The Role of Nibiru in the Ascension Scenario

by Georgi Stankov and Lee Brandt, July 25, 2012

Hi George,

A couple of months ago you gave us a link to a channeling by Berlinghof on a radio show, where CA said that the pole shift date was 15 September 2012. Well I circled that date on my calendar then. Now I am seeing that on a couple of sites they are saying that Nibiru will be visible for about 7 and a half weeks before the shift. So if you go 7. 5 weeks back from the 15th of September on the calendar you get to the 25th of July! Coincidence? I think not. The ID split could well announce the arrival of Nibiru for those on the catastrophic Earth B timeline.  

My friend told me that some Russian scientists deciphered a crop circle and what it basically worked out to be was that humanity is going to experience a big “Awakening” around the 4th of August. I have been dreaming of endings and signing off of contracts and have also experienced the “Hot flushes” and am now in the “Giant” phase. Thanks to everyone for all their messages.

In Love and Light

Dear Lee,

I am a little bit confused. Are you sure that CA has explicitly said that the magnetic pole reversal will be on September 15? I do not remember this and I have never heard that CA gives precise dates. If this information is wrong, then all your subsequent considerations are also wrong. Can you please check one more time, whether CA has given this precise date for the magnetic pole reversal? To my estimate the pole reversal must now happen simultaneously with the ID split.


Hi George I found the link in SOAR 80:

and the complete question and answer is this:

Rayelan: Ah no, that was a perfect answer for me. Now, let’s go into this question which is kind of a follow up on what you just said. This woman wants to know, “Please tell us when Planet X, Nibiru, will pass the Earth and will it cause a pole shift? And what will be the extent of the cataclysm?”

Cosmic Awareness: Again, before This Awareness expresses Its answer, It would ask all to remember what was said a moment ago. That focusing on such events will bring them into your experiences of reality. Therefore, this is but a single time line of possibility, and it is one that many are seeking to have. For it is intriguing and interesting, even exciting to believe that a planet such as Nibiru is coming this way and will create a major pole shift. This Awareness on that  level of reality, on that  time-line can say that  Nibiru is scheduled  to arrive around September 15th or thereabouts, and that there are sufficient energies  because of its close proximity that could incite indeed major geological events.

But one needs to understand this may also be in concordance with the Divine Plan to help shift Mother Earth, to loosen the bonds that still fetter her. And that such an event as Nibiru coming close may incite indeed a pole shift, which would be one of the last things to occur that will allow that division of the energetic body of Mother Earth to separate from the physical body and to go to the crystalline form that awaits her, to become re-establish as a physical form in another frequency range, one that does not interfere with the physical planet shell that is left behind, that which this Awareness chooses to call Planet B (This is the CA definition of the ID split about which we  are talking all the time, George).

Therefore, for those who need to experience that level of upheaval that a pole shift will bring, that this could be expected in mid September. But of course This Awareness recommends that one negotiate their way forward away from such adversity, such upheaval, such chaos and envision rather a planetary shift that will not involve and embrace such violence. The planet Nibiru of course is coming with those of the Anunnaki and are coming to make claim once again of their possession, but this is another matter, another question that this Awareness feels will still be asked tonight. Therefore, It is complete in Its answer.”

They are not specifying that it will be a magnetic pole reversal, just a pole shift. is there a possibility that there could be a magnetic pole reversal 1st and then a crustal pole shift some weeks later? The arrival date of September 15th could also mean that Planet X (Nibiru) will become visible then and the shift will be 7.5 weeks later on 6 or 7th of November but i do not think so.

Love and Light

Dear Lee,

thank you very much for your effort to find the exact text. I now remember well this text again and why I was sceptical. First, let me say that all messages and forecasts CA has made this year were bluntly wrong, which is very surprising to me, as it was a reliable source before that. Maybe Berlinghof is the reason for not being a clear channel anymore. I think that he is highly compromised after he married Callista, for whatever reasons, and should stop channeling.

For instance, in a later message which I also published, where Callista was asking questions to Berlinghof, CA explicitly predicted two major catastrophes in the USA in June. When nothing happened, this source continued channeling and nobody made an effort to check this wrong forecast and demand an explanation from CA. The same holds true for this message.

