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On “The Difference Between a PAT Member and a Doubtful Thomas”

 July 26, 2012

Georgi and PAT:

I wish you and the PAT as quick an ascension as possible. You have all worked so hard and long for this point in time and I sincerely hope it happens for you – All of you.

My intuition tells me, I may have to wait a bit longer – perhaps to the end of this year or maybe next year. But you know what?  I’m OK with that. If I don’t ascend for even another two or three years, it will happen whenever it happens for me. I am very patient and at peace with my soul.

Also, if I should die a natural death, then I will ascend and join up with my soul group at that time. Guess what – I’m OK with that too as that would have been the plan/contract that I chose to play out and perhaps I still have many important things to finish in my life plan. Only Divine Source knows for sure.

Not to worry – We will all ascend at some point in time.

Love to All



July 26, 2012

My Friend,

I read it (Travis response to my cousin Christo Stankov):  Whatever…Cool, Dude! I am smiling and very puzzled.

Just remind Travis some of us have been here hidden for thousands of years keeping the torch, so guys like him can carry it on to “the Erehwon”. I wish he does not get cocky these days because it is not recommended in intense times like these. ( and saw such tendencies in him).

In case him and I get stuck on this stinky planet for a little bit longer than you – give him some coordinates of mine, I can take care of few of them if they stay  ” cool”… we have some set-ups to share for Light-Brothers!!!


B (Christo Stankov)

July  26, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your eloquent response to Diane’s doubt-ridden letters.

There is now such a clear difference between those who are actively engaged in both ascension and this web site and those who carry on in 3-d and just think about ascension, reading this site as a form of casual entertainment or as a source to feed their own inferiority-angst, caused by ‘subjective, unfounded prejudices, born by deep-seated, unrecognized and unresolved, fear-based patterns.’

Like others, I have NEVER had a doubt about my/our ascension. As Travis says, it is a matter of PERSONAL experiential evidence and if a person hasn’t had those experiences, it is obvious that they will not understand and relate to it. I feel that if others are saying to us (people who have actually experienced something) that we might be wrong, that really means that they don’t believe us, but the point is, WE DON’T CARE if anyone believes us! We’re not trying to persuade anybody else about anything, merely discussing our own experiences and feelings and ideas with one another. And if someone doesn’t really believe it, why are they bothering to read our website and our personal communications? It can only be for voyeurism, entertainment/general interest or self-abuse/angst-feeding.

It’s interesting that these people display a typical ‘I won’t believe it until I see it’ attitude. Well, maybe they will believe it when they see it, which as WE all know, is very soon.

In love and light,


Dear Gail,

They must believe it when they see it, this is part of the script for the End Times, but they will not  easily overcome their disappointment that they have not seen it earlier as to participate in this unique event of ascension. This is the actual dilemma of these people and they know it deep in their soul.



July 26, 2012

 Dorie Bowlin

You KNOW you are a member of the PAT if:

– You’ve known since you were a child that you were “different” or “weird”, not from HERE.

– You’ve know that the things you were told as a child were not the truth.

– You’ve searched for the truth, only to find that everything is just an illusion.

– You’ve realized that everything is energy, including the illusion, so the illusion can be changed.

– Upon discovering that the illusion can be changed, you become a rebel in trying to create change.

– You’ve discovered that rebellion creates change, but that it does not dissolve the illusion.

– You suffer extreme physical, emotional, and mental issues while transmuting the energy which is creating the illusion.

– You experience isolation, criticism, abandonment, and false accusations that you are “insane” because you refuse to believe in the illusion.

– Find your way to a website that resonates with your beliefs, but insists on you connecting to your Higher Self as the final source of validation.

– You REALIZE you are amongst the smallest minority of human beings on the planet who believes in the truth and reality of ascension from the CORE OF YOUR BEING, without a doubt, no matter what ANYONE says, AND EVEN IF the date of ascension is postponed, time, after time, after time, but you STILL DO NOT falter.

– You can still find humor living in a reality full of stupid humans, who just do NOT GET any of the above.


Dear Dorie,

thank you for your “handbook for a PAT membership“. – George


July 26, 2012


I completely agree with you again on your response to Diane. As Travis said, it is impossible to prove to someone or even explain to them what LBP or even ascension. That is why it is so comforting to come to this website to others who understand. It is not about predicting and whether or not or predictions are correct. We are not fortune-tellers in a circus who get paid a silver dollar. 

