An Open Dialogue Between PAT Members

by Divsy, Ted Helm and Georgi Stankov, August 14, 2012

Dear George,

Please do get this message across in order to help settle the dust – limit the damage.In the light.


The post re: the Ultimate Decree of the 13th just took off all the steam and courage we have harnessed all along this ascension finish line undertaking; it gave me the impression that we had finally blown our fuses due to ignorance – taken a frustrated down turn into the abyss.

It came to pass in the fullness of time as lived/known in all the great circles/kingdoms/Universes that the Higher-ups/Host of Heaven/Spiritual Hierarchy/…. Don`t have the slightest glimpse on when and how this season will unfold; not even the project manager – solely the entire discretion of the Boss. To this effect therefore, we have been humbly requested to go back to the drawing board.

It would appear, we are strolling where angels fear to tread – trying to do the impossible (the Heavens can`t do our biddings); we may be losing sight of how mammoth this project entails. We have been SPECULATING for too long a time now; so the universe wants to draw our attention to the province of our prevailing predicament/status quo (if one finds stuff coming their way in disarray and without a break, it just tells them that they should change their track) – Decrees/Visualizations/Affirmations can no long stand their grounds for the simple reason that universal laws have been overridden by ascension algorithm.

The Troops Withdrawal flag has been flashing for a while now in anticipation of the next window; so we just have to relax/enjoy/celebrate and wait for the completion signal.

Our Ascension is not limited to just planet earth, it involves our entire solar system and the very potent free will component cannot be downplayed.

We have been reminded over and over again that dates are just guidelines, hence cannot give us a true vista of the big picture. The Etherics/Energetics thrives on the dynamics of perpetual evolution of events and consequently modulates all existing time lines – nothing is ever written on stone.

The Hierarchy dances to our success in wonder/amazement to how we overlook these tenets. So they keep on playing with time for us to understand how intricate this Drama is all about. Abortion/changed plans – agendas – timelines/… are some of the pulses our minds will vibrate to. Timelessness leads to eternity meanwhile date fixing creates a vicious endless loop.

We are Spiritual Mercenaries from a plethora of star systems sent out here on a special mission – to anchor the Light/raise the Light Quotient to the ascension threshold/heal Gaia/…. Hence it is just appropriate that ALL the components of ascension proper be put in place (LQ, Chakras, DNA, Gaia, Completion of Crystal Grid come 12:12, cleansing – removal of all dross that will deter mass ascension – dark forces) before the launching of the season. We can`t leave for as long as our mission is incomplete – the frequent nudging from our HS & Co is just the manner in which our minds adeptly help us create our reality*.

The only message here and now is SURRENDER/Let Go, let the wheels turn, so that we can assume our right roles as masters in equanimity/balance – this is part of our duality tutorial. The extended symptoms some of us are experiencing at this point in time is as a result of focusing or rather persisting on feedback loop frequencies – resisting the need for change renders life chaotic and bothersome – a tension that is set up when the Higher Consciousness and the Lower are out of alignment.

I recommend we humbly bow down in reverence putting aside our egos and sincerely ask for renewed guidance, a clear way forward for we can`t all understand infinite/complex issues like ascension with finite minds.
And So It Is !!!

*I did a little study on how conditioned souls receive/record messages from beyond and came to the conclusion that there is a lot of distortion involved in the process due to the fact that we are tuning in to a higher frequency band using ill-equipped tools. All scribes have come to the conclusion that received info is subjected to some impurities/flaws resulting from divers elements – emotional state, integrity, LQ, agenda, time, etc. (it is for some of these reasons that our HS withholds certain info from our fields/records).

The conclusion of this study led me to understand that the “Higher-Ups“ generally give us stuff the way we desire/perceive it. A very renowned ascension scribe manifested an applauded text just for me to discover that the scientific conclusion was fouled because of a wrongly worded question – the higher entity simply replied to her wrongly worded query without INTERFERENCE. Our minds create the tapestry for the realities our higher-ups paint in dreams/vision/… .


Dear Divsy,

I disagree.

Georgi has made it clear time and time again that we are in charge of our own fate in this ascension process. This particular fiasco with dates is no different, and has exposed Heaven’s desire to continue to use us and lie to achieve their goals. There is no going back to the drawing board, we are long past this. I for one still have the highest hope, and I know the majority of of us do too.

Where has our strength gone? We are ASCENDED MASTERS damnit! We are the Earth-keepers, and will be the ones heaving Earth to the next dimension on our preordained shoulders. It is beyond me that with such a profound and divine responsibility that we would allow ourselves to fall into doubt and fear. WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS! Don’t sell yourself short! We do have clout in the spiritual realms, we just have to put our foot down and continue making our intentions known.

We have been through far worse than this, a false date given because heaven wanted us to have a particular energetic threshold is not something we should be surprised by. It’s not like we haven’t been through this before. I have been disappointed over and over, so so many dates have come and gone. But you know what? I DON’T CARE. I know that I have a mission in this world, regardless of how the completion of it comes about. That is enough for me, and it should be enough for all of you.

I don’t understand this worrying and bellyaching even slightly. I have SEEN the changes happening in this world. I have SEEN people starting to open their hearts. I can FEEL a change in the air. I know I am not the only one. Its like we see the absolute truth, yet we close our eyes to it because its not exactly what we envisioned.

Lord, even if we don’t even ascend early guess what? I DON’T CARE. I have a mission on this earth, and I intend to complete it. If that requires me to be disappointed, so be it. Part of being a PAT member is we survived trials and tribulations. This is nothing.


In love and light,
-Ted Helm

Dear Divsy,

Let me be honest – I got lost in the meanders of your language. While there were some brilliant ideas there, there are also a number of concepts that are rather questionable and offset the good ones from my point of view. Tell me what to do with such a text?

I am a great friend of crystal-clear concepts, knowing that this kind of clarity may have its limitations. But it has worked well for me so far and I see no need to abandon it now in the last days.

Your essay raises more questions than it solves. Of course I can go sentence by sentence and prove this to you. but let us say that I have got lost in the text. If I did so, everybody will also get lost. There are so many similar esoteric messages in Internet that have precisely this effect on the minds of the people – they get lost in the current mental maze as we recently discussed. That is why we have such a problem with humanity to ascend.

We do not have any problems with the PAT in this respect and its members do not need to do anything anymore as you suggest. Quite on the contrary. They have done more than any other soul in this universe and do not deserve to be given any advises any more. And you give a plethora of advises in your text what we should do and should not do.

You are playing a new variation of the old fiddle about  the eternal human sinner who still needs to purify his nature. This is the absolutely most flawed concept with regard to the PAT and I have noticed that you tend to stick with conviction to this weird concept which is underpinning all organized religions and many other basic concept of the current Orion society. These I vehemently repudiate as absolutely wrong and dangerous.

Of course we are moving in an area where there is no definite proof for either my or your point of view. But there are definite personal preferences and mine is not the concept of the eternal sinner. I leave this concept to Dostoevsky, the Church and also to you. It is against my nature to advocate this concept. This is my very frank answer and I hope to have expressed myself clear enough as not to engender negative or hurt personal feelings in you. This has never been my intention.

With love and light

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