Discussion on the Role of the Imminent “Wake-Up Call”

by Dorie, Joe and George, August 19, 2012

Hello Georgi!

I’ve enclosed an email correspondence between Joe and I – it includes a message from HS. I have informed Joe that I am forwarding you this conversation, as I feel it might include some elements that may be important if you’d like to share them in the forum.

I hope the move is going well Georgi! It is SO ironic! It feels like Higher Self is saying “You ASKED for a BIG sign, now here it IS.” They truly are sarcastic–that’s why I love them so much!

And oh, I laughed out loud when you sent me an email saying if I had something to contribute to please send as to not have the PAT go through any withdrawal…I was worried that I would be one of those to go through withdrawal!

With much love and light,


Hallo Dorie,

Thanks for your email message and also the one from your HS (on the forum). In April’s message her HS is saying that our emotions may continue to struggle, so that is what is happening here. I had a dream this morning where I was in a pool with a wave (to surf), however there were turds floating all over the place. So that is what my life feels like at the moment: trying to be comfortable, while swimming in the shit. That probably applies to most of us in the present time, LOL.

You know, for weeks now everybody is expecting some event, in order to “wake up” the masses. IMO I do not see the sense in that at this “late” time. The GFL had enough time to rescue people in emergency situations such as the Japan earth quake for example during the past 2 years to make an impact for waking the masses. Any geophysical event now will (not) separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, but just instill fear in the masses I think. There will not be enough time to reflect on the changes to bring about some awakening after the event. Unless of course some months will pass before the ID split, which means we would spend a few more months here. So I think the procession of events leaves some questions open. I was always under the impression that the ascension of PAT (Supernova) would be THE event that will commence the changes and ID split.

What is with the HS’s of the masses? By now they should have made up their minds, whether they choose for their incarnates to ascend through death, or ascend to A/B, or remain on B. Anyhow, these are some thoughts that I am pondering, and I am sorry if it sounds negative, is partly because of my depressed state.

Anyhow, Thanks for being a good friend.

Hello Joe!

You bring up some very good questions Joe, and I don’t think they sound negative at all, I think they deserve a good answer! If I may, I’d like to elaborate on what I am seeing in my mind’s eye and hearing from HS in answer to those questions (I hope you don’t mind, but I will send this to Georgi to share in the forum if he so wishes too.)

From HS:

So many times, there have been geophysical catastrophes that have caused upheaval on the earth. These catastrophes, however, were not ‘designed’ to awaken minds, but to perform a cleansing of the planet of the populace of humans that were ‘not up to standard’. This time however, the intention is quite different. This time, geophysical changes come to AID Gaia AND humanity, not to instill fear. While certainly the events will cause fear in THAT moment, what will also happen simultaneously is an awakening. It is already happening, this awakening, which is being helped along by ‘out of the ordinary’ Celestial events that have recently been taking place, such as the sun rising and setting off course, and the appearance of another sun, and now another moon (All these topics have been extensively discussed on this website, George). These events are triggering the DNA memories of those who are awakening. This is much different than what has happened ‘in the past’, in so much as there was no outward ‘visual’ trigger to say that the reality which they were currently experiencing “WAS NOT REAL”.

People are USED to natural catastrophes. They will come up with EXCUSES for why they are occurring and buy into those excuses in order to continue with the current 3D reality they are helping to create. Celestial events, that they CANNOT create excuses for, but only ignore, ALONG WITH the geophysical events, will assist them in seeing that things are not as they “thought” they were or should be. They will say, “this doesn’t LOOK right!” and in that moment of fear will come REALIZATION and AWAKENING, and then BOOM, tipping point, detonation, ID Split, and Ascension into a whole new level of dimensional frequency (In my mind’s eye I see people looking up at the sky and shaking their heads as if they can’t believe what they are seeing, a wave pattern then appearing across the sky that causes a distortion in it’s appearance, and then those same people rubbing their eyes, opening them again to see a whole new reality. Of course, this vision could merely be something I’m seeing that is symbolic in nature to the events that are going to happen, but I still think it’s a pretty cool vision!)

Understand that those who have chosen to remain in their fear based beliefs, who continue to ignore all the signs that the illusion is ‘not real’ will be the ones who will stay behind to experience the full impact of the catastrophic geophysical activities that will occur on Planet B.

I hope this helps Joe!

With much love,

Dear Dorie and Joe,

thank you for sending me your correspondence on the expected “wake up call” and its connection to the PAT supernova (ID split and Ascension).