I did not gain one thing other than spiritually by writing the memo the other day that projected July 25th a big day energetically and maybe our ascension. I was not seeking fame or being right. I was only asking myself to align with my soul and read the current energy. As I mentioned in my memo, this is fluid and I don’t need to be right on the day. The most important statement in my memo was OUR ASCENCION IS ASSURED. I more than believe that, George, I have lived through it . Whether or not we ascend today we will still endure. We continue to tell our higher selves what we want and soon we will reap all the rewards. 

Please keep writing on this site as long as you can. I don’t care if you are right about dates, scenarios or not. The focus is the same. Do you not think that in all efforts, including wars that the victors had target dates that were reset again and again. That is part of the winning process. We will win George. Our Ascension is Assured. Today, Tomorrow, August 2nd. What does it matter. It helps us to set targets as we keep moving through this process. 

I have been in this process a long time, George, like you. I have read all the channels etc. There is no one like you or your site and no one like the PAT members. I could list examples, but I won’t.Today is a clearing day if nothing else. We are peeing almost every hour as well as sleeping heavily, but I feel a little less fatigued. Tonight is another night and another chance to ascend.



July 26, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Your response to Diane was spot on!

Travis’ response blew me away!

My experiences have never been explainable to anyone that hasn’t had something similar. There is simply no corollary. So it’s a complete waste to try and justify anything. Admittedly, the timing of the actual final physical transmutation is a conundrum,but I see our ascension as the only accessible truth left. So we or you may look like we’ve totally gone crazy, but we know full well that only a person’s subjective experiencing of the light-body ecstatic energies can ever ‘convince’ or ‘prove’ to them the validity of our discussions, and why we are so desperately hoping for the end.”

So perfectly said!!!… I wish that I could formulate the words to bring to the keyboard as many PAT members have done, but unfortunately, it’s just not happening for me anymore.

As other PAT members and I have mentioned many times before, our thoughts and feelings are echoed daily in the writings you publish, either by you, or another PAT member… there is no doubt that we have all connected.

Now all we can do is patiently wait at this point…. sigh… I’m so sick of being patient..

Love and Light,


July 26, 2012

Dear George,

After reading your articles, it fell on the way you talked about and interact with the light workers. Can you explain to me the way you communicate or confront a light worker?

I can imagine that your mails to LW are very confronted for them. Your reactions to them are very direct and very good substantiated, but will this help them for their process?

I could remember in the time I was a video game addicted that I denied everything when my surroundings confronted me that I was a video game addicted. I only stopped when I had very strong RSI symptoms and I could not game anymore, this was a very big lost for me. Only after accepting my lost, I started to open up for change.

The years after, I had learned and build a level of self reflection by knowing myself and releasing personal dross. I see that most people are lagging at the level of self-reflection and don’t listen to me or anyone when they actually want to help them.

Somebody must be in a situation, where there is no way out, then they will listen to others or to solutions. A person with a level of self-reflection can handle critics or feedback in anyway (also confronting them with the truth).

The way you respond to a LW reaction or situation, did that helped them?

I see you put a lot of effort in others and also in LW because you have a very big heart. You almost sacrifice yourself for all the work you do and accept the energy waves true your body for helping Earth and the whole humanity. I really appreciate the person who you are.

Is there an other way in written words to help and guide for instance light workers who are on a different level than yourself?

With love and light

Erik Westhovens


Dear Erik,

if you read my  numerous responses to the PAT members and other readers you will find that 99,9% of them are friendly, cooperative, aimed at stimulating their personal abilities, and always very constructive. However, there are exceptions when one has to draw the line and tell the people the blunt truth. Even if they may reject my open answer, which I calculate in such cases, they will not forget it. After some time, they will receive their RSI symptoms,,as you also did, most probably while brooding over my answer, and then they will eventually start  changing.

It is as simple as that. Nobody is hurt and many are helped. You can be truthful, only if you are ready to defend your truth – if this path would have been followed in the last 10 000 years, this  humanity would not have been enslaved by the dark ones. This is the reason why so many warrior souls have now incarnated on the earth. By the way, Diane has already written me two emails after my response and publication, which is a clear sign that the inner impulse for change has already started to work within her. This is a good sign that she is not totally lost. And this is the only fact that matters.

With love and light



July 25, 2012

Hi George,

How are you doing at the moment?  I just want to say hello to you and thank you for the wonderful job with the website. I don’t have a lot to say because I am in the same boat as you are.I cant tell you anything new.I think all the PAT members are at the end of the rope. I am attaching a picture because I feel our HS have been using us like this. Thank you for the advise on not accepting the unacceptable. Have a heavenly day.

