Humanity in the Maze. The New Axiomatics of the Universal Law is the Ariadne’s Thread Leading to Salvation.

by Arthur Seletse and Georgi Stankov, August 6, 2012

Dear George

Every time I think about the courage of the PAT members, the struggles, pains and battles that we have had to endure, it simply brings tears of joy and makes me feel proud of what we as the PAT have accomplished. We are some of the greatest cosmic legends in the entire universe and are respected, admired and loved by all who have heard, watched, seen and followed our experience on 3D. I can only now wait for our ascension and hopefully it will come soon enough.

I can describe the current state of myself and the PAT members in a different manner to what has been discussed by many a PAT member. Imagine that a group of individuals are trapped inside a maze, that is already a part of a massive complex of mazes that contain thousands of more people and have to fulfill certain tasks and requirements step-by-step in order to exit the maze. As they progress through the maze, the objectives and pressure (mental and emotional) become more and more intractable to surmount and the obstacles more difficult to surpass. Some individuals decide to quit simply because they can’t take it any more or they don’t have the will and belief to keep on persevering.

The challenges have certainly taken their toll and the individuals feel drained still trapped inside the maze and wondering how many more tasks need to be accomplished before they can finish. They receive verification from individuals outside the maze that they are very close on the edge of emerging out of the maze, but they still need to complete one more objective before they can emerge out of the maze. They continue to stay on and they realise that they are at the highest level of the maze complexes and are therefore the most developed out of all the other individuals in the maze complex.

They are again informed that in order for them to be released, they must first help the larger collection of masses emerge out of their various maze levels. If they are unable to do so, the masses will die out of total exhaustion, hunger, thirst and a decrease in oxygen levels and an increase in heat levels. To avoid such a scenario, they have to descend to each of the lower maze levels and combine efforts to free the masses from their entrapment . Eventually they succeed in helping the masses emerge from the lower levels, but only after great and almost insurmountable effort and will and in doing so are finally freed from the maze complexion and emerge out proud and triumphant. Shortly afterwards the maze complexion is destroyed after an exothermic explosion, which erupts from the underground bases in the maze complexion

The masses though are transported to a new area, where they would need to learn about all the difficulties and tribulations that the first leading group of individuals had to struggle through to help each and every one of them and how and why they failed at repeating and doing the same.

This description was to show exactly why we will not ascend until all fufillments have been surpassed and accomplished, although it has been designed to suit the current albeit collapsing 3D matrix scenario. I am simply demonstrating how this 3D Orion matrix can be compared to a maze complexion which operates using the same purpose of restricting, limiting and contracting the freedom of all kinds of individuals. Not to worry though we as the PAT members will very, very soon reach the point of our emergence.

Love and Light


Dear Arthur,

“Humanity in the maze” – this is a very good parable to describe the current situation before the ID split.

It follows the Greek myth of the “labyrinth of Minotaur“, which could only be escaped with the help of the Ariadne’s thread.

The Ariadne’s thread also symbolizes human logic and is paradigmatically presented in the new physical and mathematical axiomatics of the Universal Law. Only with the help of this logical, axiomatic thinking can one find his way back from the Minos maze. It was not enough for Theseus to kill the Minotaur, which may indeed symbolize the dark Orion/Reptilian entities such as the shape-shifters, who are human and reptilian at the same time, just as the Minotaur was half-man and half-beast as many of the genetic experiments of these dark entities have created. He  had to find the way back and out of the maze and this he could only do with the help of Ariadne, who provided the thread leading to the entrance.

The compartmentalisation of the current human 3d-reality is indeed a mental haze and the only way out of it is to follow the Ariadne’s thread of impeccable human logic, as I try to implement on this website. Human logic/ axiomatics is not a mental construction, but the mirror-image of the Logos in human language. The new axiomatics of the Universal Law is operational Logos – it is the Universal Law as a physical energetic principle translated into human words.

One can eliminate all the compartmentalisation of science only by using the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law as the famous Ariadne’s thread. It is not a coincidence that this term is also used in present-day formal logic, but not with a great success, as the existence of one Universal Law has not been comprehended yet by the conventionally thinking scientists.

Dear Arthur, as you see, to every human idea there is a prototype in the past that has dealt with the same problem of humanity in the maze. Therefore one should not wholly reject any classical education, as most New Agers currently do in their ill-guided spiritual arrogance, as this is the road to ignorance and perdition and not the one that leads out of the maze.

With love and light



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