it is now time to completely claim and own this Higher state of being (again) and to start fully acting like a god in every way. I have awoken and evolved so quickly, it can only indicate that I have done this before.

I don’t know about the rest of the PAT but it has taken me awhile to actually accept these possibilities as hard reality, but I am now. Although I still have no clear idea what this actually means for day to day being, of course it will be all good though. I wait without expectations as I enjoy being surprised. The only thing I hope is that I can still make lower dimensional music to share and inspire people. As this is what I have wanted to do most of my life but some how have not accomplished. I am guessing I will be able to do this as I think all of our wildest dreams are coming true will always come true in the end, as we Create it all. So have no regrets.

I also got a loud message from my HS yesterday while half asleep. It felt as if it was for more than just me so I will share it and if you feel its meant for others you can pass it on. I know that most of PAT have already done this long ago and have been ready for awhile, maybe there is a few who were a little late to the party like me.

HS: It is now time to fully forgive and release everything. It means to forgive yourself and any others for anything you might regret or hold on to and release all arrangements or ‘deals’ you might have had, for me this was living arrangements and feeling obliged to do certain things.

After energizing the intention last night of having space to be loud and create music, today I was given a whole building to be free to create music in for these last days. It is in the center of the biggest City, Christchurch, in the South Island of New Zealand, where all the earthquakes have been happening. I was told there was some sort of energy portal there and that souls and spirits had been attracted and bathing in it. I became aware in meditation that the land is already a natural portal or energy vortex that connects deeply with Mother Earth and right up to Source. I made it bigger and helped clear it up and was told by my HS that it will have a multiplying effect with my own energies and increase my Ascension impact. Also increase any intentions I energise. So this will be interesting next few days.

Much Love & Light to you and all PAT,
August 1, 2012

Dear Georgi,

After reading this message that you just posted titled:

“On-Line Confirmation of Our Imminent Ascension, No 4, July 31, 2012”

My MP3 player went straight to the song by Phil Collins Air of the Night, and then Sanita wrote me confirming her feelings of ascension, and then I had an intense surge of energy, and as I was scewering through the news I could recognize an almost defeated and broken look in the faces of the world leaders.

I saw Obama’s face, the Queen, Romney the whole bunch as I scrolled through and in their faces I see so much defeat, as if they are falling apart internally, it seems like much work for them now to carry a public face as if they themselves are aware of what’s to come, which is further confirmation that the system that was on life support is about to have its plugged pulled. I also noticed that 640 million people in India are without electricity after an extreme bout of solar flares which I consider to be light codes penetrating the barriers set through their chem trails, the sun is in a place where it has decided, its codes WILL GET THROUGH regardless of what’s being done.

I can feel it in the air most certainly, the song by Phil Collins takes on a whole new meaning. When Sanita wrote me it was 2:22 for her and 11:54 for me, and then you posted on the number 5 it relates to the date of Thursday which would be the 2nd of August, it is also the 5 energy that symbolizes freedom and change and it is also the Heirophant which is awareness (perhaps cosmic?) increasing understanding.

These concepts may be coincidental or perhaps not, who knows, but I have received messages from many people even people who aren’t familiar with PAT, who are exclaiming wonderful body changes, dreams with buzzing, loud sounds, horns being blown in their sleep, even intermittent feelings, or a flesh crawling description so this is definitely exciting. After our discussion it has opened up even more understanding which has brought me an intense calm allowing me to see even more clearer, which I think was divine and timely so thank you.

I hope you ascend now if I could enforce it I would you earned it:

Love and Light
Dear Aaron,

your impression is absolutely correct. The PAT has won the last decisive victory over the dark ones and now they are completely defeated and they know it. The last decree of the PAT was the final deadly attack that surprised them and broke their neck. I will publish today a message from the higher realms that confirms this ultimate victory of the light. This was entirely the achievement of the PAT and the whole universe celebrates our victory now. The PAT can now ascend any moment, as there are no hurdles any more.

With love and light
August 1, 2012

Hello George and PAT,

This morning I was awakened at roughly 5:00 am by a loud noise, like a sonic boom. My husband lying next to me did not hear it. Interestingly, the experience spontaneously caused a deep heart experience to a degree of feeling completely naked or vulnerable (energetically). This lasted for almost an hour before I drifted back to sleep. I awoke later than usual at 8:00 am. Upon awakening, I caught myself returning from the casual realms where I experienced green geometries  that finally burst, opening and revealing themselves as white blinding light.

