Relationships Between Soul Fragments and Soul Families

By Georgi Stankov and Carla Thompson, July 26, 2012

Hello Georgi,

I would like to thank you for the fascinating presentations of late, you never cease to amaze me with your intellectual horsepower. You have stimulated great conversations on the website for all of us and it seems I can read and re-read these essays and gain new insights every time…

I fully support the initiative of “enough is enough”.  I stated the decree, immediately and without hesitation. The statement came directly from my HS. There was no thought, no intermediary, no ego, just the statement of the decree, ipso facto, with no emotion nor attachment. My HS then told me immediately “Your Ascension is Assured“. I do not generally ask my HS about the “timing” of events in 3D terms because I know that it will all be perfect, it will all be perfectly “timed”. However I did ask in that moment and was told that it shall occur when “all alignments are complete“. My understanding is that there are other factors at play here that are “very nearly complete” in order for this objective to be realized…

I have a question with regard to your comment that all members of a Soul Family will ascend at the same time. In the event that not all members of a Soul Family are ready for ascension, will that preclude the full ascension of the entire family? Also, if ascension is possible without all members of the Soul Family, will an individual who is “left behind” be able to ascend when the conditions are right, and without the energetic support of his Soul Family, or will he need to wait for the next ascension cycle, when presumably more Soul Family members have been incarnated, and offer the process their energetic support at that time?

With Love and Light,

Dear Carla,

thank you for your appreciation. The quality of the publications may have increased as the waves are also increasing and the connection with our HS has also intensified.

Now to your question. When I said that when an incarnated soul fragment ascends, say to the 8th dimension, his excarnated soul family with its individual souls who dwell, say, in the 7th dimension will also have the possibility to ascend to the 8th dimension as the achievement of this soul fragment is their collective achievement. If another incarnated soul fragment from this soul family may not ascend to the 8th dimension, he will simply return to the 7th dimension, from where he comes, and then he can also ascend to a higher dimension if some other soul fragments have paved the way for this collective soul family ascension.

This explanation is very mechanic and one-sided. In fact there are always different levels within one soul family, as long as it is still in the incarnation cycle. However as soon as the first soul fragment manages to finish with his incarnation cycle, he moves to a higher dimension and then this helps immensely the rest soul fragments who are still in their incarnation cycle.

The situation changes one more time dramatically on behalf of the incarnated soul fragments, when half of them finish with their incarnation cycle. Now they have much more energy to protect their incarnated fragments and this allows them to fulfill duties on earth that were not possible at the beginning of their incarnation cycle, when most soul fragments were baby or child souls. This is a huge topic with many ramifications and one can talk a lot about it.

For instance the last soul fragment, who ends his incarnation cycle, is very important as he completes the projects of the whole soul family and enjoys the support of all excarnated soul fragments of his soul family. This soul fragment is not a laggard in the profane human sense, but the culmination of the whole soul family efforts. Normally such entities are endowed with a special mission and perform human achievements that leave durable traces in human society.

In the present End Times most of us come from levels, where our soul families have finished long time ago with their incarnation cycle, but can nonetheless incarnate fragments of themselves when special missions are needed, as is the case now with the ascension of Gaia and humanity. In this case our soul families have already ascended long time ago and we are, so to say, these ascended masters in human body. Our return to these higher levels after ascension or death is guaranteed from the very beginning.

But we have also the possibility to surpass these level due to our prolonged stay and special achievements on the ground. Thus we also help our soul families, who stand behind us and support us a lot to ascend even higher than initially planned. This is a huge success, when judged from a cosmic point of view and this is the reason why we are under such a great pressure from our soul families, which manifest themselves through our HS, or individual soul, to do even more. Thus we help the whole soul family to advance much quicker than before.

Incarnations in the 3d-density are very rare for such ascended families, but they give them the unique chance to develop much quicker than under normal conditions, while doing their usual coordination work from the higher realms.  Hence, behind our efforts is aways the collective desire of our soul families to be successful at any price and they make us aware that our sacrifices on behalf of our soul sisters and brothers will be hugely rewarded after finishing the job in the 3d-reality. As you see there is much more at stake than simply heaving Gaia and humanity. It is also about heaving our soul families to a higher dimensions, with which we are inextricably linked in all eternity.

I hope that I have given you a small glimpse into the intricate relationships between soul fragments and their soul families, between individual soul duties and soul family mission.

With love and light

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