Why I Consider Benjamin Fulford an Agent Provocateur of the Dark Cabal

By Georgi Stankov and Ann Marie, July 26, 2012


Dear George,

I am writing back to congratulate you on the effectiveness of your Christed Light meditation,July 14th, when you “threw away all Rothschild and Rockefeller dark entities out of this planet and the universe”.

Yesterday, I saw this:

About the Ben… or Lack ThereofPosted on 2012/07/24 by Kauilapele

He says:  I’m not sure what is happening. Couple three days agomy Benjamin Fulford subscription was “suspended”. I thought maybe he was not so thrilled to see my postings of his entire articles on this blog. Fair enough. I had plans to maybe just post what he has on the front page, and give a few highlights, like I’ve done before.

So I’m not sure what will be happening this week. Stay tuned. Has anyone else had email problems to Ben?

I just tried to email all 3 of Ben’s addresses (benjaminfulford@hotmail.compostmaster@benjaminfulford.com,benjaminoffice88@gmail.com). The “postmaster” one auto-replied back, and here is what it said:

“Thank you for your e-mail. Due to the huge volume of mail and mysterious
problems with my e-mail server I may not be able to directly answer your
mail. However, I will start posting answers to questions on my blog as
soon as time permits.”     


George, I have received info these last months that Fulford definitely has ties to the Rockefeller family (as does David Wilcock) and to ignore their posts. Also … Kauilapele says above … @ three days ago, which would make it the 21st. This is too funny! When I got the calendar info/message the key dates were, of course, July 21st the beginning of “the separating from separation” … and July 25th …  Done/Resolution. In the middle space was 22, 23, 24. My first thought was “Oh my, could this be the “three days of darkness” (which has had the Internet buzzing crazily for the last several weeks with the approaching Nibiru). I immediately felt HS smiling …

HS: Yes. See these days as the “three days of … darkness being expelled”! 

Hmmm … mysterious.  Well done, Georgi!

With love,

Ann Marie


Dear Ann-Maire,

I have never had a good opinion on this obscure guy Benjamin Fulford. In fact I have always considered him an agent provocateur in the LW community, whose purpose is to dissuade many people from their true path of ascension and spiritual evolution. I can document this opinion by publishing below my correspondence with him from last year.

Although it sounds rather spectacular, I however do not believe that it  was my achievement to have purged the Rockefellers and their dark detestable entourage, such as the Fulfords, the Wilcocks (Is he still there?) and the like.

However, I strongly believe that the PAT has largely contributed to the cleansing of the earth from these dark entities by increasing significantly the light quotient on this planet that makes their life virtually impossible. Now they must either leave this earth, as they can  no longer survive energetically in the presence of so much light because their physical bodies are physiologically on the verge of total collapse (I saw only today Tony Blair on TV and was appalled how bad he looked), or they must start accepting the light and thus agreeing to be exposed for all the crimes they have done to humanity in the past. I doubt however if there will be many dark ones who will choose this initially more difficult and scary, but on the long run more rewarding path, leading them back to the Source in eons of time.

My emotional outburst against the dark cabal on July 14, was an intuitive, spontaneous reaction triggered by my HS at the right moment. My soul wanted me to participate in this final cosmic purging of the dark cabal, which is ongoing for many months and has reached a peak in July. However I firmly believe that the PAT has largely contributed to the elimination of most dark entities with its relentless effort to increase the frequencies of humanity in the last year.

It could be as well that his masters has either removed Fulford from the scene or may have even eliminated him, after he could no longer mire the minds of the light workers, and his lies became more obvious each day. One only has to read all the promises he has made in the last one year as to see clearly what a big liar this detestable man really is. Lackeys like him are always eliminated by the cabal when they have finished with their dark service and no longer serve the goals of their masters.

I know that this is an annihilating verdict, but I stay to it. When I decided to wrote to Fulford in 2011, I was urged to do so by my HS in order to check his reaction. The following correspondence does not definitely prove that Fulford was agent provocateur (somehow my soul tells me to speak about him in past tense), but still gives the reader some clear clues about his true role.

With love and light

September 1, 2011

Dear Mr. Benjamin Fulford,

Your contribution to the exposure of the world-wide financial scam is admirable. But I immediately noticed that you approach the problem from two wrong assumptions that limit the scope of your revelations substantially.

The first one is that you believe that humanity has infinite time to improve itself. This is the conventional view of human linear thinking and is a completely wrong assumption. It is actually a hallucination of narrow human senses.

