The Sarcasm of Our Souls

By Georgi Stankov, Dorie Bowlin and Boyd Kraigher, July 24, 2012
Dear George,

After reading “Say No to Heaven and Ascend” I also had vocal talk in heavens workshop.  I expressed my opinion and bluntly told them that they are incompetent and lazy.  I suggested them, that next time around they can go and incarnate themselves on 3d planet (if 3D will still exist in the future).

I announced withdrawing of all my services in regards to ascension of humanity and Gaia until the PAT ascension.  I will be much more productive and a better service to human race and Gaia as an ascended master.

When I went to sleep I got a clear message from my HS. We, the PAT, did manage to successfully revolt, in order to demand our rights, against the heaven.

It was expected that humanity would revolt against their Orion-reptilian masters. They did NOT. When the PAT revolted against “highest authority”, we also cleared this part of karma, humanity should otherwise experience.

Today I am sensing a state of urgency in the heavens.

With peace and love
Boyd Kraigher

Dear Boyd,

however, it is my impression that our souls /higher selves were the perfectionists, who wanted more and burdened us with more dirty, cleansing work. I have always revolted against heaven, but this has not helped much expect after 11.11.11 when I demanded more authority for the PAT and higher ascension for its members than originally planned. It is somehow difficult for me to see the connection between the Orion Empire and heaven and how our revolt against our own souls would clear human karma.


Dear Georgi,

I sit here reading the latest PAT comments and tears are streaming down my face. They are tears of JOY as I hear from my Higher Self that WE, the PAT, DID accomplish creating a GREAT revolution… we created a revolution within our OWN minds to say “NO” to heaven and ASCEND!

We are going home.

Much love and light,

Dear Dorie,

I  have just heard this interpretation from Boyd. But how does this square with the failed revolution of the masses against the Orion empire? This is my question. I have often rebelled against heaven and it has not helped much, except when I demanded after our failed ascension at 11.11.11 that the PAT will ascend higher than planned and will have a bigger say on the process.

Now my guess is that our souls were the perfectionists who wanted all the time a better result and kept us on the ground, while the other souls were happy with the outcome. I see it rather that the other souls pushed us to revolt against our own souls as to finish with this interminable ascension of this small planet and move on.

With love and light


When awakening this morning I myself kept questioning the plan of revolution amongst the unawakened and if that were still a feasible plan. Two nights ago, I had a dream that I was holding a children’s book on fairy tales. On the cover was a picture of a dragon. I was telling the group of young children (young souls) that their whole reality was just an illusion and that the dragon was representative of the reptilian race who had them enslaved. It is my belief that we members of the PAT have not only created a revolution within our own minds, but have ALSO, with our INTENTIONS, awakened the last mind that has resulted in the tipping point! We have created the biggest MIND revolution of ALL TIME, prior to our ascension!

I truly believe we have achieved what we came here to accomplish as Ascended Masters… even if those accomplishments we’re achieved in dream state.

And yes, I CONCUR, we are perfectionists because we remember the Source of our Perfection… we we’re only asking that others remember that as well!

This is just my spin on things, and as we really have no ‘visible’ proof of 3D revolution awakening the masses, we will have to put our complete faith in the information coming from our higher selves.

Much love to you!

Dear Dorie,

I had a second look on your interpretation and that of Boyd of our rebellion against heaven and came probably to a similar, but less positive assessment. Precisely, I discovered an aspect in our incarnation experiment that I would like to define as the “sarcasm of our souls“.

As we all know, everything we create and experience in this 3d-reality is a fiction and illusion. Even our rebellion against our souls. However, emotions do matter in the overall process of ascension and the most important ingredient of rebellious energies could not be engendered by the slumbering human masses in the current End Times. Hence we decided to create these energies and experience them on our own. Such is the creative, illusory potential of this group.

Of course, the name of any member of the PAT is “Rebel“. We have begun rebelling as soon as we were born, because such are our energies where we come from. We can never agree with the oppressive energies of this debased Orion society. This would say that we could not generate much more rebellious energies against this society than we have already generated and experienced in the past. What else was left?

To instigate an artificial rebellion against our very souls, which is of course the most powerful rebellious energy in the whole universe. We demanded immediate ascension by rejecting our ongoing function as energy conduits for All-That-Is.

Of course, from a higher perspective, even this rebellion was a camouflage, as it was part of the strategy of our souls and thus fully online with the planning for our ascension. It was the proverbial sarcasm of our souls, their tendency  to treat us maliciously even in our greatest pain in order to achieve their objectives. Hence I do not feel any elation in this “tempest in a glass of water”. In fact, I would rather assimilate our revolt against our souls and heaven as the famous Baron Munchhausen trick.

When this liar of a baron fell in the deep morass and there was nobody to help him come out of it, he decided to grab his long hairs and pull himself out of the morass against all laws of gravity.

Ours is a similar effort – we simply decided to pull ourselves from the current earthly morass by grabbing our desperation about the immobility of the spirit of the human masses and transforming it into the necessary anti-gravity energy of ascension. Even if it may not be absolutely true. I somehow like this interpretation of our recent rebellion and hear the sarcastic collective laugh of our souls in the higher realms. That Is the way the world ends – not with a bang, but with a joke.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

All I can say is, “Those BASTARDS!” Of course our souls are laughing at us, we’ve always been good for a laugh, but NO MORE!

It all makes perfect sense now though – thank you for explaining!


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