I would like to offer at this place additional information why this dramatic geo-tectonic /cosmic event will have a different effect on human minds than the usual natural catastrophes in the past.

Now all human beings are under a huge energetic transformation as never experienced before in the history of this planet and humanity, even if they may not perceive it at the conscious level. Their DNA, chakras and auric fields are under rapid calibration, but these changes have not yet reached their daily consciousness and behaviour, as they are still embedded in dense rings of fear-based blockages that hinder them to expand their awareness to the extent as to open for transcendental knowledge and information coming from the soul. This has been a recurrent motif in our discussions.

One should  not forget that we, the members of the PAT  also needed some time to turn our mental and emotional focus from the outer 3d-world to the inner multi-dimensional reality of our HS. We had to go through the firewall of our most deeply seated fears and come renewed like the phoenix on the other side of our fear wall. This process did not happen once, but in almost endless crescendo of fear cascades, before we were purified as to be able to raise our body frequencies  sufficiently in order to ascend to higher dimensions and also trigger the PAT supernova.

I remember myself how each time, when I had to go through the firewall of my or humanity’s fears, my soul arranged some small unpleasant external events or even bigger accidents that triggered my fears high and helped them exude from my body and the deep compartments of my DNA.

Exactly this same function will the announced wake up call exert on the masses. It will trigger their fears so high for the first time in their life that this confrontation with this huge, invincible wall of collective angst that has kept them imprisoned for so long by the PTB will knock them down for a while and will challenge all their past beliefs and attachments to the old matrix.

The energetic foundation for this operation has been laid by the transmission of high frequency new light codes by the PAT members and by the souls of the masses. The energetic changes are already at place, but could not exacerbate so far at the collective conscious level as to exert their transformative power on the world view. Now this will happen with the help of (a) huge catastrophic event(s) that will be of such a magnitude that nobody can be able to neglect or reject it/them anymore and proceed with business as usual.

As most Orion infrastructure will be also destroyed or hugely damaged, the people will not be able to find support and consolation in the old matrix, which has been the epitome of social security and safety for the masses in the past. They will be forced to go through the firewall of their greatest survival fears, which they have cherished for eons of time in a subconscious manner and will release them in a heroic act of collective despair.

This huge energetic release of old fear-based patterns is not different from the cleansing work which we are doing on a daily basis for humanity. But please keep in mind that the masses have not had such experience so far and hence do not know how to deal with it.

Some individuals have always been confronted with life threatening situations in the past, but most of them processed them in the old way of emotional rejection and suppression (Freud speaks of “Verdrängung”), as most soldiers do in a war and thereafter. Apart from developing of a psychosis in some cases, the rejection mechanism of their self-preservation fears hinders them to change their weltanshauung and start questioning the present hallucinatory 3d-reality of perennial wars in a more profound manner.

This catharsis has happened in the past only with soldiers and individuals going through life-threatening events  who were old souls and had already an open contact to their HS. This channel now fully opened in the danger, so that they could process this negative experience at a higher spiritual level. Some of them became later artists, writers, poets, etc. and created some very powerful peaces of art and literature for pacifism or individual spirituality, as was the case with the German author Erik Maria Remarque (pacifist) or Dostoevsky (spiritualist).

I am making this excursion in human history only to elucidate the fact that one could go individually through his own firewall of basic fears and come purified on the other side. But until now it has not be experimented on this toxic planet since the traumatic destruction of Atlantis how the whole human population will respond to such a dramatic event of cosmic proportions that will pull the rug away from under their feet and will force them to stare in panic at the proverbial abyss.

After this collective purification, the light quotient of the masses and their frequencies will be significantly augmented and this will be the actual qualification for their ascension to the 4th dimension. In this sense the detonation of the PAT supernova will be the explosive power that will forward Gaia and a large part of humanity to a higher dimension, but the spiritual work for this ascension must be done by each individual in his unique way, while going through this incommensurable catastrophic event and making his existential choices from within.

This collective catharsis will be very short, but extremely powerful and transforming, and will automatically, and almost immediately, lead to the reaching of the necessary energetic threshold for the ID split and our ascension. We are ready for this event since 11.11.11. Now in is the turn of the masses to catch up with us, if they want a better life under much more favourable energetic conditions than on this toxic planet or on an even more degraded planet B.

With love and light

PS: Today I told my wife that forcing me to do this inutile 3d-move is like asking someone to cell refrigerators to Eskimos or electrically heated blankets to the black population in Africa. I think this sums up the current sarcasm of our HS. What better proof that we live in a hallucinatory world?

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