Say No to Heaven and Ascend!

by Georgi Stankov and Jerry R James, July 22, 2012

Dear Jerry,

your message from your HS is very important for a number of reasons, but in particular for one. Each time we arranged for a test run of ascension to check the light quotient and found out that it was not sufficient, we were hit by a very heavy and nasty wave as to compensate the deficits. I have observed this pattern after July 22, 2009, October 10, 2010 and then after we opened the stargate 11.11.11. This pattern continued even after that on the next important portal December 21, 2011, during the whole March after we decided to create a third balanced earth A/B on February 26th, June 21/22, July 7, etc. 

Each time we decided to do more for humanity, we were hit harder than before as to fill in the energetic gaps of humanity’s light quotient on its way to ascension. As if they deserve that. Now after the last test run on July 19, as you told us, we are already hit today by another wave from the cosmic portal July 22/23, which will hopefully pave the last inches on our way to final Ascension. What is your take on this?


Hi George,

Yes the dates are the same for me. In 2009 I was so sure that I would ascend in July that I even bought special clothes for the occasion. Both Anita and I ate special meal and dressed all in white. It sounds silly now, doesn’t it, but our mood was more jubilant then.

We had been suffering ascension symptoms but not as frequent as now. More LBP than symptoms from test runs etc. After the July ascension abortion, we were hit very hard. Anita was diagnosed with cancer and then we had to endure all the treatments to keep her functional until late 2010, when I was sure we would ascend again and then the whole pattern. After 11-11 the same thing and she had to have a second surgery in December to remove scar tissue. Each of these ascension abortions are very severe on the body systems, as they are so unnatural to anything we are supposed to experience.

This is some of the additional information that I was given that I did not include in my short report.

These heavy and nasty waves we are hit with are different from LBP, but in some ways the same. After each aborted test run, the LB is damaged and has to be repaired quickly and this is accomplished by blasting with strong energy. This is part of the reason for our severe fatigue.

Another is that we ask for the planet to be bombarded once again and we act again as transmitters to tweak and change the environment somewhat. The LB was never meant to endure so many aborted attempts and there is certainly a limit to how many it can safely endure. We are pushing the limits in every sense of the word.

I remember bits and pieces of some of the meetings we attend at night and I am somewhat disgusted at my HS. I remember how HS insist that we continue with this mission, and it is one of the most vocal voices to continue pushing our limits. We all know the risks and are willing to take them and also the fallout.

I was actually given a date for new proposed ascension test run or real date and that is July 25th, but I am reluctant to share that as it can mean so many different things considering how it has turned out in the past. Whether or not we ascend on this date the Earth will be hit with tremendous energy from the central sun.

But one thing keeps being emphasized to me in the meeting as well as now by higher self. We are running out of time and cannot delay much, if any longer. Not only is there a limit that our bodies can take, but also a limit as to how much we can accomplish on the ground vs as ascended beings. We are trying too hard in my opinion to find the perfect balance and it is costing us dearly.



Dear Jerry,

Thank you for this very important and valuable information, which fully coalesces with my knowledge and personal experience with these waves and test runs of ascension.

This night, (July 22) I had a peculiar dream. I was with Frida Carlo in the “house of sorrowfulness”, somewhere in the mountains of Central America. Pablo Neruda, the former lover of Frida, had just died and left a collection of poems, which were not published yet. These poems described the slavery in the Caribic. Frida was making a film, a musical with these songs. For this purpose groups of slaves were supposed to walk down the hills covered with tropical vegetation towards this house, which was a former villa of Pablo Neruda, and sing the songs to his poems.

The whole scene ought to be filmed from within and outside the house, which had large French windows and was open on all four sides. The songs were blues and spirituals of black slaves. Frida went outside to visit the set and to give orders to the filming team and I stayed alone in the “house of tristesse”, as they called it, and listened to the sorrowful songs.

All of a sudden, I felt such a deep sorrow myself that laid upon my breast like a heavy rock, so  that I could no longer breathe and woke up. I still sensed this pain of the slaves upon my breast for several minutes after awakening and felt very depressed the whole day long.

Obviously, I must have cleansed some dark slavery past experience in this region in the dream state. After this dream, I cannot recover fully from this depressive mood up to this moment. It is incredible what kind of emotional work we are doing in the night. There is nothing to relate with current daily life.

Then I realized around 10 am CET that another huge commotio cerebri wave is on the march and will hit me with full force  after midday. I have had several hundreds of these waves in the past 13 years and know very well how they begin. I knew that it had to do with the July 22/23 portal and our hopefully last test run for Ascension next week.

Around 11 a.m. I was so furious with my HS that I started ranting loudly and telling all idiots in the higher realms that I no longer allow that my body should be used as a conduit of energies on the earth and that they should seek other LW and charge them more with these energies. I told heaven that I am done and then I stopped any energy transmission. Precisely I wrapped up all my anger in white light and built a thick envelope around my body and stopped with my will any energy flow through my left brain portal.

Within half an hour the cc wave stopped and my beginning headache receded. I have not witnessed this phenomenon before, although I have complained many times, whenever I have experience the prodromi of such a nasty wave. This time they simply followed my desire. At the same time, I knew that from now on we can willingly cancel our cooperation in these test runs of ascension and that we have every right to do so, after we have been misused by heaven so often in the past.

This is in fact my advise to all members of the PAT. According to my intuitive perception, as soon as we consciously block our cooperation in the ascension process, we will automatically ascend and then continue our mission as ascended masters. Now we have enough other star seeds on the ground to take over our dirty job.

But it is still convenient for the higher realms to burden the same stupid donkeys as the PAT members on the ground, as they know that we are always reliable conduits of light and always do this dirty cleansing job to our best and even beyond. Not today, and no more in the future!

The success of my blockage was so spectacular, because our higher selves have already fully descended in our body fields and we now create from the fulcrum of our HS, after our egos have been deleted long time ago.

Therefore, I recommend all the PAT members to consciously decline any further cooperation in the current ascension process of Gaia and to clearly declare their desire to ascend first and operate from another level. Our job is done and we must tell this Heaven unmistakeably. After all, we are all sovereign creator beings and have also the right to say:

“NO! Enough is enough!”


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