This is one of the reasons why I discarded this source in the meantime and deleted it from my memory. In fact, if you read this text very carefully, CA admits that there is a chance that Nibiru reaches earth at the closest in Mid September and may cause catastrophes or even a magnetic pole reversal, but only for those who charge this timeline.

Then it goes on to say that if one looks forward to a shift of Gaia to higher dimensions, this may happen earlier and then Nibiru may be used by the Divine Plan as a catalyst to trigger the pole reversal together with the ID split (CA does not speak of ID split, but it means it).

Unfortunately, this source has lost its reputation in my eyes, and I no longer consider it. At the time, when I still published it, I had a better opinion of it, but in the meantime it has compromised itself for ever.

Now back to your question. Nibiru is indeed approaching earth and will be seen very soon by all people and not only by those who are interested in its existence. The former PTB know this and they now prepare a hasty take-over during the Olympic Games, by exploding a dirty bomb at the opening ceremony and enacting the “Bluebeam” project as I will publish tomorrow. Thus they intend to establish immediately the NWO, so that when Nibiru comes and can no longer be hidden from the masses, they will have humanity under firm control. This is their insidious plan – the last one, they have in their sleeves as a trump.

From this, it can only follow that the magnetic pole reversal and the ID split must happen before the dark cabal implement their sinister plan during the Olympic games. This is the reason why I believe that the ID split will happen before that and will nullify the plan of the dark ones.

In this case, Nibiru can be used as a catalyst for the magnetic pole reversal, which will happen simultaneously with the ID split. However, as I have written, the natural catastrophes, which it will trigger, will only affect the catastrophic earth B, while the balanced earth A/B will move to the 4th dimension, where the magnetic pole reversal will have no physical effects on this 4d-planet.

The population staying on earth B will experience the ID split as a huge catastrophe, but will still not know what caused it, as the idea of ascension is non-existent in the minds of these incarnated unripe souls and clones that will remain on this planet and will be the future slaves of the Orion/Reptilian empire.

In addition, they will experience in September and October many more catastrophes caused by the asteroid cloud that is in the tail of Nibiru and will reach earth on September 15. For this reason, the dark cabal are preparing their underground bunkers since WW2, knowing what will happen this year. This topic is extensively discussed in the newsletters of zetatalk.

The problem is that most of the bunkers for the cabal were destroyed last year by the forces of light and they are now in a total panic and want to establish the NWO at any price during the Olympic Games. This explains all the irrational and hasty preparations of the UK and US dark cabal these days, as also reported in the mass media.

This circumstance actually makes the occurrence of the ID split and the magnetic pole reversal this month or early August imperative in order to save the new balanced earth, which the PAT has created with its relentless efforts, from any catastrophes and to guarantee its prosperous future development under our guidance as Earth Keepers. This is also the reason why we did not have any huge catastrophes this year, although many were predicted by the doomsday prophets.

Thus, there is a very narrow window of opportunity for both, the forces of light and the forces of darkness to accomplish their opposite plans, and you can bet who will be the winner at the end.

Considering this scenario, your question is, indeed, correct and timely. But in this case, the role of Nibiru is of a secondary importance and not causal for the much bigger event of ascension. However, the approaching  of this planet does determine the timetable of both, the forces of light and the dork forces, so that we are heading to a showdown either this week or next week around full moon, as I was informed by my HS and have recently published on this website.

I hope that I have answered your question to your satisfaction based on the information, to which I have access.

With love and light

Hi George,

thank you for the prompt reply. It was always in the back of my mind that the information could be tainted and I agree that Berlinghof should retire from the spiritual vanity fair. I clearly remember the catastrophes that were forecast (for June) that did not materialize. At first when listening to the channeling I did not get the piece where it says:

But one needs to understand this may also be in concordance with the Divine Plan to help shift Mother Earth, to loosen the bonds that still fetter her. And that such an event as Nibiru coming close may incite indeed a pole shift, which would be one of the last things to occur that will allow that division of the energetic body of Mother Earth to separate from the physical body and to go to the crystalline form that awaits her, to become re-establish as a physical form in another frequency range, one that does not interfere with the physical planet shell that is left behind, that which This Awareness chooses to call Planet B”. 

But now when I read it a couple of times one can clearly see that this is the ID split that CA is talking about. Thank you. I would put all my money on the PAT winning, if I had any money. GO TEAM PAT.

Love and Light


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