PAT Mission as Ascended Creator Gods

by Daniel Akkerman, A Crystalline Child from Holland, July 20, 2012, copyright 2012

As we will now ascend before the ID split, and become leaders of the revolution, it is time to create the revolution. We are creator gods, so even if we have not yet ascended, we can do this right now. This new situation gives many new things to think about.

While we will have the abilities of true ascended creator gods, there is one thing we cannot do: change the level of evolution of a being by force. We can only provide stimulation. This stimulation will be enormous and will succeed, but it creates a few pitfalls. Because humanity is so dumbed down, many will simply not get it. There will be total confusion for a big group, not only in the group going to earth B, but also in the group going to earth A/B.

Many humans have forgotten about their origin as sovereign creators. Our appearance as gods on the earth, which still has not experienced ID-split will be the biggest and most important event in history. From the human perspective, some will see us as just that: Gods. Untouchable and powerful. Many will pray to us, or worship us as ever supreme beings.

This is one of the first things we must stop. They must know, that worshipping and praying needs to be a thing of the past, and that with sufficient evolution, any soul can become as evolved as us. That we are here to guide and assist to ascend Gaia and humanity, and to be the Earth keepers. But, that we cannot do all the work for them. Despite our help, every human needs to work on the inner evolution, to restore the distorted image of reality. We provide the proper environment for humanity to evolve, but it’s still up to everyone to contribute as much as possible.

As many dark souls will still be around, because the ID-split will not have occurred yet, this is also a matter of concern. These souls, such as many of the current politicians, banks, corporations, cabal, and the like, will at some point be removed from power by us, and their destructive technologies eliminated.

No more chemtrails. No more Orion mass media. No more nuclear reactors and weapons, no more other types of weapons, no more genetic modification or engines of combustion, no more HAARP or LHC, and any efforts they make to stop us or harm anyone must be eliminated. But such technologies play a role in society, and need to be replaced with technology that cannot be abused by dark souls, or mistakenly wrongly used.

This situation is in a way similar to what was discussed earlier, but in this case the ID-split has not occurred. Thus I do not believe, that for example generators of infinite energy are usable yet, because they can be abused. Additionally, some outdated technologies might have to stay a little bit longer and should not be removed immediately if alternatives cannot be provided at the same time.

As an example, if someone lives isolated, to remove such a person’s car without providing an alternative is not a good idea. This all depends on how quickly and widely the new technology can be implemented, and on humanities ability to get used to it. Providing such technology before the ID-split may only be partially possible. In this case, we must do our best to provide an alternative method of satisfying these needs while eliminating the old ways, and the (full) implementation of these technologies is delayed until after the ID-split.

If humanity sees, how the old ways are no longer valid and that better alternatives exist, many will not be afraid anymore to do something. In this case we could demonstrate the technology, which cannot be widely spread yet before the ID-split, but will be available on earth A/B.

Technology I foresee as extremely useful for this time frame:

1. A communication/information device, which replaces computers, phones and Orion mass media. Through these devices detailed explanation of the situation, history, mistakes of humanity and future goals can be provided by us, essentially serving as “the news”, but this time with correct information instead of lies.

As an example it can contain contents of the PAT’s discussions, books about the Universal Law and more. Perhaps in these last few days, the PAT can write something directed at humanity, which will be the first message to read when one receives such a device. Everyone must be able to have access to such a device, and it may not be limited by language barriers. It could also function as a working translator from any language, to any language.

2. A device which can freely produce healthy food, drinks and medicine. Perhaps it can also provide something like tents and beds, chairs and blankets. This will eliminate dependence on the Orion idea of having a job to acquire money, to get what is needed to survive.

3. Travelling devices, such as portals and/or anti-gravity vehicles.

(Perhaps there could simply be one device, which can do all these things, but the list is more about the functions and less about the device itself)

These are the three most important things, which are required for humans to survive if their present counterparts are removed. I believe they must be accomplished quickly, in the furthest way possible. The PTW may not have control over what information humanity gets, what they eat and drink, whether or not they have shelter, and how they transport. Distribution of such devices could be done by making them self-replicating, by giving them away at central points or by other methods.

At this point the way to secure such devices, to prevent abuse or misuse fully is hard to discuss and will require much more technical knowledge on how these devices would and could work. This can only be done after ascension, when we have full access to much more advanced brains, abilities and information, but as long as the idea is there, it’s enough for now.

The same applies to the feasibility of implementing such devices on the earth which has not yet experienced the ID-split. If we cannot replace things as the mass media with new technology, we must block it’s usage by the dark, take over and allow honest journalists to publish. Correct information for everyone is essential in this revolution. Any technology we implement will stay on earth A/B after the ID-split and will not be present on earth B.

The revolution will grow to enormous proportions quickly under our lead. To establish it, starting out with groups which are already doing something, such as the “occupy movement” might be a good idea. The technology discussed above can help such movements greatly, and such movements will quickly gain momentum with our actions, because our appearance and that of new technologies will trigger many people who sympathize with such movements (but are not actively a part of it yet). They will realize that if they join and go out on the streets (again), they will have freedom and protection against the old matrix. They will realize, that something is actually happening this time, and they will collectively be able to support each other in the first steps of fully adjusting to the new reality, and obtaining the knowledge of what they truly are.

Furthermore, we will show our abilities often by performing various miracles, which will convince those who have the potential to align with the truth, but cannot because they are currently surrounded with too many distorting signals. This again must not result in worshipping, but we must firmly make it clear that what we do is to demonstrate the potential of every soul.

Our abilities and energies will make a quick cleansing work on “Obsolete thought patterns” (asdiscussed by Aegil). The revolution will present a huge change in collective consciousness, and when the people realize our status as creator gods many of them will be inclined to believe or openly approach everything we say. Thus, for example for those who deny the existence of the cabal that has enslaved humanity for so long, or for those who believe in money, seeing the truth and removing the obsolete though patterns suddenly becomes an option.

The same will apply to parts of the scientific community, which will be stunned by the unmasking and elimination of empiricism, determinism, Darwin’s “struggle for life” (survival of the fittest), modern “medicine” and much more. Not to forget, the religious people. When enough of these thought patterns are removed and replaced with new thought patterns by the A/B candidates, the ID-split will occur.

To accomplish all of this, events need to start unfolding. I am positive that ascension in the next few days will occur, before the Olympics, so we can finally “get this show on the road”. After experiencing humanity for 18 years now, I believe I can say that they do have the potential. Many humans really would learn to quickly create a better way of living with more harmony, if it were not for the constant bombardment with lies and dark energies, to keep them in the dark. So I am eager to see, what will happen when this factor is removed, and the environment becomes stimulating. Perhaps some of the most confused entities will even get to see a better way of living, and adjust to it. I certainly hope so.

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