When Did the Seduction of Humanity Begin?

By Georgi Stankov, July 9, 2012, copyright 2012


There is a fundamental theoretical and gnostic-historical question that has not been comprehended so far and thus has never been raised by the New Age movement:

“When did the seduction of the most enlightened part of this human civilisation begin and how was this debauchery so effectively accomplished by the PTB, so that at the current End Times there are virtually no real enlightened, great personalities to lead humanity to new dimensions?”

That this diagnosis is true and beyond any doubt, has been the overwhelming conclusion by most participants on this website, who have personally experienced the consequences of this collective human seduction in the family, at school and universities, at the working place, in society, in personal connections. However, we have not yet analysed how this “Fall from Grace” actually occurred in the last, crucial 70 years after WW2, when the preparation for ascension of humanity and Gaia entered its final phase.

The elderly among us, who have intact memory of past epochs, such as the “Flower Power” and the “Hippie movement”, may vaguely recollect how this unexpected, all-sweeping liberation of the incarcerated post-war collective human mind was immediately hijacked by the conspicuous consumption of the debased Western type of capitalist society and extinct in its earliest, most humble beginning.

Some personal tragedies caused by this betrayal of the lofty human ideals as propagated at that time, were later worked out in some movies, but altogether the collective understanding of the debauchery of these promising social movements has not been fully understood so far.

The lack of any historical awareness and knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon New Age veterans may be one chief reason for this ignorant attitude towards their obvious spiritual degradation that can no longer be hidden these last days. However, there are many more reasons for this spiritual default of the Aquarius movement that could be a rewarding topic of a comprehensive, critical sociological study beyond my present limited intentions.

I have just come upon a very interesting channeled message that highlights this issue to some extent. Such observations from the higher realms´are a great exception altogether, and therefore I consider it appropriate to make you aware of this source, which I have published once in the past (Master Cato):


Let me quote this source with respect to what he has to say about the Hippie movement in the 60s, as it fully coalesces with my personal experience and judgment:

I can not say what is more saddening; whether it is to see great minds impaired by logic or to see those whose intent had been to be Speakers for this Universe entangled in the dramas of others. There is a commonality that they all share however. None of them seem to be able to break free of their bondage because they do not want to know that they have been bound.

At one time the very young children here and a small percentage of young adults still had the ability to change the conditions of their minds, if not of their lives. However because of the huge amassing of the Illuminati forces that began back in the sixties here, an unrest that HAD been geared to topple shadow governments and to reinstate the human factor died a stillborn death. Instead of that being the true beginning of a human turnover, it became the hippie generations.

The demon riders wasted no time. Their collusion with the other dark forces that eagerly dispensed the drugs that stilled the minds and blocked the voice of the Soul accelerated at an unbelievable and unheard of pace here. If I sound perturbed to you it is because I AM.

Far too many people of each race here wanted so desperately to lose themselves, to relinquish all personal responsibility for their actions and yet decry the good deeds of worthy people. What was proclaimed to be the coming Age of Aquarius soon became instead “the latest age of debauchery.”

Admitting to the truth of situations is far too difficult for so many (New Age) people here regardless of their chronological age. Yet how many of those vast numbers of the people of those sixties turmoil of times went forth to be all they could really be? I counted six. The figure I just gave you was to merely indicate how low it really was. Granted the others still have time to alter their mind thoughts but will they? Will many of you?”

I, myself, remember very well the time when it was still possible to make a clear choice against the society of enslavement and live your own way of life. The only prerequisite was to be absolutely honest and indomitable in your rejection of the hidden, insidious bondage to this dark society. This afforded at that time (and nothing has changed since then) a crystal-clear consciousness and absolute frankness towards oneself.

In addition, one has to display a very strong personality as to defy the perennial menaces of the Orion society at all possible levels. This is nothing new, and it is fair to say that none of these virtues are existent in the present-day debauched New Age movement. Most of the current self-proclaimed gurus are real cowards in their deeds and thoughts, they have no self-esteem, they lack any critical judgment, none of them has taken real responsibility in his life for other people or have ever dared to risk his life to achieve a political goal, no matter how minuscule, etc… that is to say, they are anything else, but leaders and outstanding personalities.

In other words, these human “hermaphrodites” are neither true cosmic beings, nor true incarnated human entities with a firmly established character. The French philosopher Sartre used to define such people with great contempt as “lache” in his theory of human existentialism and considered them to represent the worst type of human behaviour. I doubt if any New Age veteran has ever truly read Sartre and existentialism. But they should really do it.

There is another key aspect, about which no light worker talks loudly at present, but thinks the more so. I hear it clairrvoyantly and I also read it in their recent articles when these people get so excited by all the alleged arrests of the dark ones accomplished by anonymous “sherpas of the light”. I can discern this mood as I have experienced it on many occasions in the past as a former professional revolutionary.

When  there is an anticipation of coming sweeping changes of political power, the worst representatives of humanity are already in the starting blocks, ready to substitute the present dark ones on power under the pretext of being the new harbingers of light and progress. I hear painfully the greed of power screaming from the writings of all New Age Beckows, Wilcocks, and Fulfords who are already planning their political carriers (hopefully on the catastrophic earth B as I have no desire to meet them on the ascended earth A), just as I have experienced this human scam when I co-founded the new anti-communist opposition party in Bulgaria in 1989, which came to power in 1997 and was led by the most corrupt persons I have ever met.

By that time I had already stopped all my political activities as I was disgusted by the debased human habits which exacerbated in East European politics after the Fall of the Iron Curtain. The current situation in the West is not much different nowadays, but unfortunately only very few far-sighted people perceive it. This is how the PTB have always hijacked any revolution on this planet.

Fortunately, there is another major factor this time that is the game-changer – Ascension. Nobody who has not ascended, will have any access to power in the immediate time after the shift, as all human beings on earth are now either compromised or so weak and incompetent that they will immediately perpetrate and perpetuate the same mistakes that have been made during the last 10 000 years of Orion enslavement – GF here, GF there.

Therefore, I urge you to become very discerning and to analyse the numerous articles and news that have surged as a muddy torrent on the Internet in the last days and weeks, dealing with alleged arrests, collective fears, and sweeping  political changes. Their only aim is to manifest and realize the usual old dark strategy and dynamics of human enslavement that still reigns on earth as long as the human minions on power are not replaced. This is how the minds of these most stupid and politically inexperienced dark-light workers are now mired. This is a very worrisome development and I wonder why nobody beats the drums and makes the public aware of this imminent danger over humanity prior to Ascension.

This is also the reason why there will be firstly a clean ID split with a first wave of ascension, so that the real Earth Keepers, in this case the PAT members, will take over the leadership of humanity and will supervise its evolution.


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