I laughed out loud with delight at the coffee readings given by your wife.  My higher self, for the first time, has given me a probable dates of August 2nd  or 3rd.

George and April I have crafted and announced theAccelerated Ascension Decree offered on July 30th as of this afternoon.  We are the miracle.

August 1, 2012


I love your site and have been going through the transformation for 8 years now. As a light worker, I feel that I have made a commitment to be here to the end (12-21-12). I hope that we can stop worrying about ascending early and just be ready to do all we can for those who are yet to awaken. I feel deeply that events will start to unfold that will assure us that the process is in full swing. The un-awakened will not know how to deal with the events or what to do.  That is why we have been going through the transformation so we are able to help. Yes, it would be wonderful if we could ascend early or at least transition while still here in these bodies to our full creative light beingness.  My inner/higher self has told me for years that the great transformation and ascension will occur on 12-21-12 by an incredible white light/energy that will transform us instantly. Not one time have I ever been told by my inner/higher self that I would have the privilege of ascending earlier. I know it is different for all beings but it seems to me that we have lost our focus by worrying about the ID split or early ascension. Dates that turn out to be inaccurate discredit us all.  Keep up the good work.

In love and light.
Dear Allen,

The ascension of the  PAT is secured with our last decree and will happen this week. If your soul whispers you a different timeline for you, this is perfectly well, as you have chosen a different soul contract from that of the PAT. The members of the PAT must take care that they are fully prepared to ascend now as our ascension will be the cosmic force that will trigger the ID split and the ascension of the earth and part of humanity to the 4th dimension.

As you must have read on this website, we are not passive observers as most other light workers, waiting for heavenly dispensation, but the main protagonists in this End Time drama. What we decide is what will happen on the earth as we are now the true Earth Keepers. No other force has this authority over this planet as the PAT. If you have not grasped this truth than you indeed may not ascend with us this week, but a little bit later. From now on, there are infinite stages of individual evolution and any comparison or general goodwill advices are simply ill-guided.

With love and light
July 31, 2012

Dear George,

Many things have been said and I thank you for everyone of the PAT with all my love.

In my  conversation with my HS I got three time the date 2. August for our ascension. This is the first time I received a date, whereas I received “end of July, first weeks of August” in the past. Also our revolt against our HS was planned, which you already stated.

One other aspect that came up is that anyone near me (this counts for every PAT member) is another fragment of my soul.

HS: “Try to see them ascend the same way you do. They are part of the complex timing issue for your ascension”
In other words you have covered this in the last decree of the 30th July

I decree that all my family members and beloved ones with a soul contract of ascension should indeed ascend with me and my geographical region, which I have cleansed from all dark dross, to the highest level of the 4th dimension, even if they now reject or are unaware of the ongoing process of ascension.” 

See them ascend as you see yourself ascend as they are a part of you in many aspects.

In Love and Light,
July 31, 2012

Warmest greetings to the PAT –

Brewster’s here checking in from WI and thanking you all for the last week’s postings, admit I was a bit down after Fri eve, but feel the rush coming as we all do. I also am having a harder time writing and just talking as my mind is already half ascended it seems. Just wanted to confirm for you all the sparrow sign came to us on Sat the 28th –

We went to visit my wife’s 22 year old daughter at her new apt located on the shore of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee. We wound up going on the roof of this 10 story building to see the view of the lake. It was eve with a beautiful sunset we were enjoying when it seems out of no-where a flock of sparrows appeared over our heads and circled around us for a few minutes, my wife Jackie commented about them and how strange it was as the sky was clear and then boom full of them, it really was like they came out to share the sunset with us.

Then I read the reports and just smile inside again at the amazing synchronicity of it all. We are almost home and I am ready for all to come. We loved the latest decree and are all in repeating it  as much as we can and will daily.

One last time I want to  thank ALL of you who have done so much and Georgi words cannot express our gratitude to your perseverance in keeping us united and growing. You truly are the real teacher and believe me when I say I have learned so much from that you I await our meeting in the new world knowing we will have our time to laugh and share much more of our journey to this point. I eagerly await the ascension and I.D. split and send my love and light to all for this final push. We are here to the end and stand with you all in pride and honor.