Maria Katnich


The PAT Member in the End Times Collapsing Under the Burden of His Soul:

On PAT Ascension

July 26, 2012

Dear George,

In my 24 July email I shared  a  message I got that the ID shift has already taken place after the stronger- than -usual  energy wave of July 23rd, and you might recall my request for help in discernment since my conscious mind at that time had difficulty digesting and was not ready to accept the information, but I had a nudge to share it. This email is an update/follow up.

I got  indication last night (July 26) that there were remaining energetic cords holding back the final heave and which had to be removed to set into motion succeeding events. I would not go into details as these are not material, and say only that last night was an affirmation yet again that incarnated ascended masters such as those of PAT  have within us and at our fingertips powers and tools to do what needs to be done in specific situations. I also learned  last night that  the light energy quotient was not sufficient despite a general sense (including from other channelling sources)  that this threshold was already reached, which was also what I thought particularly with the sense of “finis”  that I got   after  the  collective energy anchoring  done  – in the ‘four’ corners of the planet –  last  July 19th.

Perhaps this is one of  the  “miscalculations” in the higher realms that someone earlier wrote about? In any case the  collective flooding of and infusion into the planet of the ‘highest, purest Light” last night was a magnificent sight. Hopefully it is the last needed  to push forward the  “sequence of events ..(with) each event ‘clicking into it’s rightful place,”  that Ana Marie’s HS has explained is how we should see ascension and related events. . .



Dear Eleonor,

I can confirm only that there was a new wave of very harmonious energy this night and in the morning on July 26, and I am now observing how long it will last, before writing anything about it.

My guess is that the ID split is a fait accomplit in the higher realms. The actual process consists of a chain of energetic reactions that have been already set in motion and have to be now accomplished step by step, until the final ID split can occur. that is to say, when we can ascend collectively and thus unleash a supernova energy that will shift Gaia and humanity to the 4th dimension.

This process has commenced to my knowledge and feeling, and now it is only a matter of linear time when it will materialize in this reality. As the higher realms do not have any linear time, they work only with energetic intensities, so that it is impossible to know when the ID split will occur on the ground. However the scenery is set for this cosmic event and we can now only sit and wait for it.

With love and light



July 26, 2012

Hello George!

First I want to send my gratitude to all members of the PAT, for coming to this toxic planet and stuck with our free essence, acting as true liberators.

What was, was.

What is is.

And what will be will be!

I especially thank you for your determination and dedication to open this area to join our global strength and appropriate support at this time. This was sensationally aligned!

And as an observer of the simplicity of light, I see that we are ascending. First a simple observation: The post site this month. Even before the month ends, well the post number is beyond that of every month and the month of greatest activity (October 2011) on the site!

So how are we going up? I say: I abandoned all known, I abandoned all control I still think I have, I abandoned this world, to RISE!

In peace, love, light and joy. Until next time my brothers of eternity!

André Napoles, Brazil


July 26, 2012

Dear George,

Greetings from South Africa, George, I hope you are doing well in these last days. I want to comment on the 26th of July, a date which has already been spoken about by some PAT members. It has to do with the 13 moon calendar and it’s possible synchronization with the ascension of the PAT and the ID split. Now I know that this calendar my not be accurate, but, so to do, I see a possibility for the ascension of the PAT tomorrow.

This 13 moon calendar as you would know, synchronizes all the galactic and cosmic cycles on the 26th of July 2012, which would be tomorrow. It would indeed make sense if the synchronization of the galactic and cosmic cycles would correlate and correspond with the ascension of the PAT and ID split, which would inevitably and effectively bring an end to linearity and replace it with simultaneity. It would also make sense, considering that our ascension is imminent and we can ascend at any moment.

The 26th of July 2012, according to the 13 moon calender is also a full moon. It is possible that your communication in a dream with your HS on the 18th of July, which states that the events would take place in the next week of full moon could be referring to the ascension of the PAT and the ID split on the 26th of July 2012. The 13 moon calender states it deals with the natural cycles of “time”(Energy) and that today was the day out of “time” (25th July 2012)…

I am not at all stating that what I have written and thought about is accurate, since there is a probability that I am horribly wrong and that the 13 moon calendar is a flawed and unreliable concept that has been designed to suit the linearity of 3D, since it can not at all identify and accurately calculate the galactic processes in the higher realms and dimensions, which function simultaneously without the illusion of linearity. Then again it could be correct if all goes well.

Love and Light



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