The Real Heroes. An Elegy for the PAT

by Mara Burger, July 27, 2012, copyright 2012

For some of us this experience goes back as far as 10 years, even longer. For some it has not been that long but the challenges has been the same. For many years it was not clear what was happening to us. It was not as if we got a manual to guide us through the stages. It was a long, hard and lonesome journey. Many marriages, friends, family, businesses, jobs, etc. fell of the wayside. For many it was a living hell and they lost everything they had. Yet, we were urged to continue and find our own truth, regardless. We were misunderstood, ridiculed and accused of losing the plot, and there were times when we ourselves wondered if maybe we were crazy.

At some point we were filled with an intense desire to change the world by sharing our truth, but we all know which way that went. Most of us found ourselves in the esoteric vanity fare, of which we walked away disillusioned and we became more and more isolated from the world.

Then we found this website and everything changed. We found people just like us. Where we could not find one person in our own country that resonated with us, now we found many scattered all over the world. We found where we belonged – WE NOW HAD A MISSION. Not only did we have a common goal; but we came to realize who and what we are.

And as the light workers grew in numbers; so did the false prophets who misguided them and we soon realised that there was no help forthcoming from them. While humanity was enjoying their slumber; it was up to us to do the dirty work and increase the light quotient to ensure ascension for all.

It was because of our courage and love for humanity that we volunteered to descend to this toxic planet to be a guinea pig, to do this experiment. And boy, in this we surpassed the highest expectations.

What we are about to do have never been done. We will be the first beings to ascend in a light body. Everyone in the universe is waiting with abated breath for this spectacular event to unfold. We are about to make cosmic history. We are about to be written in the Guinness Book of Cosmic Records. For millennia to come, we will still be the talk of the town. We will be invited by all and sundry to come and teach and tell our story of ascension.

All we need to do is look back at the history of this planet. What heroes do we have to show? With all the distortions and manipulations that went on, all we have to show are combusted incomplete ascensions and a renegade of chi- thieves masquerading as “Ascended Masters”.

I know we are all tired of waiting. We are fragile and we don’t know how much longer we will be able to take the energy waves and more disappointment. Maybe heaven will ask us again to stay a little longer. We know the doubting Thomases and naysayers are already lining up again on the side line, just to laugh at our expense if our predictions do not come true. But you know what? That’s OK. We are the PAT and we know who and what we are. We know that our ascension is guaranteed and that we have already been victorious.

So pick up your tired body. Straighten your back and look yourself in the eye and see the magnificence and the brilliance of the Creator God that you are. Feel the pride and joy and marvel in your accomplishments because it will be YOU that will lead humanity into the golden age of Aquarius.


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