Bob Brewster and wife.

August 1, 2012

Dearest George,

I am crying as I write these words to you. Tears of such joy and relief! I have goosebumps as well.

Two nights ago, I experienced the most intense battle I ever have had. Two entities managed to forge their way through my protection and they insisted on doing battle. I fought all night long, kept waking up, soaking wet, groaning, writhing saying I QUIT NO! but right back to the battle I went. This time, as never before, I was wounded. But, I stood my ground, and I threw the bastards out!

All day yesterday I lay in bed as though I was dying. My many cats comforted me, and their eyes spoke of their worry. The pain I experienced is past description. I just hung on knowing, just knowing my body is strong and I will recover.

This morning, I awoke, feeling NO PAIN and absolutely wonderful. But that is not all. Whoever I took on, whatever dross I took upon myself to transmute, is now in the sewage right where sewage belongs. At that moment, I knew, I KNEW, this was over for us, no more battles and the way has been cleared.

Yet, I hesitate to add this last remaining piece of information. There are “fragments” of the dark entities still here and I urge everyone to keep their protection up. Call upon those in spirit to assist you. These entities are angry and nasty but THEY ARE LOOSING THEIR STRENGTH.

I send this message to you in great JOY and relief. Last night, I had the best night’s sleep I have had in a very long time. We have won, George. It is time to reap our rewards. OMG, we’ve done it. There were times I didn’t think we would, but we have. Congratulations to not only to you but the entire PAT. I truly am overcome with emotion right now.

With all I am,
August 1, 2012

Thank you George.

Wow, I have just read the latest post and has blown my mind. Big ups to you and all PAT for your cosmic accomplishments. I have been helping out with all PAT Decrees, I thank you all deeply for freeing our planet Mother Earth and its people. Can not wait for this party!

I don’t feel I will Ascend as high as the Hard Core PAT up to Source, but will ascend back to higher than the 5th, I think. Once again, thank you so much for your teachings, patients and support.

Love, Light and Party Times,

Empty Chairs and Stadiums at the Olympic Games. Prominent Reptilian Shape-Shifters Fear That They Will be Exposed and Stay at Home

July 31, 2012

Hi Georgi,

I found this link to be interesting:

With love and light,


August 1, 2012

Hi Georgi,

I just got to a latest update from Cosmic Awareness. Despite the fact that the quality of this source (due to a
channeler’s clearness ) is questionable, I still think that with proper discernment there are still pieces of information that can be interesting to a reader…

The information I’m sending you is related to the message from Henry regarding the Queen, and CA provides some details, why she looked so unhappy or uninterested in the Olympic games (and why the stadiums are empty).


August 1, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I wanted to confirm Henry’s insights that the choice of music during the opening of the Olympics ceremony had a definite subversive ‘bent’ – I thought exactly the same. With these various lyrics it became a VERY, very clever  subversive reversal of the negative ritual energies which were definitely intended by the ones who are no longer even worth naming.

And the Queen’s glum expression said it all – well and truly defeated!

The whole event successfully opened the Earth Star Chakra of Gaia, Mother Earth, with much joy and celebration.

The Others wanted to prevent this and/or make it a traumatic event. This is because, as Gaia’s Earth Star energy centre was opening with about 1 billion people watching, so all of Humanity became subliminally conscious of the ‘birth’ of their own Earth Star Chakra in joy and celebration.

Our personal Earth Star energy centre is positioned beneath our feet and it connects in with the new Christ Consciousness/Crystal/ Ascension ley line energy grids which were successfully anchored onto the Planet over the last few years. Our  Earth Star Chakra beneath our feet is the energy centre through which we can all manifest our Soul Purpose/Heart’s Desire with abundant support from the new Mother Earth Ascension Energy grids.

The Others CANNOT connect in with this new Abundance source of manifestation energy because this Ascension energy grid  vibrates with the frequency of Unconditional love which is way beyond their frequencies of fear and anger.

Lots of love to everyone!

The Ascension Spiral of the PAT

Dear Georgi,

today my HS has inspired me to draw with colored chalk, when I finished the drawing I felt a great happiness.
No word, but a feeling of peace and to be ready together to go.

Enjoy your trip with Infinite Love

Daniela Lupo, Italy

The Ascension Spiral of the PAT


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