The old order will collapse to a much larger extent than you assume in your wildest imagination, because this collapse will be triggered by the collapse of linear time on the earth. The linear 3d-space-time of human reality will be substituted with the cosmic non-linearity, respectively simultaneity of the higher realms of Cosmic Providence, to put it in esoteric New Age slang. The scientific physical explanation of this cosmic event you can find on my website.

It will not only be the financial system that will collapse, but also the whole system of human science, history, philosophy ,religions, and even the habitual way of living of mankind will change dramatically by the end of this and next year.

In order to discern the broader picture, I would strongly recommend you to check my new website, which is an archive of my lifetime scientific work. It contains 15 scientific books and many publications on the new General Theory of Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law, including some brand new publications regarding the economic collapse in 2011 (on which we both are d’accord) and the Ascension scenario of humanity and mankind in 2012.

A thorough lecture of my website will help you expand the transcendental, gnostic dimension of your weltanschauung, which, though quite avantgarde for Anglo-Saxon standards, lacks the spiritual dimension of the European idealistic philosophical school, which makes the current esoteric and investigative stuff of the New Age to appear rather unripe. One does not have much time to broaden his view, before one will be swept away by the coming cosmic tsunami.

This is a well intended advise from a mental friend of yours, even it may sound somewhat harsh, but there is no time left for niceties in the current short lull before the storm.

With best personal wishes

Dr. Georgi Stankov, Munich, Germany
September 2, 2011

Dear Dr. Stankov,

You may be right about the changes going far beyond what most of us can now imagine. However, my understanding is still that there is stuff that needs to be done within strictly 3D paradigms before we can go from here to there. In specific, we need to remove the dark cabal’s control over media, finance and the military before humanity can be freed to realize its full potential.

Benjamin Fulford,   090-3439-5558
September 3, 2011

Dear Mr. Fulford,

You are absolutely right as far as the necessity to remove the Cabal and their clandestine master-minds from the Orion Empire from this earth is concerned.

If you have checked my last publications, you must have noticed that much of my publishing effort, just as yours, has been dedicated to this goal. But this is just one small goal. The bigger end is the enlightenment of humanity beyond their current oppression by the Orion Monetary System, to which I have dedicated three theoretical essays and you – most of your life.

Let us not forget that this Cabal has controlled humanity for the last 10 000 years and humanity has virtually no chance to liberate itself on its own, unless there is a massive off-world intervention, which will happen this year.

You have now all the clues. Please follow them as a diligent investigative journalist, if you don’t want to miss the greatest “show” on this world. Read at least my homepage very carefully.

In fact, there is no chance that you will miss it, but you will simply not be informed in advance and will be only part of the surprised masses. This will be a disservice to your current publishing activities, being a beacon of enlightenment for many people.

As a practising Gnostic, let me convey to you one fundamental esoteric truth. Nobody is the shepherd of the flock of humanity because human sheep may choose to go in another direction than that of the self-proclaimed shepherd. It is better to remain an indomitable wayshower, just as you are now, but without any expectation with regard to your broad impact on the minds of other people.

This would say that you should continue exposing the Cabal, if this is your destination, but I have seen many bright minds being lost in the battle with the dark ones, and thus having lost their ultimate goal. Dark energy has a great fascination on this planet and many star seeds, as you are, have succumbed to it and have gone astray from their original soul contract. It is very dangerous on this planet to dwell too much in the dark abysses of humanity, even when you expose them, as you may get trapped by them and will not be able to ascend to higher frequency dimensions.

From a spiritual and intellectual point of view, it is much better to transcend this duality, which is a human hallucination, and to handle it from the harmony of Al-That-Is. In other words, you can only progress spiritually if you change the course and expand, not reject, your current investigative activities by encompassing the higher dimension of human existence. You are not the first prominent journalist that I have given this advice and most of them have profited from it. Not all, I must admit. We live on a planet of a free will.

After all, your ultimate duty as an incarnated soul on this toxic planet is not to engage in an uneven battle with the dark ones in the 3d-reality, but to overcome it and ascend as a glorious winner in the 5th dimension, where these evil entities from the 4th dimension, be they Greys, Reptilians, or zeta reticuli, will no longer exist. The same holds true for all human Cabal that you are combating now.

These entities have been doomed to disappear eons of time ago, when it was decided in the highest realms of Cosmic Providence that this planet and part of humanity will ascend to the 5th dimension in the End Times, which are this and next year.

You can find all the information on my website. This is an expanded alternative to your current one. Weigh both of them and make your own decision, which one resonates with a higher frequency – the higher the frequency, the higher the dimensions, on which one will ascend in 2012.

Wish you all the best in the remaining short period of time on the earth.

With best personal wishes
George Stankov

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