Clarity for My Self

by April Bender, August 15, 2012


Dear Georgi, first let me say how much I’ve appreciated the words of kindness, support, and understanding from the PAT. It’s been so nice to read them in the latest posts. I’ve also very much enjoyed the flurry of HS messages over the last two days. Very impressive, clear, and rich! I’m loving the personal check-ins happening.

Getting to the more nebulous topic of what is going on with our HS, I wanted to share something I put together for myself. I wanted to take some time to reflect before connecting with HS again. In an effort to think deeply on the matter I decided first to back up and start at the beginning or the basics. I asked myself, “On a most basic level, what do we already know?”

As you’ll see below, my first section was on HS. After I completed writing that section, I realized right where, at least for me, the issue might be. Why is it that “self” cannot hear or interpret what “self” is trying to convey? Obviously, one part of “self” doesn’t want to hear it. Not saying this answers all of our questions as there is more to explore, but it was really helpful for me, in thinking about what I can do to be a better/clearer channel. I realized in looking back, that I’ve never been too high on dates and was nervous asking about them in the first place…so there’s a good chance I personally (my ego) mucked up the response, trying to keep it positive and telling myself what I (and others) probably wanted and my HS met me here in this space and gave me a date that was important energetically but not entirely truthful. There is a part of me that thinks only God knows the exact moment, that it’s supposed to be mysterious. Time frames are OK, but actual dates weird me out a little, even though I was fine with 11:11:11. Realizing I’ve had these conflicting beliefs and sub-beliefs was very enlightening. Again, I don’t know that this answers everything, but it’s given me some food for thought anyway.

So below are my notes…not sure if this is something you might share with the PAT or not as it really doesn’t tell us anything new about ascension, but it could help us move through the HS issue and realign us around what we already know to be true. Just in case some folks are getting ready to throw the bathtub out with the water. Otherwise, you won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t share it as this was initially for my purposes only.

Returning to Basics – PAT 101

What do we intrinsically already know?

The Higher Self 

We ARE our Higher Selves. They are not separate beings/entities from us. Therefore, there is no “us” and “them” truly, but instead only a limited and unlimited state of consciousness both expressed as “self.” We have the more “limited” view in that all information (shared by HS) still has to funnel or be interpreted through our human 3D minds. The more we work with and refine this communication between “selves,” the clearer the messages. But in light of this, one can easily surmise that to be angry with our HS is technically, to be angry with “self.” Or if anyone is playing games, it’s our selves.

Reflective questions:

  • What could cause misinformation or communication issues with   self? Between levels of the  subconscious and conscious self?
  • What is the mechanism of mediation between these 2 selves?
  • What are we in our Higher Self state (during council meetings/dream time) deciding on that impacts us or causes conflict/disagreement with our conscious, earthly self? Perhaps it is simply that we don’t always remember what we’ve committed to during these meetings once we wake up and HS assumes we do?


We know we incarnated here physically in order to fulfill a unique role/need in this realm. This world had fallen so low in frequency and stood little chance of spiraling up at the next opportunity, a Divine Plan was issued. This entire Plan was different than before, in that this time the Higher/Inner Realms would “seed” the human populace with “transmitters/transmuters/openers,” those able to contain all levels of frequency from 3D – 12D, masters of the highest order, those souls who had performed similar work in other star systems. The hope being that as these highly evolved entities incarnated in human form and took up residence on the face of the earth, they would naturally “stimulate” all frequencies/beings around them to transform to a higher octave. A special function that they also provide as part of this Plan, due to the unique nature of their vessels, would be that of transmuter or neutralizer of the lower residual energy patterns that had completely overtaken the earth. A call was sent forth to all corners of the heavens/inner realms for qualified “volunteers” to fill these positions. We, the PAT, are these “seeded” beings. And we are here in order to prepare the masses and Gaia for mass ascension. What better way to merge heaven and earth then to put the “heavenly into earthly bodies.” While the PAT could be considered the top of the spiritual hierarchy on earth, and with that yield great creative power, there are always checks and balances and in the end, the higher councils have the ultimate authority. But the good news is that our HS are serving on many of these councils. 

The PAT Mission

The PATs mission summarized by bullet points: (similar to Dorie’s)

  • Start to awaken or remember your role
  • Take an oath of service to the Divine Plan (consciously)
  • Begin to further remember and build the toolbox/skills we will need in order to execute these roles: intuition, building of the light body/light quotient, understanding the chakra/energy system, communication with the higher/inner realms including HS, telepathy, projection, lucid dreaming,…on and on. (This is probably the longest phase.)
  • Help others to remember this same information at the level that they can
  • Trusting self (insights/dreams/visions/etc…) and learning discernment – Always looking internally versus externally
  • Growing thick skin/learning to protect yourself and the mission
  • Start to seek out the “others”
  • Move from building the “individual” to building the “collective” PAT
  • Learn how to be/create/govern as a collective (as all Higher Councils do)
  •  Issue your first collective command/decree
  •  Pick up the “mantle” and fully accept or take the oath of your new Earthkeeper roles (2nd decree)
  •  Set boundaries as to who can realistically ascend because they are motivated enough to do the work and those who cannot, and don’t waste your energy on the latter
  • Final energetic preparations for ascension (both ours and the mass ascension)
  •  Post-ascension: Serving as Earthkeeper for those who opt to

Obviously much more could be said or shared about each one of these steps and the order is not necessarily indicative of the order/path that every PAT member takes, but these milestones are always there. And it’s important to note that step #3 is really ongoing throughout all of rest of the steps as we are constantly going deeper in our experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

The Promise 

Many of us remember what was “promised” to us when we were first made aware of our roles. For me, when I was 8, I had an out of body experience in which I was taken into the higher realms and shown flashes of many images. I was shown how I had done this type of work before. I was shown how some of those “ascensions” went, including at times enormous geophysical catastrophes etc…I was shown how towards the end, near mass ascension completion, we would “light up” so as to be easily identifiable to the remaining masses, who would have the opportunity to help us build the Kingdom of God on earth prior to the mass ascension. But the masses had to demonstrate that willingness first. We taught them as “lighted ones,” as we had ascended first in order to do so, and they came to us in droves, line after line. During this time there was still a fair amount of upheaval going on (societal structures coming down) and while I was shown the community (learning center) I would be building for this time, I was also shown that there would be bands of roving people with less than honorable intentions, but that they wouldn’t even be able to see, let alone disturb these “learning centers” as their vibration did not resonate. I was also shown the mass ascension event. Anyhow being a girl of 8 I summarized all this into a “knowing” that I had a very important role to play during this incarnation and that this event, whatever they were showing me was huge and that I should be very excited to be a part of it.

The reason I mention this, is that I feel that other PAT members are aware or have been given glimpses or a knowing of this same promise and it’s very hard to describe how we simply “know what we know.” But this in fact, is what distinguishes us from the rest. We’ve NEVER needed an outside source to tell us who we are, where we come from, and what we must do. It’s always nice and helpful at times to see confirmation of it, but it’s not necessary.     

The Difference Between PAT and Lightworkers

The PAT are different from general lightworkers in that we have a more modified role. We are the openers or the energetic plows that make it possible for humanity to traverse the lower frequency vibrations into higher ones.    

Lightworkers come in right after the PAT plow has gone through and continue to widen that path and pick up others on the way. Current lightworkers are actually, PAT in training, for later ascension missions in other systems.   

Their roles will really come to the front upon our ascension as well.


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